Sunday, 31 January 2016

The next stage!

Photo 01 - Another whiteout yesterday!

The next stage!

The Scottish Government has now published the next stage of the Wild Fisheries Review. It has not come up with the focus that I would have chosen but nevertheless it has realised the problem that is facing Salmon fishing the need for a countrywide policy on conservation.  Administrations that went before did not confront the problems and we should be grateful that we do not suffer a Tory administration in Scotland for the consequences for working class people would have been grave!

Time has only allowed me to glance at the report but I do not see much referring to other freshwater species. There seems also to be a glaring absence of any method of raising additional funds to progress interests other than Salmon. i will give the paper a good read midweek and get back with my thoughts. Have a read and see what you make of it! The document is too large to display here so click the link -

Make or break!

Tomorrow will see the start of a make or break season for Salmon fishing on the Tweed. The last two seasons have been desperately poor with some beats closing early due to lack of bookings. The lack of bookings were the result of a significant lack of fish being caught. Many reasons have been put forward for this dearth of fish but whatever the reason it needs to be turned around quickly!

Other Scottish Salmon rivers fared rather better than the Tweed last year and this is a new turn of events. Historically the Tweed has always fared well when compared to other rivers but that was then and the current situation is now!  This highlights the difficulty in fisheries management in that there are many external factors in recruitment of fish populations which are out with the control of fishery boards.
The often extortionate fees demanded by beat owners are now at risk and this places an enormous pressure on those who administer the fishing. 

Whilst I have no wish to line the pockets of these people, for the sake of many employed in hospitality related to Salmon fishing we must hope that things can be turned around quickly!

A closing window!
The opportunity for renewing memberships or joining for the first time is drawing to a close for this year. Yes we are now in the second half of the renewal period and action needs to be taken to avoid the £20.00 joining fee. So go and download our form and put things in motion. Remember for your joining fee you get free access to a boat which allows you to explore areas of both lochs that are inaccessible for practical reasons by other means.

Now you see it....!

I spoke with a group of walkers last week and we got on to the subject of the lochside path. Their first question was "where is the lochside path?" Of course with the high water levels it was a foot underwater  making walking it impossible! Already paths from the roadside to lochside are eroding turning into a complete mess! it's a case of now you see it now you don't! There is a great deal of negativity regarding this project which seemed to spring up from nowhere initiated by persons unknown!  It begs the question was the £35,000 path value for money?

Photo 02 - Blizzard conditions!

The wider world in my view!

Another poor week for beleaguered Lord Snooty!

It’s back to the usual bungling for the Tories this week with the embarrassing tax bill given to Google! Yes minister without a clue, cocaine snorting Gideon Osborne after extensive negotiations with Google came up with a bill amounting to 3% of earnings which is a slap in the face for all of us who filled in tax returns this week and paid what was due! Gideon haled the settlement as a great deal for hardworking families in the UK!

The posh boys seem to be saying that Google is doing nothing illegal in carrying on the way they are! Then clearly it is up to the posh boys to do the right thing for hardworking taxpayers and change the tax rules! It really is that simple!  Even the blue nosed business secretary described Gideons  settlement as not the Tories finest hour! Snooty also caused a furore when he spouted “a bunch of migrants” at PMs question time! Just another slip, indicative however of the true words used by Lord Snooty yet again he bungles and allows his mask to slip!

The saga of Snooty in Europe I am sure is shaping up like a poor plot in Coronation Street! The current offer on the table is not good enough shouts Snooty so Tusk goes back to come up with a better offer but still giving away nothing! Snooty yelps with joy as he has now achieved all that he sought and Tusk looks somewhat bewildered as he has given Snooty absolutely nothing! You really could not make this stuff up!

The choice!

Irrespective whether you live in England Scotland Ireland or Wales the story is the same that the NHS is under terrific pressure due to a severe shortage of funds! It must be crystal clear to all the politicians that to maintain an updated NHS providing cutting edge care that enormous amounts of money need to be ploughed into that system. What must also be obvious is that the current broken system of capitalism cannot provide the funds required with the current focus.

