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Resolution, we hope!

Photo 01 - Finishing touches to the flood barrier a giant soakaway!
Resolution, we hope!

You will remember from last week how we were taken by surprise on hearing of the proposed construction of a circular walk around the loch. We had thought the proposed path would stick to the hillside after exiting the Dangerfield area on Jim Mitchells land. The proposals however will take the walk lochside from Jims field with two excursions up the bank at our boathous4 and Rodono right up to the top of the secret swim.

Keith managed to source an e mail sent by the Ettrick 7 Yarrow Development Company to interested parties which gave us the contact to query this unusual situation. On Tuesday i spoke with Jeremy Snodgrass the treasurer and contact point for this work and we had a pleasant and interesting chat.

The walk will proceed lochside with an important caveat! Signs will be erected at the entry points to the loch stating that walkers must defer to anglers fishing and keep well out of the way in order not to disturb the anglers sport. Now this will mean on some occasions the walkers will have to proceed up to the verge to safely bypass anglers.

The three areas that concerned us were –

(1)  Pike anglers generally take up most of the bank right up to the shoreline leaving little room to bypass them behind. In this case walkers will have to go up the bank onto the verge to safely bypass.

(2) Fly fishers a few yards out will cut across the banks during the back cast and there is a potential for injury here. Walkers should again move up the bank to avoid the risk of personal injury.

(3) In winter much of the path will be submerged making walking hazardous. In this case the roadside verge should be used and whilst not ideal it is the only option.

Therefore our angling will remain as before with walkers at all times giving way to the anglers. As such anglers should take up their positions as before and if their gear or lines cross the path then so be it! The onus is on walkers at all times to find a way forward that does not affect the anglers sport! Naturally any difficulties encountered should immediately be reported to our lochkeeper and we will take the matter up with the development company!

Mr Snodgrass was at a loss to explain how the angling club possibly the largest loch users were not contacted regarding this initiative. He was however most apologetic! These things do happen and we are pleased to be able to accommodate the new loch users as our sport will be unaffected!  course be monitoring the situation on an on-going basis!

We cited the Regional Council last week as being the likely party behind the works and an e mail from a fellow angler last Sunday night told us we were wrong so we apologise to the council! Conflict is never a way forward and we are pleased to have reached a solution acceptable to both parties! Well almost,
Reports coming in today say that branches and scrub that have been cut have been deposited on the banks in a heap, we will review this next week! an e mail today asks if we would find acceptable routing the walk in front of our boat house and along in front of our boats as an alternative to coming up from the shore before reaching the boathouse and proceeding along the grass verge. I have e mailed the committee for their views.

Photo 02 - Solitary foxglove among Bracken which I'm told can be sprayed again!
Not what we want to see!

Milling around yesterday I noticed a car on the verge at the secret swim which had been there all day. So I stopped and asked if they could move the offending car and most importantly not park there again. They were ok with this and I headed back to the van, however as I was about to enter I heard a chopping noise from the woods across the road and I noticed a chap cutting dead branches off a tree with a hand axe!

We do not own this wood it belongs to Benson & March estates and we do not have permission to cut their trees however sympathetically it is done! I also noticed the fence was trampled flat at the point of entry however it has been this way for some considerable time! The lads did not realise they were doing wrong and I believe them. What I cannot comprehend is how people think it is ok to move on to the property of others and remove wood which does not belong to them! I am vehemently opposed to the current state of land ownership in Scotland, but we must all comply with the law of the land such as it is in the present day!

It's not like we own the fishing we lease it, and must comply with the wishes of all sorts of organisations most prominently our riparian owners, the police and the local community to name but a few! From now on all anglers will be told that no parking is allowed on the verge and no cutting of wood from living trees is permitted. Similarly no dead wood may be taken from any area other than the floor of the shoreline! Bringing your own wood to burn or buying some from the hotel is acceptable! Failure to comply with these measures will lead to your permission to fish being rescinded. We should not have to repeat this again but there you are from here on it stops!


Photo 03 - Our national flower also loved by Bumble Bees!
Muppet season!

Yes the season continues unabated with two canoeists in a two man canoe driving through my lines at great speed and then giving the customary sheepish look when they realised what they had done. It will happen many times more before the season is out! The loch is huge, why then do the canoeists hug the banks and risk ruining an anglers sport? I don’t know if you do then let me know!

Fishing week at ALDI!

Its that time again when ALDI offer to fishermen a mixture of tat and good tackle. Yes you have to be selective and choose wisely often with the advice of your peers click the link to see the range-

The wider world in my view!

Beginning of the end!

Jeremy Corbyn vanquishes all before him gaing the backing of yet another trade union! Of the four candidates for the Labour leadership three are varying shades of Tory and one (Corbyn) returns to proper Labour values!! As I have said before Corbyns policies would go down well in Scotland but in middle England where the ciurse of Butcher Thatcher is rife greed and not compassion is the guiding principle!

The galloping support for Corbyn does not bode well for the future of Labour, the Tory leaning sector will not tolerate a leader from the left wing. The increasing band of left wing supporters will have no truck with the mild Tories! The obvious outcome is therefore a split down the middle!

Corbyn will win the contest but what follows is anyone’s guess! Perhaps it is for the best if Labour does split because the last four terms of government were characterised by mild Tory policies paying no heed to traditional Labour values! Just as young people are moving in droves to support the independence lobby so in England they are migrating to the Corbyn camp!

If a split does happen and I hope it does, then the growing numbers of left leaning voters will have a party that they can purposefully vote for! Increasing numbers of people are fed up to the back teeth of the new class of poor people being created by the buffoons that call themselves our government! Remember the Tories did not win Labour lost! This is a time where we are seeing the most incompetent government holding power. Beleaguered by bungling and crass incompetence they push on with the only strategy they know cut public spending at any cost!

The Corbyn supporters are unhappy at the way our public services are being systematically destroyed leaving the door open for private companies to step in and make unlimited profits! It is likely that by the time this happens we will be on the road to enlightenment having obtained independence from Westminster, if however I lived in England then the Corbyn camp would certainly get my vote! Corbyn will win and that will signal the beginning of the end for the Labour party as we know it!

The killing of Cecil!

The wealthy American dentist who went big game hunting with a crossbow and injured a magnificent lion called Cecil. The beast had been tagged and was part of a controlled study into the behaviour of these animals. The dentist seems to have disappeared amid large crowds of protesters camping out at his dental surgery.

There is no case in this present day for people to hunt these endangered animals. This lion was hurting no one and deserved to be unmolested. Bad enough with a high powered rifle but utterly sadistic with a crossbow which only injured the beast the authorities having to track him and humanely kill him with a rifle! Yes the dentist should face criminal charges; this type of hunting although legal is morally indefensible.  These people belong to a long gone era and it is only right that he be pilloried!

Wettest July on record!

Now that July has gone and probably any hope of having a summer the official figures show that this July was the wettest ever! Not too many people will need to be convinced it has been all too apparent! Days when you needed an overcoat and gloves and gardeners were looking out the insulation material to prevent their delicate plants from frost!

We need a summer to lift the spirits all we have had is early autumn weather with extra rain. There will be lots of people traipsing off to the doctors seeking mood altering substances to mitigate the effects of this summer that never was! That’s Scotland for you!

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