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Business as usual!

Photo 01 - Nice photo looking down the Lowes!

Business as usual!

I am pleased to say that Mr Xxxxx has now been exposed for all to see. His attempt to break up the club has been a miserable failure as it was always destined to be. Instead of being lauded as a hero which was his aim he has been exposed as a bitter and twisted lying fool! He fired his salvo which came out like a damp squib consisting of lies, innuendo, pure fantasy and displayed a breathtaking level of naivety.  His downfall was quite simply his complete lack of knowledge with regard to loch management and being caught out as a rank liar!

His monumental error that caught him out was in citing the angler at Bowerhope who was approached by two of our agents one of who sold him a permit showed with clarity his attempt at fabricating evidence (because he has none) to try and further his aim, it was a futile and weak attempt that sees him classed as a charlatan and little more than a blatant liar! You see once people know you have a penchant for lying that permeates all you say, your credibility drops like a lead balloon just as it has done for Mr Xxxxx!

 Many of you thought we were too soft on him for the amount of damage he caused and in hindsight you are probably correct. Others saw through him long before we did and were somewhat taken aback that he was allowed to remain in position for so long given his novice status and his capacity for costing the club money. The majority however were outraged that he would risk our fishery for the sake of personal gain and it is this that drew the most criticism. Engines out all weekend and through the week showed clearly his lack of knowledge any marine biologist will tell you a wild fishery has a limit to the amount of angling pressure it can withstand. Once this point has been passed stocks decline spawning becomes less fruitful and anglers catches disappear, this would have been the outcome of Mr Xxxxx's ridiculous plan! I am inclined to agree with the majority position above as we have nurtured the lochs with various improvement plans and suddenly a would be reformer slides in with a new god that of money and to hell with the lochs and the club members!

There have been others like him in the past and they too have been sent packing, but this one is by a long chalk the most hateful and the most stupid! Did he really think that by lying and fabricating stories he would convince others, well actually he did but it failed spectacularly! Yes he sent his rather embarrassing letter all over the place and we were notified from many sources along with feedback all of which was positive offering support and most damning his lack of propriety, absence of knowledge and hateful stance.  We have here a man who does not have a moral compass, doesn’t appear to have had a proper job for all the time he has been with us and with a dubious past that he does not want known in the area. 

He was clearly trying to engineer himself a wage at the expense of our fishery, but thankfully for our members and our population of fish he failed! Below are a selection of ideas submitted by members for our very own wee pal, some suggested posting his picture on our site with Billy Liar or Walter Mitty (this one got the most votes) below as a caption, whilst others more aggrieved suggested a wee hint to the income tax and benefits authorities and others suggested reporting him to the police for theft by finding. At this time we will take no further action but if our property is not returned soon we will take further action!

We urge him to return our club property, it is a very simple matter and would end this farce that he created! Surely one of his many friends in the area could hand it in for him or he could leave it somewhere and text a member giving the location. The membership is growing tired of his spiteful blackmail attempts! Funnily enough for all the trouble he has caused there is an increasing number of members who are rather keen to meet him!
So it’s back to normality and we continue our quest to reap the best that the lochs can offer. Mr Xxxxx has been exposed as a greenhorn, defrocked as a liar and sent packing as a charlatan with his tail between his legs! Our new loch keeper will arrive and commence his duties next month and we look forward to a significantly better service than that given to us by Mr Xxxxx! It has been a most demeaning business having to descend into the gutter to expose Mr Xxxxx but with these people you have to descend to their level to deal with them!

NB Just a word of advice to Mr Xxxxx, I note that you mentioned Aaron in your “letter”, we have no problem with him. I am not sure he will appreciate you dragging him into the gutter with your sordid hate campaign, the lad has ambitions to be the Selkirk Standard Bearer and being associated with the likes of you is guaranteed to sink any chance he has of achieving his dream and I thought you were meant to be his mate! Many of Selkirk’s dignitaries view our site and would take an extremely dim view of him being involved in your childish and vindictive hate campaign! What a nasty little man! Mr Xxxxx has been brushed aside and dispensed with; it’s now business as usual!

Tight lines!

The club committee!

Beware of the dog!

Checking permits today I came across a Polish family who were on an overnight camping/fishing expedition. Fair do no problem there, they had with them however a black Labrador type dog which looked very thick set and powerful. I knew when I was walking towards them that this dog was going to be trouble as it snarled growled and bared his teeth when it came close to me!

I picked up a boulder and knowing it was him or me I was going to bludgeon it but at that point the owner yelled a Polish name and the dog drew back. This exactly portrays what an irresponsible dog owner is like allowing an aggressive dog to roam free. No control over what is a powerful beast and someone could be badly hurt. I warned the owners about their dog and insisted that it be kept under control. They said they would not allow it to happen again so I left after giving them their permits and telling them about our rules that no Pike or Eels are to be taken.

I returned later that afternoon and was pleased to see the dog on an extended lead. This scenario ended fine but it could have been different!  There are only a few options when confronted by an aggressive dog, slowly backing out of what the dog perceives to be his territory may work, but defending yourself may be the only option. If you have time find a large boulder or other heavy object and if the dog comes for you bludgeon it as hard as you can around the head and continue doing so until it backs off or falls at your feet! Check out the link for more advice on action you can take Take heed however there are techniques here on how you may be able to kill a dog so if you cant stomach that sort of thing skip the link.- 

I am sure many responsible dog owners will cringe at the very thought but if you are confronted by an aggressive dog it boils down to you or him! If you are confronted by an aggressive dog inform the police then contact our loch keeper, if you are injured in any way call the police on 101 or 999 as the situation dictates. People who own dogs are mostly responsible people but again there is a minority who give dog owners a bad name! Please note that if you are fishing on the loch with an aggressive dog that is not under control we will inform the police without hesitation! We have members who regularly fish with their dogs and all are the most genial of creatures, all dog owners visiting the lochs should seek to emulate their high standard!

The wider world in my view!

Snooty’s final act!

In a last gasp effort to reward his pals Lord Snooty published an “honours” list recommending various people for honours. Such people included were minister without a clue Gideon Osborne the man who was responsible for wrecking the public infrastructure and punishing millions of poor people! Another was ultra wealthy Andrew Cook who gave the Tory party £1.2 million and Lord Snooty’s wife’s hairdresser and the chief of staff of the Tory party were also given honours.
Now I thought honours were given for exceptional service to the public good! People like the working class individual who works tirelessly to help disadvantaged people or a member of the armed forces who displayed exceptional bravery on the battlefield! Instead we seem to have a situation where anyone who has aided the Tory party is set up for life!

This is cronyism at its worst people who have achieved nothing that benefits society as a whole honoured. It is a smack in the face to all right thinking people in the country! Our new Prime Minister Theresa May claims that she stands up for working people but has chosen to do nothing to right Snooty’s wrong! Lord Snooty has been responsible for the most talented government ever when it comes to bungling and costing the country millions! Not content with that he delivers another blow to right thinking people everywhere by giving out titles and gongs to people who are not fit to receive them.

There is much to be changed in this country and the crosshairs settle firmly on the Tory party and the well off in the country! Many talk of the two tier system that used to operate in the good old days unfortunately that system is still in operation its them and us, the way it is and always will be!

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