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Where next?

Photo 01 - Natures bounty, delicious sweet cherries on the banks of the loch!

Where next?

It looks like the Scottish Government has dropped its plans for a rod licence and no doubt many will be rubbing their hands with glee!  These people however need to ask themselves where now is the money going to come from to fund research into our sport? I exclude Salmon fishing from my musings as it is already amply catered for by statutory funding!

We are one of the few areas that has a Trout biologist and he is a most hardworking and diligent fellow but he is severely restricted by lack of available funds and being called away to carry out work related to Salmon! The minutes of the meetings are littered with the phrase “was called away to attend”.

It’s quite depressing that any advances made take an inordinate length of time with many topics carrying on for years! Granted much of this work is long term but whichever way you look at it we are the poor relation of Salmon fishing! The rod licence was an opportunity to raise and divert some funds towards neglected species such as Trout and Pike now it looks like that opportunity has gone!

Are the dissenters happy to just keep casting oblivious to all around them and simply wait and see what happens because believe you me the outcome will be dire! We cannot progress fumbling about in the dark we need to be guided by dedicated methodical research carried out year on year! It looks now as though the Salmon funding will be shuffled around with areas struggling getting more help which is absolutely fine as far as I am concerned! We are after all brothers of the angle!

For other species the outlook is much worse. We will continue to bumble along research being carried out on an “if time and funds allow” basis and other areas following suit with even less research being carried out! I blame the Scottish Government for not explaining well enough what the income from a rod licence would be used for! I think if anglers knew the implication of not having this extra money raised they would have welcomed the licence with open arms! Of course the wretched Tories are behind it all with their harsh austerity cuts focused on that which enriches our lives!

Unless some other method is devised by which extra revenue is raised our sport faces very slow progress which is exactly what the Wild Fisheries Review sought to avoid. The future looks bleak! I will be writing to Richard Lochhead at the Scottish Government to see what if any strategies have been devised to surmount the shortfall in funds!

Anglers need to realise the cost of our sport is ridiculously cheap. At the loch you can fish 365 days/year for £35.00! Compare this to the fees demanded by a year on the golf course and you will see how cheaply we get our sport! What difference would it have made for an extra £30.00 to be levied and have a higher level of research fully funded!

Not for the first time anglers have made a big mistake!

Photo 02 - The now legendary path already crumbling!

The unforgettable path!

I read in the local rag the Border Telegraph of a walk around St Mary’s loch which seemed to point to a well engineered, well planned and thought out walk. At first I could not think where this walk was then it came to me that there is only one walk around the loch and that is the farce that has plagued us for the past month!

My blood started to boil when I heard it cost £35,000! This has been a shocking and indefensible waste of money and those responsible should be thoroughly ashamed! Take a walk along it and judge yourself if it is worth the money, I guarantee you will be astounded by the primitive temporary construction for it will disappear shortly courtesy of our weather! A local councillor appears to be the one trying to take credit for this undertaking, most people I have spoken to would try and distance themselves from it, at any cost! As usual this has been a case of interfering busybodies poking their noses in and telling the residents of the area what is best for them!

It was stated in the newspaper that this could be one of the most popular short walks in the land! As we said last week it will be visited only once by walkers, for once traveled never forgotten! undoubtedly the walk will be popular but not for the quality of its construction or implementation rather the ridiculous route that involves crossing over a main road on a blind corner which in summer is festooned by speeding motorcyclists! Similarly with the flattened mud paths already deteriorating someone is sure to take a tumble and file a law suit! I spoke to four walkers this week that had traveled the roadside path and they were less than complimentary.

 One walker said that he had never traveled such a “disjointed and poor excuse for a path”, and on pointing one lady down to the shoreline at our boathouse she shrieked “no way am I going down there” whilst another politely asked “when will the construction of the walk be finished”! Another said it was a confusing walk going up on a hillside, on to a road side verge down steep mud slopes and walking along the rough stones with huge puddles on the shoreline! I didn’t bother to ask if they would be coming back! Perhaps the best appraisal will come from the walkers rather than a remote councillor trying to big up what is a hugely disappointing and lowly construction indeed! Rather than being a magnet for the area it is rapidly becoming an embarrassment! 

Note - we had to put a rope across the steps to our boathouse to stop walkers coming down through our boathouse area, complete and utter confusion describes it best methinks!

The wider world in my view!

Westminster at it's best!

I was utterly flabbergasted to read this week that two former Puppets who were the most extreme collaborators in the recent Con-Dem government were to be knighted as they turned down a move to the House of Lords! Yes Puppet Alexander and Puppet Cable are now to be addressed as sir! 

These quislings sold out the working classes and will never be referred to as Sir! Puppet Alexander implemented poor punishing policies with great relish and betrayed the ethos of the Lib Dem party. Rather than give them knighthoods they should be flogged then put in the stocks for a day in central Glasgow!
Both are guilty of selling out the working classes of Britain! independence can't come soon enough!

Lord Blue nose!

Of course I refer to the recent appointments to the House of Lords that sleeping chamber so famous for failed politicians! This round sees Lord Snooty appointing all of his old pals and collaborators with a sprinkling of worthy and decent people. The house is currently bursting at the seams with Snooty appointing more diddys than anyone before him!
Now at £300.00/day most of the population see this as a complete outrage excepting Lord Snooty and his pals who regard £300/day as pin money! Lord Snooty by his actions guarantees his bills from the commons get minimal scrutiny by the second chamber.

You can’t really blame him for that, as all prime ministers before have done this. What you can blame him for is the number of duds and scoundrels he has appointed! Failed politicians are appearing all over the shop clad in ermine robes having a say in how we live our lives!

The theory behind the House of Lords is a sound one where challenges, revisions and amendments can be made to the bills. With governments like the Con-Dem one or our current one a body like this is required given the amount of unfettered bungling taking place. With Lord Snooty’s latest round of appointments the total number of these people now tops 800 costing the taxpayer million of pounds!

A point has now been reached where reform of this body must take place, paying £300/day to a bunch of old fools and duds cannot go on. Unfortunately the spectacular bungling by successive governments requires that a correcting chamber remains to temper the excesses of the Westminster lot!  A chamber of educated people from a wide range of professions urgently needs to be set up with unrestricted access to experts when required.  

Lord Snooty saw fit to impose extreme austerity on the working classes but continues to squander our money on this house of duds!  The Lords no longer serves the purpose it was set up to accomplish. Governments of different colours have manipulated the make up to suit their own ends therefore any new body must not be accessible to Snooty and his like! There is not much chance however of this taking place it will be more of the same god help us!

If any of the new appointees are looking for appropriate names to use here are a few suggestions, William Hague Tory liability – Lord Bungle, Douglas Hogg ( he of moat cleaning fame) - Lord Fiddler, Michelle Mone  bra saleswoman – Baroness Knocker, Alistair Darling  voice of the No campaign – Lord Nothanks!

Joke of the year!
Heard at the fringe this week -  the Tories are to Nick Clegg what Rod Hull is to Emu! Absolute classic!

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