Sunday, 24 July 2016

Thieving Muppets!

Photo 01 - A fine plump Trout caught by who else - Elliot Fraser!

Thieving Muppets!

There is not a year gone by without a blatant act of theft taking place and sadly this year is no different! Yes two of our members decided to have a go at spinning for the Pike and left their dead bait rods laid on their pods and they set off a short distance away to see if they could attract a hungry Pike.

A short time later they noticed a few lads close to their rods and then as bold as brass the two Muppets cut the bait off the rods took them down and sped off to their car. The car was a silver coloured Vauxhall Corsa and thanks to an observant camper the registration number was noted and passed on to the lads who by this time had beached their boat.

They came along and reported the incident and we urged them to report the matter to the police. They did this on the 101 number where a remote phone operator told them that their incident had been logged and an officer would be in touch in due course! Now this was not the response we had hoped for whilst we acknowledge it was not a heinous crime it did merit some quick action! By the time the investigations take place their rods would have disappeared without a trace, exchanged for their drug of choice!
It’s a rather salutary reminder that in peak Muppet season there is a real risk of thefts and violence so keep your wits about you!

More thieving Muppets!

Whilst we were repairing our engines in the boat house a chap appeared asking if he could hire a rod as he had broken his fly fishing with his partner. Now we don’t like to see honest anglers stuck so I gave him my fly fishing rod and asked him to leave it with Alastair at the Tibbie when he was done. Whilst we were blethering he said that a couple foreign anglers had been fishing overnight up at the Tibbie and had caught a good few Eels not all of which were returned!

They were obviously fishing for the pot contrary to EU wide regulations which prohibit the taking of Eels from any freshwater! This regulation has been in operation for some considerable time and most anglers know of its existence! When we went up to the Tibbie they had gone so we will prepare an advice sheet informing anglers of the following no Eels or Pike may be removed from the loch dead or alive!

Photo 02 - Gritted teeth shows determination!

Benevolent members!

Elliot Fraser our treasurer came down today to enjoy his usual boat fishing session but when I got there he was baling out the only boat available for two visiting anglers. When I enquired as to what was going on he said that he could not see the two anglers disappointed and in a selfless act gave them his boat so the question now was what to do!

Knowing of his mechanical competence I asked if he would mind looking over the two engines which our ex loch keeper said were completely goosed and needed to be replaced! He agreed, and with me for moral support he systematically worked through the factors required for internal combustion. In an hour or so the Mariner roared into action. We tried this several times over the next hour and she started without any problem.

Next to the Hidea engine and this was an easy fix with the advance/retard mechanism simply being out of adjustment. When this was properly set she also started without any protestations! Unfortunately due to no boats being available till late afternoon it was not possible to test them on the loch. Subject to boats being available we will test them next week.

So when a boat became available we both set out for a bash trolling. I managed two lots of weed and Elliot one lot but he also came up with a plump Trout, well done that man! Naturally we are indebted to Elliot for allowing the club to avail itself of his mechanical wizardry thanks mate!

Photo 03 - from the middle of the loch!

Private boats on the loch!

Cath at the Glen Cafe came along to the boathouse today for clarification on a couple of points after failing to get me on the phone (get a grip BT, her calls only appeared on my phone at 8.00pm when I got to Gala, I had no signal all day!). The first query was regarding the use of inflatable craft on our lochs with an electric engine. The situation in law is that if you can carry your craft you may launch it on our waters for purposes other than fishing. However if it is motorised (electric or petrol) you must first obtain permission from the relevant riparian owners.

With regard to fishing on the lochs only club boats or those belonging to riparian owners may be used! Therefore no fishing is to take place from any inflatable craft, kayak or canoe! Our rules will be updated to reflect this amendment. The other query was regarding the taking of Pike and the situation is that no Pike may be taken! Thanks to Cath for bringing this anomaly to our attention.

Thank you!

Whilst engaging in conversation with many members and local residents over the last week we would like to take this opportunity to thank one and all for their support and suggestions which ranged from the unprintable to the very sensible regarding the issue of the resignation of our loch keeper! The events which took place were deplorable and completely without justification and he has still not returned the club property he holds! Almost all who conversed with us were concerned by the refusal to hand back the permit book and club pay in book since these pertain to club money management! The committee will meet within the next few weeks to decide by which route we will take further action! We are most grateful for your support!

The wider world in my view!

Out with the old...

Now whilst for the most part I do no longer concern myself with the goings on in the English parliament given we are on course for independence I must admit to a huge sense of relief at recent events. Lord Snooty’s reign is over, his tenure at No10 which comprised of bungling and blunders the likes of which the country has never seen before is finally ended! In a rather ignominious end he slouched off with the weight of plunging the country into the biggest political crisis ever experienced on his shoulders.

To add further to his shame he will be remembered as the galoot who started the breakup of the UK! To her credit the new PM Theresa May got rid of minister without a clue Gideon Osborne he of the infamous pie and granny tax! Several other jokers including Michael Gove and Nicky Morgan were also sent packing and this can only serve to increase the standing of the UK in global politics!

It’s a good start for a Tory government but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here! Yes there is a new team but it is one that is completely untested and if the Tories are true to form new bungling on a hitherto unseen scale is a distinct possibility! The pointers are all there Theresa May as Prime Minister Boris Johnston as foreign secretary and Liz Truss as justice secretary!

Ms May has uttered some words that for normal working class people offers some hope, well they would be if they emanated from anyone other than a Tory! Tories seem to have perfected the art of saying one thing and doing another!
Is it a new dawn for the working classes? I very much doubt it; the working class people of England Wales and Northern Ireland will suffer greatly under these inexperienced fools! However I presume too much, let’s be fair and give them a chance as there is a slim chance they will formulate coherent thought out policy. Note, I do not say socially fair and equitable policy, for Tories are incapable of that!

Why the High street is doomed!

It’s apparent in every town throughout the land shopkeepers pulling down the shutters for the last time! I needed a 40 amp blade fuse for one of my vehicles and went off to Halfords to source one. They had packs of 5 fuses including the forty amp one I was looking for at £5.76! A blatant rip off price if ever I saw one!

Next I went to an independent motor store where a pack of ten could be had for £3.50 which was better but not great. Next up e bay and the choice was immense ranging from 100 assorted fuses for £6.00 all in to 60 assorted fuses for £2.86 inclusive. I opted for the sixty pack and the next morning they came through the letterbox! No more really needs to be said methinks!

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