Sunday, 22 May 2016

Work Day!

Photo 01 - Looking good but it was very windy!

Work day
Our work day scheduled for next week has had to be cancelled as a number of key participants have had to withdraw due to other commitments and the council JCB has not yet visited to carry out our excavation works. We will reschedule the day in the late summer months to keep up the maintenance of our fixtures and fittings. If we let this day slip completely the invariably something will move to a state of disrepair and will eventually be lost!
It’s not a huge commitment all we ask is 4-5 hours one day per year. So when the date has been finalised if you can attend please do so we will be delighted to see you and the club will buy your food and drink.

Damsel not in distress!

I was delighted to hear our recommended fly fishing guide Sue McNiven of Damsel Fly Fishing giving an interview on Radio Scotland about fishing prospects for the year. ahead. Like us Radio Scotland sought out the best, a guide in excellent standing in the angling community and a whole host of qualifications that scream top notch fishing guide. She has undertaken significant and thorough education that quite frankly embarrasses less qualified “guides”.

It’s the old story, when we launched our exposé unqualified guides were everywhere embarrassing those who had sought qualification but now they are virtually gone. Instead we have “guides” one notch up with one or two mediocre qualifications touting for business. How gratifying then to see our recommended guide who has invested heavily in her education and may well be Scotland’s most qualified guide. She is setting out next week with a party of novice American anglers and I know their experience will be the best it can be! I would imagine Damsel Fly Fishing having little need for advertising as word of mouth surpasses all! Well done Damsel Fly Fishing, oh and it was a super informative interview!

Photo 02 - Its a feeder but Mr&Mrs Chaffinch want it as their home!

The wider world in my view!

A circus in the making!

All of you will be aware of the increasing intensity of the “debates” arising from the soon to take place referendum on our membership of the EU. Splits are occurring all over the country thanks to Lord Snooty’s cowardice in the face of a UKIP assault! Yes this referendum was not necessary all that was needed was a renegotiation of our terms of membership! Lord Snooty tried to renegotiate but ended up with egg on his chin!

The rhetoric now being employed is becoming very nasty, personal and most recently quite fantastic! Frankly the quality of the debates is absolutely dire! With at one end references to Hitler and World War 3, to the other where people like Minister without a clue cocaine snorting Gideon Osborne tells us house prices will rise by 18% if we leave, a ridiculous statement if ever there was one!

Of course on both sides any figures quoted are pure speculation simply because we do not know what lies in front of us, whichever way we turn! The whole debate is now becoming completely absurd with claim and counterclaim as each side tries to scare the electorate with ever more grisly horror stories!

So how do you make up your mind, well firstly you will have to make your own mind up. Under no circumstances listen to Lord Snooty or any of his underlings! Try and listen or watch mostly impartial debates involving experts in the field and weigh up what the effect on you might be with either side. If you cannot decide then go with the devil you know.

If the vote goes my way to remain in the EU and seek reform then these blundering idiots will have cost us hundreds of millions to remain in exactly the same position we are in now! Not sure if that is good economic stewardship but I would say not! The whole thing is an unnecessary circus that will cost us dear and its all down to Lord Snooty and his moment of panic when facing a UKIP challenge! It’s just another albeit hugely expensive blunder and as always the taxpayer will pick up the tab!

What Tories really do!

Yet again we see another reputable body the Office for National Statistics release a damning report on the track record of the Tories time in power! Yes the most incompetent government in the UKs history have plunged more people into poverty than any previous administration!  Their day to day bungling whilst extremely comical comes at a very high price indeed!

It’s now 2016 and would you believe we still have significant poverty in this country. Instead of eradicating poverty as Lord Snooty said he would do, we have more and more people now designated as working poor. People that have been pushed into jobs which are low quality, no prospects, low skilled, non producing dead end invariably part time jobs! Jobs that produce a wage insufficient to live on requiring the use of pay day lenders or food banks! An astonishing thirty three percent of the population has at some time since 2010 been pushed into poverty! So much then for Lord Snooty’s war cry of an all out assault on poverty as usual it’s just empty talk.

You will have gathered by now there is a huge chasm between what Lord Snooty says and what he does! Basically he talks a good job then delivers little or nothing! There is no doubt in a country such as ours there is enough wealth to ensure everyone has a good standard of living but that goal is obscured by greed! Until we can make the word greed socially unacceptable nothing will change! Tories talk much and do nothing it’s always been their way!

A proper traffic jam!

I had occasion to go through to Clydebank on Thursday afternoon. I didn’t think too much about it and set off around 3pm. On getting to the Edinburgh city bypass an accident was holding traffic up and I sat there for 20 minutes playing Candy Crush to ease my boredom. Further on along the bypass traffic was forced into one lane due to a breakdown/accident and a few miles were eaten at around 1-10Mph.

At last I reached the M8 and thought time would be made up no problem, how wrong I was! Radio Forth were transmitting that a multi car pileup on the westbound carriageway was causing tailbacks of seven to eight miles. It took one hour and fifty five minutes with much Candy Crush to reach the crash site and it did not look good! By this time torrential rain was reducing visibility to around one hundred metres and leaving large pools of water on the carriageway.

Now these days I’m no Michael Schumacher, I tend to move along around 70 – 80 Mph yet I was being passed by drivers who must have been doing 90+ Mph with low visibility and the danger of aquaplaning being a very real one! Idiot’s maybe, but most certainly the authors of their own potential destruction! Thankfully roadworks on the outskirts’ of Glasgow restricted speed to 50MPH enforced by the unbeatable average speed cameras. After all this the journey was uneventful but it had taken just under five hours and a flat phone battery to complete a journey that in normal circumstances would take under two hours! Now thats what I call a proper traffic jam!

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