Sunday, 27 December 2015

Looking back!

Looking back!

As far as angling goes the year about to pass would I think in most people’s eyes pass as nothing special in fact many would see it as well below par! On the Pike front many good fish were caught but no record breakers were encountered. However any fish is better than no fish. Fraser Patterson again secured the heavy Pike competition cup open to club members with a 13lbs 8oz Pike which is a fine specimen. Many larger however were caught but the captors were ineligible for the competition.

Those in search of our Trout fared much worse, compared to earlier years it turned out to be a wretched season with no predictability whatsoever. Catches were few and far between with only the occasional hunter returning with the spoils! One such angler was our trolling ace Elliot Fraser who on such an occasion returned with four Trout amongst which was the winner of the cup for the heaviest Trout tipping the scales at 1lbs 4oz. Not a monster but perhaps indicative of the poor season we experienced!

Pushing the club forward is down as usual to a committed few members and the club would like to thank the following members – Elliot Fraser for his work as club treasurer and invaluable help with numerous projects we have and are undertaking. Stevie Nimmo for his technical and practical assistance, and unending efforts to help the club.  Les Henderson for his construction services and always being there to offer advice. Gordon McClurg and Mike Wood who always seem to be there when we need a hand, Keith our loch keeper and Aaron our bailiff for their tireless work often unrecognised in protecting our fish stocks.  AlasdairWhite for his invaluable help with practical projects and all the other members who have assisted us in any way! But for the help of these people the club would certainly perish!

On administrative issues the club has done well with our financial situation being very sound indeed under Elliot’s guidance. Our membership remains steady now with a settled group of anglers rather than those who club hop looking for that heavy fish. We here need to thank Keith Young our loch keeper and membership secretary for producing our extremely well done club newsletter and dealing promptly and efficiently with membership issues.

Unfortunately on the illegal fishing front we are still finding odd pieces of evidence indicating that the situation whilst not rife is (thanks to our enforcement team) still taking place! I doubt if we will ever be free of this curse mostly brought about by foreign “anglers” who seem to think if fish are present they have a right to catch them by whatever means irrespective of local practices! Similarly with Muppets masquerading as anglers they have stayed away this year and we hope that this trend continues!

Our long relationship with the Tweed Trout & Grayling Initiative came to an end this season mostly due to the very slow progress being made. We stuck it out to see if things would improve but they did not! We have a responsibility to ensure that the membership money was being well spent and we could not demonstrate this with attendance to this initiative! Other clubs came to the same decision and the Initiative now caters for only a few angling clubs.

So it has not been a remarkable year by any means yet progress on some fronts was possible. Really it’s just like the journey through life you win some and also lose some, but throughout it all your experience is enriched whatever happens! So for 2016 all I would wish for is some more of our Trout showing, good weather and embracing the challenges that 2016 brings for there will be many.

Too much cash?

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We wish our entire readership a happy and peaceful New Year!

 Tight Lines!

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Sunday, 20 December 2015

A time of good cheer or is it!

A time of good cheer or is it!

Christmas has now firmly settled into our society as a time of celebration, togetherness and giving. Now the Christian celebration has largely become dispensed with, it has become a time of extravagance and indulgence far removed from the origins of the original celebrations! For most it is a time of family reunion, banter and the exchanging of gifts mostly geared towards children.

For an ever increasing group of others it will be a bleak time of year when parents max out credit cards, visit the ever increasing numbers of payday lenders created by the Tories to try and ensure their kids receive gifts similar to that of their peers. If they fail in this respect their children will likely be subject to mockery over the low quality or number of gifts they received, children can be very cruel in this respect. Others like the elderly often living alone dread the event as they spend the day in solitude dining on everyday fare selected from the discount stores!

Yes Christmas has become a time of either huge celebration where money is splashed without a care or thrift and dark contemplation of the next month when the demands rattle through the letterbox! Not how it was intended to be in the beginning! The over commercialisation of Christmas is not new but it is a trend that increases year on year! Our society is hurtling on a downwards spiral becoming increasingly divided into those who have and those who do not! As a civilised society we have lost our way!

