Sunday, 11 September 2016

Round up!

Photo 01-  Craig's fine eighteen pounder!

Round up!

This week our photo’s come from Craig Hunter, a long time member of the club and the pictures he sent are of two very fine fish. One is an eighteen pound Pike from the big loch caught in early June.  The other is a rare beast indeed a Brown Trout from the Lowes and again it looks to be in pristine condition, well done Craig!
The Pike would have been the heaviest caught this year but for the efforts of Scott Redpath who on Saturday hooked and landed a 21lbs 9oz fish (photo next week). In addition to that beauty he hooked but lost another good double in a super mornings fishing. Well done Scott, yours is now the one to beat!

The club owes a debt of gratitude to our permit sellers/checkers who are doing a most thorough job with many anglers that I have spoken with telling me that I was the third person to check their permission to fish. The lower basin of St Mary’s has always been a neglected area but now we have it covered along with the far side of the loch which is very good news indeed, our current coverage is in fact the best the club has ever attained! We have in the last two months taken in significant revenue which will stand us in good stead for the future!

A further two new members have now sent in their details and we are most grateful to them. What is becoming more apparent is that more anglers are keen to help out with works to be carried out. This is very welcome news as we will be proceeding with the floating pier early 2017 with much of the preparatory work being carried out over the winter! Although many members help out week after week we only ask for one session and would be most grateful for any help offered.

We are getting some regular visitors from far flung places with Manchester Mick up again for a two day session and a group of three from Newcastle up for the second time and a chap from Morecambe arriving on Friday evening with his girlfriend for a session until Sunday. Three anglers from the Glasgow region arriving on Saturday for an overnight session make up the pre booked anglers. I had to turn away a group of three dedicated Perch anglers who were set to come with their own boat kitted out with sonar and other aids. The directive from our riparian owners is quite clear no private boats allowed on the lochs.

Photo 02 - A rare beast, a Brownie from the Lowes courtesy Craig Hunter.

Not really much of a surprise more a perennial expectation, rubbish left on the loch shores, some left by anglers and some by campers. Oh it was left in neat piles making it easier to pick up, but that is the rub someone has to pick it up! On this occasion Ian and I removed the crap consisting of empty beer bottles, Buckfast bottles (always a danger sign!) and loads of broken glass which is very dangerous! When will these people ever learn, take your rubbish home!

Mr Xxxxx continues to keep a low profile with many locals saying that they have not set eyes on him for weeks. We believe he is still in the area and given the number of members incensed by his ridiculous antics it’s probably best that he remains incognito! It is perhaps the correct consequence for a man exposed as a bitter and twisted liar! Our investigations are ongoing.

Lost my phone yesterday and thought all I had to do was type in “find my phone” on Google. I did and it didn’t! Yes all that came up was location unavailable. I was able to lock it making it unusable and erase any data on it but that’s a wedge of cash down the drain! I need to thank club member Davy who insisted on coming with me to try and locate it, your help was much appreciated, and that was just after landing a 19lbs 10oz Pike a PB for him, so well done on that mate!  My phone number will be out of commission until Tuesday so if you need to make contact between now and then please e mail.

The wider world in my view!


How heartwarming to tune in to see the grit and determination shown by these disadvantaged people. Yes every one of them could show up significant numbers of able bodied types! We sometimes take our lives for granted and moan about the least wee thing watching these individuals certainly brings me back down to earth!

A universal mess!

You don’t hear too much these days about the Tory flagship policy of universal credit. The benefit that was to simplify the benefits system has already cost us hundreds of millions of pounds and is still not ready to be rolled out! According to the Guardian it will take at least two further years and if the continual cutting of money is not halted it will turn out to be an almighty mess!

But did you really expect anything else? This policy has been a disaster ever since it was conceived and it looks increasingly likely that it will end up as a complete fiasco! The reason is quite simple, many Tories thought the payments were too much and meddling with the funds required are guaranteed to send it off the rails yet again!
The worry for us in Scotland is that new benefit powers are coming to the devolved parliament and it is crucial that the Borg queen and her minions are not allowed in any way to influence the wishes of the Scottish government! Our government has already stated that benefits must remain people centred and thoughts of cost cutting and sanctions must remain in England!

I have no doubt that the bewildered voter that swelled the Tory ranks in Scotland are kicking themselves now as the “strong opposition” promised turned out to be a megaphone with each pronouncement starting with England calling! Yes the Scottish Tories are directionless, devoid of ideas and simply pump out Westminster policies in a Scottish accent!

Universal credit will cost all of plenty not in pay outs but rather in time honoured bungling! We need to care for the poor, weak and infirm in our society, allowing Tories to get their hands on the reins will not achieve that goal! Like almost everything they have gotten their hands on universal credit will be a mega costly farce. We really do need to get rid of these stuck up diddy’s!

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