Sunday, 25 September 2016

Going for Gold!

Photo 01 - Wild yesterday morning!

Going for Gold !

We are now in the final furlong as regards the fish that will take gold for their captors in our heavy Trout and Pike competitions. Elliot Fraser currently leads our Trout competition with a 3.5lbs specimen caught earlier in the season but may yet be toppled if evidence comes forward of a heavier specimen caught recently.

The heavy Pike cup has been a real ding dong session with the lead changing a good few times. In the lead for the most part of the season was Scott Redpath with a 17lbs 2oz fish then overtaken by Craig Hunter with an eighteen pounder. That was then pipped by Davy Wilson with a stonking 19lbs 10oz fish only to see that toppled by Scott Redpath who has again claimed the lead with a corker 21lbs 9oz fish. So that’s where it stands at the moment. There is still plenty time to put in a challenge so if you catch one bigger than Scott’s let us know!

The last date for entries into the competition is October 5th for the heavy Trout cup and 18th of October for the heavy Pike cup and is open to all members of the club.

Of things to come!

I arrived up at the loch yesterday to find ultra keen members Davy and Stuart
sitting in the boathouse looking a tad peed off. They went on to say that Friday night was one of the worst they had encountered on the loch with gusting high winds severe enough to topple the rod pods with one gust snapping the poles of their bivvy! Clearly by the look of them they did not get much sleep and they had to dismantle camp and head for the safety of the boathouse in the middle of the night!

They were in fact quite lucky they did not suffer injury! I always know when the lads are there, their signature blue tarpaulin becomes evident when you hit the bottom of the loch. They were at Summerhope and had their tarpaulin secured at one end by a boulder on the dyke. A ferocious gust of wind heaved the boulder off the dyke the tarpaulin acting as a huge sail and lofted the boulder onto the frying pan where they were cooking breakfast! The frying pan and breakfast was ruined but it does not take much imagination to see it could have been so much worse!

We expect the weather to close down soon so we need to get the thermals out and be prepared! The lads told me that the police had been in touch over the theft of their rods last week and told them that they had traced the owners of the car to Edinburgh and that enquiries were continuing. We wait with baited breath for the next exciting development!

From our recommended dealer!

This week we see our recommended dealer Fishers in Penicuik setting up a new website and to celebrate that some cracking deals.  Special offers on reels, fly lines, treble hooks, fly tying equipment and more so nip over and have a look there is something for everyone!

The wider world in my view!

The Cafe Green!

We received some feedback from Mike this week following a meeting with interested parties, the estate, the police and representatives of the regional Council. The purpose of the meeting was to again confront the persistent summer problem of unsocial behaviour! This has been a topic rarely off the agenda and it seems nothing ever changes!

The estate, the council and the police seem reluctant to commit to anything that entails additional resources. The problem gets passed from pillar to post without any changes being agreed. The latest “solution” involves the club in that our lochkeeper if we decide to retain one would be asked to patrol the area  at the weekend and report any suspected trouble direct to the police.

As a club we would have no objection to this as the council would be required to offer a payment to the said lochkeeper which would be negotiated between the two parties. Of course this will not solve the problem it may however ameliorate it to some extent! The problem with a layman is that he has no authority such as a police officer holds he is in effect just a member of the public and many will seize upon this and tell him where to get off as they have done many times in the past.

The solution to the problem is more entrenched and the breakdown in our society is one that has been brought about by years of brutal cuts to local government, police and public services by the Tories! In a properly conducted society a police officer would be present whenever trouble was suspected and once word got around that the area was being properly policed the standard of behaviour would undoubtedly improve!

A drunken Muppet only responds to a request which is backed up by recognisable authority, a well meaning layman has little effect to resolve such a situation. More importantly the individual is entering into what could be a highly volatile situation where the chance of sustaining personal injury could be great! it is only fair to the would be warden to paint a true picture of events before he commits to such an endeavour!

