Sunday, 29 May 2016

New target set!

Photo 01 - Chubby Trout at 1lbs 14oz

New target set!

There were a few anglers on the loch yesterday and among them club stalwarts the dynamic duo Stevie Nimmo and Pete Young. The story from the other angler was that the fishing was slow and so it was for our duo. Brightening sunshine threatened to bring the fishing to a complete halt catching rays being the better option!

However as this pair have shown many times in the past perseverance can yield rewards! And so it was to be as they drifted into the village hall bay (nice weedy area) Stevie’s Hares Lug was snatched by an unseen fish. All our Trout fight hard but this one led him a merry dance with some aerobatics for good measure.
However he eventually subdued the fish and it tipped the scales just shy of the 2lbs mark at 1lbs 14oz! Stevie already had the heaviest fish at 1lbs 12oz but his latest is the one to beat if you want to get your hands on the heavy Trout cup! Oh and thanks for the apple ale it's actually rather nice!

Photo 02 - The boathouse Chaffy laid 3 warm eggs!

What depth? 

It’s a question asked by many of our Pike anglers regarding the depth to fish in search of their favourite species. Well the template must be where you get small fish you will get bigger fish, and such a situation becomes of interest to a Pike for it is here that a meal may become readily available!

To get an area with small fish there has to be sufficient food suitable to sustain them and these are the ideal depths that become the target of the Pike angler. The factors needed are light to allow photosynthesis to enable weed growth and therein lies the first clue. Shallower water will allow light to penetrate whilst deeper water will not.
So shallower water will be the first choice for many Pike anglers as this is where the food chain has an unbroken flow. Most Pike anglers I know will tend to follow this mode of thinking. That is not to say however that Pike will not be encountered at greater depths where light penetration is minimal or non existent.

During our survey for Arctic Char in the loch when netting at 140ft down some Perch and a 1.5lbs Brown Trout were caught showing that fish do go down to great depths in search of food! The bottom layers of the loch contains tubificid worms and a diligent feeder could make a living there if it had to. Since however large numbers of fish were not caught we can conclude this would not be a preferred option!

However it may not have always been this way! If we look back to the 1700s when the loch held a good population of Arctic Char it is possible that Pike would hunt in the depths to a much greater extent. The reason for this would have been they were in search of the deep living Arctic Char! The almost certainly now extinct population of Char had very large eyes and were classed as benthic due to the depths they preferred!
Large eyes allowed the Char to collect in as much light as possible patrolling the depths and as most Pike anglers know Pike do like Arctic Char! However even then I do not think the Pike would have lived at great depth rather they would make frequent forays downwards in search of a meal. Char would probably have evolved to become deep living as it was a safer place to be in a loch full of predators!

In my own experience on the loch the greatest depth at which I have caught Pike is between 50-60ft and even then not in great numbers! We had a couple of lads who spent a couple of days with the aid of a bait boat targeting the very deepest areas of the loch around one hundred and fifty feet down. The result of their two day excursion was absolutely nothing caught!

We still have the occasional angler targeting the deeper areas of the loch but invariably they come back empty handed! Some seek Arctic Char but I fear they are gone forever but it is entirely possible that escapees from Megget could form some sort of population although the gene pool from a few fish would be very limited! Others simply seek the unknown the chance to catch something unusual but again they are invariably devoid of fish!

There is nothing wrong in having a rod out in much deeper water but the odds of catching must surely decrease the deeper you fish. Angling is about finding out about your preferred fishing spot and as such anglers will continue to explore the depths and one angler somewhere will discover something new! My advice, do whatever you want to do as long as it is legal! Tight lines!

Photo 03 - Neat litter, but not good enough!

Messy visitors!

Doubtless you will remember the green stick burners well they were back sometime this week. How do I know well the photo says it all! Some McDonald’s trash left in a neat pile whi I suppose they think makes it all right! The part I fail to understand is they had a fire but did not burn their rubbish! Hopefully we can identify and pass these people on to the authorities!

The wider world in my view!

Let this madness end!

