Sunday, 29 May 2016

New target set!

Photo 01 - Chubby Trout at 1lbs 14oz

New target set!

There were a few anglers on the loch yesterday and among them club stalwarts the dynamic duo Stevie Nimmo and Pete Young. The story from the other angler was that the fishing was slow and so it was for our duo. Brightening sunshine threatened to bring the fishing to a complete halt catching rays being the better option!

However as this pair have shown many times in the past perseverance can yield rewards! And so it was to be as they drifted into the village hall bay (nice weedy area) Stevie’s Hares Lug was snatched by an unseen fish. All our Trout fight hard but this one led him a merry dance with some aerobatics for good measure.
However he eventually subdued the fish and it tipped the scales just shy of the 2lbs mark at 1lbs 14oz! Stevie already had the heaviest fish at 1lbs 12oz but his latest is the one to beat if you want to get your hands on the heavy Trout cup! Oh and thanks for the apple ale it's actually rather nice!

Photo 02 - The boathouse Chaffy laid 3 warm eggs!

What depth? 

It’s a question asked by many of our Pike anglers regarding the depth to fish in search of their favourite species. Well the template must be where you get small fish you will get bigger fish, and such a situation becomes of interest to a Pike for it is here that a meal may become readily available!

To get an area with small fish there has to be sufficient food suitable to sustain them and these are the ideal depths that become the target of the Pike angler. The factors needed are light to allow photosynthesis to enable weed growth and therein lies the first clue. Shallower water will allow light to penetrate whilst deeper water will not.
So shallower water will be the first choice for many Pike anglers as this is where the food chain has an unbroken flow. Most Pike anglers I know will tend to follow this mode of thinking. That is not to say however that Pike will not be encountered at greater depths where light penetration is minimal or non existent.

During our survey for Arctic Char in the loch when netting at 140ft down some Perch and a 1.5lbs Brown Trout were caught showing that fish do go down to great depths in search of food! The bottom layers of the loch contains tubificid worms and a diligent feeder could make a living there if it had to. Since however large numbers of fish were not caught we can conclude this would not be a preferred option!

However it may not have always been this way! If we look back to the 1700s when the loch held a good population of Arctic Char it is possible that Pike would hunt in the depths to a much greater extent. The reason for this would have been they were in search of the deep living Arctic Char! The almost certainly now extinct population of Char had very large eyes and were classed as benthic due to the depths they preferred!
Large eyes allowed the Char to collect in as much light as possible patrolling the depths and as most Pike anglers know Pike do like Arctic Char! However even then I do not think the Pike would have lived at great depth rather they would make frequent forays downwards in search of a meal. Char would probably have evolved to become deep living as it was a safer place to be in a loch full of predators!

In my own experience on the loch the greatest depth at which I have caught Pike is between 50-60ft and even then not in great numbers! We had a couple of lads who spent a couple of days with the aid of a bait boat targeting the very deepest areas of the loch around one hundred and fifty feet down. The result of their two day excursion was absolutely nothing caught!

We still have the occasional angler targeting the deeper areas of the loch but invariably they come back empty handed! Some seek Arctic Char but I fear they are gone forever but it is entirely possible that escapees from Megget could form some sort of population although the gene pool from a few fish would be very limited! Others simply seek the unknown the chance to catch something unusual but again they are invariably devoid of fish!

There is nothing wrong in having a rod out in much deeper water but the odds of catching must surely decrease the deeper you fish. Angling is about finding out about your preferred fishing spot and as such anglers will continue to explore the depths and one angler somewhere will discover something new! My advice, do whatever you want to do as long as it is legal! Tight lines!

Photo 03 - Neat litter, but not good enough!

Messy visitors!

Doubtless you will remember the green stick burners well they were back sometime this week. How do I know well the photo says it all! Some McDonald’s trash left in a neat pile whi I suppose they think makes it all right! The part I fail to understand is they had a fire but did not burn their rubbish! Hopefully we can identify and pass these people on to the authorities!

The wider world in my view!

Let this madness end!

You like me may already have had a bucketful of the tripe spouted by both sides in the EU debate. As I have stated previously on many occasions this debate should not be taking place all that is needed with regard to our membership of the EU is for a competent person to go and negotiate a better sensible deal for the country! NOW i KNOW Lord Snooty has achieved some kind of meaningless fudge but as stated above a proper renegotiation is what is required.

As expected the Tories have split down the middle with the top bunglers at each other’s throats! This internal dogfight for many including myself has become the most attractive part of the whole fiasco! There is not a day that goes by without some bizarre utterance from one side or the other bursting on to our screens and boy it it becoming tedious!

The remain campaign should be winning this campaign should be miles ahead but thanks to Lord Snooty they are barely keeping their heads above water! The Brexit lot are breathing huge sighs of relief that Lord Snooty is on the opposing side and throwing votes their way every minute of the day!
It seems that Lord Snooty who is relinquishing his PM job at the end of the parliament is intent on bowing out with an almighty bungle!  A bungle that will eclipse all of his administration’s previous bungles by plunging the already fragile country of ours into utter chaos and ultimately out of Europe!

As the world looks on with great mirth our politicians scurry about attacking their peers with name calling downright lies and utter nonsense! History will undoubtedly look back on this debacle as a shameful and unnecessary farce!

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