Sunday, 24 January 2016

Seven things in angling......

Photo 01 - the outlet yesterday thoroughly saturated!

Seven things in angling that will never change!

(1) The weather will always be the culprit when a blank is experienced. Of course the angler's favourite, and indeed it can and often does adversely affect the fishing! Without the weather we would be speechless!

(2) The one that got away unseen will always be the fish of a lifetime. Undoubtedly we have all been there a heavy pull and the reel screaming then that sinking feeling as it hits you the fish is off!  Often it is the heavier specimens that catch you out so the one that got away could very well be the fish of a lifetime!

(3) A wader will only develop a leak in the depths of winter. Just ask Elliot Fraser on his last visit to the River Tweed for our Salmon day. Waders behaved perfectly all year but when the water temperature drops to near freezing a leak appears and fills you boots with ice cold water!

(4) When you are making the ultimate cast to a rising fish you will flunk it. If only I had a pound for every time I've been here. You patiently work up to the fish lying behind a stone in order to get closer and land that fly a few feet in front of it< Tension builds and you are in range and the false casting looks good but when you power the rod and release the line it lands in a heap just close enough to spook the beast!

(5) When casting in heavy wind you will always hook yourself burying the barb beneath the skin. The wind is affecting your casting but you have arrived at an area that in the past has given up good fish and you don't want to call it a day! Persevering you cast on but a heavy gust sends the line around your head and hooks your ear. Bad luck but you will just pull it out but you find the barb is right through the cartilage, nothing for it but cut the line and do an impersonation of one of those punk lads until you get it removed secretly!

(6) When roaming you will always stop on a grassy bank and put your sandwiches down on an ant highway making them all meat sandwiches. This has happened to me twice and on the first occasion I didn't even notice until I saw ants on my hand coming off my cheese piece! Got to admit though the injection of Formic acid on the taste buds did sharpen up the bland cheddar cheese!

photo 02 - A lot of tidying up done, thanks Les Henderson!
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The wider world in my view!

More failure and a sham!

Watching Lord Snooty this week it became apparent that like most of the people in the country he has now accepted that the renegotiation of the terms of our European Union membership is going nowhere fast! What the general public have known for a long time has finally registered with Lord Snooty!

The despondent look on his face as he returned from Czechoslovakia coupled with the beads of perspiration on his brow were the giveaway signs of a broken man! Yes the dope that thinks he can railroad other countries to tow his line just to please the extreme right in his party is now finding that no one any longer tows the British line!
His so called renegotiation which even if it was achieved would gain for this country absolutely nothing, his game plan is falling apart at the seams! He is determined to portray the scene that he is fighting tooth and nail for the country!

For the life of me I cannot see how these renegotiations could fail as they are absolutely meaningless and will affect no one, but still he fails! Words like “tough negotiations” and “hard work” may fool middle England but no one else! He jets off in his private plane (well we pay for it) full of beans fighting for hardworking people who do the right thing and then returns looking glum and empty handed!

In a way I feel sorry for him, for the task he has set himself is unachievable! There was no need for a referendum it was only initiated after UKIP got the better of the Tories in the run up to the last election! There is no pleasing or appeasing the right wing of the Tory party and as such he is doomed to fail!

He is costing us millions only months into his term of government and it looks to increase substantially. The worst thing however is that the whole escapade is a complete sham engineered to convince middle England for he is fooling no one else  Nowhere in all that Snooty has stated he is fighting for can I find “Fundamental and far reaching change” which was the original war cry! It’s turning into a poor production of a B grade Tragi-comedy!

End of the line!

The failing capitalist system we are currently having to endure looks like it is finally coming to an end! Under the misguided Lord Snooty we are heading for another but much more serious crash! Our manufacturing base has all but disappeared we have huge numbers of people employed in worthless jobs and consumer debt is at its highest point and it is this alone that is propping up our “recovery”.

Inequality is now all conquering as the rich poor divide turns into a gigantic chasm! Sixty two ultra rich people have the same wealth as 3.5 billion poor people, what a judgement on our society! Lord Snooty has on the quiet increased our national debt in utterly massive terms more than doubling it since 2010! The numbers of people living in poverty in the UK has soared and that trend is seemingly unstoppable as they bungle one policy after another! Wage rises are the exception rather than the norm and people for the most part have less money to spend! Not to put too fine a point on it we are up the proverbial creek without a paddle!

With greed being the driving force in our country (although Scotland to its credit has much less of this trait) the future looks bleak. The Tories concentrate on the market and in particular the city of London leaving the rest of the country to flounder. Their inability to step and save the steel industry just goes to show how impotent they are when it comes to aiding such manufacturing as we have left!

It looks like we are living up to our historical label as being a nation of shopkeepers. This is precisely the reason we are facing collapse, shopkeepers do not export anything, they do not make anything, they merely load on a premium (usually a hefty one) to the goods we purchase! The posh boys will persist with this model of living until Victorian society is recreated with regard to class. Thank god then for the SNP who are throwing us a lifeline to escape the sinking ship, my advice is swim like hell!

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