I cant help but feel this is another fudge with the real issue being swept aside! It is however vitally important that the inability to address this problem is laid at the door of those who created it and that is the Tory/Puppet and latterly the Tory government! Yes our public services have been cut to the bone with police and local government hobbled by the Tory cuts! If we decide to appoint a new lochkeeper we will explain the situation to him in full and leave him to make the decision after being given the full facts!

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Purple patch!

Photo 01 - the outlet stream on a lovely day!

Purple patch!

It happens every now and then when all the factors required producing bumper catches come together. We have reports of many double figure Pike being caught with regularity by our members and visitors and good catches of Brown Trout including one leviathan on which we await verification in the coming days. All the fish recorded were reported to be in excellent condition and putting up the fight of their lives!

Imagine the situation if Mr Xxxxx had his way, with engines running around the place every day of the week causing absolute carnage and granted there would be good initial catches but after the initial period the decline would begin.  And believe me it would not take any length of time, in a very short time our fishery would be decimated, we know this because of what happened in 2006!

It has now become clear that Mr Xxxxx had a hidden agenda to make a living out of the lochs taking half of every permit/engine hire sold in a completely cynical ploy!  The decision was to weigh up whether you want a sustainable fishery or a loch completely overrun with anglers and injured and dead fish everywhere! The membership has chosen wisely opting for the only sensible option of a sustainable fishery. We are currently experiencing the complete opposite of Mr Xxxxx’s vision and from speaking with club members you love it!

The club is on a high following the sacking of Mr Xxxxx with members having a clear vision of what they want the club to achieve! It may be that our engines will be for the exclusive use of club members with visitors seeking powered fishing having to bring their own engines if they wish. It may be that the club will be run as a co-operative with a higher level of member involvement as the past 4 months has delivered record revenue for the club, and coverage in terms of permit checking on the loch never before attained. In all my years as a member of the club I have never encountered so many anglers who have had their permission to fish checked twice and on many occasions three times! We are in the process of formulating a system by means of which visiting anglers will be able to "self serve" with regard to boats, oars and lifejackets should the need arise.

With members playing an integral part in the club members will meet more of the membership, have more insight into what it takes to run the club and dispense with situations such as that created by Mr Xxxxx! Already we have six anglers on the waiting list to join the club and since we cannot find out with certainty how many members we actually have because Mr Xxxxx is holding on to our database I have explained this in full and now they in addition to an increasing number of members are rather keen to speak with Mr Xxxxx regarding his ridiculous antics!

These are just a few of the possible routes for the club to take in the near future; members need to think of which direction they would like the club to take. We are currently experiencing a purple patch post Mr Xxxxx, we need to consider how best to capitalise on and maximise this effect! 

From our recommended dealer!

Some great news this wee from our recommended dealer Fishers in Penicuik they are now open 7 days per week to serve the needs of anglers. This is great for those of you who work on a Saturday so you can now visit on a Sunday! Click the link to see some truly great bargains

The wider world in my view!


You will remember I lost my phone last week which was bad enough little did I know it was to get significantly worse! BT probably the biggest phone provider did for me good and proper! I ordered a new SIM card and asked to keep my existing number and as fast as possible Royal Mail delivered said item on Tuesday.

All seemed to be well and the SIM card was duly activated, I did however notice by Tuesday evening I had received no phone calls texts or e mails which is very unusual. On getting home a flock of e mails came in as the phone connected to the house broadband. Time to phone the BT helpline!

The chap seemed very pleasant but seemed to be struggling to solve my problem. He had me out front, in the house and round the back checking signal quality and out the back a full signal was received. He asked if I could hold for a couple of minutes and said he was going to discuss the problem with his supervisor.

When the supervisor came on to the line he told me that the EE mast at Roxburgh street was malfunctioning and all BT, EE traffic was being sent to Wester Langlee and the large queues were causing problems! I asked when this would be sorted and he was unsure when normal service would be resumed.

Again he asked me to hold whilst he made further enquiries. When he came back he said he had some good news in that EE were erecting a new mast at Ladhope and that this would be fully functional in three weeks!  My jaw dropped and I asked what I was expected to do for the next three weeks. He apologised and offered me a £20 refund which of course is irrelevant as I wanted a phone service not cash back.

