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The first choice!

Photo 01 - Autumn flowers brightening our mood!

The first choice!

Every now and then we come across someone oblivious to the fact that a valid fishing permit is required to fish on the lochs. A day permit costs only £8.00 and for that you are allowed to fish for 24hrs which is extremely good value. On the way home yesterday we noticed a banner advertising a years golf club membership and the cost_ £399.00 season. The permit allows you to fish up to 4 rods but remember do not attempt to try and take the Mickey by purchasing one permit and then giving the rods to your pals who arrive 30 minutes later for you will be found out and there will be consequences!

There are a number of outlets where you may purchase your permits and all are recommended by us but the first choice must always be from our loch keeper! Mr Xxxxx our loch keeper comes with a wealth of knowledge on how to fish the loch and the best places to set up base depending on your requirements. Some methods work best at certain times of the year and you can unlock this information and much more by engaging with Mr Xxxxx.

In effect Mr Xxxxx works for us looking after all aspects of loch life and goings on. Naturally Mr Xxxxx earns a percentage of all permits sold as do all our other sellers but because we are not wealthy in monetary terms and let’s face it not many of us are under the clueless Tories we like him to earn as much as possible by means of permit sales as he carries out much work for us and we do not generate the revenue required to pay him anything like a living wage!

In the pursuit of the fish in our lochs local knowledge is essential and this can only be had by obtaining your permits from Mr Xxxxx. Now it’s not difficult in spite of the poor mobile phone coverage. All you need to do is phone 07724523777 and if there is no answer leave a message.  Mr Xxxxx will return your call once in an area with mobile coverage.
If however you have been unsuccessful in contacting Mr Xxxxx please do use our other outlets. However make our loch keeper your first choice! 

Remember if you require a boat/engine boat you can only do this through Mr Xxxxx. 

Club AGM

With the date of our meeting now on the horizon we invite members to come forward with any suggestions or proposals they may have. It is the easiest way of getting your point over and remember you will be most welcome! Oh yes in the past we have cleared out Muppets, clowns and bullies but these days most of the brush has been cut and all is well at the loch. So get pen to paper and let us know your thoughts or/and come along on the night
AGM 21st October Tibbie Shiels Inn commencing 19.00hrs

Photo 02 - Landed yesterday a Ladybird?

The wider world in my view!

An end to the selfish greed culture!

In political terms it’s been a very good week perhaps not so much for Lord Snooty and his band of Diddys, but certainly for Labour in particular Jeremy Corbyn it has been a busy and intense week! Corbyn has begun piecing together his policies and there is now a clear demarcation line between Labour and the Tories. This is a most welcome development as previously policy from all parties was simply centre right leaning to far right!

For the first time in a long time Labour policy is actually focused on poor people and those who from no fault of their own find themselves living on the breadline which is exactly how it should be.  Meantime Lord Snooty and his pals quaff champagne and devour lobster tails without a care in the world! Alas with Corbyn’s emphatic election comes a serious downside for England and Wales and it is a chilling prospect, that of a Tory Government in perpetuity!

However other than that I won’t delve into the electability of Corbyn’s administration as by that time we in Scotland will thankfully be an independent country and for me and the poor of the country the quicker the better! It is time to act as human beings to care for our fellow man and dispense with the Thatcherite concept of grab all you can, no matter the cost that has blighted our society!

What is clear is that young people in England and Wales are following in the footsteps of the young Scots and getting involved in politics for the first time and that can only be a good thing. The mass movement behind Corbyn is akin to the unstoppable drive by Scots for independence. These youngsters are waking up to the fact that as the fifth richest nation (no prizes for guessing who has this wealth) we should all be enjoying a better standard of living and under Lord Snooty and his like it is not so nor is it likely!
These youngsters are too young to have been corrupted by the dogma of greed spouted by Butcher Thatcher, and in many cases against the wishes of their parents are seeking an end to the rich/poor divide! They are rightly casting off the cloak of selfishness, looking to the plight of others and see that change is urgently needed and indeed inevitable! Westminster for the likes of my generation was largely untouchable, it is now not so! Mass bungling, Omnishambles budgets, and the most bizarre ideas of reform developed to save millions and actually have cost us hundreds of millions to make the service being reformed worse have led to the unmasking of these blundering fools! Who would view the interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya as successful campaigns? No one with any degree of rationality would, yet Lord Snooty hails them as hugely successful!

