Sunday, 28 August 2016

Permit sellers!

Photo 01 - A very fine day yesterday!

Permit sellers!

We currently have four permit sellers and a fifth in the pipeline who are assisting us at this time and I might add doing a mighty fine job of it as well. They all legally hold printed permit books for St Mary’s Angling Club as do the Glen Cafe, Alastair at the Tibbie, The Gordon Arms Hotel and Fishers in Penicuik. These are the only points where tickets to fish our waters can be obtained.

Our permits are of a higher security level than many so there is little chance of forgeries turning up. We are aware of one book being held by Mr Xxxxx our ex loch keeper which is being held by him illegally! Only permits from our authorised sellers should be purchased. Mr Xxxxx holds the only unauthorised permit book currently in circulation!

Coming along nicely!

We have received this week 3 new addresses and e mails from new members this week which is a significant move forward from last week. I would now ask all members of the club who joined in late 2015 or 2016 to forward on their contact details to my e mail address which is  This will allow us to complete our database and enable quick and easy communication as the need arises.

If we can achieve this in the next few weeks it will allow us to rid ourselves of the pestilent Mr Xxxxx who currently infects us. My own view is that once we have completed our database (as far as is possible) we should put the matter of the hands of the police initially since a theft has taken place then our lawyer and let them recover our property whilst we get on with running the club free of Mr Xxxxx’s interference! We have been extremely patient! The committee will discuss our course of action  next week. Our new membership cards are now ready to print so will be ready for renewal time.

The deadline we have set is fast approaching and Elliot reports that he has not heard from Mr Xxxxx which is disappointing! However after this date we will be free to implement further action!

Aggressive dogs part 2!

Again I came upon a family party of people from another country who I had encountered a few weeks ago who were camping and fishing down from the boathouse. And it was an immediate case of déjà vu when a Labrador cross of some type came for me with teeth bared and barking nonstop. Again I picked up a boulder and again the owners managed to shout and bring the dog back!

I again read them the riot act and warned them that when I returned later in the day if the dog behaved in a similar fashion I would immediately phone the police! I made a particular point of speaking to the little boy who looked around 9 or 10 years old as he was the only one who appeared to fully understand English!  They have been warned that any such future event will see the police called and they will be barred from fishing on the loch! It’s harsh but we will not tolerate out of control dogs on the banks of the loch! When I returned later the dog was restrained on a long leash!

The wider world in my view!

Our failing NHS!

No matter where you reside in the UK the picture is the same, one of an NHS devoid of adequate funding, hobbled by lack of staff and overburdened by massively increasing demand due to increasing numbers of elderly people and of course uncontrolled immigration! All these factors lead us to where we are today with our NHS crumbling before our eyes!

Successive administrations have done little more than apply sticking plasters to what clearly is a life threatening emergency. It is crystal clear that the problem requires a complete re-evaluation of how we conduct our way of living. Can we really afford spending billions of pounds on nuclear weapons or on a lower level buying Olympic success when our beloved NHS is close to breaking point!

Priorities need to be set out as to what are the most important things in our lives. If we want an NHS that is abreast of medical developments then we are looking to spend double the figure we currently spend. This of course is not possible under our present system and a complete overhaul of the way we pay certain people projects we choose to squander money on and very philosophy of how we live!

None of the political parties around today are anywhere near this position and it is clear that unless we as a people ditch the lot of them underfunding and mismanagement of the institutions we hold dear will continue to be a permanent bedfellow! As a people we are too weak to effect such a change, the wealthy in the land want continuation of the status quo!

However a time is coming when avoiding decisions of huge magnitude like the one above will become impossible. All of us must be prepared to ditch our greed for wealth and move towards more equitable ways of living. We need to decide what our priorities are then seek to achieve that aim, it will not happen in my lifetime but hopefully it will take place before we descend into complete chaos! For the sake of those who come later it must happen!

Wunnae works!

There is one on every street and every community a scrounger/freeloader who never seems to work yet does not appear to suffer because of this! These are the types that every government wants to get rid of but on almost every occasion they fail! So how do these people live, well I know of a couple of these types and invariably they are able to fool the benefits authorities and claim considerable amounts of money supplementing that with a few home jobs on the side on which no tax is paid!

Now there was a time when such people were looked up to for beating the system but no longer can it be this way! These people are leeches on our society getting a living wage by not working whilst the rest of us have to toil for our bread and butter. So what is to be done with these people, the answer is simple we must report them to the authorities so they can be stopped from preying on decent individuals. So if you suspect you are living close to a waster report them and hopefully they will be sanctioned and taught the virtue of honest work! Every waster you support by not informing the authorities means you and me paying extra to keep them!

A Scottish posh boy!

If you were taken in by the Borg Queen at the Scottish election held a few months back prepare to read and weep! Alexander Burnett an archetypal posh boy only a few months into the job is already under close scrutiny for having a conflict of interest! A property developer he inherited much of his personal fortune estimated to be around £40million!

Yes this bullish posh boy with money as his god seeks to use his office in Holyrood to gather more wealth has been found to be asking questions regarding a development being pursued by a rival development company. It would be extremely difficult to view his intervention as an innocuous one clearly there is a vested interest here!  I am beginning to wonder if you have to be a particular type of person to become a Tory politician with tendencies towards sexual deviation, corruption and pure ineptitude!

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