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Communication is vital!

Photo 01 - Canoeists & swimmers right over my baits!

Communication is vital!

I was fishing yesterday morning when a high powered boat came close by and planted an inflatable buoy near the bottom of the loch. I thought nothing of it and continued fishing only to see a canoe crossing my lines with a swimmer abreast of the canoe and then I realised that it could be the long distance swimmers who come every year to brave the worst that st Mary's can throw at them.

I shouted across to the speedboat and they came over and I asked exactly what was going on?  As I suspected it was the annual event of the long distance swimmers. Now we do not object to this kind of activity on the loch as there is room enough for all to enjoy their sport without impinging on others.

However as with the now infamous path the organisers neglected to consult with us leading to an utter shambles that resulted in my days fishing terminating at 13.00hrs. We are probably the principal loch users and events such as this can and indeed did affect our sport.

I tracked down the organisers and told them of the day’s events that led to my fishing being abruptly terminated. They were most apologetic as indeed they should be. We have now informed them that we must be contacted prior to this event and we have stated we will only agree to the swim going ahead next year if the following conditions are met.

(1) Swimmers and accompanying craft must remain at least 100 metres from the loch edge on whichever bank they are swimming.
(2) Rescue craft must travel at low speed emergencies excepted in order to avoid creating a huge wake that can catch anglers especially wading anglers.
(3) We are contacted at least 1 month prior to the event taking place and the conditions are agreed before the event.

Now on point (3) I have since heard that some anglers at the top of the loch watched in disbelief as some people on a boat came in to their fishing area and placed a huge inflatable yellow buoy bang in front of them thereby terminating their fishing! Now I only heard of this towards the end of the day for if I had known about this I would have taken one of our boats and engines headed up to the area and cut the rope anchoring the buoy! A group of strangers coming on to the loch where we pay to lease the fishing and cutting off our sport without a word to us, it won’t do!

The organisers agreed they had not acted properly and would seek to redress this in the future. It was an unnecessary farce that could have been avoided! Our casualties numbering five in all who had their days fishing abruptly ended! We look forward to welcoming the swimmers back to the loch and can but admire their steely resolve in undertaking a challenge that would be beyond most of us! I saw one unfortunate lady draped in a blanket being led back to base absolutely juddering with cold, yes the loch can be a very inhospitable place!

Again the accursed circular path has blighted our anglers at the boathouse with 5 walkers attempting to come down our steps and through our work/launch area! We can put up with this no longer and are going to chain off the steps with a sign saying “angling traffic only” although other more colourful phrases have been suggested! We hope this will ease the bedlam caused by this construction if you could call it that and ease the troubled minds of those fishing and working around the boathouse area! All this carry on simply because external parties did not communicate with us and we are after all one of the principal loch users!

Photo 02 - Last week a woman refused to go down here. Can you blame her!

The wider world in my view!

Embarrassed to be British!

It’s not the first time under the Tories that I have felt repulsed at the arrogant uncaring and despicable attitude of those who claim to be our government! The attitude of these diddy’s is of course well known, characterised by the way they seek to punish the unfortunates in our society and line the pockets of those who have too much money!
Lord Snooty was adamant that there would be no change in policy regarding the taking in of refugees from the Syrian crisis. The crisis of course was partly started by the British government poking their noses in where it was neither required nor wanted! It’s funny how a single image can force governments into massive U turns and indeed not for the first time that is exactly where Lord Snooty found himself! A damned shame that it took the image of a dead 3 year old to spur them to as it turns out limited action!

We live in a country where 2% of the population own 95% of the wealth and it is unchallengeable to expect those with such vast wealth to contribute to the relief of suffering of these refugees fleeing a murderous situation in their homeland. It was reported that the sight of the lifeless 3 year old being carried up the beach touched the heartstrings of cold blooded Lord Snooty! Still however he would not bow to the public’s wish to take in some of these people.

However as an online petition gathered near half a million signatures Lord Snooty at last realised he would once again have to capitulate and U turn and accede to the wishes of the people! Germany, Italy, Greece and many others have for a long time been taking in significant numbers of refugees and giving sanctuary to these desperate people, only Britain stood out like a sore thumb refusing to help these unfortunate people.

Embarrassed on the worlds stage yet again we are increasingly seen as the hard hearted British who are incapable of showing any compassion! Germany has said it would be happy to accommodate around 800,000 refugees whilst Snooty talks about 15,000! Thanks however to our First Minister, Scotland managed to distance itself from the robotic Tories!

Yes Nicola Sturgeon stated publicly that the Scottish Government would happily take 1,000 (initially) of these people fleeing their homeland for peace and the right to live! It’s a small gesture but Scotland is but a small nation, hopefully one that will in the near future become an independent country! Unlike our brothers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland we may walk with our heads held high saying to the international community that we are proud to do our bit!

Many are now completely fed up of the heartless uncaring attitude that characterises the Tories. As a country we are completely out of step with our international brothers all of whom are more than willing to accommodate large numbers of these unfortunate people. It should of course be no surprise that the heartless Tory automatons programmed only to utter the words of getting the defecit down and punishing the poor show such an uncaring attitude in full view of the rest of the world!

We as Scots have shown a completely different attitude. We have shown a caring and compassionate concern for those who are worse off than ourselves. Even if it means our own standard of living is compromised we are urging that we take in these people! What a proud and worthy stance to take saying to the world that in spite of many problems on our own shores, we have compassion and we want these people to come!

I am indeed embarrassed to be seen as British following the pathetic posturing of Lord Snooty, but without reservation I am proud to be Scots as we shout to the world, yes Scotland does care!

The Waverly Line opens!

No one locally could be in any doubt that today sees the first of the scheduled running of the long awaited railway line. I remain unconvinced about the economic benefits that are bandied around but feel the current position of a single track line terminating at Tweedbank (where?) is but the first step into what should become once again the lifeline of the Scottish Borders!

Yes the line must be double tracked, operate goods and passenger services and go all the way to Carlisle! Only then can it be considered to be a success! The attractions of the Borders is somewhat limited with a few historical buildings granted some stunning scenery but not a lot else!

Anyone coming off the train at Tweedbank will find absolutely nothing of interest unless you like  sparsely populated 70s industrial estates! Similarly those disembarking at Galashiels will find nothing other than empty shops, and take a walk up the High Street all that can be seen are dilapidated shop fronts with paint flaking off and the sound of silence as tills fail to ring, a type of local Harlem! Indeed once the furore dies down I will be on the train but only to relive memories of the old Waverly line and thereafter I will be on it infrequently as will be the case for most people!

It is vital that the route is upgraded to double track and moves on to Carlisle, for if this does not happen the railway will flounder! What has happened up to now is but the start there is still a long way to go!

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