Sunday, 26 June 2016

Heavy Trout!

Photo 01 - Mike shows off his catch!

Heavy Trout!

Yes the taster photo shown last week is in fact the new heaviest Trout caught on the loch by a member and that member is Mike Wood! Now Mike hasn’t been fishing a huge length of time but he is game for the task and has learned his craft well. The fish in the photo comes in at 2lbs 12oz and whilst it did come in it did not make it easy for Mike putting up a splendid fight!

Photo 02 - The 11 pounder comes to Mike's net!

Yes the ball of muscle did a good impersonation of a large Sea Trout and spent a lot of time doing aerobatics. Once in the net it was photographed and quickly returned to the loch. There however was little time for reflection as another fish latched onto his line and after another heavyweight struggle an 11lbs Pike came to the net. Lithe, muscular and having recovered well from the spawning event she was weighed photographed and returned in short order. So there we have it a new heavy Trout at 2lbs 12oz that’s what you need to beat if you want to get your hands on the trophy! Well done Mike!

Photo 03 -  2lbs 12oz of Brown Trout heads homeward with Meg looking on!

Perseverance pays!

There has been a couple of rounds in the Lindean inter club competition over the last few weeks and we are doing well. In fact I should rephrase that last statement Alasdair White is doing well! Yes I fished with Alasdair in the first tie and he bagged two Trout including a very nice fish of around 2.5 lbs whilst I never had a touch! This by the way against a team who failed to turn up!

The next tie against Morebattle actually saw a contest when two anglers from the club turned up. Alasdair however was on his own as a family illness prevented me from attending. Against the odds Alasdair won through again with two fish against the blank of the opposition so our other team is through. Clearly we will have to review our decision to have two teams entered as we are really struggling to fill the team slots. Not through apathy or lack of Trout anglers though but because of non driving anglers, work commitments and family issues. However let’s not detract from Alasdair’s significant achievement against all odds! Well done Alasdair!

Loch keeper news!

We are still without a loch keeper at this time as the chap interested in the job has not yet arrived. This however is of no concern as yesterday yet another local came forward offering to check and sell permits on our behalf. We now have excellent coverage of the lochs by various people (four so far) so anglers should expect to come across a variety of people selling and checking permits. Members should note that we have not yet received our membership database from Keith Young therefore we have severe difficulty in contacting members! Apologies also to our six new members, again we do not have the club's membership cards necessary to process your memberships! I have written to Mr Young to expedite forwarding on of all club property!

The wider world in my view!

Lord Snooty’s disunited kingdom!

I must admit I got a massive shock on awakening on Friday morning in fact I switched channels on the TV just to make sure what I was seeing was not some kind of spoof! We are out of Europe, it's finally sinking in. The pound fell like a lead balloon and industry is now left wondering what next! Like in the Scottish independence referendum the older voter came out in force and opted for negativity and damning the future for young people! The country has stuck two fingers up to the EU and chosen to try and go it alone in a completely insular way reminiscent of the days of the empire where oppression and violent racism was the order of the day!

Of course none of this need have happened it was simply down to hapless Lord Snooty panicking facing an onslaught from UKIP and the ultra right in his own party. Yes this weak willed fool is totally responsible for the coming turmoil that is sure to blight the country. I have no doubt that Snooty sought to enter the history books having actually achieved something other than prize bungling!

The reality however is that the premiere of the most incompetent government in UK history will enter the history books as the diddy who took us out of Europe and caused the disintegration of the United Kingdom which he professes to love! The magnitude of his blundering is absolutely unparalleled and breathtaking. Never has a prime minister caused such havoc and plunged the country into crisis mode!

The mistake for the country was allowing him to be the spearhead of the remain campaign, ever rally, every speech and every press release that he made pushed the Brexit campaign further ahead! Of all the confident, intelligent people the “remain” camp could have called upon and they chose a dud! The campaign was a disaster, poorly planned and executed, led by a joker who gambled and lost in the most humiliating manner!

I watched the “Great debate” and it was a dire affair! I didn’t think the “Brexit” lot was that good but the “Remain” side were appalling! The Borg Queen and Sadiq Khan seemed to think rattling out well rehearsed soundbites at maximum volume would convince undecided voters. Barging in when others were talking turned the whole show into a farce! There was no coherence every question was answered with the same old drivel first heard months ago!

