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Boat news for members!

Photo 01 - a lower level but great conditions!

Boat News for members!

Yesterday one of our boat padlocks malfunctioned and Keith had to take the bolt cutters to it. Resultantly for a period of a week there will be two keys to unlock the boats. If you experience any problems with this temporary arrangement please give Keith a call. We have purchased a suite of locks and these should be in use next week.

A boathouse key has been found and it is on a blue rubber band, if you have lost this key please get in touch with Keith so arrangements can be made for its return. It’s worth reiterating at this point that members wishing to use our boats should firstly clear this with Keith to ensure you are not taking a boat that has been booked via Keith. Following these guidelines will ensure the smooth running of boat usage.

Spawning time for our Pike!

We had heard reports of the odd big hen fish being spotted up at the top of the Lowes thrashing around in the shallow water which could indicate that the annual Pike spawning has commenced. This week Keith reported that a good few fish had been spotted by him and his son again thrashing around near the surface confirming that the process was indeed underway!

It’s always around this time of year but water temperature is also a factor so we must assume that the trigger point has been reached. The spawning on past experience will take place over a couple of weeks. Anglers should be aware that female Pike heavy with eggs should be treated with extreme care to let them progress to spawning increasing our head of fish. It will be a few years until we can gauge just how successful the event has been but hopefully it will have been a good year!

 Friends reunited and changing attitudes!

Part of anglings rich tapestry is the rekindling of old friendships particularly with our Trout angler brothers who are absent from the lochs between mid October until mid March. Although not present at the lochs they gorge themselves on one angling magazine after another then transferring what they have learned to the fly tying vice making the creations they hope will be the next mass killer! Thus it was last week at our competition when old friends came together with much banter in the spirit of true angling.

In the past Trout and Pike anglers did not sit comfortably together but things have changed for the better! This now affable relationship has replaced the acrimonious one of the past! Yes at one time relationships were strained as each thought the other was trying to lessen their sport.
It’s a time for catching up on the banks to see how the Pike lads have fared during the colder months. No longer do the game hunters wish to hear of large Pike subjected to slaughter to allow their prized Trout to flourish. Instead there are more measured questions as to what condition the Pike were in when caught. 

Trout anglers are now fully aware that Pike and Trout can and do happily coexist in the same environment. Pike have more sense than to try and catch super fit Trout which will lead them a merry dance all day long! The Pike will single out the weak and injured fish in the loch irrespective of species happily devouring their own, removing all the “dead wood” from the fishery.

Such actions lead to a fishery in tip top condition with all the stunted and weak fish sacrificed! Trout anglers no longer fear the Pike for through education they now know that the Pike is an aid to their sport rather than a setback as was previously thought. Yes through education the two groups of anglers have learned how to get on with each other. It’s good to see some of the old ways gone for they were based on hearsay or from he who shouts the loudest! Of course Muppets and angling bullies are excluded from our good wishes they will always be guaranteed a frosty reception here at the lochs and long may it be so!

Congratulations to Gordon McClurg who yesterday caught and returned two fine Brown Trout of around a pound and the other half a pound!

Photo 02 - A Robin takes his fill!

The wider world in my view!

Joke of the week

It has been an interesting week on the politics front with Labour pressing the self destruct button over the Livingston/Mann bust up on the Israeli question. This signals the end of socialist politics in England and whilst my heart goes out to English socialists it is yet another reason we must break free and seek independence! Of more interest to me are the concluding appeals to voters in the upcoming Holyrood elections. It’s not really a contest with all opinion polls predicting a landslide for the SNP which is music to my ears!

It looks to be going much as I predicted a few weeks back with a few modifications. The Puppets will end up bottom of the pile as the public trash them for their earlier treachery in colluding with the hated Tories! The Greens are expected to get up to ten seats which is absolutely great! UKIP are not expected to make it on to the score sheet at all thank god! Top tip for Thursday ignore the Puppets and the Tories!

The most interesting scuffle is between Labour and the despised and toxic Tories. Up until this week Labour were on target to be the main party of opposition but the shenanigans down south look to have scuppered that good and proper! It may be the case that the Borg Queen Ruth Davidson will achieve her goal of coming second. Not due to any sensational policies for they have none, but because the Labour vote has collapsed!

I very much enjoyed her party political broadcast this week; I actually thought it was a science fiction sketch in a desperately poor comedy! What is this woman thinking about! She says she will hold the Scottish Government to account! Does she think with her ultra weak band of bungling political ninny's the government will pay any attention to her pleas for more Westminster policies to be implemented up here!

She has stated that she will oppose vehemently any moves towards a second referendum; I wonder just what she has in mind, a megaphone in Holyrood perhaps! ! The numbers game mean that she can bleat all day long and the government will not budge an inch, treating her with the usual derision! As usual from the Scottish branch of Westminster Tories it’s the same old story, talk plenty and actually do nothing!

I can’t see many working class Scots being taken in by her waffle, she speaks of great things but her deliverance will be nothing! She has always come across as a windbag but the last few weeks have taken Tory politics to a new hitherto unseen peak of hogwash! The landed gentry of course will reluctantly vote for her even a few misguided working class people! Her goal however of being a strong opposition able to hold the government to account – it’s the joke of the week!

Check out BBC1 tonight at 8.00pm the last leaders debate.

Lord Snooty’s last stand!

It’s absolutely incredible that Lord Snooty is balanced on a knife edge and worse one that he made for himself! His comedic bungling over our membership of the EU will cost us dearly! At best his bungling takes us back to early 2015 before the point when in panic mode initiated by UKIP he called for a referendum!

The one we are now facing however is that of being outside of the EU going by the latest polls which give “Brexit” a three point lead! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Lord Snooty must be dissociated from the “remain” in Europe campaign. Every utterance from him sends more people to the leave campaign! For us Scots the outcome will benefit us either way in that if “Brexit” win we will become independent of the UK and negotiate to remain in the EU on more favourable terms.

If the UK votes to remain in the EU then we will seek independence on a slower route. However for Lord Snooty the consequences of leaving the EU are grave indeed. It will signal the end of his career as the biggest bungler in UK political history! It will be a huge relief however for working class people everywhere! I am between a rock and a hard place here swithering over in or out. On balance however I think we must remain in and seek a real renegotiation of our terms of membership!

There are many pitfalls on the route of politicians as we can see every week but not too many politicians hand out sticks to break their own backs like Lord Snooty has done!

Toilet paper!

How sad this week to see the many people affected by the Hillsborough disaster recounting their memories of that black day! What the police tried to parry off as a day of wrongful behaviour of the football supporters turns out to be a day of shambolic strategy and cover up by the police and ambulance services! Worse than that however was the record altering, story changing to make the services appear blameless!

Yes they cocked up as they often do, then tried to cover their tracks and were aided by the pinnacle of the gutter press the Sun! On Wednesday all the national papers carried the inquest's verdict with the exception of the Sun. Yes the loudmouth paper with virtually no sales in Liverpool was too embarrassed to print the story which was in direct opposition to the story they ran all those years ago blaming the supporters!

Of course you could not really expect much from a Murdoch group newspaper with a history of strike breaking and unashamed Tory support! Yes this paper is the scum of the earth a title it took when its Sunday variant the News of the World was forced into extinction! A flea bitten rag incapable of printing the truth seeking only to convert the gullible into reading and believing the tripe they print, they shame the very word newspaper!

So please show a little discretion show your support for the people of Liverpool and bypass this rag, it is suitable only for Tories and idiots! But then again maybe buy one copy and of course do not read the lies printed within. Simply store it in your bathroom cupboard it will make decent emergency toilet paper!

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