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Ring o the loch path!

Photo 01 - view from the boat house yesterday.

Ring o the loch path!

You will no doubt have noticed that last week we did not mention this monstrous development that has brought a new level of chaos to the area. Now that was not because all is well for it is not, indeed the situation is becoming increasingly more chaotic than ever! One has to wonder at the orienteering skills of some walkers many of whom I feel would get lost if they were clamped on to rails!

We are currently being assailed on four fronts, the first is the path next to the Rodono boundary which we keep to allow vehicles to come down to the shoreline. This is an area with long grass and bracken with no signs whatsoever of being a path yet they come wandering through! The second are is where the digger scraped a path in error and is blocked off with posts and branches and still they clamber over and into our boat mooring area!

The third area is our steps down to our boat house, they blunder through in spite of our signs saying “angling traffic only” and look a trifle lost when reaching our boathouse! The final area is along the shoreline where the path moves up to the grass verge. We have erected a sign pointing walkers up to the grass verge and even installed a wall of cut branches to try and stop walkers coming through our work area. But still they try and climb over the wall of branches!

This is becoming an increasingly tedious affair and is now costing us money and time we would rather spend fishing! We do not object to walkers but we do take umbrage at being invaded on a regular basis. We will now rope off the two areas between Rodono and our boathouse and install higher and deeper barriers to stop these people. Our steps will now be chained off to double the area we originally intended! The shoreline part will be further reinforced with branches and rope!

This is an area of beauty as well as being an SSSI we should not have to organise our boat house in the manner of a castle under siege but quite frankly that is what we are having to do! Yesterday we caught 7 youngsters trying to climb down to our boat mooring area because they thought this was the official walkway!  Two couples were noted walking along the road dodging cars and bikes from Kirkstead to Rodono because they thought that was the route! Last week the sound of car horns drew my attention as a group wandered along the area between our boat house to Rodono two abreast, a disaster waiting to happen!

What we have drawn from these events are that the newly constructed (loose interpretation of the word) path is grossly unfit for purpose! The constant switching from hillside to roadside verge to shoreline is a confusing puzzle patently beyond the comprehension of many walkers. The signage directing walkers is utterly inadequate demonstrated by random walkers appearing almost anywhere! The route directing walkers on to the roadside verge at several points is at the very least dangerous, demonstrating a lack of thought and planning and an urgent rethink is required before someone is badly injured! Walkers are at fault being somewhat clueless but the organisers of this farce must bear the largest part of the blame.

On speaking to walkers over the last few weeks they are absolutely astounded that this excuse for a walk required monies near to the £35,000 granted for the project with quotes like “when will it be finished” “ when will the bottoming be put down” and “this is the most confusing walk I have ever done”! What was viewed over the last few weeks as being something of a joke is now morphing into something rather more serious! Someone needs to get this sorted pronto!

Photo 02 signpost and even more area to be chained off next week.

Booking our boats!
We get a lot of feedback regarding the hiring of our boats and every now and then we need to clarify certain aspects of that process. The first thing to remember is that we are a club therefore we must give our club members the first crack at our boats. What that means is if a visitor applies for a boat at the same time as a visitor the club member will be allocated hat boat.

However once a boat is booked and the loch keeper has confirmed that booking, then that boat remains unavailable for general hire. When booking a boat you must specify what type of boat you require either 14ft Lomond or 16ft Arran. Failure to be specific could result in you hiring a boat that is unsuitable for your needs. An example would be a single angler looking for a boat to row. A Lomond is ideal whilst the sheer dimensions and weight of the Arran would make the trip a higher end  endurance test not likely to enhance your experience.

You must also be specific as to the day and time you wish to hire that boat. Saying you want a boat on Friday but being non specific as to the time or type of boat is completely unacceptable!  Our club requires revenue to survive and a scenario as above means we may miss out on a hire holding the boat for an angler who may not turn up until the evening.

So please be specific when you are booking a boat as to type and time of hire it makes life easier all round, it is after all only common courtesy.

Anglers are reminded that our AGM takes place in the Tibbie Shiels Inn on the 21st of October commencing at 7.00pm. Topics already received so far are the number of rods allowed to be fished by an angler. The amount of bank space covered by some anglers when fishing four rods. Two other proposals are being submitted but there is still time to send in a proposal or come along on the night.

 The wider world in my view!

As I said!

Yes last week I gave my views the inequalities created by bumbling politicians and indeed the system of extreme capitalism that now blights our lives. Its always good to cite examples and lo and behold some crackers appeared this week showing the dangers of persevering with a failed and discredited system.

Volkswagen the worlds largest car maker although not for much longer methinks this week admitted placing computer software in their diesel cars that could detect when the car was being subjected to testing and in such a case modify the engine management system to give improved results. It’s very clever stuff and shows great ingenuity, more importantly it also shows however flagrant misrepresentation of their product!
The software installed was to deceive testing body’s showing their diesel cars had much better emissions results and mpg than they did in fact have under normal conditions! So here we have a much respected company at the top of their game cheating to sell more cars! The question is why they felt the need to cheat!

It’s really quite simple and the answer is tied in to the system that governs our lives that of extreme capitalism and the pursuit of profit! The company whose aim was more and more profit felt obliged to attain this at any cost! Industry standards, accepted business rules and loyalty towards customers were all abandoned in favour of greed!
It’s as simple as that; profit must be pursued at any cost this is rampant capitalism at its worst! Customers become a second rate consideration and the same for the general public and the environment! For these companies greed, i.e. the quest for capital is all consuming like the like the infectious disease inflicted on the UK public by Butcher Thatcher!

In the next few weeks we will see the full extent of wrongdoing in the industry and the likelihood is that the picture will not be a pleasing one! Volkswagen has treated their customers and the general public in an utterly disgraceful fashion! Incidentally it was interesting to note that the chief executive who resigned was given a £23 million pay off deal, try and figure that one out! The only thing that is certain is that Volkswagen customers funded that deal and you wonder why cars are so expensive! Our washed up capitalist system has now reached its end and a new fairer way of living must be implemented! Volkswagen abandoned all accepted business protocols, took a big risk placing the general public in jeopardy, the strategy failed and Volkswagen must now rightly pay a very heavy price indeed!

Pork anyone!

You could not have missed the revelations laid bare by Lord Ashcroft and Isabel Oakshott pertaining to Lord Snooty our esteemed leader. Whilst most of us in our youth would nick a parking cone and transport it into someones garden whilst heavily inebriated it seems Lord Snooty preferred to stick a private part into a pigs head before dinner!

I’m not in the least surprised by the antics of the Bullingdon boys they are a particularly odd bunch of people suitable only for joining the Conservative party! Ashcroft also alleges that Lord Snooty used to dabble in cocaine and weed prior to smashing up restaurants a favourite hobby of the Bullingdon boys!  The man who now expects to be taken seriously as our Prime Minister exposed as a perverted druggy, it doesn’t get much worse! Yet again the UK is ridiculed on the world’s stage, roll on independence!

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