The clowns that play with our lives are not experts; they are just posh boys with large bank balances filling up their days with horrific consequences for the working classes! Whether by design or crass incompetence (most likely both) they are widening the divide intent on pushing the working classes into the gutter! Their recent attack on working tax credits have shown that ordinary families could lose up to £3000/year and of course it is the people at the bottom of the ladder that suffer as usual. When independent experts such as the IFS come out in droves to support this fact you know something is seriously wrong!

They also seek to further attack the working man by making Trades Unions impotent becoming handmaiden organisations akin to the toothless Royal College of Nursing, a more insipid organisation you could not find! They want to wrest the power and put it fully in the hands of the capitalist owners recreating Victorian Britain! Yes the goons are intent on saving money but they are saving that money on the backs of poor people!

In one way I feel for the posh boys as they desperately cling on to the last vestiges of rampant capitalism as the whole system implodes! The working classes are fed up of the scandalous wages paid to management executives, bankers and those who were born with silver in their mouths! People who do not have to stop and think if they can afford the latest Ferrari or diamond encrusted I phone, they simply buy it! At the other end of the spectrum poor people crowd the pound shops looking to find something to put on the table! Surely no thinking rational human being can be content with such a situation!

There is no question our current society is corrupt, it has reached a natural end. Poverty is rife and at the other end of the spectrum extravagance knows no limits! The posh boys have been busy creating part time dead end jobs which do not allow people to survive requiring top up benefits. Of course they have now withdrawn these benefits and these people are left floundering!

The problem has always been the English middle classes with their wad of shares, three bedroom semis and two cars on the drive! Compassion, empathy and care are omitted from their dictionaries as they look down from their ivory towers seeing only self interest and the quest for more wealth at any cost! The greed race is sickening in the extreme! Quite simply this is why we in Scotland must go our separate way and choose a path that leads to fairness and equity!

A brutal clueless Tory government being elected with a majority, it should make the whole country cower in shame! Oh they say they need to balance the books, but you only need to look to the USA to see that the books can be balanced by selective investment something our Scottish government will do once independence is achieved in the near future! Doing it this way does not increase the numbers of poor people which the Tories seem to excel at! They have always been coined as the “nasty party” they are living up to their name! The people of Scotland have given their judgement on the current Tory government, that judgement is that the administration is illegitimate! That being the case we must dispense with them forthwith and become an independent country as a matter of urgency!

We cannot be sure at this time what will emerge from Corbyn’s cauldron but you can bet on one thing. His policies will seek to redress the imbalance created by successive Westminster governments. For us in Scotland however the arrival of Corbyn has 5 years too late! It is quite likely in the next few years there will be civil unrest and protest marches become the norm. It looks likely our Scottish government will not implement the draconian trade union reforms and this will likely be one of the factors (there are many) leading to the final referendum that sees us cast adrift from the numbskulls that populate Westminster!

I always equate the plight of the poor in this country with the Bosch’s attempt to subdue the USSR during the Second World War! They raped, pillaged, murdered and bombed their way forward to Stalingrad pushing the Soviets ever backward towards Siberia! But like a coiled spring under extreme pressure a point was reached where the spring could not be compressed any further. The Soviets who could not be pushed any further back burst forth and unleashed on the Bosch an apocalyptic torrent of hellfire the likes of which had never seen before!

So it will be in this country! I would urge all readers who actually care about the plight of your fellow man (that would exclude most Tories!) to think seriously about getting involved in such civil disobedience campaigns, for we cannot go on the way we are doing at present! Lord Snooty is on the verge of witnessing the breakup of the UK, financial collapse and outbursts of civil unrest!

To try and continue on the road to extreme capitalism is a wasted endeavour and doing nothing maintaining the status quo marks us down as mere animals! It is the qualities such as compassion and caring for others that set us apart from the animal kingdom and appear to be disappearing in this wretched capitalist society! There is no, and can be no valid reason for people to be living in abject poverty in this country. There is more than enough wealth in our country to satisfy our need but not our greed! 

Change via Westminster is a long way in the future if it ever happens, therefore to achieve a society with fairness and equity as the guiding principle we must reorient ourselves. To end the selfish greed culture independence is the only option for the people of Scotland!

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