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Bavaria anyone?

Photo 01 - like last week more crap weather!

Bavaria anyone?

Following our post highlighting a fishing guide par excellence last week the lady concerned Sue Macniven has been in touch to thank us for our kind words after we discovered her website. Of course whilst she may have been pleased, we were absolutely delighted to have found a fishing guide with demonstrable qualifications who advertised those qualifications in great detail for all to see!

She is qualified to a high degree and as I said if you compare her site to some of the local ones, some of whom do not even mention the word qualification. She has links with several angling clubs, estates and syndicates so her practical skills are beyond question! Sue leads the field by far and is a model of excellence as far as fishing guides go! Given the choice it’s easy to see which one the thinking angler would go for! It is now clear that there are guides out there who are a credit to the sport of angling it is also clear however that there are lesser guides out there who invest nothing whatsoever into angling and hence their “clients”!

Unqualified types apart there is an opportunity here for qualified fishing guides to get together and form a regulatory body to oversee the activities of their members and take responsibility for matters of discipline and professional standards. This would outlaw the unqualified types and potential clients would be able to filter these types out which is exactly what should happen! It's not a case of will central regulation of fishing guides will take place, the question is when?

It has been a great pleasure to converse with a guide qualified far in excess of what we expect and potential clients cannot fail to be impressed! Once again I reiterate the old analogy I used previously – would you hire a “gas fitter” who has no formal qualifications to install a new gas fire in your house? Of course the answer would be a resounding no! The same applies to fishing guides if they are not qualified in the three disciplines we have mentioned ignore them! Now that a baseline has been drawn there is an opportunity here for the qualified guides to set up a regulatory body and send all the unqualified types packing. An angler looking for a fishing guide must expect to hire someone who has had the foresight to invest in his/her sport and can demonstrate that advanced skill.

Potential clients deserve nothing less and the same applies to angling. The days of hiring the old boy clinging on to the bar for £20.00 and a few jars are gone, and so it must be with the unqualified types looking to line their pockets!

Sue has sent us some details of a trip she is organising to Bavaria fly fishing for wild Brown Trout. Only 3 places are available so if you fancy trip read on and get in touch with Sue directly. The offer is available to all of our readers.


Damsel fly fishing is very excited to be able to bring you the opportunity of a fully hosted and guided fishing trip to Germany.
I am in the privileged position of being able to offer 3 full days trout fishing in the stunning Bavarian countryside with the hospitality and guidance of owner and experienced guide Jean-Pierre Volrath. Based at his beautiful Hotel Sebaldus in Bad Kohlgrub we will share guided days on beautiful rivers and one of his favourite still waters fishing for wild brown trout.
June 18th arrival in Bad Kohlgrub
Fishing 19th, 20th, 21st June
Leave hotel 22nd June
(Please note there are opportunities to stay for longer if you would like to, extra nights and non fishing partners will be given the same rates).
The total package includes:-
4 nights B&B  (meals apart from breakfast not included, so we will go to some nice German eating places)
3 full days guided fishing, half of each day with Jean-Pierre and half with myself
All permits/licences
Transport to and from waters, evening transport to dinner if necessary. There is a maximum of 4 people on this trip. At this moment there are 3 places left
The breakdown is as follows
Prices per person        
B&B   4 nights                         224eu
fishing guiding                        330 eu     
permits/guest licence            124 eu
The total cost is:- 678 EU per person payable to Hotel Sebaldus. You will be notified of deposit payable by bank transfer on booking your place. Flights and transfers not included. Car hire is very reasonable and if a group of you pool together even better value. Drive time from airport to hotel approx 1.5 hours.
There is also a train service from Munich Airport to Bad Kholgrub with a couple of changes, which takes you through lovely countryside and is a nice relaxing start to your adventure. I can arrange pick up from local stations if waiting time is prolonged.  I will also provide you with the relevant trains and connections on booking. This is the route I took on my visit last year.
Please note, as always with fly fishing we are at the mercy of the weather and though we have some beautiful venues planned for you we may have to change venues at short notice to enable you to have the best experience possible. Please copy and paste the following to view the hotel and some of the places we can fish.

Photo 02 - a low loch level getting ready for the next downpour.

Club Memberships!

The window for renewals and new memberships is still open and anyone seeking membership is urged to apply now. The details you will require are on the right sidebar of this blog, don’t leave it too late.

The wider world in my view!

Yes there is hope!

Sometimes it’s easy to just shrug your shoulders and put it all down to experience! The never ending race for profit subjugates all other considerations. I spoke with a teacher a few days ago and I asked her how much emphasis was put into teaching about fairness and equity. The answer although it was what I expected did not rest well with me. She said it was minimal by far the most emphasis was on being a “success” that being quantified by how much capital one can accrue!

 Clearly things have to change here there must be education that takes in the concept of fairness and equality. There is enforced equality on sexual and gender issues therefore why social inclusion is omitted! We must dispense with the mantra of Butcher Thatcher that greed is good it is hugely damaging for those who are not in a position to take part in it.

We must teach that it is better to help others than to gratify your own greed. Many find this out as time goes by they gravitate towards that view but we must instil it sooner at an early age! The problem we have now is that the greed culture is passed on from one generation to another and is accepted as the norm. As a relatively rich country in spite of current Tory policies there is enough wealth for everyone to live well, no one needs to live in abject poverty!

To achieve change will take generations but the first step is one that Scotland has taken and that is to reject the Tories and seek our own destiny! For Scotland the transition will be easier than if we were saddled with middle England because once the greed culture has set in it is very difficult to eradicate! The fallout from the recent floods showed in glowing terms just how people can and willingly help each other and it is this spirit that must be captured and nurtured! Thanks to the Tories our country is in a desperate state our public services decimated, our manufacturing base wiped out and an economy built on straw foundations!  But in spite of this vile administration in the actions of the working classes clearly it can be seen there is indeed hope!

Skoda cars!
I read in The Scotsman this week that Borg Queen Ruth Davidson is likening her quest to reinvigorate the toxic Tories in Scotland to that of the transformation of old Skoda into new Skoda! Well here is a surprise I agree with her! Old Skoda was a workmanlike beast unable to embrace change quite content to rumble along producing the same stuff day after day!

Now this is terribly close to what the old Tories were like churning out the same old mantra oblivious to the changing world! 

New Skoda on the surface appears forward looking and happy to meet the changing needs of customers. The reality however is that New Skoda are content to cheat, lie and dupe people into buying their cars. Yes as part of the shamed VW group nothing that comes from their mouths can be taken as true! Sound familiar? Of course this is exactly how the new Tory party operates so hats off to Mr Davidson for once she has got it right!

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