The result was a punishing blow for the people of England it was after all they who voted for this upcoming melee! The fault however lies with Snooty and his inability to make a convincing case to remain in the EU! His laughable reform journey brought mirth worldwide but nothing in the way of improving the position of the UK! They say that it will take a few years to negotiate a withdrawal from the EU but the other countries in the EU want us out pronto and its shaping up to be a sorry mess!

However for us in Scotland the picture is significantly brighter since the majority of Scots voted to stay in the EU and we are now being dragged out by a government we did not vote for! This situation was always flagged up as a trigger for a second referendum on Scottish independence and it will be thus! Now Nicola Sturgeon needs to contemplate this carefully, it would probably best to wait a year or so until some of the naysayers die off and more free thinking young blood enters the voting arena guaranteeing a successful result!

The other good point is that Lord Snooty has fallen on his sword, a suitable end for a prize fool. Minister without a clue Gideon Osborne is also for the chop in a rather ignominious end for the two fools as the Tory party implodes! They promised much and delivered nothing, you might say the standing order for a Tory government! Even Labour does not escape the fallout as gormless Jeremy Corbyn faces a motion of no confidence for inaction on the referendum! It is predicted more than half of the shadow cabinet is set to resign as the party faces meltdown!

Mark my words life will change for us in the most cataclysmic way, in England for the worse and in Scotland in the longer term for the better! A country plunged into complete and utter chaos because a dithering posh boy entered panic mode! I have maintained ever since Lord Snooty stole power that he would do for this country one day, Thursday was that day! Indeed Lord Snooty will enter the history books but not in the glory he wished for rather as a prize bungler who in a few minutes of panic changed the face of the UK forever to its severe detriment! 

Lord Snooty and his band of bunglers have failed this country on a monumental scale! Time to get rid!

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Loch keeper required!

Photo 01- I think you will be just as impressed as Meg. Story next week!

Loch keeper required!

Following the resignation of our loch keeper Mr Xxxxx which was accepted by the executive committee we are now seeking a replacement man or woman to fill this vacancy. The duties are not onerous and in the main consist of selling/checking permits preparing boats for angler usage and keeping the club boathouse in good order.

As an angling club we do not have the financial ability to pay large amounts of money but we will pay as much as we can and are always happy to listen to suggestions. Full payment details will be given to any candidate coming forward. We would welcome any person interested to phone us on 07980350031 for an informal chat and a meet up at the loch.

It goes without saying that we wish our outgoing keeper Mr Xxxxx all the best with any future endeavour and thank him for his work carried out on behalf of the club!

Good friends!

 It’s at times like this that you find out who your friends are, and in the above event we have indeed found out who our friends are! We were obviously worried that the lochs would become a free for all but we needn’t have worried. Not one but three local residents have already come forward offering their assistance with checking permits and selling them when required! It is actions such as these that bring home just how fortunate we are!

The club comprised of a group of strangers from all over Scotland and England practising their sport right in the middle of this picturesque hamlet! You might think there would be little cohesion between the two groups but you would be wrong! Over the years residents of the community have stepped forward to help us if they could and in return we do what we can to help them! It is the right and proper action!

A good example is last week when on Saturday I spent most of the day removing rubbish and green algae from our boats. The worst task however was bagging up loads of absolutely foul rubbish left at our boathouse in the area of the bin although you could not see the bin! This was absolutely rank rubbish with decaying food and fish having been left for months! Well in all I filled ten bags many double bagged and lifted them up to the roadside verge.

Of course the next problem was how to get them picked up for disposal. Unfortunately by the time I had gotten them to the verge time was marching on so I had no alternative but to leave the bags there with the remote chance that the council would uplift them! It was my aim to approach various individuals to ask if we could deposit a couple of bags in their bin to get rid of the waste.

Well on arriving yesterday to my amazement the bags were gone! I have no idea who stepped in to help us out but they did us a huge favour! It may have been the council, but I doubt it based on past experience! So to whoever stepped in to rid us of this potential headache we offer our grateful thanks! We may be strangers in the midst of a little hamlet but actions such as these demonstrate we are surrounded by good friends!

Thats it for this week as you will appreciate our hands are full!

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Outboard engines!

Vid 01 - The latest on our Chaffinches!

Outboard engines!