The posh boys as with governments before them try to be all things to all people and fail miserably, mostly due to those with financial muscle bagging all the cash for themselves! It’s the old greed is good creed! A new way of governing must be initiated with much more opportunity for those who have nothing and much less for those that have far too much!

Success in this country comes not from what you know rather who you know! It’s a damning indictment on our society but nevertheless that is how it is! Landowners and those at the top of massive companies need to be encouraged to give up the vast majority of their wealth and if they do not do so then powers must be taken to make this happen.

Of course this will not happen for those with vested interests will not allow their position of privilege to be challenged! Unless governments come up with a means of raising and injecting vast amounts of money into the NHS it will be headline news every week as another failing is discovered. At the moment the choice is either throw money away on nuclear weapons or fund an up to date health service! You choose!

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Seven things in angling......

Photo 01 - the outlet yesterday thoroughly saturated!

Seven things in angling that will never change!

(1) The weather will always be the culprit when a blank is experienced. Of course the angler's favourite, and indeed it can and often does adversely affect the fishing! Without the weather we would be speechless!

(2) The one that got away unseen will always be the fish of a lifetime. Undoubtedly we have all been there a heavy pull and the reel screaming then that sinking feeling as it hits you the fish is off!  Often it is the heavier specimens that catch you out so the one that got away could very well be the fish of a lifetime!

(3) A wader will only develop a leak in the depths of winter. Just ask Elliot Fraser on his last visit to the River Tweed for our Salmon day. Waders behaved perfectly all year but when the water temperature drops to near freezing a leak appears and fills you boots with ice cold water!

(4) When you are making the ultimate cast to a rising fish you will flunk it. If only I had a pound for every time I've been here. You patiently work up to the fish lying behind a stone in order to get closer and land that fly a few feet in front of it< Tension builds and you are in range and the false casting looks good but when you power the rod and release the line it lands in a heap just close enough to spook the beast!

(5) When casting in heavy wind you will always hook yourself burying the barb beneath the skin. The wind is affecting your casting but you have arrived at an area that in the past has given up good fish and you don't want to call it a day! Persevering you cast on but a heavy gust sends the line around your head and hooks your ear. Bad luck but you will just pull it out but you find the barb is right through the cartilage, nothing for it but cut the line and do an impersonation of one of those punk lads until you get it removed secretly!

(6) When roaming you will always stop on a grassy bank and put your sandwiches down on an ant highway making them all meat sandwiches. This has happened to me twice and on the first occasion I didn't even notice until I saw ants on my hand coming off my cheese piece! Got to admit though the injection of Formic acid on the taste buds did sharpen up the bland cheddar cheese!

photo 02 - A lot of tidying up done, thanks Les Henderson!
    Clearance sale at Fishers!

   You can  always rely on Mike at Fishers our recommended dealer to come up with some bargains I have picked out 3 items from his Pike fishing range and the first item is a pack of Greys Prowla carbon steel trebles at a great price 0f £3.99 - 

 Next is the superior 7 strand wire from Greys, I've used this often and find it to be a worthy product. You get 25 metres of 30lbs for only £6.00 -  

  Finally if you are not averse to a little spinning give these lures a go at half price you would be daft not to! - 


The wider world in my view!

More failure and a sham!

Watching Lord Snooty this week it became apparent that like most of the people in the country he has now accepted that the renegotiation of the terms of our European Union membership is going nowhere fast! What the general public have known for a long time has finally registered with Lord Snooty!

The despondent look on his face as he returned from Czechoslovakia coupled with the beads of perspiration on his brow were the giveaway signs of a broken man! Yes the dope that thinks he can railroad other countries to tow his line just to please the extreme right in his party is now finding that no one any longer tows the British line!
His so called renegotiation which even if it was achieved would gain for this country absolutely nothing, his game plan is falling apart at the seams! He is determined to portray the scene that he is fighting tooth and nail for the country!

For the life of me I cannot see how these renegotiations could fail as they are absolutely meaningless and will affect no one, but still he fails! Words like “tough negotiations” and “hard work” may fool middle England but no one else! He jets off in his private plane (well we pay for it) full of beans fighting for hardworking people who do the right thing and then returns looking glum and empty handed!

