Sunday, 31 January 2016

The next stage!

Photo 01 - Another whiteout yesterday!

The next stage!

The Scottish Government has now published the next stage of the Wild Fisheries Review. It has not come up with the focus that I would have chosen but nevertheless it has realised the problem that is facing Salmon fishing the need for a countrywide policy on conservation.  Administrations that went before did not confront the problems and we should be grateful that we do not suffer a Tory administration in Scotland for the consequences for working class people would have been grave!

Time has only allowed me to glance at the report but I do not see much referring to other freshwater species. There seems also to be a glaring absence of any method of raising additional funds to progress interests other than Salmon. i will give the paper a good read midweek and get back with my thoughts. Have a read and see what you make of it! The document is too large to display here so click the link -

Make or break!

Tomorrow will see the start of a make or break season for Salmon fishing on the Tweed. The last two seasons have been desperately poor with some beats closing early due to lack of bookings. The lack of bookings were the result of a significant lack of fish being caught. Many reasons have been put forward for this dearth of fish but whatever the reason it needs to be turned around quickly!

Other Scottish Salmon rivers fared rather better than the Tweed last year and this is a new turn of events. Historically the Tweed has always fared well when compared to other rivers but that was then and the current situation is now!  This highlights the difficulty in fisheries management in that there are many external factors in recruitment of fish populations which are out with the control of fishery boards.
The often extortionate fees demanded by beat owners are now at risk and this places an enormous pressure on those who administer the fishing. 

Whilst I have no wish to line the pockets of these people, for the sake of many employed in hospitality related to Salmon fishing we must hope that things can be turned around quickly!

A closing window!
The opportunity for renewing memberships or joining for the first time is drawing to a close for this year. Yes we are now in the second half of the renewal period and action needs to be taken to avoid the £20.00 joining fee. So go and download our form and put things in motion. Remember for your joining fee you get free access to a boat which allows you to explore areas of both lochs that are inaccessible for practical reasons by other means.

Now you see it....!

I spoke with a group of walkers last week and we got on to the subject of the lochside path. Their first question was "where is the lochside path?" Of course with the high water levels it was a foot underwater  making walking it impossible! Already paths from the roadside to lochside are eroding turning into a complete mess! it's a case of now you see it now you don't! There is a great deal of negativity regarding this project which seemed to spring up from nowhere initiated by persons unknown!  It begs the question was the £35,000 path value for money?

Photo 02 - Blizzard conditions!

The wider world in my view!

Another poor week for beleaguered Lord Snooty!

It’s back to the usual bungling for the Tories this week with the embarrassing tax bill given to Google! Yes minister without a clue, cocaine snorting Gideon Osborne after extensive negotiations with Google came up with a bill amounting to 3% of earnings which is a slap in the face for all of us who filled in tax returns this week and paid what was due! Gideon haled the settlement as a great deal for hardworking families in the UK!

The posh boys seem to be saying that Google is doing nothing illegal in carrying on the way they are! Then clearly it is up to the posh boys to do the right thing for hardworking taxpayers and change the tax rules! It really is that simple!  Even the blue nosed business secretary described Gideons  settlement as not the Tories finest hour! Snooty also caused a furore when he spouted “a bunch of migrants” at PMs question time! Just another slip, indicative however of the true words used by Lord Snooty yet again he bungles and allows his mask to slip!

The saga of Snooty in Europe I am sure is shaping up like a poor plot in Coronation Street! The current offer on the table is not good enough shouts Snooty so Tusk goes back to come up with a better offer but still giving away nothing! Snooty yelps with joy as he has now achieved all that he sought and Tusk looks somewhat bewildered as he has given Snooty absolutely nothing! You really could not make this stuff up!

The choice!

Irrespective whether you live in England Scotland Ireland or Wales the story is the same that the NHS is under terrific pressure due to a severe shortage of funds! It must be crystal clear to all the politicians that to maintain an updated NHS providing cutting edge care that enormous amounts of money need to be ploughed into that system. What must also be obvious is that the current broken system of capitalism cannot provide the funds required with the current focus.

The posh boys as with governments before them try to be all things to all people and fail miserably, mostly due to those with financial muscle bagging all the cash for themselves! It’s the old greed is good creed! A new way of governing must be initiated with much more opportunity for those who have nothing and much less for those that have far too much!

Success in this country comes not from what you know rather who you know! It’s a damning indictment on our society but nevertheless that is how it is! Landowners and those at the top of massive companies need to be encouraged to give up the vast majority of their wealth and if they do not do so then powers must be taken to make this happen.

Of course this will not happen for those with vested interests will not allow their position of privilege to be challenged! Unless governments come up with a means of raising and injecting vast amounts of money into the NHS it will be headline news every week as another failing is discovered. At the moment the choice is either throw money away on nuclear weapons or fund an up to date health service! You choose!

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