You like me may already have had a bucketful of the tripe spouted by both sides in the EU debate. As I have stated previously on many occasions this debate should not be taking place all that is needed with regard to our membership of the EU is for a competent person to go and negotiate a better sensible deal for the country! NOW i KNOW Lord Snooty has achieved some kind of meaningless fudge but as stated above a proper renegotiation is what is required.

As expected the Tories have split down the middle with the top bunglers at each other’s throats! This internal dogfight for many including myself has become the most attractive part of the whole fiasco! There is not a day that goes by without some bizarre utterance from one side or the other bursting on to our screens and boy it it becoming tedious!

The remain campaign should be winning this campaign should be miles ahead but thanks to Lord Snooty they are barely keeping their heads above water! The Brexit lot are breathing huge sighs of relief that Lord Snooty is on the opposing side and throwing votes their way every minute of the day!
It seems that Lord Snooty who is relinquishing his PM job at the end of the parliament is intent on bowing out with an almighty bungle!  A bungle that will eclipse all of his administration’s previous bungles by plunging the already fragile country of ours into utter chaos and ultimately out of Europe!

As the world looks on with great mirth our politicians scurry about attacking their peers with name calling downright lies and utter nonsense! History will undoubtedly look back on this debacle as a shameful and unnecessary farce!

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Work Day!

Photo 01 - Looking good but it was very windy!

Work day
Our work day scheduled for next week has had to be cancelled as a number of key participants have had to withdraw due to other commitments and the council JCB has not yet visited to carry out our excavation works. We will reschedule the day in the late summer months to keep up the maintenance of our fixtures and fittings. If we let this day slip completely the invariably something will move to a state of disrepair and will eventually be lost!
It’s not a huge commitment all we ask is 4-5 hours one day per year. So when the date has been finalised if you can attend please do so we will be delighted to see you and the club will buy your food and drink.

Damsel not in distress!

I was delighted to hear our recommended fly fishing guide Sue McNiven of Damsel Fly Fishing giving an interview on Radio Scotland about fishing prospects for the year. ahead. Like us Radio Scotland sought out the best, a guide in excellent standing in the angling community and a whole host of qualifications that scream top notch fishing guide. She has undertaken significant and thorough education that quite frankly embarrasses less qualified “guides”.

It’s the old story, when we launched our exposé unqualified guides were everywhere embarrassing those who had sought qualification but now they are virtually gone. Instead we have “guides” one notch up with one or two mediocre qualifications touting for business. How gratifying then to see our recommended guide who has invested heavily in her education and may well be Scotland’s most qualified guide. She is setting out next week with a party of novice American anglers and I know their experience will be the best it can be! I would imagine Damsel Fly Fishing having little need for advertising as word of mouth surpasses all! Well done Damsel Fly Fishing, oh and it was a super informative interview!

Photo 02 - Its a feeder but Mr&Mrs Chaffinch want it as their home!

The wider world in my view!

A circus in the making!

All of you will be aware of the increasing intensity of the “debates” arising from the soon to take place referendum on our membership of the EU. Splits are occurring all over the country thanks to Lord Snooty’s cowardice in the face of a UKIP assault! Yes this referendum was not necessary all that was needed was a renegotiation of our terms of membership! Lord Snooty tried to renegotiate but ended up with egg on his chin!

The rhetoric now being employed is becoming very nasty, personal and most recently quite fantastic! Frankly the quality of the debates is absolutely dire! With at one end references to Hitler and World War 3, to the other where people like Minister without a clue cocaine snorting Gideon Osborne tells us house prices will rise by 18% if we leave, a ridiculous statement if ever there was one!

Of course on both sides any figures quoted are pure speculation simply because we do not know what lies in front of us, whichever way we turn! The whole debate is now becoming completely absurd with claim and counterclaim as each side tries to scare the electorate with ever more grisly horror stories!

So how do you make up your mind, well firstly you will have to make your own mind up. Under no circumstances listen to Lord Snooty or any of his underlings! Try and listen or watch mostly impartial debates involving experts in the field and weigh up what the effect on you might be with either side. If you cannot decide then go with the devil you know.

