Sunday, 6 March 2016

Contacting our loch keeper!

Photo 01- Bowerhope showing the new lower water level!

Contacting our loch keeper!

You will no doubt be aware of problems when it comes to contacting Mr Xxxxx our loch keeper. This is in no way down to him rather the appalling level of mobile coverage at the loch! Mr Xxxxx has managed to obtain the use of a landline which should ensure that you are able to make contact much more successfully than in the past. Please add the numbers to your phone and remember  the e mail address is very good.Mr Xxxxx's contact details are below and will be on the sidebar of this newspage every week so you will be able to access them easily. If you require a permit and the knowledge contact Mr Xxxxx.

Phone - 01750 42251
Mob - 07724523777 
E mail 
Very good fishing indeed!

It’s never the same each year, that is the feeding habits of Pike just prior to Pike spawning. Some years like last year you would have thought that there were no Pike in the lochs! This year however is looking like the opposite with many heavy specimens being caught. Stevie Nimmo watched a lad land a very nice fish last week which he thought was a good twenty!

There is no predicting just what direction the Pike will take or if there are certain environmental factors that trigger a preference for the path taken. Certainly this year it’s been mild but we have had similar mild winters where the Pike appeared to be dormant. It’s like a lot of things in fishing we just do not know, which is one of the reasons we crave our fishing fix and the need to know more!

No I don’t think we have all the answers but when the fishing gods smile on us we must make hay whilst it lasts. Pike in spawning condition are more fragile than usual so we need to be extra careful handling them so check out Pike handling on the PAC website it gives good general guidance. Tight lines!

Of concern!

There is no doubt that angling clubs seem to be impotent when it comes to attracting members to engage in activities necessary to keep clubs running efficiently. These activities whilst not onerous are seen as less attractive pursuits often involving a degree of work. So why are club members so reluctant to get involved in pushing their club onwards?

Apathy is a big factor leaving it for someone else to do as it seems the club always seems to get by! This of course is mostly correct as most clubs have a small core group that always seem to be there when the less attractive stuff needs to be carried out. A lack of time has often been cited by some members and indeed this would be the case for a few individuals at some points in their lives!

A factor not often mentioned is that of laziness people who would rather lie in bed than help the club for a few hours, basically these people should not be members of clubs for they detract from rather than contribute to the clubs well being! Clubs will fold due to lack of interest if it was not for groups of middle aged anglers returning to the sport we would without doubt be in dire straits! 

The world has changed, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and their like engulf all, outdoor sports are becoming a thing of the past. I use none of the above and if they disappeared tomorrow it would probably lead to people considering more outdoor options! There will come a crisis point where clubs have to take the deciding decision whether or not to continue! All we can do is to enthuse other anglers about the real joys of angling. Enjoying the facilities the club offers is great but the club does not run itself with no input!
Every member of every club should ask themselves “What have I done to help the club move forward!”

Photo 02- Old tree showing the effects of the recent storms!

The wider world in my view!

The High street!

The debate continues as to whether or not the new Borders railway is rejuvenating the High Street! Some shopkeepers say there has been as marginal increase in trade whilst others say there has been a significant downturn. People need to realise that times have changed the days of the burgeoning High Street have gone never to return!
It is not only Galashiels it’s all over the country the internet and superstores have wiped out the small trader and it is thanks to us the ordinary consumer! It’s the internet, superstore or small retailer in the High Street and unequivocally we choose the first two options! Already in Galashiels 3 shops have ceased trading this year or are in the process of so doing! Let’s make no mistake we are responsible for this change and it is ever growing! The actual High Street in Galashiels is like a ghost town street with a few shabby shops all with time limited diaries!

No one wants to come to view such a shabby street in a non descript town! The train carries many passengers out of town at the weekend and this is entirely to be expected. Why would people want to shop in Galashiels with a limited range of shops with goods at a higher price when you could jump on the train travel quickly and in comfort to an international shopping centre where choice is virtually limitless and in most cases at a more attractive price!

Of course people will leave the town in numbers to travel to Edinburgh and local shopkeepers will struggle to make ends meet! Trade will pick up for some shopkeepers in the summer as visitors make a pit stop, I cannot however see people deliberately setting the Sat Nav for Galashiels, why on earth would they? There is nothing in Galashiels or surrounding towns that is not available in the city!

The train will not be the saviour of the Border towns and schemes to rejuvenate the town centre will fail without question. The train however opens up opportunities for Border folk to shop in Edinburgh and people will avail themselves of this opportunity! The time has come to face up to reality the town centres are dead; there is no salvation, the sooner those who claim to govern us realise that the better! Wasting money appointing town centre supremos can no longer be justified. Bustling town centres are now a thing of the past!

Not a chance!

This week saw small numbers of Scotland’s most hated political party come together for their annual blether. I say blether for that is all that it is, no one outside the building sows the slightest interest! Yes the anonymous crowd are desperate to rekindle their fortunes in Scotland reverting to the era pre Butcher Thatcher who did for them big time! It seems the party has some quite low end aspirations for the future!

Borg Queen Ruth Davidson said that she would like for her party to become the official opposition displacing Labour. Now in the recent past that would have been a significant achievement but with Scottish Labour in freefall and still plummeting it would be no achievement at all! The twinset and pearls brigade will continue their chatter in complete isolation to no end whatsoever!

No doubt they would have ferried up Lord Snooty to rally the troops and impress the public, I have no doubt it would have achieved the former but the general public saw Snooty’s arrival as a massive turn off! Posh boys and their like have no place in Scotland they are toxic to the core! It’s just a shame that Lord Snooty seems to be leading the “in” camp with regard to the EU referendum because that will in effect turn thousands of voters to the “out” campaign!

The Scottish Tories excel at making numerous policies all of which will disappear without trace so insignificant are they! The future for the Scottish Tories is bleak; the best they can hope for is to maintain the paltry standing they have at present as an insignificant minor party! The latest opinion polls indicate they will not fare as well as they had hoped with support well down from a few years ago.

You could not say that they are not game for the challenge for indeed they are, but they are destined to be rank outsiders along with the Scottish puppets, absolute nobody’s forever in oblivion! As for their aspirations to be the official opposition – not a chance!

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