Whilst some will tuck into succulent goose or similar with all the trimmings others will heat up the pre pack dinner generously given by the food bank! Parents will hand out the best presents they can afford, for children have been conditioned to expect the very best. For some children what they get will fall far short of that their classmates receive! This division in our society has been hugely accelerated by the Con-Dems and now even more so by the Tories! The very fabric of our society is being torn down before our eyes and a wretched new one based on Butcher Thatcher's god, that of greed!

Of course every one of us has a choice to continue with the divisive Tories or seek something better. Anyone with an ounce of compassion must see that the poor bashing Tories with their mantra of "grab what you can irrespective of the human cost" must be left behind, we owe it to the weak and underprivileged in our society. Lord Snooty claims we are all in it together but anyone can see there are the rich and there are the rapidly increasing numbers of poor! It has been said that a society can be judged by how it treats the weakest in society, using that criteria we fail miserably!!

If you can give assistance to someone less fortunate than yourself then grasp the mettle and do so, believe me you will feel much enriched! 

Merry Christmas
to one and all.

To fire you up for the festivities a classic from N-Trance 

To bring you down gradually a lullaby from Albinoni 

Sunday, 13 December 2015

From little acorns......!

Photo 01 - Steven all the way from Hexham to nab this beauty!

From little acorns....!

Our blog continues to grow rapidly in terms of viewers, the summer months average of 2,240 visitors per month is up by 407 visitors per month compared to last year. The figure for the current month is 1,818 which is a significant drop but it is a drop that takes place every year as winter comes and come the spring the numbers shoot back up hopefully surpassing this year’s figures as they have done every year.

Eighty seven percent of our viewers are from the UK and second is the USA and Canada who bag 6% whilst the rest is split between Poland, Russia, South Africa and a few others. Clearly then our readership lies mainly in this country and the counter splits the figures further.

Of the UK viewers 61% are classed as coming from the Edinburgh area which takes in the Borders and 13% from the Glasgow area with the rest being split up all over the country with a hotspot around the Newcastle area. Six percent of viewers use mobiles to access our site with Android taking 76% and IOS 20%.  The average time spent browsing our content is 4 minutes and 26 seconds. Some sites provide annoying adverts for meagre return we however resolutely will not do so.

What I find interesting is the amount of back posts that are visited perhaps people just wonder from where we came. Some of our posts attract massive numbers with our “choosing a fishing guide” site the clear winner with 5483 visitors to date. This site will be updated in the next few weeks as e mails are still coming asking who we would recommend. The top five are

It’s clear the site is now very popular and the reason is clear. We will not shirk from exposing fools, fish killers; angling bullies and others who detract from and demean our sport! People want to read of the struggles of a small angling club as we swim against the current to keep our heads above the water. People want to see a club that does have some views on the future of our sport rather than just falling in line with the default (let’s do nothing) view that appears to be the norm round here!

Yes our readership is way beyond what it should be but we are comfortable with this situation and to Jimmy who wanted the comments section open again along with many others – sorry lads with this readership I would have no time at all to myself so it stays closed! A big thank you to all our readers who have nurtured our site from an acorn into a strapping young oak tree!

Photo 02 - just before dusk!

More great offers!

We are lucky, it’s not everyone that has a bona fide tackle dealer on their doorstep even less however have one that just keeps then offers coming! Yes unbelievably Mike has come up with another load of great offers just in time for Santa coming, click the link to see whats on offer - 

The wider world in my view!

The eagle has landed!

Now don’t get me wrong I have a lot of time for Jeremy Corbyn but he is at the moment not a mainstream politician. I have no doubt that in the future when the capitalist system comes crashing down due to incessant greed then the Corbyn manifesto will become the accepted norm!

This week in Prime Ministers Question Time Gideon Osborne who was standing in for Lord Snooty who was wasting taxpayers’ money jetting around the world was given a sound pasting by Angela Eagle who was standing in for Corbyn. Sharp as a knife, witty and speaking with the authority that can only come from living in the real world she snapped, devoured and spat out Gideon Osborne in what was the highlight of the year! She made the posh boy look like an uneducated woodentop!