If the vote goes my way to remain in the EU and seek reform then these blundering idiots will have cost us hundreds of millions to remain in exactly the same position we are in now! Not sure if that is good economic stewardship but I would say not! The whole thing is an unnecessary circus that will cost us dear and its all down to Lord Snooty and his moment of panic when facing a UKIP challenge! It’s just another albeit hugely expensive blunder and as always the taxpayer will pick up the tab!

What Tories really do!

Yet again we see another reputable body the Office for National Statistics release a damning report on the track record of the Tories time in power! Yes the most incompetent government in the UKs history have plunged more people into poverty than any previous administration!  Their day to day bungling whilst extremely comical comes at a very high price indeed!

It’s now 2016 and would you believe we still have significant poverty in this country. Instead of eradicating poverty as Lord Snooty said he would do, we have more and more people now designated as working poor. People that have been pushed into jobs which are low quality, no prospects, low skilled, non producing dead end invariably part time jobs! Jobs that produce a wage insufficient to live on requiring the use of pay day lenders or food banks! An astonishing thirty three percent of the population has at some time since 2010 been pushed into poverty! So much then for Lord Snooty’s war cry of an all out assault on poverty as usual it’s just empty talk.

You will have gathered by now there is a huge chasm between what Lord Snooty says and what he does! Basically he talks a good job then delivers little or nothing! There is no doubt in a country such as ours there is enough wealth to ensure everyone has a good standard of living but that goal is obscured by greed! Until we can make the word greed socially unacceptable nothing will change! Tories talk much and do nothing it’s always been their way!

A proper traffic jam!

I had occasion to go through to Clydebank on Thursday afternoon. I didn’t think too much about it and set off around 3pm. On getting to the Edinburgh city bypass an accident was holding traffic up and I sat there for 20 minutes playing Candy Crush to ease my boredom. Further on along the bypass traffic was forced into one lane due to a breakdown/accident and a few miles were eaten at around 1-10Mph.

At last I reached the M8 and thought time would be made up no problem, how wrong I was! Radio Forth were transmitting that a multi car pileup on the westbound carriageway was causing tailbacks of seven to eight miles. It took one hour and fifty five minutes with much Candy Crush to reach the crash site and it did not look good! By this time torrential rain was reducing visibility to around one hundred metres and leaving large pools of water on the carriageway.

Now these days I’m no Michael Schumacher, I tend to move along around 70 – 80 Mph yet I was being passed by drivers who must have been doing 90+ Mph with low visibility and the danger of aquaplaning being a very real one! Idiot’s maybe, but most certainly the authors of their own potential destruction! Thankfully roadworks on the outskirts’ of Glasgow restricted speed to 50MPH enforced by the unbeatable average speed cameras. After all this the journey was uneventful but it had taken just under five hours and a flat phone battery to complete a journey that in normal circumstances would take under two hours! Now thats what I call a proper traffic jam!

Sunday, 15 May 2016

The uneducated!

Photo 01 - Some of the many branches scattered about!

The uneducated!

This was the scene I encountered on Saturday morning, clear evidence that Muppets had been in action! Oh they would say that a fire is a great comfort on cold nights and I would agree, but hacking down what is not theirs in the first place is a transgression of our rules and illegal! I think theft would be the correct term!
What I cannot understand is why these people can not bring their own firewood as many of our anglers do. Or as an alternative why do they not scour the floor for fallen dry wood and burn that, I suppose however that entails work a word that does not sit comfortably with the term Muppet!

They actually cut living branches of the trees on the water’s edge, you can see the shoots beginning to sprout in the photo. This cuts down the covering effect of the trees and reduces life that lives on trees giving in time a detrimental effect on our fishing long term! The most astounding fact however is that green wood or living wood will not burn it is laden with moisture!

The Muppets above and as yet they are persons unknown are exactly the type of people we need to seek out and remove. Not only do they have no place here they have no place in the sport of angling! We will try and find out who was responsible for this outrage and if they are club members they will forfeit their membership with immediate effect!

Club members and visitors should be aware that if they are seen carrying out any activity such as mentioned above they will be immediately barred from fishing on the lochs and their names will be given to the police and the affected riparian owner for prosecution! I am sick fed up of having to apologise for the behaviour of these idiots who seem to destroy all that envelopes them. It gives the club a bad name but more it shames the good name of angling! It makes me wonder with all the political talk of improving education here we have the actions of some who it would appear managed to circumvent the whole education system!

