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Restrictions on spinning, lures and flies!

Areas in red are no go areas until 15/03/2016

Restrictions on spinning/lures and flies!

Yes every year when the season for Brown Trout ends our restrictions on spinning/lure and fly fishing come into place. We agreed these restrictions with the Tweed Commission a number of years ago with the aim of safeguarding the migratory fish that enter the loch. Should any such fish be hooked it should be carefully unhooked preferably in the water and returned to complete its journey.

The map above shows the restricted areas in red.

The rules regarding these methods of fishing are as follows-

From the 6th of October until the 15th of March fishing by means of lure fly or spoon must be with such items over 5 inches in length  this is to lessen the chances of hooking a migratory fish.  There is a 100yd exclusion zone around the entrance of any feeder burn entering the loch.

At the bottom of the loch there is an exclusion zone marked by two white posts sited in the margins just before Kirkstead burn and directly across below which no fishing is permitted with the exception that dead baiting is permitted. These posts require re painting and have been removed they will be re sited next week meantime any queries please speak to Mr Xxxxx our loch keeper. Anglers are reminded to comply with these restrictions and they will be enforced by our bailiffs as well as the River Tweed bailiffs!


Our AGM takes place on Wednesday commencing at 7.00pm at the tibbie Shiels Inn on the banks of the loch. Come along and have your say you will be most welcome at what is a very informal gathering.
Photo 01 - Spent Fireweed!

The wider world in my view!

Complete and utter chaos!

With the support for independence growing daily many Scots now look upon the Westminster crowd from the standpoint of an observer! The4 more these directionless fools plough the country further into the mire the nearer we are to becoming an independent nation. Lord Snooty it appears has not a clue and probably deserves the accolade of the most out of touch prime minister ever!

In spite of creating humanitarian disasters in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya Snooty is intent on pushing into Syria putting thousands of civilians at severe risk of losing their lives! Lord Snooty is often heard uttering the phrase “you have to weigh up the consequences of non intervention with the situation created by planned intervention”!
He seems to be unable to grasp the concept that if we do not intervene thousands will die as they have all throughout the history of these countries. If we do intervene then the aforementioned still occurs but many of our soldiers lives are lost and we spend hundreds of millions of tax payers money in armaments and logistics!

Similarly with the NHS they skirt around the real problem of massive underfunding and implement meaningless reform which instead of making the system more efficient makes it more fragmented and of equal importance ends up costing the taxpayer hundreds of millions! To have an NHS as the majority of the public would envisage it will cost tens of billions year on year to take in the heavier demands and the rapidly rising numbers of elderly making use of the service.

On the economic front supposedly the Tories trump card they appear to be incapable of carrying simple arithmetic! The cuts in tax credits plus the new national living wage will not make poorer people better off! Even the Institute of Fiscal Studies concurs with this! The woman on Question time this week was evidence of that! Incidentally the poor woman’s mistake – She voted Tory, a stupid mistake which will haunt her for the next four years!

It doesn’t matter on which front you focus the outcome is the same. A mixture of incompetence, stupidity and compassionless bungling that can only lead to one outcome. The outcome is of course the poor and needy becoming significantly worse off. It’s akin to being in a sadomasochistic novel but the consequences are very real indeed! There are millions who placed their votes wrongly and indeed did not place their votes at all who will suffer badly over the next four years. The message is simple –
Do not vote Tory under any circumstances!

A new future on the horizon!

Who would have thought it the SNP massively growing in membership in spite of being in government? It is completely turning upside down the usual pattern of events where the longer a party remains in power the more unpopular they become. There is no question that support for independence is growing rapidly and the next referendum is very close indeed!

In Scotland the opposition is weak. Labour is still reeling from the kicking dished out by the Scottish electorate. The Tories are in Scotland a shrinking force as their true colours are exposed and given their current policies will never again be a force in Scottish politics. ! Borg Queen Ruth Davidson says the coming election could be a record event for the Scottish Tories. Indeed it will be, but the record will be for the lowest number of MSPs ever! The Scottish Puppets are completely irrelevant and for the purposes of discussion will be ignored!

There is a real chance of the SNP taking all 73 elected seats leaving the hangers on to fight for the second flight seats! Quite frankly what has occurred in Scottish politics is without precedent, all effective opposition has been wiped out leaving a few directionless whingers! It’s not difficult to fathom out what has brought about this sea change in public opinion.

What differentiates our Scottish government from the morons in Westminster is honesty, equality and vision! Compare Westminster’s Gideon Osborn’s numerous predictions on the economy, not one single prediction has come to pass he moves on simply by con tricks and bungling! The diddys at Westminster have nothing to say on equality they are more than happy to reward the rich and punish the poor! On a vision for the future the Tories seem content to preside over a fragmented nation whose industry comprises TESCO, ASDA et al whilst allowing our real industry (steel) to die whilst doing nothing!

We in Scotland are choosing a different future, we seek a degree of fairness in government dealings whilst offering a safety net to those less fortunate. We need and will get with independence a trait not seen for a very long time- competent government! We will seek to invest much more heavily in health care making the Scottish NHS the envy of the world. We will seek to bring on industry protecting that which we have and nurturing new businesses rather than relying on supermarkets, consumer debt and their like. We will seek a redistribution of land returning much back into public ownership. 

My hope is that one day an enlightened Scottish government will adopt the policies of the left wing Labour party giving hope to the weak, poor and disabled of the country! It is clear that Scots take a more compassionate view seeking to ensure all can benefit from a country’s prosperity!
To achieve these aims will require a super strong Scottish government and to this end we must ensure that all Tory, Puppet and Labour opposition is brought to their knees come election time to ensure our independent future!

Photo 02- My Old Skool Zephyr 550!

My motorcycle restorations!

Kawasaki Zephyr 550

A few of you have asked how I am getting on with the 3 projects I set myself earlier in the year, Yes these were the beasts that have taken up much of my time this year and indeed are still doing so. The Kawasaki Zephyr 550 is done with new rear shocks, new fork seals and a complete re spray. Coupled with a general tidy up job and service and she was ready for the road. Based on Kawasaki’s unburstable Z series engine she should see 100,000 miles no problem!  Of course she suffered the normal winter of neglect syndrome with gummed up carburettors which necessitated stripping the carbs and clearing the jets. However carb cleaner would not clear the blockage and I had to employ an old tactic of soaking them in hot caustic soda which worked a treat!

The other condition that goes hand in hand with gummed up carbs following a winter of neglect is that of seized brake calipers and all three were rock solid. However some hammer work with a rubber hammer (ended up with a 3lb lump hammer!) on the sliders and employing a grease gun on the bleed nipples sent the seized pistons out at a rate that wouldn’t disgrace a Kalashnikov! A rebuild with judiciously applied red rubber and copper grease had them back stopping as Mr Kawasaki intended. A routine service and she was ready for the road.

I have covered near a thousand miles on her and she is a most satisfying ride, a bike very easy to get on with, handling well and showing acceleration enough to embarrass most cars! I took her up to 110mph on a private road of course and she is quite stable at this speed. I was going to sell her but she is so different from my other mounts I may end up keeping her! We shall see!

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