In a way I feel sorry for him, for the task he has set himself is unachievable! There was no need for a referendum it was only initiated after UKIP got the better of the Tories in the run up to the last election! There is no pleasing or appeasing the right wing of the Tory party and as such he is doomed to fail!

He is costing us millions only months into his term of government and it looks to increase substantially. The worst thing however is that the whole escapade is a complete sham engineered to convince middle England for he is fooling no one else  Nowhere in all that Snooty has stated he is fighting for can I find “Fundamental and far reaching change” which was the original war cry! It’s turning into a poor production of a B grade Tragi-comedy!

End of the line!

The failing capitalist system we are currently having to endure looks like it is finally coming to an end! Under the misguided Lord Snooty we are heading for another but much more serious crash! Our manufacturing base has all but disappeared we have huge numbers of people employed in worthless jobs and consumer debt is at its highest point and it is this alone that is propping up our “recovery”.

Inequality is now all conquering as the rich poor divide turns into a gigantic chasm! Sixty two ultra rich people have the same wealth as 3.5 billion poor people, what a judgement on our society! Lord Snooty has on the quiet increased our national debt in utterly massive terms more than doubling it since 2010! The numbers of people living in poverty in the UK has soared and that trend is seemingly unstoppable as they bungle one policy after another! Wage rises are the exception rather than the norm and people for the most part have less money to spend! Not to put too fine a point on it we are up the proverbial creek without a paddle!

With greed being the driving force in our country (although Scotland to its credit has much less of this trait) the future looks bleak. The Tories concentrate on the market and in particular the city of London leaving the rest of the country to flounder. Their inability to step and save the steel industry just goes to show how impotent they are when it comes to aiding such manufacturing as we have left!

It looks like we are living up to our historical label as being a nation of shopkeepers. This is precisely the reason we are facing collapse, shopkeepers do not export anything, they do not make anything, they merely load on a premium (usually a hefty one) to the goods we purchase! The posh boys will persist with this model of living until Victorian society is recreated with regard to class. Thank god then for the SNP who are throwing us a lifeline to escape the sinking ship, my advice is swim like hell!

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Bavaria anyone?

Photo 01 - like last week more crap weather!

Bavaria anyone?

Following our post highlighting a fishing guide par excellence last week the lady concerned Sue Macniven has been in touch to thank us for our kind words after we discovered her website. Of course whilst she may have been pleased, we were absolutely delighted to have found a fishing guide with demonstrable qualifications who advertised those qualifications in great detail for all to see!

She is qualified to a high degree and as I said if you compare her site to some of the local ones, some of whom do not even mention the word qualification. She has links with several angling clubs, estates and syndicates so her practical skills are beyond question! Sue leads the field by far and is a model of excellence as far as fishing guides go! Given the choice it’s easy to see which one the thinking angler would go for! It is now clear that there are guides out there who are a credit to the sport of angling it is also clear however that there are lesser guides out there who invest nothing whatsoever into angling and hence their “clients”!

Unqualified types apart there is an opportunity here for qualified fishing guides to get together and form a regulatory body to oversee the activities of their members and take responsibility for matters of discipline and professional standards. This would outlaw the unqualified types and potential clients would be able to filter these types out which is exactly what should happen! It's not a case of will central regulation of fishing guides will take place, the question is when?

It has been a great pleasure to converse with a guide qualified far in excess of what we expect and potential clients cannot fail to be impressed! Once again I reiterate the old analogy I used previously – would you hire a “gas fitter” who has no formal qualifications to install a new gas fire in your house? Of course the answer would be a resounding no! The same applies to fishing guides if they are not qualified in the three disciplines we have mentioned ignore them! Now that a baseline has been drawn there is an opportunity here for the qualified guides to set up a regulatory body and send all the unqualified types packing. An angler looking for a fishing guide must expect to hire someone who has had the foresight to invest in his/her sport and can demonstrate that advanced skill.

Potential clients deserve nothing less and the same applies to angling. The days of hiring the old boy clinging on to the bar for £20.00 and a few jars are gone, and so it must be with the unqualified types looking to line their pockets!

Sue has sent us some details of a trip she is organising to Bavaria fly fishing for wild Brown Trout. Only 3 places are available so if you fancy trip read on and get in touch with Sue directly. The offer is available to all of our readers.


