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A neglected Species!

Photo 01 - Another dull cold and windy day!

A neglected species

The four main species in the loch are Pike Trout Perch and Eels. Pike are undoubtedly the number one species in terms of angler activity with Trout coming in second place. This is quite a turnaround from the time when stocking Trout was permitted and Trout fishing was supreme! In fact twenty years ago there was no Pike fishing available and the club pursued an active policy of netting out Pike and Perch thinking this would improve the Trout fishing. We still to this day have a licence to net Perch and Pike but have no plans to resume this activity.

The other main species in the loch Perch and Eels are rarely targeted by angler with only the occasional specialist hunter targeting them. Now of course due to the Europe wide shortage of Eels fishing for them is prohibited although there is no shortage in the lochs as many an angler will attest! There has always been a good head of Eels in the loch and it is only in the last twenty years that commercial trapping on the loch ceased. We still have a heavy duty commercial Eel trap to this day.

The other species in the loch is Perch and it is a most beautiful fish with its bright orange/red fins, deep dark eyes and striped body hence the name the sergeant! For many of us the Perch was the initial species we went after drawing us into the sport mostly because of their eagerness to devour any bait put in front of it. Yes the younger ones devour anything in their path and are very aggressive and unfussy feeders!
The larger of the species however are more discerning and less easily caught. Often when a shoal is encountered you have to fish through the small ones in order to get to the big boys! We do not currently have a definitive weight for the heaviest Perch from the lochs but many reported have been around the pound mark!

To catch these fellows in its simplest form a hook maggot and lead cast out in a likely spot will often do the job. More attuned anglers search for a shoal using a small Mepps then carpet bait the area with maggots/casters and float or ledger fish for them like match fishers. Using these techniques can lead to large numbers caught.

One of the greatest pleasures in Perch fishing is the post spawning massacre characterised by water which appears to be boiling when adult Perch smash into clumps of newly hatched Perch in a feeding frenzy. A Mepps cast behind the boiling pulled through the turbulence will yield fish after fish until thr commotion ceases!  Fly fishing can also yield numbers of fish if a shoal is located. Rainbow Trout lures can attract fish and even smaller Pike. The Perch is a much underrated fish capable of providing some super spot and is probably the species that has started more anglers to enter the brotherhood than any other! . So next time you are up at the loch have a go for the stripeys you will enjoy it!

Image 01 - Perch, a most beautiful fish.


The calendar says it’s May yet it feels more like February. Sunshine is a rare beast indeed, instead we have dull weather with cold northern winds and the occasional heavy shower just as a treat! Yesterday in deep England the temperature rose to 25 degrees the hottest day of the year to date, whilst here at the loch the gauge read five degrees and much less due to wind chill yet today it was 22 degrees! On the water flies are hatching but not in great numbers at least not sufficiently to bring on a rise of Trout. Swallows are nipping the surface so at least they must be scavenging something!

It’s the great British summer we all love and it at least sparks conversation but not much else. On odd days you think summer has arrived but without fail the next day with its wind and rain brings us back to earth with a bump! Top of the water fishing is difficult and any damage done is down to sunken flies! There’s not much we can do other than endure.

The wider world in my view!

What a result!

I couldn’t believe my luck on Friday morning, it was one of the few post election mornings where I could sit back and think for once it has all come together! Yes on Thursday My first vote was for the SNP and my list vote went to the Greens. My thinking was that without a majority the SNP would need to seek an ally in order to get contentious policies through and the Greens are their first choice ally.

Looking at the makeup of the parliament it is clear that only the Greens and possibly Labour could jump into bed to help the SNP get contested policy through. Of course the Greens with 6 MSPs and being pro independence would be the natural partner. Naturally such assistance would come at a cost and the Greens who lean much more to the left would hopefully drag the SNP into making more socialist policies. A deal to get rid of fracking completely will likely seal the deal. Nicola Sturgeon has said there will be no official coalition deal but dealing will have to be done official or not.