Following a discussion with our loch keeper Mr Xxxxx yesterday it has become apparent that neither of our two outboard engines is fit for hire. How these young engines have become unusable in what is a short time is beyond me as they are not subject to heavy usage. We will ask a couple of our mechanically minded members to have a look at them to determine the problem and see if rectification is a cost effective option.  We must therefore regrettably suspend the hiring of our engines until further notice!

Better late than never!

I received a call from our secretary on Friday to say that he had received the draw for the inter club competition. it,s pretty short notice and our selected pair of Nimmo and Young could not make either of the dates for our two teams. So a last minute rush sees Alasdair White and I heading off to Lindean tomorrow night. Our aim - to do the best we can, it's all you can ask of any angler!

The future for our boathouse!

Since the late 1940s the club has had a rather sound and useful fixture in the club boathouse. In the past the boathouse was primarily in use for the storage of club property principally the winter storage of our boats. This was initially because the boats at that time were of wooden construction and always required maintenance to prepare them for the coming season. So at the end of the Trout season all the boats would be hauled in for inspection and to undergo any work required.

Nowadays the routine has changed in that because our boats are all of fibreglass construction we inspect and repair the boats as an ongoing system. The usage of the boathouse has also changed in that members now have access for whatever reason be it shelter storage or work. Many members now make use of the facility for the above reasons.

Unfortunately this most useful asset of the club does itself require maintenance. Under the terms of our lease we have to repaint the structure every seven years in an unobtrusive colour. We are also required to remove moss from the roof which when it gets saturated is a very heavy weight. This was done 3 years ago and already the moss has grown into a thick carpet!

What is intensely disappointing is the response from the general membership when the call is issued for help in the above tasks. Might it not be correct that if a member wishes to use the boathouse then they in return must commit to taking part in its maintenance? It’s the same well kent faces that come forward on every occasion! It’s not fair you might say and you would be correct in your assertion! So things will have to change!

The committee has not yet met to discuss the options and we have received three responses from the membership as to how to move forward.
The responses were

(1)     Close the boathouse for general membership use restricting access to the committee and loch keeper!
(2)     Buy the necessary lock fast equipment needed to safely store all of the essential resources contained within the boathouse and continue with open access.
(3)     Change the locks and allow members access only by means of securing access via the loch keeper.

So there you have it the responses received so far. I will make no further comment on these options at this time but rather wait until the end of the month by which time we expect the majority of views to have been submitted! So if you have a view on the future use of the boathouse please let us knows in advance of the cut off point.

The wider world in my view!

Strong effective opposition!

Yes of course it’s one of the many phrases uttered by Borg Queen Ruth Davidson when she was trying to convert the less astute among the Scottish population to her way of thinking! Granted to readers of that scurrilous rag the Sun she appeared to be a genuine home for the lost amongst the Scottish voting public! For the sharper pencils however she was just a Scottish version of a Westminster Tory!

This week the named person in relation to child care was up for debate and the Borg promised strong opposition to this bill. Well it was quite laughable to see this strong effective opposition in action! There were the usual questions about nothing that Nicola Sturgeon could have dealt with in her sleep. There was also the complete lack of piercing and probing questions usually employed by a competent opposition!

Taking centre stage was a debate on the NHS a hugely important subject but what a poor session this turned out to be! The Borg Queen came up with one trifling issue after another. There was nothing of substance in her questions merely minor points that had been debated before! A recalcitrant schoolboy would have achieved better!

It was yet another in a series of Borg pantomimes designed to further their cause but destined only to provide comedic relief to the people of Scotland! How Nicola Sturgeon must sleep thanks to the ineffectual prattling of the Borg! I bet she cannot believe her luck when there are many sharp operators in the Scottish parliament she landed this bunch of Muppets!

I am rapidly becoming addicted to this complete fiasco at first Ministers Questions it really sets me off for the day in a way that Fawlty Towers or Monty Python could not! The Borg Queen has taken off and moved to the other side of the chamber but the rhetoric is much the same the only difference being there are more sheep behind her to baa and bleat as the occasion demands! The mantra of the Tory party has always been “promise much and deliver nothing” it remains totally unchanged!

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Boathouse thoughts!

Photo 01 - Loch level dropping from the boathouse!

Boathouse thoughts!

Our policy in running the club has always been to encourage an open policy with regard to all of the clubs assets and in our policy making. We opened the doors of the boathouse a few years back to allow members to store tackle which was too bulky to be carried every trip. The boathouse also proved to be a robust shelter during storms for anglers fishing in close proximity.