He thought there might be a chance of a repair being carried on the malfunctioning mast and advised that I hold on for another day which I did reluctantly. By Wednesday evening there was still no service so again to the help line. After listening to more cock and bull stories I asked for my PAC code and terminated my service with them. I have joined Giff Gaff and my new SIM arrived yesterday and I should be up and running in another day or so with my usual number. So apologies to all who phoned or texted blame BT, I am expecting a deluge of calls and texts when I am connected.

What I cannot understand is how I have to suffer no service even out with the area, surely the service should work in other towns yet it does not! The bottom line is that these people could not care less once they have you signed up expect zero service!

A resounding failure!

Yes we thought we had heard the last of Lord Snooty and his interminable bungling but now rather than facing up to the absolute mess he created has decided to jump ship and bow out of politics! Of course the country rues the day he decided to enter his record of bungling will likely never be equalled! Lord Snooty was the most disastrous Prime Minister the people of Britain have had to endure!

His cry on being elected was to stop the Tory party banging on about Europe he has failed spectacularly! His memory will be recorded as the man who accidentally took us out of Europe! His wish was to be seen as a master tactician instead he will be seen as a master bungler! Choosing the easy way out falling back on his personal fortune is an option not available to the masses!

 He was no great Prime Minister rather a resounding failure who hurt many poor, weak and disabled people in the country!

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Round up!

Photo 01-  Craig's fine eighteen pounder!

Round up!

This week our photo’s come from Craig Hunter, a long time member of the club and the pictures he sent are of two very fine fish. One is an eighteen pound Pike from the big loch caught in early June.  The other is a rare beast indeed a Brown Trout from the Lowes and again it looks to be in pristine condition, well done Craig!
The Pike would have been the heaviest caught this year but for the efforts of Scott Redpath who on Saturday hooked and landed a 21lbs 9oz fish (photo next week). In addition to that beauty he hooked but lost another good double in a super mornings fishing. Well done Scott, yours is now the one to beat!

The club owes a debt of gratitude to our permit sellers/checkers who are doing a most thorough job with many anglers that I have spoken with telling me that I was the third person to check their permission to fish. The lower basin of St Mary’s has always been a neglected area but now we have it covered along with the far side of the loch which is very good news indeed, our current coverage is in fact the best the club has ever attained! We have in the last two months taken in significant revenue which will stand us in good stead for the future!

A further two new members have now sent in their details and we are most grateful to them. What is becoming more apparent is that more anglers are keen to help out with works to be carried out. This is very welcome news as we will be proceeding with the floating pier early 2017 with much of the preparatory work being carried out over the winter! Although many members help out week after week we only ask for one session and would be most grateful for any help offered.

We are getting some regular visitors from far flung places with Manchester Mick up again for a two day session and a group of three from Newcastle up for the second time and a chap from Morecambe arriving on Friday evening with his girlfriend for a session until Sunday. Three anglers from the Glasgow region arriving on Saturday for an overnight session make up the pre booked anglers. I had to turn away a group of three dedicated Perch anglers who were set to come with their own boat kitted out with sonar and other aids. The directive from our riparian owners is quite clear no private boats allowed on the lochs.

Photo 02 - A rare beast, a Brownie from the Lowes courtesy Craig Hunter.

Not really much of a surprise more a perennial expectation, rubbish left on the loch shores, some left by anglers and some by campers. Oh it was left in neat piles making it easier to pick up, but that is the rub someone has to pick it up! On this occasion Ian and I removed the crap consisting of empty beer bottles, Buckfast bottles (always a danger sign!) and loads of broken glass which is very dangerous! When will these people ever learn, take your rubbish home!

Mr Xxxxx continues to keep a low profile with many locals saying that they have not set eyes on him for weeks. We believe he is still in the area and given the number of members incensed by his ridiculous antics it’s probably best that he remains incognito! It is perhaps the correct consequence for a man exposed as a bitter and twisted liar! Our investigations are ongoing.

