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Free fishing!

Photo 01 - Looking along the "silent loch"!

Free fishing!

We have received correspondence from the new tenants of the Watch fishery down Duns way. The fishery has had a good few tenants in the recent past and the latest is a conglomeration of volunteers from St Boswells and Kelso angling clubs. They describe the fishery as being run by anglers for anglers and they state all profit from the fishery will be reinvested in it.

The new tenants are offering each of the angling clubs the opportunity for one nominated angler to go and fish free catch and release for four hours on Saturday 12th of March 2016. The fishery is well stocked with Rainbow and Brown Trout with many reaching double figures! Naturally as anglers we wish them well in this new venture!

I have fished there many times in the past and given the right conditions will rise freely to the fly. It is a large water and as such there are many areas to explore. If any of our members would be interested in taking this opportunity please drop me a line and the angler will be selected on a first come first served basis. Please note there is no facility to accommodate more than one angler from each club. Click the link to read more of the fishery -

Let the good times roll!

Following on from last weeks article on the subject it is clear that there are true advocates of each style and that their belief unlike the chap mentioned is 100% resolute! I heard a few weeks ago that Gala Angling Club had a motion tabled that all competitions be held on a catch & release basis the motion however was soundly defeated!

Up here at the loch we have no catch & release policy simply because a significant portion of our Trout fishing membership like to take the occasional Trout for the table. In our view there is noting untoward regarding this! Catch records have shown that between 5-26 Trout are taken for the whole season and quite frankly if a self sustaining population of Trout cannot cope with such small numbers being removed then we should all pack up and head home!

Many of our older members were brought up with the view that it was ok to take the occasional Trout and why would we wish to interfere with their practice! Oh but the Facebook catch & release brigade would say that our population would become larger with more sport available! Who is to say that our Pike would not cream off the excess. What happens to natures balance when more Trout than can be sustained are present, would it lead to stunted Trout or a population of weaker Trout due to the food available being spread more thinly!

It might be worth looking at the Tweed to see the impact of catch & release Grayling fishing! These fish classed as vermin were commonly thrown up the bank until recently now have free rein to multiply at will, will the Trout population be the worse for this measure only time will tell! It’s a lowbrow branch of angling with low numbers of participants but it could have a significant effect on our Trout fishing!

We welcome anglers from both camps and unless our rules are ignored or our Trout population shows a dramatic drop we condone all outlooks! The new age Facebook angler defaults to the catch & release camp simply because it is currently fashionable to do so! There is room at the loch for all to enjoy their sport – let the good times roll as Kawasaki say!

Check out this short video on Fishers direct Facebook page the fishing guide bloke is on a loser!

Photo 02 - Quiet day on the Lowes!

The wider world in my view!

A good day for Scotland!

At last you may say in regard to the fiscal framework deal negotiated by the Scottish Government! Yes it took a while but when you are faced by dogged intransigence put up by the Tory government there was no other scenario! Indeed the Scots had to compromise on some minor points but the Tories had to give in and allow the funding to be implemented with not a penny reduction to use the words of our First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

That is a crucial factor and will allow our government to mitigate to a significant effect the poor punishing policies of the Tories! We are on our way to being able to stand proud knowing that all that can be done is being done to ease the suffering of our poor, weak and disabled people! It may also be that we will be asked to pay a little more to further help these people and I don’t see many who would take issue with that!

However we need to remember that many of the critical powers still lie in the hands of the buffoons at Westminster! The coming situation in 2017 is in effect a halfway house!  It may of course be the case that we will be an independent nation by then and I sincerely hope we are. To be frank having Lord Snooty leading the “In” campaign is guaranteed to turn people to “Brexit” in droves and our referendum is sorted!

There is no doubt that the people of Scotland are behind the aims of our Scottish Government with the SNP looking set to mark down another record majority virtually wiping out the opposition! I’ve never been one for Scottish songs but it looks like we shall send the Tories and Puppets homewards to think again!

Mixed up Puppets!

I was staggered to hear chief Scottish Puppet Willie Rennie harping on about reversing perceived Scottish cuts with regard to education and health!  Unless I am mistaken Puppet Rennie is a member of the Party led by power mad Puppet Clegg that aided and abetted the Tories for five years to wreck the social structure of our country.
The word society has virtually disappeared from our dictionary, more and more of the organisations that care for the underprivileged in society are starved of cash! The result is that these groups are less able to offer these people a level of living where the word quality fits in somewhere!

How dare these shameless Puppets try and obfuscate their past deeds! They were willing and eager participants in the downgrading of our social structure. Oh yes some say they were blinded by the promise of power but they oversaw the humiliation and degradation of poor people and never uttered a word of compassion! These Puppets are no better than the likes of butcher Thatcher or clueless Lord Snooty! Vote for either at your peril!


I was recently in the market to have a new gas fire fitted, a simple job for a registered Gas Safe fitter. Now I'm not one who puts up with prevarication and as such everybody gets one chance!  Number one fitter wasn't able to take my call so I left a message to call me, one day later no contact, one down! Number two was contactable and we agreed a date for fitting with me doing the required stonework prior to his arrival. on the day it became clear he was not coming, two down!

later that day I phoned number three he came quickly and put a couple of smoke bombs up the chimney to determine which one was mine. He said he would make the necessary arrangements and phone me on the following Monday. He failed to call, three down! The following day I phoned a public concern who carry out domestic work as part of an income generation scheme . they said engineer would visit on Thursday - he did, job done 90 minutes later at a fair price! You have to be ruthless with these fools do not pander to them, one chance and only one chance is the only way. If you live in the area and would like to know the ones to avoid mail me!

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