Photo 02 - Buds formed on the branches!

Bright sunshine = good fishing!

Most anglers I know intent on a good day fishing somewhat lower their expectations when that yellow ball shines brightly in the sky. Yesterday was such a day against what was forecast earlier in the week. Intrepid duo Mike Wood and Gordon McClurg ably spurred on by faithful companion and master boatman Meg the dog ventured out yesterday with as always high hopes.

With a light and cool wind they traversed the loch in the bright sunlight and as they usually do came up trumps at the end of the day with fish marked on their cards. Gordon bagged two lovely Sea Trout around the 14oz mark whilst Mike scored with two slightly smaller Brownies and as a special prize a pike around 8lbs. Just goes to show that irrespective of conditions the potential to have a great day is always there. Well done chaps!

Photo 03 - How Green wood burns - it doesn't!

The wider world in my view!

Do Tories have a use!

Of course it was the Borg Queen’s battle cry hoodwinking voters who tend not to think too much about policies into voting for her! This week before even the parliament has even really started there has been a reality check for the bombastic Tories! Ken McIntosh of Labour has been elected to the position of speaker of the house!

Many SNP MSPs voted for him giving him more than twice the number who voted for Murdo Fraser who incidentally managed only to poll the exact number of Tory MSPs! A clear example if there ever was one that the Tories are lepers and can rely on no one for support! Since the parliament hasn’t fully moved into gear we must wait to witness the spectacle of the robust opposition promised by the Borg Queen!

What will actually take place is that the Scottish Government will plough onwards using opposition help if needed, it is business as usual for the SNP. All the Tories can do is bleat loudly from the sidelines as they are sent to Coventry! In a twisted way the SNP could harness Tory votes for instance if they decided to cut income tax the Tories would be obliged to support them without even being asked.

Any opposition by the Tories would ultimately amount to nothing as no one is listening. They are in fact impotent much as Labour and they themselves were in the last parliament. The only issue of great contention the SNP are likely to face is that of a second referendum and they would win that no problem as the Greens would be obliged to support them.
So in the real world the Tories are just there to make up the numbers as in the past they shout but no one listens, it's business as usual!

Slow fit!

You know the type of establishment that changes tyres, batteries and the like now carry out MOTs, replace brake and suspension components. Well my vehicle was due for a MOT and I thought to try out one of these places. So booked in for 4pm on Monday afternoon I got a call around five to say it had failed. This was no surprise as I knew it needed two rear springs. So I asked them if they could carry out such work and they said yes we do it all the time. Ok go ahead I said but the chappie said they were busy and it would be Wednesday before they could do it!

Five o clock on Wednesday no one had got in touch to say the job had been done so I went down. As soon as the manager saw me he rushed forth spouting of how busy they were and that a fitter had lost part of a thumb and that they had not yet got round to the springs. Now this was getting a tad tedious so I told him I need the bus for the weekend as it was our annual competition and I had a load of stuff to deliver, no problem said he it will be ready on Friday afternoon.

I was quite busy on Friday afternoon and it was only around 16.30hrs that I realised no one had called. I phoned them only to get the manager bleating of the problems they were encountering. He said they had started the job around lunchtime and all had been going well until the “fitter” sheared a mounting bolt and since it was a specialised bolt they would have to order one via the manufacturer. When I asked when this job would be completed he said unfortunately it won’t be done until Monday now as they had to wait on the part.

To put it mildly I was incandescent but there was nothing I could do amid all the apologies there was a guarantee the job would be done on Monday. Well the weekend came and went and on Monday I wandered down to see what the situation was. Again I was greeted by the manager who this time looked upbeat and said the car would be ready in an hour.

I then took the opportunity to go round the shops and believe me the fare on offer was so scant I could have done it in twenty minutes. When I went back the vehicle was to my surprise ready to be driven away so I paid and drove home. Parking the vehicle I noticed a lack of handbrake as in not there at all, so I took it back and they said they would rectify it immediately. The cables had not been connected! I asked if it was their practice to take vehicles for a test run and he said yes, Jimmy took it up the road but missed the fact that the handbrake was inoperative!