Damsel fly fishing is very excited to be able to bring you the opportunity of a fully hosted and guided fishing trip to Germany.
I am in the privileged position of being able to offer 3 full days trout fishing in the stunning Bavarian countryside with the hospitality and guidance of owner and experienced guide Jean-Pierre Volrath. Based at his beautiful Hotel Sebaldus in Bad Kohlgrub we will share guided days on beautiful rivers and one of his favourite still waters fishing for wild brown trout.
June 18th arrival in Bad Kohlgrub
Fishing 19th, 20th, 21st June
Leave hotel 22nd June
(Please note there are opportunities to stay for longer if you would like to, extra nights and non fishing partners will be given the same rates).
The total package includes:-
4 nights B&B  (meals apart from breakfast not included, so we will go to some nice German eating places)
3 full days guided fishing, half of each day with Jean-Pierre and half with myself
All permits/licences
Transport to and from waters, evening transport to dinner if necessary. There is a maximum of 4 people on this trip. At this moment there are 3 places left
The breakdown is as follows
Prices per person        
B&B   4 nights                         224eu
fishing guiding                        330 eu     
permits/guest licence            124 eu
The total cost is:- 678 EU per person payable to Hotel Sebaldus. You will be notified of deposit payable by bank transfer on booking your place. Flights and transfers not included. Car hire is very reasonable and if a group of you pool together even better value. Drive time from airport to hotel approx 1.5 hours.
There is also a train service from Munich Airport to Bad Kholgrub with a couple of changes, which takes you through lovely countryside and is a nice relaxing start to your adventure. I can arrange pick up from local stations if waiting time is prolonged.  I will also provide you with the relevant trains and connections on booking. This is the route I took on my visit last year.
Please note, as always with fly fishing we are at the mercy of the weather and though we have some beautiful venues planned for you we may have to change venues at short notice to enable you to have the best experience possible. Please copy and paste the following to view the hotel and some of the places we can fish.

Photo 02 - a low loch level getting ready for the next downpour.

Club Memberships!

The window for renewals and new memberships is still open and anyone seeking membership is urged to apply now. The details you will require are on the right sidebar of this blog, don’t leave it too late.

The wider world in my view!

Yes there is hope!

Sometimes it’s easy to just shrug your shoulders and put it all down to experience! The never ending race for profit subjugates all other considerations. I spoke with a teacher a few days ago and I asked her how much emphasis was put into teaching about fairness and equity. The answer although it was what I expected did not rest well with me. She said it was minimal by far the most emphasis was on being a “success” that being quantified by how much capital one can accrue!

 Clearly things have to change here there must be education that takes in the concept of fairness and equality. There is enforced equality on sexual and gender issues therefore why social inclusion is omitted! We must dispense with the mantra of Butcher Thatcher that greed is good it is hugely damaging for those who are not in a position to take part in it.

We must teach that it is better to help others than to gratify your own greed. Many find this out as time goes by they gravitate towards that view but we must instil it sooner at an early age! The problem we have now is that the greed culture is passed on from one generation to another and is accepted as the norm. As a relatively rich country in spite of current Tory policies there is enough wealth for everyone to live well, no one needs to live in abject poverty!

To achieve change will take generations but the first step is one that Scotland has taken and that is to reject the Tories and seek our own destiny! For Scotland the transition will be easier than if we were saddled with middle England because once the greed culture has set in it is very difficult to eradicate! The fallout from the recent floods showed in glowing terms just how people can and willingly help each other and it is this spirit that must be captured and nurtured! Thanks to the Tories our country is in a desperate state our public services decimated, our manufacturing base wiped out and an economy built on straw foundations!  But in spite of this vile administration in the actions of the working classes clearly it can be seen there is indeed hope!

Skoda cars!
I read in The Scotsman this week that Borg Queen Ruth Davidson is likening her quest to reinvigorate the toxic Tories in Scotland to that of the transformation of old Skoda into new Skoda! Well here is a surprise I agree with her! Old Skoda was a workmanlike beast unable to embrace change quite content to rumble along producing the same stuff day after day!

Now this is terribly close to what the old Tories were like churning out the same old mantra oblivious to the changing world! 

