Sunday, 14 August 2016


Photo 01 - Fish were rising here yesterday!


Yes in the Trout angler’s calendar at St Mary’s Loch the month of August is the one that does most to dampen the angler's dream. Speaking with the elders of the club this has historically been the way throughout the ages – twas always thus! Even though the water temperature is almost at its peak and theoretically fly life at its maximum August has never been the best month of the season for an angler in pursuit of our Brown Trout!

That was until today when a visiting angler caught a seventeen inch Trout later on Friday evening which is a fine Trout indeed! Couple that with Elliot Fraser’s four hour excursion today during which he caught and returned four very nice plump Trout all around the three quarter of a pound mark and it looks very much like the rule book is being rewritten! One of our members fishing for Pike also chipped in with a fine fourteen pounder so as not to be undone!

Indeed there are many pointers that give anglers an idea of what to expect. However our stock of fish don’t always comply and obviously do not read the same rule book as we do, they do their own thing! So whatever the month, the conditions think positive and go sock it to them!

Security upgrade!

Members should not that as of yesterday 13/08/2016 the padlock on the boathouse door has been changed to upgrade the security of the building. As time goes on more and more keys get issued and eventually we lose track of who has keys. A new stainless disc lock has been purchased and fitted and any member seeking access to the boathouse will need to have a replacement key. Members should note that the key is for their own use and should not be given to non members under any circumstances.

I will have a supply available every Saturday so if you are seeking one you should endeavour to get in touch and one will be supplied. We will now keep a record of all keys issued, lost keys will be replaced on payment of a £5.00 fee which is the cost of cutting a new one. Please text or call 07980350031 if you need to have a key before you are likely to see me and we will come to some arrangement to suit your needs.

An olive branch!

We are extending an offer to our ex loch keeper Mr Xxxxx to return all of the club property he holds on Saturday 03/09/2016 between 09.30 – 10.00 hrs or 15.30 – 16.00hrs. The location can be of his choosing and the meeting will be with our treasurer Elliot Fraser (the one with the spine) who will be alone! We urge Mr Xxxxx to get in touch with Elliot and this can be done by phoning or texting him on his mobile 07743356114 with the aim of reaching an amicable settlement.

From our recommended dealer!

Lots of great offers from Mike at Fishers this week. Prices have been cleaved on the well regarded cartridge reel to just £39.99 close to half price. Similarly the Greys GR50 is yours for only £114.90 which is a very good price! Bargain of the week however has got to be the selection of massive cuts on waders and wading boots click the link to see for yourself the great deals on offer -

The wider world in my view!

Regeneration of the High Street!

Its been a while now since the High Street guru was appointed to inject new energy into the ailing High Street we will ignore the actual Galashiels High Street which is akin to a street in Syria devoid of shopping customers. With regard to actual shops trading nothing much seems to have changed other than a few of these shops sporting new paint which I think will have rather limited drawing power.

Many shops remain derelict and these appear to have morphed into low brow galleries exhibiting new artists work or a montage of the past with old photographs which is well and good. They do however remain shops that have ceased trading! The recent controversy regarding the shop in Innerleithen with the purple facade shows just how petty our council officials have become. Here is a shop that appears to be bucking the trend and all the council can do is place obstacles in the shop keeper’s path!

The individual charged with increasing traffic through the town is probably doing the best he can and being paid a handsome salary but really what can he do?  The fundamental problem is one that is present in every High Street in the land and it is the inability of High Street shop keeper’s to compete with internet sellers it’s that simple! With less overheads and no snazzy shop fronts the cost op operating as an internet seller is much less than those physically based in the High Street. With the improved delivery times offered by couriers your goods are often with you the next day.

I have severe reservations regarding any body who say that they can regenerate the High Street. Supermarkets dominate local selling and these are usually located away from the High Street, perhaps a serious planning error! There is no return to the old days possible our habits have changed we have moved to the keyboard for our shopping and any attempt to do so will fail! It is we the general public that have forced this shift and unless we choose to reverse this the internet will reign supreme!

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