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The poor relation!

Photo 01 - Just before the massive downpour yesterday!

The poor relation!

I received a few e mails last week following our piece on the Tweed Trout & Grayling Initiative, most were for the point of view that we adopted that progress was much too slow. As we stated last week the stumbling block is funding. One topic after another is carefully filed and gathers dust until funding is secured.

One e mail wondered why the group were formulated as the Tweed Trout & Grayling Initiative and not the Tweed Trout & Pike Initiative. Obviously the title was formulated a good while ago and in the past, both Grayling and Pike were and indeed in some corners still are considered vermin! The sender probably correctly asserts that more people fish for Pike than Grayling and that Pike have been established in the catchment for a much longer time! I can but agree with this and can offer no explanation as to why Grayling was considered for inclusion in this forum!

Another mailer wondered why Grayling are included at all! He went on to say that any Grayling he catches are removed from the water either for eating or simply thrown up the bank (not sure thats a good idea)!  The reason he gives is that the food consumed by these fish rightly belongs to Trout, Grayling being an introduced species and they can outcompete Trout for this food. Similarly he said any monies spent on research into Grayling should cease immediately and the money invested in Trout research.

My understanding on the last point is that the money and time spent on the Grayling side is negligible and shifting that money and time would make little difference! Another e mailer who specifically asked that we respect his anonymity said that the Tweed Commission was created for the advancement of Salmon fishing and nothing will sway them from attaining that goal. They have no interest whatsoever in Trout fishing but merely put up a front to appease the peasants who cannot afford a day Salmon fishing on the Tweed! Strong stuff but it's amazing how many anglers hold this view!

People in the Borders are not noted for their militancy so any change must come via other avenues! In our response to the Wild Fisheries Review (given the number 120 by the Scottish Government) we called for more funding to be given to other species of fish and it looks likely that we are among only a few responses calling for this! Once the whole results process is published we will look further into this as if correct it would not say very much for Trout clubs if indeed this is the case!
There seems to be a new breed of anglers populating clubs who are politically naive and unwilling to take part in the shaping of future angling which is not a good omen for future days!

So where does that leave Trout angling? For all that Trout angling has a large participation level albeit the river side is dwindling and the “plastic” side growing it means that the river fraction must rely on public bodies whereas the “plastic” side can raise the revenue and employ private companies. The two sections however are best considered apart as the research will mostly be non transferrable!

It is possible to blunder onwards in the fashion of old without research but this would not bode well for the future. We must have meaningful developments shaped by research, the problem is how we get this! The amount of research we are currently getting is much less than we need. It is unlikely anglers would get behind a pressure group pressing government for increased funding and there would be no fruit in trying to get the DSFBs (District Salmon Fishery Boards) to commit more money to Trout fishing!

Unless the Wild Fisheries Review comes forward with a change of emphasis forced on to DSFBs to devote more funding to other species we are sunk! All public bodies across the spectrum have been hobbled by the Tory government as they destroy everything that we hold dear, the coffers are bare! We are the poor relation of Salmon fishing and by whatever means this needs to change as a matter of urgency!

Massive sale!

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Photo 02 - Vibrant autumn colour!

The wider world in my view!

 An act of war!

Sometimes it's hard to find appropriate words to describe a specific event and that applies here. Reminiscent of the very worst of the Bosch in WW2 here we saw the very worst of humanity absolutely mindless slaughter to no end! Yes the atrocities carried out in Paris on Friday night have been described by the French president as an act of war! The Islamic animals ISIS more properly known as Daesh (since this is a derogatory term and removes any hints of legitimacy) have claimed responsibility for the atrocities! It is clear Daesh are intensifying their campaign and the attacks on Friday showed just how easy it was to carry out their dastardly deeds! In anything other than a police state such actions are not easily detected!

If it was a war in the traditional manner with the enemy easily identified then revenge can be properly directed but with these suicide bombers there is no easy way to detect them short of repatriating all people from suspect countries! Of course this would not go down well with the PC crusaders but it may well come down to this or similar actions!

Things will change because of the events of the last two weeks Russia will exact a very heavy toll on who they perceive to be the perpetrators in Syria for the bombing of the Russian jet, Russia always meets violence with crushing violence! France also will seek revenge for the bloodbath and undoubtedly increase their strikes on Syria. The downside of course and it is a serious one is that thousands of civilians will become casualties of what is essentially a stab in the dark!

Air strikes will not wipe out Daesh that has already been proven, Daesh are so diffuse with cells scattered all over the globe that it is near impossible to single them out for destruction! The choices then are move to all out war with the obliteration of Iraq, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan with possibly a few other countries. Of course such a scenario is highly unpalatable to the majority of people as it would be all out murder along the lines created by the Bosch! The only other alternative is to pull out of these countries and let them run their own lives!

The western world cannot escape the fact that much of the trouble emanating from these countries was in part precipitated by the western world poking their noses in where it was not welcome! Daesh are a group of fanatics who will strike time and time again in a place of their choosing with little chance of detection. There will be further atrocities in this country there is no doubt and the western world must stand up and take stock and decide what must be done.

The choice is unending terrorist attacks and countless £billions lost in futile bombing campaigns or we can admit defeat as others such as the Soviet Union had to do in Afghanistan or America in Vietnam and pull out! It’s not an easy decision but I would pull out for to stay in will only lead to increasing tensions between ethnic groups here in the UK leading to a breakdown in our society and a massive expenditure in armaments, it’s just a pity we have a group of war mongering buffoons governing who are completely out of their depth!


The last few weeks have been a real eye opener with regard to the rabble that call themselves our government! Did you ever see such a bunch of chancers fools and outright diddys! The reforms planned by Lord Snooty to increase Sunday trading were quickly withdrawn after it became clear they were going to be defeated thanks to the SNP! These Tories would have the working classes working 7 days/week with no premium for unsocial hours or any thought to the quality of life or lack of experienced by those working fragmented shifts!

Police forces everywhere were left completely bemused when after unprecedented cuts to their budgets they were again told to secure further savings of up to 40%! Of course there were swift representations from chief constables and even blue nosed Tory MPs that this target was completely unrealistic and unachievable! So the bunglers went back to re-examine their books and it turns out the massive cuts demand was a mistake!
Lord Snooty pompously parading around Europe banging the drum for England has finally sent his letter to the EU outlining the demands he wants to seek for England! You honestly could not make this up but the pre letter rhetoric smacked of hefty demands with regard to sovereignty and withholding benefits to EU migrants for a period up to 4 years!

Of course as is always the way with Lord Snooty the actual demands amount to absolutely nothing, in fact the majority of them are already met. He incurred the wrath of the other EU leaders and later was positively roasted by his own party! Yes it’s a common Tory ploy to magnify the hurdles to be overcome then greatly lessen the demands and hey presto it’s another huge achievement won by Lord Snooty!  The star prize however goes to Lord Snooty for a letter sent by him to the leader of the council in his area asking why the council have not cut backroom staff instead of cutting frontline services! The council are poised to cut libraries, elderly day centres museums and a host of other things that have become a part of our society. The council leader wrote back to inform the dizzy Lord Snooty that cutting backroom staff took place years ago and the above was all that remained to be cut!

The letter just goes to show how out of touch Lord Snooty is, the man who who is a rank lightweight and does not know the price of a pint of milk has no idea whatsoever the extent and damage his ill thought out cuts are causing! Pure unadulterated incompetence!

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