Sunday, 15 May 2016

The uneducated!

Photo 01 - Some of the many branches scattered about!

The uneducated!

This was the scene I encountered on Saturday morning, clear evidence that Muppets had been in action! Oh they would say that a fire is a great comfort on cold nights and I would agree, but hacking down what is not theirs in the first place is a transgression of our rules and illegal! I think theft would be the correct term!
What I cannot understand is why these people can not bring their own firewood as many of our anglers do. Or as an alternative why do they not scour the floor for fallen dry wood and burn that, I suppose however that entails work a word that does not sit comfortably with the term Muppet!

They actually cut living branches of the trees on the water’s edge, you can see the shoots beginning to sprout in the photo. This cuts down the covering effect of the trees and reduces life that lives on trees giving in time a detrimental effect on our fishing long term! The most astounding fact however is that green wood or living wood will not burn it is laden with moisture!

The Muppets above and as yet they are persons unknown are exactly the type of people we need to seek out and remove. Not only do they have no place here they have no place in the sport of angling! We will try and find out who was responsible for this outrage and if they are club members they will forfeit their membership with immediate effect!

Club members and visitors should be aware that if they are seen carrying out any activity such as mentioned above they will be immediately barred from fishing on the lochs and their names will be given to the police and the affected riparian owner for prosecution! I am sick fed up of having to apologise for the behaviour of these idiots who seem to destroy all that envelopes them. It gives the club a bad name but more it shames the good name of angling! It makes me wonder with all the political talk of improving education here we have the actions of some who it would appear managed to circumvent the whole education system!

Photo 02 - Buds formed on the branches!

Bright sunshine = good fishing!

Most anglers I know intent on a good day fishing somewhat lower their expectations when that yellow ball shines brightly in the sky. Yesterday was such a day against what was forecast earlier in the week. Intrepid duo Mike Wood and Gordon McClurg ably spurred on by faithful companion and master boatman Meg the dog ventured out yesterday with as always high hopes.

With a light and cool wind they traversed the loch in the bright sunlight and as they usually do came up trumps at the end of the day with fish marked on their cards. Gordon bagged two lovely Sea Trout around the 14oz mark whilst Mike scored with two slightly smaller Brownies and as a special prize a pike around 8lbs. Just goes to show that irrespective of conditions the potential to have a great day is always there. Well done chaps!

Photo 03 - How Green wood burns - it doesn't!

The wider world in my view!

Do Tories have a use!

Of course it was the Borg Queen’s battle cry hoodwinking voters who tend not to think too much about policies into voting for her! This week before even the parliament has even really started there has been a reality check for the bombastic Tories! Ken McIntosh of Labour has been elected to the position of speaker of the house!

Many SNP MSPs voted for him giving him more than twice the number who voted for Murdo Fraser who incidentally managed only to poll the exact number of Tory MSPs! A clear example if there ever was one that the Tories are lepers and can rely on no one for support! Since the parliament hasn’t fully moved into gear we must wait to witness the spectacle of the robust opposition promised by the Borg Queen!

What will actually take place is that the Scottish Government will plough onwards using opposition help if needed, it is business as usual for the SNP. All the Tories can do is bleat loudly from the sidelines as they are sent to Coventry! In a twisted way the SNP could harness Tory votes for instance if they decided to cut income tax the Tories would be obliged to support them without even being asked.

Any opposition by the Tories would ultimately amount to nothing as no one is listening. They are in fact impotent much as Labour and they themselves were in the last parliament. The only issue of great contention the SNP are likely to face is that of a second referendum and they would win that no problem as the Greens would be obliged to support them.
So in the real world the Tories are just there to make up the numbers as in the past they shout but no one listens, it's business as usual!

Slow fit!

You know the type of establishment that changes tyres, batteries and the like now carry out MOTs, replace brake and suspension components. Well my vehicle was due for a MOT and I thought to try out one of these places. So booked in for 4pm on Monday afternoon I got a call around five to say it had failed. This was no surprise as I knew it needed two rear springs. So I asked them if they could carry out such work and they said yes we do it all the time. Ok go ahead I said but the chappie said they were busy and it would be Wednesday before they could do it!

Five o clock on Wednesday no one had got in touch to say the job had been done so I went down. As soon as the manager saw me he rushed forth spouting of how busy they were and that a fitter had lost part of a thumb and that they had not yet got round to the springs. Now this was getting a tad tedious so I told him I need the bus for the weekend as it was our annual competition and I had a load of stuff to deliver, no problem said he it will be ready on Friday afternoon.

I was quite busy on Friday afternoon and it was only around 16.30hrs that I realised no one had called. I phoned them only to get the manager bleating of the problems they were encountering. He said they had started the job around lunchtime and all had been going well until the “fitter” sheared a mounting bolt and since it was a specialised bolt they would have to order one via the manufacturer. When I asked when this job would be completed he said unfortunately it won’t be done until Monday now as they had to wait on the part.

To put it mildly I was incandescent but there was nothing I could do amid all the apologies there was a guarantee the job would be done on Monday. Well the weekend came and went and on Monday I wandered down to see what the situation was. Again I was greeted by the manager who this time looked upbeat and said the car would be ready in an hour.

I then took the opportunity to go round the shops and believe me the fare on offer was so scant I could have done it in twenty minutes. When I went back the vehicle was to my surprise ready to be driven away so I paid and drove home. Parking the vehicle I noticed a lack of handbrake as in not there at all, so I took it back and they said they would rectify it immediately. The cables had not been connected! I asked if it was their practice to take vehicles for a test run and he said yes, Jimmy took it up the road but missed the fact that the handbrake was inoperative!

So for a second time I drove away and it all seemed to be going well. A few days later I was stopped by the Police who said there was something about to fall off the bottom of the vehicle and for my safety and the safety of others they had to stop me. Getting under the vehicle I found the trailing piece to be the plastic cover that lessens dirt thrown up in the direction of the brakes and springs! The very first part they had to remove and the last to be fitted on completion of the spring job!

Now it’s not difficult to fit this part but the front must be attached first. They had obviously not done that and force fitted only one of the retaining tabs meaning it would not be a permanent fix as the manufacturer intended. So I thanked the police and they said since I had fitted the cover no further action would be taken. And so ends the saga of having two rear springs fitted normally a three hour job taking seven days, failing to refit the handbrake cable and improperly fitting the mud deflector!

It was an absolute disaster and one I will never repeat if this was the last garage on earth I would do the job myself first. They say you live and you learn, how appropriate!

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