Sunday, 13 September 2015

The last mile!

Photo 01 - Our new fish way working well!

The last mile!

Yes the Brown Trout season which seems as though it had just started is now nearing its end. The Trout will have become bigger, wiser and ever more resourceful having gotten through the most part of the season. For most the season ends at the end of the month but we hang on an extra week until the legal end of the season.

By no means has this been a great year for those seeking our wily Trout with only occasional catches worthy of comment. Elliot Fraser is ahead with regard to our heavy Trout cup with a rather diminutive 1 lb 4oz Brownie caught as part of a very good four fish bag last week. So the door is open for anyone to land a goodie and snatch the cup!

Historically many of the bigger Brownies caught towards the end of the season show that fry play a major part of the Trout’s diet as they feed heavily to pack on weight for the impending spawning rituals.  It would then be a wise angler that chooses attractor patterns and those which seek to imitate Perch fry, minnows and sticklebacks!

Sport on top of the water has not been good this year as the gloomy cool weather subdued prolific fly life making any sport available under the surface. With 4 weeks left the astute angler will be looking at the weekly forecasts on “Countryfile” and planning their days to suit any reasonable conditions that may appear.

We are now in the last mile of the 2015 season and the honours are there for the taking go and thrash the water into a foam. Tune in to "Countryfile"on Sunday night and plan a few days (remember and look for a bit of wind) and see if you can tempt one of our elusive Goliath Trout!
PS - Stevie had one to the net last week est 3.0lbs  but like a true sportsman he knocked it off! Respect!

Photo 02 - £30.00 or £3.98 see below.

The accursed path!

No doubt due to the horrific weather yesterday walker numbers were nonexistent  giving us a well earned break from having to redirect confused walkers who could not deduce whether they should be on the roadside, lochside or up on a hillside!  Following the absolute pasting we have endured over the last few weeks we now have our signs erected leaving walkers in no doubt whatsoever about where they should be walking! 

At last a week of peace and the number of walkers will diminish as the colder weather barges in!  However after to speaking with a good number of walkers the numbers coming will drop dramatically due to word getting around about the dire quality of the design and construction!

It’s a great shame because if adequate time was taken and the relevant individuals were consulted this could actually have been a good walk! As always with these schemes it happens at the behest of a remote opinionated busybody who has no concept of inclusion or cooperation! Another complete waste of time and money!

The wider world in my view!

Who would have thought it!

I was glued to the radio between eleven and twelve yesterday listening to the results of the leadership elections in the Labour party! The 500-1 outsider Jeremy Corbyn vanquished all before him claiming almost 60% of the votes cast. He was the joke candidate but a joke candidate with policies that struck a note with those who seek equality, those who seek an administration with compassion, those who want to get rid of the rich poor divide.

People voted to see essential industries taken back into public ownership, to see a restoration of trade’s union rights to see refugees from war torn countries treated with respect and dignity! At last a political leader who embraces the working class values that saw the formation of the NHS and the social security system! A leader who has a vision and clearly set out policies, a leader who is not just another shade of grey that has been the model of politics for the last thirty years!

The new outlook from the Labour party will see a return to the equal dissemination of wealth sending greedy bankers overseas to escape being taxed to the hilt and good riddance to them! Managing directors who draw absolutely ridiculous amounts of money and pay the workers who make this money peanuts better look out because the left leaning Corbyn is on your trail!

There will be much turmoil and a few resignations undoubtedly from Labour MPs who are in fact Tories and the quicker they go the better! Since Blair the Labour party has become increasingly Torified  to such an extent you could not get a Rizzla paper between them!

A new breed of voter is emerging with the young of the country; they are fed up of seeing gross inequality from increasing numbers of people having to use food banks to bankers making up to ten million in bonuses on top of their already scandalous wages! These young people can see the wealth of the country yet cannot see how this results in so many poor people forced to live on handouts!

This is a new dawn for Great Britain, like the SNP have done for Scotland Corbyn can do for the rest of the UK . He has without doubt an unequivocal mandate for change. Middle England will not be impressed by his election for he puts at risk their lifestyle built on Butcher Thatcher greed! The witch may be gone but depressingly, her legacy of greed at any cost lives on!  We can only brave the melee which will undoubtedly ensue but for the first time in a long time there is hope for the working classes of the United Kingdom!

The young in Scotland have now secured the future independence of our country, the young in the rest of the UK are now waking up to the fact that the status quo  with Lord Snooty et al is no longer an option! The electorate now have a choice, fairness and equity or the same old dreary bungling and gross inequality!

For those who cannot figure it out!

The accursed path mentioned above led me to a great example of just why the High street is dying and why it is beyond resuscitation! The recent trespassing on to our site forced us to seek out signage to suit our needs. As you can see the wordage required was not excessive yet when I went to a local vendor to get a price he quoted £30.00 for the lot.

I thought that this was a bit steep for so few words and the fact that I would have to come back the next day to pick them up more or less did for him! I went on to e bay and found a seller who would do the whole lot for £3.98 including postage and that was 1st class letter post!
As was stated the letter arrived the next day and I duly applied the lettering to Aluminium back plates and it was job done! Now it is alright (indeed noble) to talk about supporting your local shopkeepers but when you come across massive differences in price like I found this week how can shopping locally be justified? 

Consumers have a simple choice, either go down to a local vendor and pay full whack and more and get your items whenever or order from the comfort of your sofa and receive the goods the next day and end up significantly better off!
Our economy is a good way off from being sorted by the bungling Tories and sensible families look to save as much as they can when purchasing products to make their money go further in these manufactured austere times! 

How can the High Street survive when faced with such opposition, I will tell you it cannot! Whether it be due to greedy shopkeepers, high rates, low buying power or whatever reason the High Street cannot compete with the internet seller! It’s high time the bunglers on the Regional Council accepted this and put an end to the silly schemes which cost a lot and achieve nothing in terms of rejuvenating these streets!

It would be far better if more constructive thinking was allowed to flourish such as in Galashiels issuing a compulsory purchase order on all the High Street properties and the turning them into much needed social housing! Those businesses who feel they can survive a few more years should be relocated to Channel Street or Bank Street for there are many empty premises that need filling.

The reality however is that the contraction in High Street outlets will continue unabated and it will be so for the above reason! In every aspect of life there comes a time when one must face up to reality, for the High Street in Galashiels indeed the majority of towns that time is now!

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