The Tories have made much of coming second with only 20% of the vote pipping Labour into third place. Well the reality is that the Tories won nothing; it was Labour who totally imploded! Yes the Borg Queen is in celebratory mood but it will not last, come the next election Labour will hopefully have sorted themselves out and protest voters will simply drift back to their natural home! The so called Tory revival is simply a temporary one and will revert back to their normal position come the next election. There is however a very important point here and it is that a protest vote for the Tories is a dangerous strategy and could lead to a Tory government and that would be an unmitigated disaster!

The bottom line is that Tories are akin to a colony of lepers. They are tolerated at a distance but no one wants anything to do with them and because of this their opposition is nullified!  Just look to see how Labour and the Puppets have paid the ultimate price for collaborating with the Tories! They talk much of being a strong opposition but their quota of seats do not back up that statement. They can oppose all they like but any hopes of forming a coup and making a difference are sunk before they are even planned, if indeed they are capable of planning anything. 

They say they will stop a second referendum, yet all the SNP need do is to enlist the help of the Greens who are pro independence and a referendum will take place, it really is that simple! Tories are alien species in Scotland; no politician who values their future would have anything to do with them! In the last parliament the Tories were ineffectual, in the coming one they will exert the same pressure which is little or nothing!

The Puppets like the Tories are an irrelevance and can only look forward to a Tory like future of being shunned at every election! How they must rue the day when at the behest of Puppet Clegg they betrayed the public and jumped into bed with the Tories to further their own ends! Puppet Rennie seems like a decent bloke but by his ties to the Westminster clique he is forever damned!

I hope now that we can look forward to an early referendum as now the majority of the Scottish Parliament is pro independence! It is also clear that there is now a majority among the Scottish population in favour of independence as independence minded youngsters replace the dying let’s stay together lot!

It would be great to see more radical action on Land Reform with land being seized from wealthy landowners and realigned towards community and social interests! A programme of re nationalisation could put much back into the public purse and send the greedy packing, heading in the direction of England where Lord Snooty will accommodate them as being of his own kind! Some more extreme taxing of the rich would be in order to redistribute their wealth among the ever increasing numbers of poor people created by the Westminster Tories! I look forward to see how the Borg Queen and her band of incompetent aides hold the Scottish government to account and formulate the strong opposition she harps on about! Sturgeon has made it clear she will not allow the objectives of the Scottish Government to be defeated by those with a tiny percentage of the vote!

Some SNP supporters will be disappointed with Thursdays result because they just failed to get a majority, believe me some pulling towards the left will only benefit the people of Scotland! It was a historic day for the SNP but it was also a historic day for Scotland as we inch ever closer to cast off the shackles of Westminster! That day cannot come quick enough!

Pantomime time!

If you are one of those people who like political comedies then this has been a great week for you. The bungling clowns in Westminster served up comedy the likes of which we have never seen before! Firstly overgrown schoolgirl Nicky Morgan was made to look a complete prat when she had to abandon her (wacky) plan to force all schools in England to become academies!

Yes the ace bungler and loudmouth who had previously insisted that there would be no backtracking on this policy had to get a junior minister to let slip that the policy had been withdrawn! Of course it was inevitable since the policy has met with opposition on a universal basis yet still she ploughed on!

The next comedy contributor is of course Jeremy Hunt the ever beleaguered health minister who seems to stumble from one crisis to another. Already having set new records for presiding over the first ever doctor’s strike without providing cover, he resolutely told the doctors there would be no further talks! A few days ago he stated that the imposed reforms would be suspended to allow talks to take place.

U turns all over the place, “Omnishambles” budgets, wasted money and effort all to get back to the point in time the policies were introduced. It’s worse than a joke and for the people of England it is deeply humiliating! All these blunders do not go unnoticed on the world’s stage. Great Britain is little more than a joke these days. Comedy is fine in the likes of “Yes Minister” but we are talking here of a supposed government! It’s all deeply depressing but it does make you appreciate the more sensible and conciliatory attitude of our Scottish government!

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