So for a second time I drove away and it all seemed to be going well. A few days later I was stopped by the Police who said there was something about to fall off the bottom of the vehicle and for my safety and the safety of others they had to stop me. Getting under the vehicle I found the trailing piece to be the plastic cover that lessens dirt thrown up in the direction of the brakes and springs! The very first part they had to remove and the last to be fitted on completion of the spring job!

Now it’s not difficult to fit this part but the front must be attached first. They had obviously not done that and force fitted only one of the retaining tabs meaning it would not be a permanent fix as the manufacturer intended. So I thanked the police and they said since I had fitted the cover no further action would be taken. And so ends the saga of having two rear springs fitted normally a three hour job taking seven days, failing to refit the handbrake cable and improperly fitting the mud deflector!

It was an absolute disaster and one I will never repeat if this was the last garage on earth I would do the job myself first. They say you live and you learn, how appropriate!

Sunday, 8 May 2016

A neglected Species!

Photo 01 - Another dull cold and windy day!

A neglected species

The four main species in the loch are Pike Trout Perch and Eels. Pike are undoubtedly the number one species in terms of angler activity with Trout coming in second place. This is quite a turnaround from the time when stocking Trout was permitted and Trout fishing was supreme! In fact twenty years ago there was no Pike fishing available and the club pursued an active policy of netting out Pike and Perch thinking this would improve the Trout fishing. We still to this day have a licence to net Perch and Pike but have no plans to resume this activity.

The other main species in the loch Perch and Eels are rarely targeted by angler with only the occasional specialist hunter targeting them. Now of course due to the Europe wide shortage of Eels fishing for them is prohibited although there is no shortage in the lochs as many an angler will attest! There has always been a good head of Eels in the loch and it is only in the last twenty years that commercial trapping on the loch ceased. We still have a heavy duty commercial Eel trap to this day.

The other species in the loch is Perch and it is a most beautiful fish with its bright orange/red fins, deep dark eyes and striped body hence the name the sergeant! For many of us the Perch was the initial species we went after drawing us into the sport mostly because of their eagerness to devour any bait put in front of it. Yes the younger ones devour anything in their path and are very aggressive and unfussy feeders!
The larger of the species however are more discerning and less easily caught. Often when a shoal is encountered you have to fish through the small ones in order to get to the big boys! We do not currently have a definitive weight for the heaviest Perch from the lochs but many reported have been around the pound mark!

To catch these fellows in its simplest form a hook maggot and lead cast out in a likely spot will often do the job. More attuned anglers search for a shoal using a small Mepps then carpet bait the area with maggots/casters and float or ledger fish for them like match fishers. Using these techniques can lead to large numbers caught.

One of the greatest pleasures in Perch fishing is the post spawning massacre characterised by water which appears to be boiling when adult Perch smash into clumps of newly hatched Perch in a feeding frenzy. A Mepps cast behind the boiling pulled through the turbulence will yield fish after fish until thr commotion ceases!  Fly fishing can also yield numbers of fish if a shoal is located. Rainbow Trout lures can attract fish and even smaller Pike. The Perch is a much underrated fish capable of providing some super spot and is probably the species that has started more anglers to enter the brotherhood than any other! . So next time you are up at the loch have a go for the stripeys you will enjoy it!

Image 01 - Perch, a most beautiful fish.


The calendar says it’s May yet it feels more like February. Sunshine is a rare beast indeed, instead we have dull weather with cold northern winds and the occasional heavy shower just as a treat! Yesterday in deep England the temperature rose to 25 degrees the hottest day of the year to date, whilst here at the loch the gauge read five degrees and much less due to wind chill yet today it was 22 degrees! On the water flies are hatching but not in great numbers at least not sufficiently to bring on a rise of Trout. Swallows are nipping the surface so at least they must be scavenging something!

It’s the great British summer we all love and it at least sparks conversation but not much else. On odd days you think summer has arrived but without fail the next day with its wind and rain brings us back to earth with a bump! Top of the water fishing is difficult and any damage done is down to sunken flies! There’s not much we can do other than endure.

The wider world in my view!

What a result!