New Skoda on the surface appears forward looking and happy to meet the changing needs of customers. The reality however is that New Skoda are content to cheat, lie and dupe people into buying their cars. Yes as part of the shamed VW group nothing that comes from their mouths can be taken as true! Sound familiar? Of course this is exactly how the new Tory party operates so hats off to Mr Davidson for once she has got it right!

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Women leading the way!

Photo 01 - Poor conditions yesterday!

Women leading the way!

All of our longstanding readers will remember our expose on fishing guides and the shambolic and shameful situation that we encountered! It’s taken an inordinate length of time but we have now found a fishing guide that we would recommend. The lady in the link Susan McNiven has an absolutely pristine website that sets out clearly what she is about. In clear and concise terms everything that a visiting angler would be seeking is laid out here. She did not wake up one morning and decide to be a fishing guide; she planned, invested and studied before advertising her skills the way it should be done!

We set out our criteria a good while ago now and the standards we would expect are a certificate of fly fishing competence (APGAI or preferably AAPGAI), a certificate in emergency first aid, and a vetting certificate to validate good character preferably full disclose by Disclosure Scotland just as she has underwent. We see holding these qualifications as being integral to presenting a polished and verifiable presence and stating to potential “clients” that she has invested heavily in her pursuit to give the client the best possible service!

I have placed the word client in inverted commas because client is usually associated with professional dealings and I do not think fishing guides fit into this bracket given their current state. It is however applicable to this lady as clearly she has undergone extensive training and studied in depth topics that just fly over the heads of the charlatan types we previously encountered!

At last we have someone who not only is qualified to a high degree but even more can prove her advanced skills! The range of topics she has studied covers all aspects of fishing and even the wider world of fishing. Our site “Choosing a fishing guide 2” is clearly the bible for anglers looking to hire such people given the huge traffic that visits and we think it is only fair to promote excellence when we find it!

Please click the link below and visit the lady’s website and compare it to some of our local ones, I would be astonished if you were not taken aback at the difference which in broad terms is professional vs. amateur! No lofty words, or empty promises, unequivocally she has demonstrated how fishing guides should portray themselves! 

The situation with fishing guides in this country is appalling when compared to other more advanced countries. I never thought the day would come when we would heartily recommend a fishing guide but when we found the lady’s website that day had come!
I will spend some time this week removing all reference to Fish Pal as a source for finding a fishing guide as they are promoting at least one “guide” who falls well short of the qualifications we expect! The site will be redone midweek so you can check it out next time!

Club memberships!

Members and potential members are reminded that now is the time to apply for that membership. For £55.00 or £35.00 new and renewing members will have access to the lochs 365 days per year and access to a boat free of charge to broaden your angling outlook. All applicants must supply a photo by e mail, phone transfer to be printed on to your card. All cheques must be payable to St Mary’s Angling Club and not an individual. Applications should be sent to our membership secretary Keith click the link on the sidebar for full details.

Photo 02 - Scenic beauty!

The wider world in my view!

Fasten your seatbelts!

As we pointed out last week this year could indeed be a rocky one! It was no surprise to hear Minister without a clue Gideon Osborne spout forth warning that the “recovery” the longest one ever recorded and built on straw foundations could crash. Yes at last we can now see the true picture although Gideon would himself take no blame it would be down to extraneous factors! As per usual everyone is to blame except the Tory government striving to do the right thing for hardworking families!
Consumer debt has now hit a record level and manufacturing continues to decline at a frightening rate due to the inept policies of the Tories! Yes the recovery initiated by the Con-Dems was constructed to present a facade to fool many in England that there was actually a recovery and at the same time brag about the numbers of people placed in jobs. Couple that with their “crackdown” on benefit scroungers and you have a recipe to fool the gullible!

It’s interesting to note that the many people pushed into jobs invariably still require benefits to allow them to live so poor the quality of the jobs! Similarly with their welfare reforms they are spending money like water to accomplish nothing. Yes Diddy Ian Duncan-Smith failed PM has commissioned an American company to replace the disgraceful ATOS for benefit assessments and now finds they are even worse! Couple that with a 3 year bill for over £4 billion and you can see what a farce the whole situation has become!