Yes at last Labour have found a potential new leader and more importantly one who unlike Milliband and Balls has the versatility and guile to confront and importantly overcome any challenge. Lord Snooty who has had an easy time of it being confronted by buffoon after buffoon leaving him ahead of the pack every time could now face his nemesis!

Ms Eagle would decimate the hapless Lord Snooty as he bungles one policy after another. Now he could be held to account for the first time ever and be shown up for the fool he undoubtedly is! I have no doubt many in England will be cowering in shame as Snooty exposes himself to a new country every day and embarrasses us week after week. The current joke is his reorganisation of Europe apparently going very well according to his minions. He started with 13 robust demands and is currently pursuing 4 which are almost unrecognisable so watered down are they!

For people who care about the weak and needy rather than their own assets who want to see some fairness in society, then here is a potential leader who could once again reunite the party. With a background of trade union working she has experienced life at the bottom of the ladder but educated to degree level she is smart enough to tackle anyone! She is an outed lesbian and is a great role model for other such people! Just compare her to another Lesbian Borg Queen Ruth Davidson, she is the opposite pole! Eagle is visionary, thinking, empathising she has all the qualities where the Borg Queen has none!

The last few years have been rocky for labour if Eagle could be elected leader then for the people of England there is hope. Let’s hope the party also take this view and put Corbynite policies on the back burner simmering until the collapse of the capitalist system begins! The eagle has landed! For us in Scotland the path is clear we must quickly move to independence, for England Angela Eagle is your only hope!

Busy doing nothing!

Those who cannot read between the lines will no doubt be very impressed by the amount of work being put in by Lord Snooty doing his bit for hard working families who do the right thing. Well reality couldn’t be further from the truth, jetting around the EU he has achieved nothing, the Polish Prime Minister being the latest to send him packing. In spite of his demands being watered down to the point they ask for nothing he still cannot get support! His main point of restricting migrant benfits for 4 years is already dead in spite of manic protestations!

He is currently dithering over the Heathrow/Gatwick debacle now putting off any decision to the summer, maybe! He is fearful that a backlash will put paid to Zak Goldsmith’s bid to become London mayor! The recent climate change talks provide another source of embarrassment for Lord Snooty as he has just cut the grants for developing renewable energy sources. He is also currently swimming against the tide in defence policy now furtively reinstating some of the cancelled projects carried out at his behest. Yes he is very busy achieving nothing! He spends all his time running around secretly reversing all the decisions he made earlier!

The country can’t stand much more bungling the path for us in Scotland however is well signposted - we need to leave the UK rapidly!

Slow death of a lying puppet!

What a disappointment to see that Puppet Carmichael remains as an MP following a challenge by a group of his constituents. He may in parliamentary terms have done nothing wrong although how the judges arrived at this decision is beyond me! Yes the fool is as guilty as sin and he will be removed at the next election maybe by his party but without doubt by the electorate! Exposed as a charlatan, simply a cretin as far as men are concerned! Shame on the lying puppet!

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Club Membership 2016!

Photo 01 - Land rapidly disappearing at the dam wall!

Club Membership 2016!

As the year nears its end we must now look to the coming one and for those seeking to become members of the club or renew existing memberships it’s time to get ready to apply for your memberships. The good news is that there is no change in the fees the rates afe £55.00 for first time membership or members who apply out with the time frame and £35.00 for renewals which represents very good value indeed!

A change is being introduced this year to aid identity checks in that each member must supply a photograph which will be printed onto the card before it is laminated making tampering very difficult. Now Mr Xxxxx our membership secretary has advised that it would be much easier for him if photos in digital format were supplied as opposed to already printed passport type photos.

Now this is very easy to do all that it entails is to take a selfie and send it to Mr Xxxxx by e mail and he will resize as required. Now if you don’t own a phone with a camera you will likely know someone who does and ask them. Failing that come up to the loch and we will take one for you! It needs to be stressed here that it is of vital importance that the photos are tied to applications or at least a name so we can marry the two. The last thing we want is to have a heap of photos and a list of names so please make sure we can tag the photos to a name!