Lost my phone yesterday and thought all I had to do was type in “find my phone” on Google. I did and it didn’t! Yes all that came up was location unavailable. I was able to lock it making it unusable and erase any data on it but that’s a wedge of cash down the drain! I need to thank club member Davy who insisted on coming with me to try and locate it, your help was much appreciated, and that was just after landing a 19lbs 10oz Pike a PB for him, so well done on that mate!  My phone number will be out of commission until Tuesday so if you need to make contact between now and then please e mail.

The wider world in my view!


How heartwarming to tune in to see the grit and determination shown by these disadvantaged people. Yes every one of them could show up significant numbers of able bodied types! We sometimes take our lives for granted and moan about the least wee thing watching these individuals certainly brings me back down to earth!

A universal mess!

You don’t hear too much these days about the Tory flagship policy of universal credit. The benefit that was to simplify the benefits system has already cost us hundreds of millions of pounds and is still not ready to be rolled out! According to the Guardian it will take at least two further years and if the continual cutting of money is not halted it will turn out to be an almighty mess!

But did you really expect anything else? This policy has been a disaster ever since it was conceived and it looks increasingly likely that it will end up as a complete fiasco! The reason is quite simple, many Tories thought the payments were too much and meddling with the funds required are guaranteed to send it off the rails yet again!
The worry for us in Scotland is that new benefit powers are coming to the devolved parliament and it is crucial that the Borg queen and her minions are not allowed in any way to influence the wishes of the Scottish government! Our government has already stated that benefits must remain people centred and thoughts of cost cutting and sanctions must remain in England!

I have no doubt that the bewildered voter that swelled the Tory ranks in Scotland are kicking themselves now as the “strong opposition” promised turned out to be a megaphone with each pronouncement starting with England calling! Yes the Scottish Tories are directionless, devoid of ideas and simply pump out Westminster policies in a Scottish accent!

Universal credit will cost all of plenty not in pay outs but rather in time honoured bungling! We need to care for the poor, weak and infirm in our society, allowing Tories to get their hands on the reins will not achieve that goal! Like almost everything they have gotten their hands on universal credit will be a mega costly farce. We really do need to get rid of these stuck up diddy’s!

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Long distance swimmers!

image 01 - no fishing in green areas next Saturday!

Long distance swimmers!

As we do every year we are welcoming the entrants for the swim in the loch. There will be around a dozen swimmers hoping to do the 1km swim which will take place in the secret swim area to the tibbie march fence. The areas are crudely highlighted in the attached map. We are also asking that no angler should fish the east side (Bowerhope) of the loch as a few extra hardy individuals will be attempting to swim the length of the loch and back. The restrictions will be in force from 07.00 till around 17.30 hrs on Saturday 10/09/2016.

Opportunity missed!

Of course I am referring to the opportunity we created for Mr Xxxxx our ex lochkeeper to come and seek an amicable settlement with our treasurer Elliot Fraser on a one to one basis. It was a golden opportunity for Mr Xxxxx to emerge from the situation he created with a degree of credibility!

Now if this equipment was ours individually I think the consensus was that we leave the situation where it currently stands with us losing a little, Mr Xxxxx losing a lot and we could go our respective ways with Mr Xxxxx having nothing further to do with the club! The difficulty we have however is that the club property he is refusing to hand over belongs to every member of the club and as such we must do all that we can to effect its return!
Therefore our hands being tied we have been left with no other course of action than to take further steps to retrieve our property. Moves to this end will be initiated on Monday. No one will be able to say that we did not give him a chance to emerge from this situation with at least a modicum of dignity! He seems to have disappeared but if you do come across him ask him why he is not returning your property!


Well its coming along just fine with 6 new members registering their details with us this week, I reckon we are now pretty close to having the complete database. Along with this good news came the inevitable bad news. Members who had joined and were promised help and assistance from Mr Xxxxx ignored and forgotten! We have put in place a scheme to give these new members the introduction they should have gotten soon after joining but instead got nothing! His true legacy is being revealed as time goes on!

Apologies but that’s it for today my think pad screen has given up the ghost and typing on my phone or using the telly as a screen is a tedious business, hope to have a replacement next week.