Over that period the odd thing has disappeared but nothing of great value and we were content to monitor the situation. Some items had simply been moved and turned up at a later date. On arriving this week two bags of concrete seem to have walked off and whilst not carrying huge value it will become a line in the sand! If a member needs a bag of concrete urgently just ask and we will give it to you if we possibly can!

Since we now know that things are definitely going missing we have to consider whether or not we can continue with our open door policy. The boathouse stores items from some of our members in addition to club property. There is no way we can monitor everyone who enters and leaves the building even with CCTV. It is also not practical to have everything locked up in tamper resistant cupboards it would incur significant expenditure so our options are limited.

We are now faced with a dilemma of trying to maintain security with our open door policy or revert to the pre open door era where only committee members had access. As one of the main instigators of the open door policy I am loathe to close the boathouse down again, the decision however is not mine to make, rather it is for the club committee!

We will continue with our open door policy for the next few weeks to give members a chance to come up with suggestions as to how we may tackle this problem. If you have any ideas please drop me a line so that the committee can discuss all aspects before arriving at an informed decision. This was a problem encountered by past administrations and is nothing new, in past cases the boathouse was simply closed down.

It is a great pity that we are once again in this position because of the antics of the few. How any member could feel justified in stealing from the club I do not know! It is also a worry that we have a thief among us at the club. I have met many of our members and they are good decent people but someone is not who they appear to be! Failure to act would be a dereliction of duty as we are charged to look after the club assets to the best of our ability.  These thefts are unfortunate but they are incidents upon which we must act! It may be that there will be a knock on effect relating to membership with screening being reintroduced! It should be noted that anyone found stealing club property will be barred from the lochs for life and handed over to the police!

Please do send your views on so we may take an informed decision, members with goods stored in the boathouse should have no worries about retrieving their goods as access will be possible on a Saturday or by appointment most other days if we have to go back to a closed door policy! Going back to closed doors would undoubtedly be a retrograde step but if we cannot come up with a workable alternative we will have little choice!

PS the boathouse Chaffinch is sitting on her eggs!

Fish for the club!

Any member who would be willing to fish in the Inter club competition to be held on Lindean reservoir should drop me a line. Fishing will be in the evening from 18.00 – 22.00hrs dates to be confirmed. The dates will be announced as soon as they are to hand. The club pays the entry all you need do is go and fish.

The wider world in my view!

Time to leave!

Don’t misinterpret the headline saying its time for us to leave the EU for I believe it is definitely not! Rather it is time for Lord Snooty to leave as one of the figureheads of the “Remain” campaign. This crisis manufactured by Lord Snooty is causing havoc throughout the country all because Lord Snooty wanted to placate his Euro sceptics!
The televised question and answer session this week will I am sure pushed the “Brexit” campaigners ever closer to victory. 

Lord Snooty is meant to be campaigning for the “Remain” side but is doing them more harm than good. It was embarrassing to watch as ordinary members of the public grilled Snooty and ultimately exposed him as a fool!
Waffling, lying and doing a great disservice to the country were the points of failure and unfortunately no positive points emerged as to why we should remain as members of the EU. It seems that Lord Snooty is determined to go out with a bang as he plunges the country into crisis as he jumps ship! Its almost unthinkable that the country faces a massive crisis all because Lord Snooty could not stand up to Nigel Farage!

Its a tense time and a huge fork in the road for the country, perhaps the best way to weigh up the arguments is to switch off whenever Lord Snooty speaks and give other speakers some consideration! For Lord Snooty it’s time to leave!

Robust opposition!

Yes the first of the First Minister’s Question Time sessions took place this week and to be honest nothing has changed! The Borg Queen’s assertion that she would hold the Scottish Government to account fell at the first hurdle. There was no surprise here it was the same old Tories spouting Westminster policy while no one listens!

Listening to the questions put by the Borg Queen four out of the six questions she was allowed to ask were absolute tosh! She asks questions the answers to which are in the public domain and serve only to make her look a bigger dope than she is already! As to holding the government to account she failed spectacularly as Sturgeon simply embarrassed her and kicked her into the weeds!

Yes there was much gesticulation, emphasised words and raised voices but alas for the Tories to no avail as Sturgeon simply brushed them aside! The Tories may have increased numbers on a temporary basis thankfully in Scotland their muscle power is as it has always been in recent times – Nil!