Sunday, 19 June 2016

Loch keeper required!

Photo 01- I think you will be just as impressed as Meg. Story next week!

Loch keeper required!

Following the resignation of our loch keeper Mr Xxxxx which was accepted by the executive committee we are now seeking a replacement man or woman to fill this vacancy. The duties are not onerous and in the main consist of selling/checking permits preparing boats for angler usage and keeping the club boathouse in good order.

As an angling club we do not have the financial ability to pay large amounts of money but we will pay as much as we can and are always happy to listen to suggestions. Full payment details will be given to any candidate coming forward. We would welcome any person interested to phone us on 07980350031 for an informal chat and a meet up at the loch.

It goes without saying that we wish our outgoing keeper Mr Xxxxx all the best with any future endeavour and thank him for his work carried out on behalf of the club!

Good friends!

 It’s at times like this that you find out who your friends are, and in the above event we have indeed found out who our friends are! We were obviously worried that the lochs would become a free for all but we needn’t have worried. Not one but three local residents have already come forward offering their assistance with checking permits and selling them when required! It is actions such as these that bring home just how fortunate we are!

The club comprised of a group of strangers from all over Scotland and England practising their sport right in the middle of this picturesque hamlet! You might think there would be little cohesion between the two groups but you would be wrong! Over the years residents of the community have stepped forward to help us if they could and in return we do what we can to help them! It is the right and proper action!

A good example is last week when on Saturday I spent most of the day removing rubbish and green algae from our boats. The worst task however was bagging up loads of absolutely foul rubbish left at our boathouse in the area of the bin although you could not see the bin! This was absolutely rank rubbish with decaying food and fish having been left for months! Well in all I filled ten bags many double bagged and lifted them up to the roadside verge.

Of course the next problem was how to get them picked up for disposal. Unfortunately by the time I had gotten them to the verge time was marching on so I had no alternative but to leave the bags there with the remote chance that the council would uplift them! It was my aim to approach various individuals to ask if we could deposit a couple of bags in their bin to get rid of the waste.

Well on arriving yesterday to my amazement the bags were gone! I have no idea who stepped in to help us out but they did us a huge favour! It may have been the council, but I doubt it based on past experience! So to whoever stepped in to rid us of this potential headache we offer our grateful thanks! We may be strangers in the midst of a little hamlet but actions such as these demonstrate we are surrounded by good friends!

Thats it for this week as you will appreciate our hands are full!

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