Remember that if paying by cheque make the cheques payable to St Mary's Angling Club and not to a club official! Please also make sure you apply within the time limits for issue which this year is between the 1st of January and the 14th February. All 2015 memberships will terminate on this date! Please allow time for the memberships to be processed and the trick here is to apply in good time! So start pulling things together and get the process rolling.

Photo 02 - the new gully at almost full capacity!


Photo 03 - No go area for fishing yesterday! 

Looks like rain!

It’s been a bit of a downpour for the last while and couple that with horrific winds and you have some thoroughly unpleasant days! Today was the first time this year we could not fish, the wind was hellish and pods were upturned as soon as they were placed!

We should have guessed when we found the road closed but pushed on up the Ettrick valley cutting over to the Yarrow valley and after ploughing through some very deep water we got there. Had a look at the flood protection works at the bottom of the loch and I think it has helped a bit but the water level was rising quickly so that may change. Think I will be tuning in to the Countryfile long range forecast tonight to see whats coming! 

End of the week looks dodgy!

Photo 04 - Raging torrent at the skinworks cauld Galashiels!

The Wild Fisheries Review!

Word has come out on this important process and the word seems to be that as far as the River Tweed Commission is concerned the status quo will be adopted. I will refrain from further comment until I have had a chance to review the input from bodies other than those with a Salmon interest. My initial thoughts are that if we are to have the same arrangements then the progress of research into species other than Salmon will be painfully slow!

The wider world in my view!

Colonel Snooty saves the day!

Of course these were the words uttered by Lord Snooty a man who thinks he is a statesman of some repute! Indeed to a certain extent he is correct but the repute is 100% negative for in reality he is but an arrogant posh boy! He was referring to all who were intent on voting against bombing in Syria and will come to regret his ill chosen outburst!.

He was asked in questions to the PM no less than 15 times if he would apologise for his massive gaffe, he however would not apologise! The nearest he came to apologising was to state that there was honour in voting for or against further rubble production for that is all that the bombing will accomplish along with random civilian casualties!
Jumped up overgrown schoolgirl Nicky Morgan (she is in charge of ruining education) dug herself into the mire on the BBCs question time when she asserted that Lord Snooty was right to label those against bombing as terrorist sympathisers! Two idiotic privately educated morons unable to string two words together resort to school playground tactics!

The worrying thing of course is that these fools are reputed to be running the country! Lord Snooty of course is now in his element pumped up with bravado with veteran Tornado jets dropping bombs into Syria. After two years plus of unrelenting bombing the five air strikes carried out by the RAF appear already to have turned things around. It's all beginning to look like a fantastic story in a Marvel comic featuring Colonel Snooty and his invulnerable air force! What none of the pro bombing lobby answered was who and where the 70,000 ground troops are, often referred to by Lord Snooty.

Of course Daesh must be wiped out, but as is usual instead of carefully considering the facts, Lord Snooty without question immediately falls into line with American thinking and joins in reducing Syria to rubble! There is no coherent plan, no end strategy. Do we just keep sending bombs in? The mythical 70,000 strong army of course could save the day but to know who they are would be a good start!

Once again we find ourselves embroiled in a conflict which will be extremely difficult to resolve if it ever can be! The country must be reaching for the sedative bottle as the Walter Mitty types that comprise our government blunder from one mess to another! The future looks desperately bleak on our shores and now overseas as well, time we were an independent nation methinks!

Duffer of the week!

Checking in to First Minister’s Questions this week I was astounded to hear Borg Queen Ruth Davidson from the Toxic Tories attack the Scottish Government over the drop in bursary support for Scottish students!  And the worst bit of it was that she was sincere! The sheer cheek of this woman is astounding or else she is completely deranged!
Gideon Osborne the Tory jester who plunges this country into one crisis after another has just announced that all bursary support will cease leaving students facing massive debts! Yes the Scottish government has decreased bursary support but only because Osborne has cut the grant to the Scottish government and resultantly some areas must be cut!

Ruth Davidson has appeared on several comedy TV programmes and by all accounts was an abject flop! Unfortunately for her as a politician she is a complete duffer!