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The final assault of 2015!

Photo 01 - A view from Bowerhope!

The final assault of 2015!

Yes with only days to go before the season for Brown Trout closes for 2015. Yesterday saw all our boats out with Trout hunters seeking the ever elusive scale buster! The heavy trout for this season is currently 1lb 4oz caught by Elliot Fraser earlier in the season, now it’s not a heavyweight compared to past catches but it is the heaviest recorded. If you think you can whack this you have until midnight on Tuesday, good hunting!

It has not been the most prolific of seasons for Brown Trout and no doubt it will end up as one of the more forgettable ones! Our longest serving member Pete Young has described this season as the worst he has ever experienced in 70 years of fishing. Blanks were aplenty and rising Trout almost nonexistent. This will however tie in with a notable absence of fly life on the surface of the loch. Cold conditions in the earlier part of the season were probably a major factor in the absence seeing anglers coming off the boats with blue hands and no fish!

There is no explaining the weather, we take what we get it’s that simple and here in October we are experiencing some of the coldest nights and hottest days of the year. A sort of free gift of warmth which was so sadly deficient during the time we call summer. Unfortunately the week ahead is set to see us return to business as usual with a howling wind and rain!

Certainly if you are a boat angler the conditions you endure are significantly more extreme than that of bank anglers. I recollect many times conversing with anglers disembarking their boat complaining how cold it was when we that were on the banks did not suffer from cold conditions. It is possible to spend a good deal of time analysing why the season turned out to be a poor one but realistically we simply have to accept it and fish on to the best of our abilities!

We will never see the returns reach anything like that before the stocking of the lochs was stopped. Now the rights and wrongs of that decision is a complete story in itself, many seeing the situation being brought about by Salmon lobbying groups fearful that their Salmon may pick up some kind of disease introduced from a fish farm via stocking.  Any argument that the purity of the strain of Trout would be lost  however is blown right out of the water as stocking year after year got rid of the original strain a long time ago!

Our anglers however are pragmatists they take the conditions they are given They are not anglers seeking the ease of “plastic” fishing rather they embrace the challenge in front of them, that is wild fish in a very big and sometimes very wild pond indeed! Yes all sorts of ironmongery will enter the loch today as anglers implement their final assault of the season. There will be hopes aplenty and maybe a few will ponder the possibility of a record breaker because it does happen, the next few days will reveal all and we must wait and see!

Again we remind anglers that our AGM is coming up on the 21st of this month at the Tibbie Shiels Inn commencing at 7.00pm. It’s an informal night where we all sit together with no top table and everyone will have a chance to speak if they so wish. So please do come along you will be most welcome!

What now?
With the season for Brown Trout all but gone you might be wondering if there is any sport to be had during the winter months. Well the good news is that there is plenty. Fishing at the loch continues with Pike fishing available all year round and there is some good sport to be had but it's not for the infirm. Conditions can be extreme so best make sure you are well wrapped up as it can be bitingly cold! 

Many "plastic" fisheries remain open all year round so if you are desperate to see a bend in your rod these might be worth a shot and if you pay enough you might get a couple for the pot. In the same vein Grayling fishing is available on the Tweed and it's tributaries. Like the "plastic" fishing this can simply be a matter of reeling them in if you encounter a shoal. I've eaten Grayling in the past but would not recommend it but since we are all different you might like them. So there you go no need to sit in front of the fire watching laborious repeats of Midsomer Murders, get out and enjoy the crisp air!

The wider world in my view!

Are we really a civilised society?

Some of you will have tuned in to watch the BBC programme on a food bank in Dundee on Monday night and I must admit it was compulsive viewing! Here we are in the 21st century in a country that’s ranked the 5th most prosperous in the world yet we see food banks springing up all over the place. We even have one in Galashiels run by a coalition of churches.

According to the Trussell Trust who run the majority of food banks in the country the numbers required are rapidly spiralling upwards as the Tory oppression increases! Millions of voters will now be realising the error of their ways as an unopposed right wing Tory administration run riot over all of our public services. Cleverly utilising the plethora of TV programmes highlighting the “benefit scroungers” and there are some but not nearly as many as they would have us believe! In true Tory tradition they plough onwards fighting for “hardworking families” (sarcasm!).

Of course the reality is much different as you could plainly see from the programme on Monday. People with organic disorders vilified, marked down as scroungers having their benefits stopped with nothing at all to live on! Just what kind of civilised people do that? The job centres charged with carrying out Tory policy with no exceptions are basically in the main staffed by halfwits who carry out orders without question. These people are not qualified in any field merely robotic in their actions, the ideal tool of a harsh uncaring administration!

We cannot see human beings being pushed to the edge by these fools who have no idea of what real life entails. Every person in this country has a right to the basic necessities of living, they don’t need colour TVs but they do need food so why can the government not meet this need instead of relying on charities. The biggest worry however is the increasing numbers of working people being forced to go cap in hand to a food bank to feed their families simply because their “wages” do not allow them to carry out this basic need!

This Tory government and the puppets in the last administration have brought us to this humiliating position. People having to beg for food whilst Lord Snooty and his like enjoy 5 course dinners with high purity cocaine for afters! It’s so far wrong it is absurd! The wealth of this country desperately needs to be redistributed. The lack of compassion and humanity shown by this inept government is absolutely staggering! Thank god we are leaving them behind!

Photo 02 - The train gathers speed!

The Borders Railway.

I recently had occasion to travel on the train as i needed to pick up one of my bikes which was in Tweedbank undergoing an MOT test (she passed!). On entering the “interchange” I enquired as to how to obtain a ticket and was told by a railway employee that I would be best to buy a ticket on the train as often the conductor will miss you and travel would be free! Indeed it was thus, my £1.80 remained in my pocket!

Of note was the amount of litter on the track and in the carriages, McDonald’s wrappers, Costa coffee cups and general debris was everywhere immediately creating a negative impression. The journey itself was very good quick, smooth and reassuringly 7 minutes late! There can be no doubt this mode of travel is a step above bus travel and will make journeys to Edinburgh most pleasant.

From what I could deduce the majority of the passengers were nostalgia seekers reliving the old Waverley line experience and a few train buffs soaking up the technicalities. Any new mode of transport should be welcomed but for those who wait to see the Borders revitalised by the train, take some deep breaths and relax, for it will be a very long wait indeed!

Posh boy’s conference!

Yes those with bulging bank balances will be heading off to Manchester this afternoon to seek more wealth and more punishment for the poor it is after all what defines a Tory! This administration that was propelled into power by a fluke now have free reign to clobber the poor and line the pockets of their well heeled pals!
However all is not well for Lord Snooty he has bungled the Syrian campaign, is in an insoluble situation over Europe and is facing civil unrest over their poor punishing policies! Oh and the long awaited book by Ashcroft entitled "Call Me Dave" comes out tomorrow and more revelations are promised! Rather interestingly all the delegates have been told to hide their official badges maybe something to do with the mass demonstration against austerity cuts organised by the TUC.

The last thing people struggling to survive is to see holier than thou posh boys dripping with tenners rubbing their noses in it!
There will be much backslapping and indeed bickering but the outcome for the people of the UK especially England will be dire! There will be no high points for the poor of this country emanating from the gathering of the self centred posh boy’s in Manchester!

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