Sunday, 29 November 2015

A near whiteout!

 Photo 01 - Looking down the Tweed towards Elwyn Foot!

A Near Whiteout!

It was a fine if atypical November morning with a mild breeze and very bearable temperatures when we headed down to the Upper Pavilion beat on the Tweed to have our autumn days Salmon fishing. Elliot, Stevie myself and Alasdair White our competition winner got tackled up and headed off to the respective swims we had chosen.

Elliot and Stevie headed for the North bank of Gala foot whilst I took Alasdair to the North bank of the Brig End fishing down to Ellwyn foot. The water was beery and about 2.5ft up from normal so wading was out!  Once they were all set up and fishing I headed off for a hospital appointment and blow me if I didn’t have to wait for 90 minutes (poor show BGH) staring at the ceiling and twiddling my thumbs!
When I got out and switched my phone on I had a message from Alasdair, he had a fish on and lost it! I needed a few heavy tube flies and found myself heading into Gala and then it struck me Turnbulls is no longer there the only option then was to head off to the Borders Gunroom and indeed when confronted by a massive selection I selected a few and set off like a cat with two tails!

On getting to the Brig end he said that he had had it on for around 30 seconds and then the line went limp and it was off! He said a few fish were showing but that they were every colour bar silver! Up at Gala Foot the situation was worse, in spite of fish showing all over the place neither of the lads had a pull! A couple of silver fish showed at the start but in spite of being specifically targeted ignored their offerings!

Time for lunch and some time to decide where next or stay put. We all decided to try the other side of the river and Alasdair headed for Purdies hole,  Stevie and Elliot went up to the railway viaduct and fished down. Very few fish were spotted in the afternoon and indeed no one had a touch.

Yes it ended up another blank day with Alasdair’s lost fish nearly taking the crown. All the lads had enjoyed their day out on a class beat on the Tweed but some questions need to be asked in view of the last two years appalling results! Did the run of fish end mid October? Are the numbers of fish severely depleted and if so why? Is it time to end November fishing for Salmon as 90% of fish seem to be heavily coloured? Where are the legendary Greybacks famed for travelling late November?

The Tweed for the first time I can recall had many fishing vacancies, when the default position was you got a day if someone died! There is much at stake here the reputation of the Tweed is dissolving, another couple of poor years could see it sunk being classed as just another river with a few Salmon running!

Our post mortem however put things into perspective! We had the run of a great Salmon beat, one that Sir Walter Scott fished often. We were a group of anglers in the footsteps of old Izaak. If Alasdair had landed his fish it would have been a whiteout but he didn’t and it wasn’t! The Neds that usually plague us were absent and we were in the bosom of Mother Nature! Yes it was a great day out but the question must be asked, where are all the fish?

As usual the lads asked me to pass on their thanks to the family for the gift of a day on their beat and I will most certainly pass this on to them. We will have a spring day to see if we can fare any better but there is no doubt change is afoot regarding Salmon numbers here’s hoping things improve quickly!

Photo 02 - An angry St Mary's Loch yesterday!

The wider world in my view!

More high buffoonery!

Last Wednesday will go down in history as the day prime minister designate Gideon Osborne was made to eat his words in front of the British public! No one was particularly surprised as the fool was due a fall after the unprecedented defeat by the House of Lords on the tax credits fiasco! Forced to eat humble pie the dimwit had to scrap his plans to further punish the poor for now at least and breach his own welfare cap limit! Similarly with the proposed police cuts he had to U turn!

It’s just another load of evidence of the Tories making up policy as they go along! No thought, no testing, no evaluation, just chuck it and see policies! The running of the country appears to follow the mantra outlined in the beginners guide to high buffoonery! Gideon Osborne is akin to a court jester, every single prediction he has made has not come to pass in fact he is so far out, we are in danger of being seen as a nation of fools being run by a group of complete idiots! Even Daily Mail readers are running out of patience with the bunglers extraordinaire!

France under a socialist government have not gone with the ruinous austerity  adopted by the Tories, yet they have better healthcare, better equipped police and armed forces, longer life expectancy and a higher GDP per capita and the list goes on! The incompetent Bullingdon boys have done for this country good and proper, let’s leave them to it and go our own way with independence!

Anyone for a war!

In the next couple of weeks the MP’s of the country will be asked to vote on whether or not to go to a state of war in Syria! There can be no doubt Daesh need to be neutralised and it may indeed be necessary to go to war with troops on the ground to eradicate these devilish murderers! Air strikes on their own will just dent them and kill thousands of innocent people! Much has been made of the British “Brimstone” missiles and their very accurate trajectory. However accurate they are they cannot distinguish between a civilian and a Daesh fighter!

It has been said the UK will provide 8 warplanes with a limited number of bombs so the ordinance will not make much difference (other than increasing the production of rubble) as the Russians, American’s and French have been bombing for a long time with it has to be said limited success! Joining in the bombing will simply be a way of expressing solidarity with the other countries nothing more! But we need to look at the past conflicts and see that blundering into foreign countries inevitably turns out to be a disaster for all involved!

What needs to be seen here is a plan where the objectives are stated and the outcomes expected are explained. Lord Snooty wanted to bomb Syrian president Assad, now he wants to leave Assad alone and bomb Daesh, this ambiguity won’t do!  Troops on the ground will be needed to finish the job, if indeed that is possible it has not been made clear who those troops would be! Getting involved here needs a deal of thought and it is now clear we cannot rely on Lord Snooty who only wants to please the Americans!

If a coherent plan can be formulated with the outcomes defined then military action should probably be taken, this plan has yet to materialise, On no account must we commit to go to war at the behest of Lord Snooty, his judgement is highly suspect and if we do take his word he will do for us all!

The age of bullying!

It seems to be ever present in our current society the act of bullying! You will remember we told of the angling bully some months ago and now the squeaky clean Tories have been exposed as a party where bullying is rife! Super arrogant ex Tory chairman Grant Shapps has resigned (thank god) after failing to act after bullying was reported to him and is likely to be the first casualty of many in what will unravel to be another serious blot on the Tories record! Bullying is a scourge on our society and when it permeates to angling and politics we all need to sit up and take notice. We must report, expose and decry these bullies wherever we find them!

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