I couldn’t believe my luck on Friday morning, it was one of the few post election mornings where I could sit back and think for once it has all come together! Yes on Thursday My first vote was for the SNP and my list vote went to the Greens. My thinking was that without a majority the SNP would need to seek an ally in order to get contentious policies through and the Greens are their first choice ally.

Looking at the makeup of the parliament it is clear that only the Greens and possibly Labour could jump into bed to help the SNP get contested policy through. Of course the Greens with 6 MSPs and being pro independence would be the natural partner. Naturally such assistance would come at a cost and the Greens who lean much more to the left would hopefully drag the SNP into making more socialist policies. A deal to get rid of fracking completely will likely seal the deal. Nicola Sturgeon has said there will be no official coalition deal but dealing will have to be done official or not.

The Tories have made much of coming second with only 20% of the vote pipping Labour into third place. Well the reality is that the Tories won nothing; it was Labour who totally imploded! Yes the Borg Queen is in celebratory mood but it will not last, come the next election Labour will hopefully have sorted themselves out and protest voters will simply drift back to their natural home! The so called Tory revival is simply a temporary one and will revert back to their normal position come the next election. There is however a very important point here and it is that a protest vote for the Tories is a dangerous strategy and could lead to a Tory government and that would be an unmitigated disaster!

The bottom line is that Tories are akin to a colony of lepers. They are tolerated at a distance but no one wants anything to do with them and because of this their opposition is nullified!  Just look to see how Labour and the Puppets have paid the ultimate price for collaborating with the Tories! They talk much of being a strong opposition but their quota of seats do not back up that statement. They can oppose all they like but any hopes of forming a coup and making a difference are sunk before they are even planned, if indeed they are capable of planning anything. 

They say they will stop a second referendum, yet all the SNP need do is to enlist the help of the Greens who are pro independence and a referendum will take place, it really is that simple! Tories are alien species in Scotland; no politician who values their future would have anything to do with them! In the last parliament the Tories were ineffectual, in the coming one they will exert the same pressure which is little or nothing!

The Puppets like the Tories are an irrelevance and can only look forward to a Tory like future of being shunned at every election! How they must rue the day when at the behest of Puppet Clegg they betrayed the public and jumped into bed with the Tories to further their own ends! Puppet Rennie seems like a decent bloke but by his ties to the Westminster clique he is forever damned!

I hope now that we can look forward to an early referendum as now the majority of the Scottish Parliament is pro independence! It is also clear that there is now a majority among the Scottish population in favour of independence as independence minded youngsters replace the dying let’s stay together lot!

It would be great to see more radical action on Land Reform with land being seized from wealthy landowners and realigned towards community and social interests! A programme of re nationalisation could put much back into the public purse and send the greedy packing, heading in the direction of England where Lord Snooty will accommodate them as being of his own kind! Some more extreme taxing of the rich would be in order to redistribute their wealth among the ever increasing numbers of poor people created by the Westminster Tories! I look forward to see how the Borg Queen and her band of incompetent aides hold the Scottish government to account and formulate the strong opposition she harps on about! Sturgeon has made it clear she will not allow the objectives of the Scottish Government to be defeated by those with a tiny percentage of the vote!

Some SNP supporters will be disappointed with Thursdays result because they just failed to get a majority, believe me some pulling towards the left will only benefit the people of Scotland! It was a historic day for the SNP but it was also a historic day for Scotland as we inch ever closer to cast off the shackles of Westminster! That day cannot come quick enough!

Pantomime time!

If you are one of those people who like political comedies then this has been a great week for you. The bungling clowns in Westminster served up comedy the likes of which we have never seen before! Firstly overgrown schoolgirl Nicky Morgan was made to look a complete prat when she had to abandon her (wacky) plan to force all schools in England to become academies!

Yes the ace bungler and loudmouth who had previously insisted that there would be no backtracking on this policy had to get a junior minister to let slip that the policy had been withdrawn! Of course it was inevitable since the policy has met with opposition on a universal basis yet still she ploughed on!

The next comedy contributor is of course Jeremy Hunt the ever beleaguered health minister who seems to stumble from one crisis to another. Already having set new records for presiding over the first ever doctor’s strike without providing cover, he resolutely told the doctors there would be no further talks! A few days ago he stated that the imposed reforms would be suspended to allow talks to take place.

