Sunday, 26 June 2016

Heavy Trout!

Photo 01 - Mike shows off his catch!

Heavy Trout!

Yes the taster photo shown last week is in fact the new heaviest Trout caught on the loch by a member and that member is Mike Wood! Now Mike hasn’t been fishing a huge length of time but he is game for the task and has learned his craft well. The fish in the photo comes in at 2lbs 12oz and whilst it did come in it did not make it easy for Mike putting up a splendid fight!

Photo 02 - The 11 pounder comes to Mike's net!

Yes the ball of muscle did a good impersonation of a large Sea Trout and spent a lot of time doing aerobatics. Once in the net it was photographed and quickly returned to the loch. There however was little time for reflection as another fish latched onto his line and after another heavyweight struggle an 11lbs Pike came to the net. Lithe, muscular and having recovered well from the spawning event she was weighed photographed and returned in short order. So there we have it a new heavy Trout at 2lbs 12oz that’s what you need to beat if you want to get your hands on the trophy! Well done Mike!

Photo 03 -  2lbs 12oz of Brown Trout heads homeward with Meg looking on!

Perseverance pays!

There has been a couple of rounds in the Lindean inter club competition over the last few weeks and we are doing well. In fact I should rephrase that last statement Alasdair White is doing well! Yes I fished with Alasdair in the first tie and he bagged two Trout including a very nice fish of around 2.5 lbs whilst I never had a touch! This by the way against a team who failed to turn up!

The next tie against Morebattle actually saw a contest when two anglers from the club turned up. Alasdair however was on his own as a family illness prevented me from attending. Against the odds Alasdair won through again with two fish against the blank of the opposition so our other team is through. Clearly we will have to review our decision to have two teams entered as we are really struggling to fill the team slots. Not through apathy or lack of Trout anglers though but because of non driving anglers, work commitments and family issues. However let’s not detract from Alasdair’s significant achievement against all odds! Well done Alasdair!

Loch keeper news!

We are still without a loch keeper at this time as the chap interested in the job has not yet arrived. This however is of no concern as yesterday yet another local came forward offering to check and sell permits on our behalf. We now have excellent coverage of the lochs by various people (four so far) so anglers should expect to come across a variety of people selling and checking permits. Members should note that we have not yet received our membership database from Keith Young therefore we have severe difficulty in contacting members! Apologies also to our six new members, again we do not have the club's membership cards necessary to process your memberships! I have written to Mr Young to expedite forwarding on of all club property!

The wider world in my view!

Lord Snooty’s disunited kingdom!

I must admit I got a massive shock on awakening on Friday morning in fact I switched channels on the TV just to make sure what I was seeing was not some kind of spoof! We are out of Europe, it's finally sinking in. The pound fell like a lead balloon and industry is now left wondering what next! Like in the Scottish independence referendum the older voter came out in force and opted for negativity and damning the future for young people! The country has stuck two fingers up to the EU and chosen to try and go it alone in a completely insular way reminiscent of the days of the empire where oppression and violent racism was the order of the day!

Of course none of this need have happened it was simply down to hapless Lord Snooty panicking facing an onslaught from UKIP and the ultra right in his own party. Yes this weak willed fool is totally responsible for the coming turmoil that is sure to blight the country. I have no doubt that Snooty sought to enter the history books having actually achieved something other than prize bungling!

The reality however is that the premiere of the most incompetent government in UK history will enter the history books as the diddy who took us out of Europe and caused the disintegration of the United Kingdom which he professes to love! The magnitude of his blundering is absolutely unparalleled and breathtaking. Never has a prime minister caused such havoc and plunged the country into crisis mode!

The mistake for the country was allowing him to be the spearhead of the remain campaign, ever rally, every speech and every press release that he made pushed the Brexit campaign further ahead! Of all the confident, intelligent people the “remain” camp could have called upon and they chose a dud! The campaign was a disaster, poorly planned and executed, led by a joker who gambled and lost in the most humiliating manner!

I watched the “Great debate” and it was a dire affair! I didn’t think the “Brexit” lot was that good but the “Remain” side were appalling! The Borg Queen and Sadiq Khan seemed to think rattling out well rehearsed soundbites at maximum volume would convince undecided voters. Barging in when others were talking turned the whole show into a farce! There was no coherence every question was answered with the same old drivel first heard months ago!

The result was a punishing blow for the people of England it was after all they who voted for this upcoming melee! The fault however lies with Snooty and his inability to make a convincing case to remain in the EU! His laughable reform journey brought mirth worldwide but nothing in the way of improving the position of the UK! They say that it will take a few years to negotiate a withdrawal from the EU but the other countries in the EU want us out pronto and its shaping up to be a sorry mess!

However for us in Scotland the picture is significantly brighter since the majority of Scots voted to stay in the EU and we are now being dragged out by a government we did not vote for! This situation was always flagged up as a trigger for a second referendum on Scottish independence and it will be thus! Now Nicola Sturgeon needs to contemplate this carefully, it would probably best to wait a year or so until some of the naysayers die off and more free thinking young blood enters the voting arena guaranteeing a successful result!

The other good point is that Lord Snooty has fallen on his sword, a suitable end for a prize fool. Minister without a clue Gideon Osborne is also for the chop in a rather ignominious end for the two fools as the Tory party implodes! They promised much and delivered nothing, you might say the standing order for a Tory government! Even Labour does not escape the fallout as gormless Jeremy Corbyn faces a motion of no confidence for inaction on the referendum! It is predicted more than half of the shadow cabinet is set to resign as the party faces meltdown!

Mark my words life will change for us in the most cataclysmic way, in England for the worse and in Scotland in the longer term for the better! A country plunged into complete and utter chaos because a dithering posh boy entered panic mode! I have maintained ever since Lord Snooty stole power that he would do for this country one day, Thursday was that day! Indeed Lord Snooty will enter the history books but not in the glory he wished for rather as a prize bungler who in a few minutes of panic changed the face of the UK forever to its severe detriment! 

Lord Snooty and his band of bunglers have failed this country on a monumental scale! Time to get rid!

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