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Important new rules!

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Important new rules!

Following our AGM there are now changes to our club rules mainly pertaining to those who fish for Pike in the loch. From now on a permit whether club membership or day ticket shall entitle the holder to legally fish with three rods instead of the previous limit of four rods. This would seem to be the accepted number of rods across the country.

Mr Xxxxx our loch keeper has noted over time that some anglers take up a rather large area of shoreline fishing with four rods but having these rods covering a large distance! This of course is unacceptable and the meeting has deemed that the three rods in use must all be within 50 yards. So the distance between your two outer rods must not be more than 50 yards!

Our membership cards will change in design and a photograph will be laminated on to your membership card. So please enclose a passport type photograph along with your membership application for the coming season. Any member fishing over at Bowerhope must place their membership card on the dashboard where it can be seen clearly!

We have now arrived at a design for our pier and it will be a floating type with anchors to secure it. We hope to have the boat bay excavated by the Flood Protection Scheme in the next few weeks and this will allow us to progress this work. Meantime we are having moulds made so that we can cast concrete weights.

Elliot Fraser gave us a rundown of our financial position and it was pleasing to hear that once again we are in good financial standing. Our permit outlets have all returned good receipts and we are most grateful to the Glen Cafe, the Tibbie Shiels Inn and Fishers in Penicuick and of course our loch keeper who sells the majority of our permits. The club committee of seven members were re elected en bloc, and members should be aware that these lads give up a great deal of their own time carrying out work that progress the aims of the club. St Mary’s Angling Club is in the debt of these stalwarts!


The meeting agreed that we should once again hold our open wild Trout competition. The date has not been cast in stone but will be around the third week in April and avoid clashing with Easter. More details will be uploaded nearer the end of the year. We will enter two teams into the Lindean inter club competition next year and in an effort to involve any interested members we are asking any member who is interested in representing the club to get in touch. Simply drop me a line on and all the names will be put in a hat and drawn out on a Saturday morning in the club boathouse.
Photo 02 - Is this whats coming?

Kirkstead trees!

Hugh Chalmers of the Tweed Forum recently visited our tree planting area on Kirkstead burn and conclude the trees that are growing are doing very well indeed. However we have sustained losses due to stock ingress and natural failure so he has arranged for a further 50 trees to be sent so we can fill the gaps. We have declined to carry out any works at Riskinhope due to the precarious condition of the fencing and banks!

The wider world in my view!

A new poll tax!

You have just got to hand it to these Tories, when they say they are going to do something they go ahead and do it even when the whole world tells them it’s the wrong thing to do! Their attack on working tax credits is of course what I am referring to, in spite of the fact that Lord Snooty promised on camera that the tax credits would remain untouched!

This of course has become the trademark of the Tories promising something then as soon as they get the chance do exactly the opposite of what they have said! All the independent financial advisory bodies have come out and said that the so called “living wage” and increases in tax thresholds will not combine to make up the shortfall caused by taking away tax credits leaving many low paid families worse off to the tune of thousands of pounds!

It then becomes very clear that the sacrifices to be made to satisfy the Tories will be heaped upon those who are already struggling to survive! No surprise when I say that these were exactly the people the Tories said they would not target! Remember the phrase uttered by Lord Snooty and minister without a clue Gideon Osborne “we are all in it together”! The recent developments don’t really back up that somewhat lofty statement and what we are seeing is the same old Tories and same old policies!

Feelings are beginning to overheat as it becomes clear what the real intentions of the master bunglers are! It’s as it always was with the Tories punishing the poor to reward the rich! The dithering general public (in England thankfully) who voted these dolts in must now be cowering in shame with regard to what they have done! The lives we led 10 years ago will never be revisited until they are bundled out!

There is however a chance to stop this outrageous measure (for which the Tories do not have a mandate!) via the House of Lords and it will be most interesting to see if they have the courage to carry out what they say they will! Quite frankly these measures need to be stopped by whatever means necessary! It may come via the Lords although I have my doubts rather it will come later from public demonstration along the lines that did for Butcher Thatcher!

It is moves such as the introduction of the above measures that bring home exactly what it means to be a Tory! Working class people mean nothing to these devils they seek only to line the pockets of their own kind! Here in Scotland they are near to extinction as we have seen through them a good while ago. Consequently many Scots will take part in demonstrations against such injustice but a successful campaign will require a much higher level of input from English people, for it was them that put these clueless brutes into power!

Once again we find ourselves being governed by a bunch of incompetent liars! Many families will now feel duped by these idiots and will suffer because of that, if however you voted for them then what’s coming is your just rewards! The jobs created by the posh boys are not real jobs they are part time low quality jobs that do not pay enough to sustain a family. These people will now be pushed into poverty doubtless having to rely on food banks!

The damage that has been done to our society by the Tories is truly astonishing. They have decimated our heavy industry getting rid of many manufacturing jobs replacing them with worthless service industry jobs. They have starved our councils of money required to keep our core services and now councils starved of cash are paying off staff in huge numbers because there is nothing left to cut! Our police service has been cut to the bone leaving us with a skeleton service leaving a severely diminished level of policing and still they want to cut more! Our health service is on its knees due to massive underfunding and is struggling like never before and it will only get worse while politicians continue to deny the real problem and skirt around the edges!

This is the result of Tory government, everything we hold dear has been wrenched from us leaving us in a position similar to Victorian times! The United Kingdom cannot survive another four years of Tory government, we in Scotland can and must abandon ship before the crash! The SNP now needs to change gear and push forward the date of the next referendum. There are many factors that could trigger the next vote but none are as compelling as four further years of a pernicious Tory government! The seeds of a new poll tax have been sown!

Bravo SNP!

I was delighted to read this week that Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh the SNP MP for Perthshire has tabled a bill that would allow the Scottish Government to give emergency money to those who have had their benefits sanctioned by Iain Duncan Smiths vile administration! What kind of government cuts off the means to exist for that is all that benefit payments allow! Only a cruel compassionless and thoroughly repugnant administration like the Tories is the answer!

Ms Ahmed Sheikh has highlighted the stark difference between us Scots and the English in that we do care for those less fortunate and we seek a future where the right to live is enshrined in our very own constitution. So SNP lets hear a lot more like this and bravo Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh and the SNP!

A real life comedian!

Some of you may have noticed Borg queen Ruth Davidson appearing on the satirical news programme “Have I got news for you”! She was desperate to generate some mirth but it was only the mocking of her and her despised party by the other panelists that drew any laughs. She sat stony faced as the panelists exposed the loathsome Tories for what they are! The funny thing was that although she failed as a comedian in the show, in her real life job she is a comedian of some repute! Yes as leader of the Scottish Tories and an MSP she is a laugh a minute, stick to the day job Ruth you will get way more laughs!

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