U turns all over the place, “Omnishambles” budgets, wasted money and effort all to get back to the point in time the policies were introduced. It’s worse than a joke and for the people of England it is deeply humiliating! All these blunders do not go unnoticed on the world’s stage. Great Britain is little more than a joke these days. Comedy is fine in the likes of “Yes Minister” but we are talking here of a supposed government! It’s all deeply depressing but it does make you appreciate the more sensible and conciliatory attitude of our Scottish government!

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Boat news for members!

Photo 01 - a lower level but great conditions!

Boat News for members!

Yesterday one of our boat padlocks malfunctioned and Keith had to take the bolt cutters to it. Resultantly for a period of a week there will be two keys to unlock the boats. If you experience any problems with this temporary arrangement please give Keith a call. We have purchased a suite of locks and these should be in use next week.

A boathouse key has been found and it is on a blue rubber band, if you have lost this key please get in touch with Keith so arrangements can be made for its return. It’s worth reiterating at this point that members wishing to use our boats should firstly clear this with Keith to ensure you are not taking a boat that has been booked via Keith. Following these guidelines will ensure the smooth running of boat usage.

Spawning time for our Pike!

We had heard reports of the odd big hen fish being spotted up at the top of the Lowes thrashing around in the shallow water which could indicate that the annual Pike spawning has commenced. This week Keith reported that a good few fish had been spotted by him and his son again thrashing around near the surface confirming that the process was indeed underway!

It’s always around this time of year but water temperature is also a factor so we must assume that the trigger point has been reached. The spawning on past experience will take place over a couple of weeks. Anglers should be aware that female Pike heavy with eggs should be treated with extreme care to let them progress to spawning increasing our head of fish. It will be a few years until we can gauge just how successful the event has been but hopefully it will have been a good year!

 Friends reunited and changing attitudes!

Part of anglings rich tapestry is the rekindling of old friendships particularly with our Trout angler brothers who are absent from the lochs between mid October until mid March. Although not present at the lochs they gorge themselves on one angling magazine after another then transferring what they have learned to the fly tying vice making the creations they hope will be the next mass killer! Thus it was last week at our competition when old friends came together with much banter in the spirit of true angling.

In the past Trout and Pike anglers did not sit comfortably together but things have changed for the better! This now affable relationship has replaced the acrimonious one of the past! Yes at one time relationships were strained as each thought the other was trying to lessen their sport.
It’s a time for catching up on the banks to see how the Pike lads have fared during the colder months. No longer do the game hunters wish to hear of large Pike subjected to slaughter to allow their prized Trout to flourish. Instead there are more measured questions as to what condition the Pike were in when caught. 

Trout anglers are now fully aware that Pike and Trout can and do happily coexist in the same environment. Pike have more sense than to try and catch super fit Trout which will lead them a merry dance all day long! The Pike will single out the weak and injured fish in the loch irrespective of species happily devouring their own, removing all the “dead wood” from the fishery.

Such actions lead to a fishery in tip top condition with all the stunted and weak fish sacrificed! Trout anglers no longer fear the Pike for through education they now know that the Pike is an aid to their sport rather than a setback as was previously thought. Yes through education the two groups of anglers have learned how to get on with each other. It’s good to see some of the old ways gone for they were based on hearsay or from he who shouts the loudest! Of course Muppets and angling bullies are excluded from our good wishes they will always be guaranteed a frosty reception here at the lochs and long may it be so!

Congratulations to Gordon McClurg who yesterday caught and returned two fine Brown Trout of around a pound and the other half a pound!

Photo 02 - A Robin takes his fill!

The wider world in my view!

Joke of the week

It has been an interesting week on the politics front with Labour pressing the self destruct button over the Livingston/Mann bust up on the Israeli question. This signals the end of socialist politics in England and whilst my heart goes out to English socialists it is yet another reason we must break free and seek independence! Of more interest to me are the concluding appeals to voters in the upcoming Holyrood elections. It’s not really a contest with all opinion polls predicting a landslide for the SNP which is music to my ears!

