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English raiders!

Photo 01 - One of Paul's four Trout! note damage near tail fin

English raiders!

Easter Monday saw two of our English members cross the border and arrive at the loch for a session looking to entice some Brown Trout. Yes long time members Paul Kelly and Alan Wilson who hail from the Newcastle area came to the loch and showed us how it is done. Paul tempted 4 super Brownies during a short session and as is their way returned every one of them unharmed to fight another day!

They did not have weigh scales with them but you can see from the photos they are very fine specimens. Paul estimates the biggest as being close to the 1.5lbs mark and I wouldn’t disagree with him, have a close look at photo 01 it has sustained damage near the tail fin probably a predatory bird! In the time of the Border Reivers we used to dread English raiders coming across the border but in these peaceful times we applaud such raids especially when they are carried out by such committed anglers. Well done lads!

Photo 02 Number two for Paul!

Not welcome!

I cannot remember a year gone by in which there was not a littering incident and this year it has started early! On Saturday morning we were met by a line of litter strewn across the road opposite our boat house and much more down the banks. The evidence left clearly points to Pike anglers as bait packets, actual bait and syringes red pop up balls were all left, included also was evidence of serious drinking.

Photo 03 - It, a trio!

It looks like they were ill equipped to deal with the weather as two general purpose tarpaulins were formed into a rudimentary tent. There were bottles everywhere including 8 unopened bottles of Budweiser which we gave to Keith but make no mistake, leaving a few bottles of beer does not allow any angler to behave in such a fashion!

What I find difficult to fathom is how an angler full of alcohol can deal with a hooked up Pike efficiently. I suppose the answer is very poorly indeed! These people no doubt had invested in all the bells and whistles to register a bite yet probably had difficulty in walking! It just does not make any sense! Unfortunately we have no idea who these people are but undoubtedly they arrived on Friday night after Keith had done his rounds and cleared off early morning.

Photo 04 - Number four for Paul!

I would be very surprised if they had obtained a permit as neither the cafe or Keith had issued any. It’s beyond a joke, these people are not anglers, simply desecrators of the countryside with a drink problem! We will be looking out for anglers under the influence of drink or drugs and if you are deemed to be incapable of fishing in a professional manner you will be asked to leave. It is worth noting that a local police officer has extended his support to the club and will help rid us of this scourge. 
Drink if you like, but if you like to drink yourself senseless go somewhere else,++++++ you are not welcome here!

Photo 05 - Some of the rubbish left by Pike "anglers"!

The Muppet season!

Keith phoned midweek to say that two panes on our boathouse windows had been smashed overnight. There was no evidence of a break in but nevertheless he informed the police which is exactly the correct thing to do! He was given an incident number and that is as far as it went. Keith kindly gave up some of his free time to rectify this damage. It’s disappointing but it signals the start of the Muppet season, earlier than usual but here we are again. If it’s not angling bullies its Muppets, that it seems is our spectrum!

The twilight zone!

I went round to the Tibbie yesterday to try and catch Alastair to speak about the arrangements for our competition. Arriving I noticed the 5 bar gate was closed yet the car park was packed out with cars. I ventured in and it was absolutely heaving with people drinking. Looking around I did not recognise anyone which I thougt was a trifle odd as I know many of the people living locally.

Getting to the bar I noted three girls having a little difficulty in pouring beer from the taps and I managed to get the attention of one of them and asked if she knew where Alastair was. I was taken aback when she replied she did not know anyone called Alastair neither did the other two! I began to think I was in some kind of twilight zone until a big chap noted my puzzled look and asked what I was doing in the pub!

Again I said I was looking for the owner and I was somewhat relieved when he said he knew Alastair but did not know where he was. He explained that all the people were in the pub for a private party including the people behind the bar which explains the blank looks my query elicited. They had in fact hired the whole hotel! As we trekked through various bits of the hotel people were everywhere but no Alastair could be found! 
I'm glad it finally made sense, but perhaps a wee sign on the gate/front door saying private party would have helped! I wonder how many other people were caught out? Looking at the hotels website it seems the Inn Caravan and apartment is up for holiday lets and the pub is closed - very sad!

 Photo 06 - More rubbish left at their base camp, note new window pane!

The wider world in my view!

Caught out AGAIN!

It takes a bit of believing but another cock up by Lord Snooty and his band of bunglers brings the world crashing down on at least 50,000 workers affected by the termination of steel production in the UK! Of course after the horse has bolted they awoke from their slumber and promised to do all that they can which believe me is absolutely nothing!

Yes whilst the crisis unfolded the posh boys were nowhere to be seen. The so called business secretary Butcher Thatcher clone Sajit Javid decided to jet off to Australia knowing there was a steel storm brewing. A few days later he returns saying that everything possible would be done to save the industry! A few hours later the excuses were made, no nationalisation and only limited intervention. The fate of the steel industry has been decided, it is now history, with all the deprivation and hardship that brings! In case you have any doubts remember Ravenscraig, The Coal industry or the Shipbuilding industry all subject to the Tory hatchet!

This crowd of inexperienced buffoons have done for the industry good and proper! Javid went out of his way to stress that the Tories had been lobbying the EU to increase tariffs on Chinese steel for a long time. How strange when other EU officials are coming out and saying the UK had persistently been opposing such moves in fact bumbling Javid himself voted against the move. Just like the Borg queen Ruth Davidson it seems for Tories truth is a concept that completely eludes them!

The truth of the matter is that they have been caught napping again! This crisis has been developing for months and the simple facts are that they could not care less! The last Labour administration showed the value of nationalisation when they intervened to save the banks, it seems however steel jobs do not command the same attention!
We have in this government a bunch of useless, directionless fools where the right hand knows not what the left hand is doing! Loudmouth Tory Anna Soubry stated a few dats ago that anything was possible when it came to saving steel jobs now Lord Snooty and Javid have both said that nationalisation is not an option!

It is so very sad that when we have what is the last of our heavy industries floundering, the inept Tories do not have a clue as to what action to take! Trades unions opposition MPs and other pressure groups are all working hard for a solution but at best all they will achieve is saving fragments of the industry. Wales does not need this devastation and the UK does not need the Tories, if we ever needed a strong government we need it now! What we have however is a bunch of incompetent and directionless fools!

The second debate!

Hot on the heels of the first debate on Tuesday the second took place. It was a more engaging event with the candidates being allowed to grill the others as well as the audience having a pop. What has become crystal clear is that Nicola Sturgeon has no equal in Scottish politics! She was by far the superior politician giving clear and more importantly sensible answers to the many questions directed at her.

Patrick Harvie and Kezia Dugdale performed well being supported by good politics and it is clear that both will provide improved performances for their respective parties! As usual the league table was propped up by Puppet Willie Rennie and Borg queen Ruth Davidson. Puppet Rennie does try but fails spectacularly in trying to convince people that the puppets can be trusted! Hence most questions were set around their betrayal of the electorate in 2010!

Borg queen Ruth Davidson was again caught out as a rank liar when she said the Tories are the party of low taxes! Rather they are the party of hidden taxes demonstrated precisely as she was exposed as a fool over tuition fees and prescription charges! It looks like the Tory revival in Scotland which never really started is already sunk! There are always choices in an election but you would need to be a fool of the first order to even consider the puppets or the Tories! Scotland looks set to be on track to return the correct choice!


Rather disappointingly but predictably the Brexit campaign took a four point lead in the latest EU polls. It's a huge subject which I won't go into today but people intent on staying in the EU need to ditch Lord Snooty rapidly! This diddy has done more for Brexit than the remain side he is meant to be leading. Remain campaigners need to get ultra active with immediate effect!

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