Sunday, 27 December 2015

Looking back!

Looking back!

As far as angling goes the year about to pass would I think in most people’s eyes pass as nothing special in fact many would see it as well below par! On the Pike front many good fish were caught but no record breakers were encountered. However any fish is better than no fish. Fraser Patterson again secured the heavy Pike competition cup open to club members with a 13lbs 8oz Pike which is a fine specimen. Many larger however were caught but the captors were ineligible for the competition.

Those in search of our Trout fared much worse, compared to earlier years it turned out to be a wretched season with no predictability whatsoever. Catches were few and far between with only the occasional hunter returning with the spoils! One such angler was our trolling ace Elliot Fraser who on such an occasion returned with four Trout amongst which was the winner of the cup for the heaviest Trout tipping the scales at 1lbs 4oz. Not a monster but perhaps indicative of the poor season we experienced!

Pushing the club forward is down as usual to a committed few members and the club would like to thank the following members – Elliot Fraser for his work as club treasurer and invaluable help with numerous projects we have and are undertaking. Stevie Nimmo for his technical and practical assistance, and unending efforts to help the club.  Les Henderson for his construction services and always being there to offer advice. Gordon McClurg and Mike Wood who always seem to be there when we need a hand, Keith our loch keeper and Aaron our bailiff for their tireless work often unrecognised in protecting our fish stocks.  AlasdairWhite for his invaluable help with practical projects and all the other members who have assisted us in any way! But for the help of these people the club would certainly perish!

On administrative issues the club has done well with our financial situation being very sound indeed under Elliot’s guidance. Our membership remains steady now with a settled group of anglers rather than those who club hop looking for that heavy fish. We here need to thank Keith Young our loch keeper and membership secretary for producing our extremely well done club newsletter and dealing promptly and efficiently with membership issues.

Unfortunately on the illegal fishing front we are still finding odd pieces of evidence indicating that the situation whilst not rife is (thanks to our enforcement team) still taking place! I doubt if we will ever be free of this curse mostly brought about by foreign “anglers” who seem to think if fish are present they have a right to catch them by whatever means irrespective of local practices! Similarly with Muppets masquerading as anglers they have stayed away this year and we hope that this trend continues!

Our long relationship with the Tweed Trout & Grayling Initiative came to an end this season mostly due to the very slow progress being made. We stuck it out to see if things would improve but they did not! We have a responsibility to ensure that the membership money was being well spent and we could not demonstrate this with attendance to this initiative! Other clubs came to the same decision and the Initiative now caters for only a few angling clubs.

So it has not been a remarkable year by any means yet progress on some fronts was possible. Really it’s just like the journey through life you win some and also lose some, but throughout it all your experience is enriched whatever happens! So for 2016 all I would wish for is some more of our Trout showing, good weather and embracing the challenges that 2016 brings for there will be many.

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We wish our entire readership a happy and peaceful New Year!

 Tight Lines!

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