Yes Gideon has laid excuses all over the shop which he can retrieve bit by bit as the economy crashes! It might fool the gullible in Middle England but we Scots can see through his words coming via a forked tongue! Give them their due the Tories can certainly talk a good job the reality however is extremely disappointing with bungling the norm! The Con-Dems increased the National Debt more in 5 years than Labour did in thirteen years! The national debt stood at £492 billion when the Con-Dems came to power its is now a massive £1,490 billion! If anyone was not really sure why Scotland is going for independence the above should make it crystal clear!

Prize prat!

Watching First Ministers Questions this week I allowed myself a good chuckle when Borg Queen Ruth Davidson in her inimitable style looking suitably severe and on the side of hardworking families asked the First Minister why the £5millon allocated by Westminster had not yet been given to flood victims! Of course as the dope was tabling the question people in the Grampians were in the process of being flooded!

The fool did not seem to realise that the pot of money is limited even though her masters in Westminster are the architects of unnecessary and damaging austerity! Only when the severe flooding looks like it’s over can the money be fairly allocated. In fact the Scottish Government announced yesterday that a further £12 million is to be allocated to flood victims shaming the bungling Westminster government in the process! Now you know why she is just a minion on the opposition benches! 

Sunday, 3 January 2016

The changing loch level!

Photo 01- The boathouse under siege!

The changing loch level!

December has been one helluva strange month with temperatures more akin to that of late spring and water pouring from the clouds in amounts that hasn’t been seen for many a year! At the lochs we can withstand massive downpours and still be able to fish something river anglers cannot do! I suppose that if we have to endure massive downpours then this time of year is the best time to have them as only a small number of grayling fishers on the river are affected.

Most members by now will know that the loch is being used as a water holding area as part of the Selkirk Flood Protection Scheme. It works by firstly using weather forecasts predicting very heavy rainfall likely to cause flooding. Prior to the arrival of that rain, water is let out of St Mary's in a controlled fashion via a completely automated electronic system to reach a level akin to low summer levels.

The space created in the loch is immense and millions of gallons could be accommodated hence diminishing peak flows down the Yarrow and hopefully prevent flooding! As you can see from the photos taken by Mr Xxxxx the loch can get pretty full in a short time if there is a deluge due to the vast collection area! Of course this causes problems for local farmers and others on the banks of the loch but what is the alternative!

Of course there is an alternative and that is to drain the loch much further than at present prior to any predicted event. That would render the loch sterile, devoid of life and with that the demise of Cappercleuch as a tourist venue! The lower the level on St Mary’s the more dangerous it becomes as the V shaped crevice that characterises the lower levels of the loch would become exposed and in fact become a very dangerous shoreline, almost certainly requiring the loch to be made inaccessible to stock and to the public! For us anglers we can fish whatever the level however a familiarity with the floor of the loch is essential. The mantra must be look before you leap if you cannot see the bottom you do not progress!

There are a lot of competing interests with regard to the level of the loch and the angling club is situated right at the bottom of that pile! Flood protection is now a very hot political potato following the shameful performance of the Tories and takes precedence over any other interest without exception. Our worry is that the loch is drained so low that the fauna living in the margins die off leading to a shortage of food for our fish populations. Of course this would be an extreme event but it is possible and there would be nothing we could do as flood protection takes precedence over all! The changing level of the loch is just another variable that we as anglers will have to deal with! It’s not an ideal situation but it is where we are! There are but two choices quit or live with it, we are committed to doing the latter!
Photo 02 - There's a road there somewhere!


I refer to last week’s post when I mentioned by name a few individuals who had extended to the club help much in excess of what should be expected of anyone. I neglected to mention two of our top members Gordon McClurg and Mike Wood who gave of their free time to construct a new bottom on our parking area which had turned into a mud bath!

I have amended last week’s post to record their efforts and I can only apologise for leaving you both out of our honours list! I made a mistake, but the man who never made a mistake, never made anything! I put it down to a particularly fine brandy delivered by Santa and devoured by me! So Gordon and Mike thank you for your work it was as usual way beyond what should be expected! It is actions such as these that push the club ever forward!

Club membership!