It looks to be going much as I predicted a few weeks back with a few modifications. The Puppets will end up bottom of the pile as the public trash them for their earlier treachery in colluding with the hated Tories! The Greens are expected to get up to ten seats which is absolutely great! UKIP are not expected to make it on to the score sheet at all thank god! Top tip for Thursday ignore the Puppets and the Tories!

The most interesting scuffle is between Labour and the despised and toxic Tories. Up until this week Labour were on target to be the main party of opposition but the shenanigans down south look to have scuppered that good and proper! It may be the case that the Borg Queen Ruth Davidson will achieve her goal of coming second. Not due to any sensational policies for they have none, but because the Labour vote has collapsed!

I very much enjoyed her party political broadcast this week; I actually thought it was a science fiction sketch in a desperately poor comedy! What is this woman thinking about! She says she will hold the Scottish Government to account! Does she think with her ultra weak band of bungling political ninny's the government will pay any attention to her pleas for more Westminster policies to be implemented up here!

She has stated that she will oppose vehemently any moves towards a second referendum; I wonder just what she has in mind, a megaphone in Holyrood perhaps! ! The numbers game mean that she can bleat all day long and the government will not budge an inch, treating her with the usual derision! As usual from the Scottish branch of Westminster Tories it’s the same old story, talk plenty and actually do nothing!

I can’t see many working class Scots being taken in by her waffle, she speaks of great things but her deliverance will be nothing! She has always come across as a windbag but the last few weeks have taken Tory politics to a new hitherto unseen peak of hogwash! The landed gentry of course will reluctantly vote for her even a few misguided working class people! Her goal however of being a strong opposition able to hold the government to account – it’s the joke of the week!

Check out BBC1 tonight at 8.00pm the last leaders debate.

Lord Snooty’s last stand!

It’s absolutely incredible that Lord Snooty is balanced on a knife edge and worse one that he made for himself! His comedic bungling over our membership of the EU will cost us dearly! At best his bungling takes us back to early 2015 before the point when in panic mode initiated by UKIP he called for a referendum!

The one we are now facing however is that of being outside of the EU going by the latest polls which give “Brexit” a three point lead! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Lord Snooty must be dissociated from the “remain” in Europe campaign. Every utterance from him sends more people to the leave campaign! For us Scots the outcome will benefit us either way in that if “Brexit” win we will become independent of the UK and negotiate to remain in the EU on more favourable terms.

If the UK votes to remain in the EU then we will seek independence on a slower route. However for Lord Snooty the consequences of leaving the EU are grave indeed. It will signal the end of his career as the biggest bungler in UK political history! It will be a huge relief however for working class people everywhere! I am between a rock and a hard place here swithering over in or out. On balance however I think we must remain in and seek a real renegotiation of our terms of membership!

There are many pitfalls on the route of politicians as we can see every week but not too many politicians hand out sticks to break their own backs like Lord Snooty has done!

Toilet paper!

How sad this week to see the many people affected by the Hillsborough disaster recounting their memories of that black day! What the police tried to parry off as a day of wrongful behaviour of the football supporters turns out to be a day of shambolic strategy and cover up by the police and ambulance services! Worse than that however was the record altering, story changing to make the services appear blameless!

Yes they cocked up as they often do, then tried to cover their tracks and were aided by the pinnacle of the gutter press the Sun! On Wednesday all the national papers carried the inquest's verdict with the exception of the Sun. Yes the loudmouth paper with virtually no sales in Liverpool was too embarrassed to print the story which was in direct opposition to the story they ran all those years ago blaming the supporters!

Of course you could not really expect much from a Murdoch group newspaper with a history of strike breaking and unashamed Tory support! Yes this paper is the scum of the earth a title it took when its Sunday variant the News of the World was forced into extinction! A flea bitten rag incapable of printing the truth seeking only to convert the gullible into reading and believing the tripe they print, they shame the very word newspaper!

So please show a little discretion show your support for the people of Liverpool and bypass this rag, it is suitable only for Tories and idiots! But then again maybe buy one copy and of course do not read the lies printed within. Simply store it in your bathroom cupboard it will make decent emergency toilet paper!