Sunday, 20 December 2015

A time of good cheer or is it!

A time of good cheer or is it!

Christmas has now firmly settled into our society as a time of celebration, togetherness and giving. Now the Christian celebration has largely become dispensed with, it has become a time of extravagance and indulgence far removed from the origins of the original celebrations! For most it is a time of family reunion, banter and the exchanging of gifts mostly geared towards children.

For an ever increasing group of others it will be a bleak time of year when parents max out credit cards, visit the ever increasing numbers of payday lenders created by the Tories to try and ensure their kids receive gifts similar to that of their peers. If they fail in this respect their children will likely be subject to mockery over the low quality or number of gifts they received, children can be very cruel in this respect. Others like the elderly often living alone dread the event as they spend the day in solitude dining on everyday fare selected from the discount stores!

Yes Christmas has become a time of either huge celebration where money is splashed without a care or thrift and dark contemplation of the next month when the demands rattle through the letterbox! Not how it was intended to be in the beginning! The over commercialisation of Christmas is not new but it is a trend that increases year on year! Our society is hurtling on a downwards spiral becoming increasingly divided into those who have and those who do not! As a civilised society we have lost our way!

Whilst some will tuck into succulent goose or similar with all the trimmings others will heat up the pre pack dinner generously given by the food bank! Parents will hand out the best presents they can afford, for children have been conditioned to expect the very best. For some children what they get will fall far short of that their classmates receive! This division in our society has been hugely accelerated by the Con-Dems and now even more so by the Tories! The very fabric of our society is being torn down before our eyes and a wretched new one based on Butcher Thatcher's god, that of greed!

Of course every one of us has a choice to continue with the divisive Tories or seek something better. Anyone with an ounce of compassion must see that the poor bashing Tories with their mantra of "grab what you can irrespective of the human cost" must be left behind, we owe it to the weak and underprivileged in our society. Lord Snooty claims we are all in it together but anyone can see there are the rich and there are the rapidly increasing numbers of poor! It has been said that a society can be judged by how it treats the weakest in society, using that criteria we fail miserably!!

If you can give assistance to someone less fortunate than yourself then grasp the mettle and do so, believe me you will feel much enriched! 

Merry Christmas
to one and all.

To fire you up for the festivities a classic from N-Trance 

To bring you down gradually a lullaby from Albinoni 

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