The window has now opened for renewals and new members wishing to join the club. Click the link in the sidebar and you will be taken to the application form which you should fill out in full and send to Mr Xxxxx with a cheque (payable to St Mary's Angling Club) for £35.00 or £55.00 for new members. A digital passport type photo is also required and this should be sent electronically to Mr Xxxxx along with a Stamped Addressed Envelope (SAE). You application will then be processed and your membership card will be sent out as soon as possible. Please do not leave it until the last minute get it done now.

Photo 03 - The Megget about to be engulfed!

The wider world in my view!

Is this really what we want?

Well the New Year has started and yet again it is a chance for a fresh start. However you can bet your bottom dollar it will be business as usual! There will be more of the now expected conjuring tricks from minister without a clue Gideon Osborne who whilst losing millions will conjure up an albeit meaningless titbit for the needy.
Lord Snooty will continue to big up the irrelevant reforms he plans to unleash on the EU! Of course they amount to nothing but since he will have met his own objectives he will return victorious having fought the battle for hardworking families! Failed PM Iain Duncan Smith with ever faithful Thatcherite Priti Patel will continue to hammer the poor whilst insisting they will be better off!

It looks very much like things will remain the same with the Tories slashing budgets then quietly reinstating that funding when there is a public outcry such as there has been over the disgraceful manner in which they were exposed with their funding cuts to flood protection. They slashed spending on flood protection in 2010 forcing what little that could be done on to already overstretched councils. Since that day they have had to gradually reinstate that cut funding and into the process ruin the lives of thousands of people not to mention the extra spending the flood damage will involve! There will be more rhetoric promising to help hardworking families whilst coming down hard on those whose curtains remain closed until mid afternoon.

The reality however is that nothing at all will happen, it’s just idle chatter!
Yes we will see those with mental health problems further restricted in what they can do when their daily living funding is cut. We will see the disabled and unemployed further punished being made to jump through more pointless hoops! We can expect to hear of more so called military success as they try and recreate the “glory” days of the British Empire! Look out for more intervention in countries where we have no right to be! Unfortunately we will see along with this many civilian and many military deaths.

We can expect to hear more of how they are supposedly sorting out our country but little of how they are increasing the national debt! We will hear much of how they are beating unemployment but nothing of the low pay zero hour’s contract, part time dead end jobs that they are pushing people into! Expect the “recovery” to be rammed down your throat, but you will hear nothing of how this “recovery” is built on a house of cards propped up by consumer debt which could and probably will crash. Expect to see pay day lenders expand dramatically and along with them food banks, perhaps the greatest achievement of these directionless fools!

Undoubtedly you will see much more ducking and diving over housing a decent numbers of refugees as Snooty panders to the extreme right wingers in his flock! Look to see Jeremy Hunt the richest posh boy in the cabinet picking more fights with under pressure NHS staff then quietly back down when public opinion overwhelms him! Watch as our NHS in Scotland is quietly strangled due to chronic underfunding from Westminster in spite of the best efforts of our government!

You will not be surprised when the top 1% earners in the country are given even more tax breaks and the rest of us carry the burden of Lord Snooty’s austerity cuts! We will watch in amazement as Snooty comes back from Brussels waving the Union Jack (having achieved nothing) but will make no mention of the cost of his campaign, his private jet or the cost of the referendum! Yet again his extensive efforts to achieve absolutely nothing will end up costing us hundreds of millions of pounds!

The current government is replete with fools, jesters and charlatans just as it was in years gone by! Surely this is no way to run a government in the 21st century! Thinking ahead seems to be a concept that has avoided the Tories, they always end up being reactionary, furtively chasing events! You will not hear of real initiatives to remove poverty, to strive for equality, to build a manufacturing base, to give workers meaningful employment rights, to curb the excesses of the top 10% of the population and most importantly to purge humanity of the greed culture that currently plagues and shames our country!

It is clear to the people of Scotland that this mess of Tory lies can no longer be tolerated. By the election of the SNP the people of Scotland have rejected the status quo and opted for equality and fairness! It now falls to the Scottish government to expedite plans for another referendum so we can get out of this unholy mess! It will require a lot of intelligence gathering to time the event properly but it must be done at the earliest opportunity or we will all be damned!