Sunday, 22 November 2015

River Tweed here we come!

Photo 01 - poor conditions yesterday!

River Tweed here we come!

It's our annual pilgrimage to visit the the Tweed to have a bash for the Atlantic Salmon. The winner of our Wild Trout Competition Alasdair White and guest will be fishing with those who have carried out work for the club as we spend a day in old Izaaks waders! the fishing this year has been very poor as it was last year but on Wednesday the slate will be wiped and the party will set out with unadulterated enthusiasm to see what we can do!

 The water has been virtually unfishable in the last week and it is still a very big water at 3ft above normal height just a light beery colour and as our old departed mentor Major Sir Neil Westbrook used to say "a little mud in their eyes will bode well for us anglers"! We were warned to be careful wading as the flow is very strong especially for us not used to heavy flows! Lifejackets are always a good idea

Recent catches and yes there have been some caught on Saturday are always an encouragement. By the time Wednesday comes the water should have dropped significantly allowing more water to be covered. Floating lines with sink tips and light single hook flies were the order of the day in the months leading up to our visit that now might have to defer to quick sink lines and heavy tubes but we shall wait and see.

I don't know what ails the Tweed Salmon fishing and speaking to others it appears no one does.I suppose poor fishing has happened many times before but this is two years in a row! Tales of woe aside we will be bright eyed and bushy tailed on Wednesday full of belief that we may catch something, Pleeese! We will let you know how we got on next week. Tight lines to all the squad!

Closing down!

The end of October in Cappercleuch signals the closing down of the tourist outlets leaving walkers, Pike anglers and bikers to their own devices. Yes the Tibbie Shiels Inn has now closed we hope just for the winter months but that remains to be seen. Similarly The Glen Cafe has now shut down for the winter rest period after a very busy time during the summer months.

Both of these outlets are valued permit sellers for the club so their closure cuts down the places where anglers may obtain a permit to fish. Of course our loch keeper Keith is the obvious choice for anglers arriving at the loch looking for a permit. It’s worth mentioning at this point that the mobile phone coverage in the area is abysmal with many finding that their calls are dropped.

The quandary is what to do! Well if you can get through on the mobile then there is no problem but if that fails, send a text message or send an e mail as these eventually push through. The mobile networks desperately need to improve coverage here and quickly but until they do so we are left with the above situation However if you follow the above guidelines you will make contact and set yourself up with the chance of catching a monster Pike!

Photo 02 - A wintry scene!

Can you believe it!

For most of us our tackle dealers are more than shopkeepers, they are facilitators of our sport. By providing tackle from trusted and innovative manufacturers when we enter the shop we have an array of quality goods to peruse! Well Mike at Fishers in Penicuick has really shoved the boat out with his latest deals, for a week they are offering a massive 20% off yes thats 20% off all products for the rest of the week until 28/11/2015! Click the link to see the great savings and a chance to bag the gift for your angling friends and family!

The wider world in my view!

Black Wednesday!

If you eat from bone china plates and use silver cutlery then Wednesday will just be another day where you review the performance of your shares and spend a good deal of time plotting how to reduce your expenditure by cutting the wages of your already very poorly paid staff. In between times you will probably gloss over the latest catalogue from Harrods and Fortnum & Mason and choose your aperitif and meat joint for the big day.

If on the other hand you are a working family on the minimum wage or a disabled person reliant on welfare benefits to survive then Wednesday will be a day you will remember for the rest of your lives! Yes Wednesday is the day when Omnishambles guru and prize bungler Gideon Osborne will unveil his doubtless ill thought out spending review!

The first priority for Gideon is of course how to protect those who have significant wealth from suffering any cuts and find a secretive way of actually increasing their assets! The next priority for Gideon Osborne and it is equal with the first, is how to further hobble the poor by pushing more poor people into part time low paying dead end jobs! For those who are dependent on welfare benefits the target is to significantly reduce these payments to a point that going to charitable food banks becomes the norm!

Wednesday will be a black day indeed, a day that will see countless thousands pushed into abject poverty! Any of the basic things you were thankful for will be snatched away leaving you with an everyday task of how to survive! You probably thought life couldn’t get much worse but an unpleasant surprise is coming your way, it can get worse and it will!

No longer will you have the choice of whether or not to buy that sweet dessert that the kids want! Your choice will be whether to buy a bag of potatoes or put a pound in the prepay gas meter for a few minutes of heat! You will have to downgrade your choice of gift from Santa going for a much cheaper option if indeed you can afford anything at all! You will swither on whether or not to approach a charity collecting and handing out donated gifts to the ever increasing amounts of poor people!

The festive season is a time for goodwill to all men but for you it will be a tense and unseasonal struggle as you dice with the choice of going or not to a payday lender with all the consequences that brings! For you it will be a tricky time as you try and negotiate down the wishes of your kids. The parity with their peers as they show off what Santa has brought will be an uncomfortable memory as they are subject to ridiculed by their “friends”!

It needn’t have been this way but Gideon Osborne has made it so! This ideologically driven fool is intent on paring the state down but worse, doing it on the backs of the poor! Middle England voted these ogres into office its only right that they bear the brunt of his cuts! 

For the sake of the many poor, weak and disabled in our society we must break away from Westminster and create our own new and fairer future

Unabated bungling!

You have got to hand it to these Tories when they say they want to do something they just plough on to that end! However as we all know to our cost nine times out of ten, they end up doing a complete U turn and in the process cost us a few hundred £millions! This is clearly illustrated by their ridiculous demands for more cuts to the police when recent events in Paris suggest that a massive increase in funding is called for! Since 2010 we have 40,000 less police officers in a time of heightened terror attacks!

On speaking to a police officer it became abundantly clear that the supposed innocuous cuts to back room staff have a profound effect on the effectiveness of the force. Did they think that these people just played Candy Crush Saga all day? Of course they did not, but they did carry out vital work collating intelligence to aid the frontline officers! The police service has steadily been built up to reach a level where most scenarios could be dealt with, now that ability has been lost! Senior police officers are drawing a parallel between troops in WW1 where they fought Bosch machine gunners with cumbersome single shot rifles! Our police officers must be equipped with the very latest in armaments to combat the threat facing us!

Politicians of all colours have called for increased funding to better combat the threat from Daesh and yes, they have once again capitulated and U turned again!  The ideologues that populate the Tory party do not follow the established road map of plan, implement and evaluate! No, the simply implement and after losing millions of pounds on this stage U turn back to square one!

It really is getting a tad tedious and middle England should be thoroughly ashamed at what they have done! Lord Snooty and his band of ace bunglers are systematically dismantling the state and whilst that does not really affect him and his well heeled chums, for us the working classes it destroys the very fabric of our society!
The posh boys live in a different world one where Victoriana is reincarnated with the ultra poor and the mega rich, is this really where we want to go? Lame duck Diddy Ian Duncan Smith’s welfare reforms are now being linked to a massive rise in suicides amongst claimants so humiliating and demeaning is the qualification process! The list is endless and expanding daily and society moves in the direction of Butcher Thatcher’s dogma of grab what you can by any means you can!

For me and the majority of Scots this won’t do! There will be no momentum towards a more equal society under these fools. The only way that people who care about poor people can move forward is to grab independence and leave the Westminster shambles behind! There is now no doubt this day is approaching quickly but for the sake of poor people it cannot come quickly enough!

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