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Designed by Tories?

Designed by Tories?

It’s a bit of an odd headline concerning the construction of the ring o the loch circular walk. The reason I ask the question is because just like the Tories in government the construction of this path if indeed you could call it such is characterised by bungling, non communication and confusion!

We were asked last week if we would object to the path going in front of our boathouse along the shoreline in front of our boats and after putting this to the committee we felt this would be inappropriate! We conveyed this information back to the organisers and all seemed to be well!

A phone call from loch keeper Mr Xxxxx accompanied by an e mail and attached photos signaled that all was not well! Somehow a path was constructed through the marshland behind our boats which brought walkers down from the grass verge on the roadside into a marsh and if walkers could traverse this back up on to the road at the Rodono boundary wall!

We now have a path through our boat mooring area which serves no purpose! When i informed the organisers they were again most apologetic and said that the offending path would be blocked off later that day by putting a wall of tree branches cut to make the roadside verge wider across the path entrance! They will also at a later date insert hefty wooden stabs to make a more permanent barrier!

Of course we have lost a deal of woodland due to the clearing work and they have agreed to replant this area with natural trees at a later date! You could challenge me when I say this project has all the hallmarks of Gideon Osborne and the quite comical “pie tax” on which they immediately retracted when subjected to public ridicule!

On the actual construction of this path it seems to be simply scraping the soil to make it level and nothing more! All of the people I have spoken with cannot see certain areas lasting more than a season! The path at the big lay-by and at the top of the loch is bound to disappear through erosion and anglers who can’t believe their luck finding a nice flat area on which to pitch their bivvies!

I can’t remember a year when walkers have been so scarce there appears to have only been a handful this year. Now this is not only based on what I see but from residents and workers who see the situation daily. It seems like a lot of money spent to achieve not a lot! A lot of locals are expressing concern about the money spent and the outcome achieved! Of course that is no concern of ours we will concentrate on the angling side of this path and see how it pans out! Just like the Tories in government the whole process does not inspire confidence, the question is – are the Tories involved with this project, going by the amount of bungling and U turns it certainly looks like it!

Flood protection works!

 I went along to the site of the Flood Protection Works site at the old Bridgehaugh Dyeworks in Selkirk on Monday to meet with the project director Conor Price. The meeting was at his instigation and the purpose was to update us on the works at St Marys Loch and answer any concerns we may have.

Of surprise to me was that the “packets” of stones being placed behind the newly constructed dam was are primarily for erosion control but will serve a secondary function of drainage. If in an exceptional flood event the wall was to be breached then the soil would be eroded away but the stones would prevent major erosion and all the top soil eroded away would require to be replaced.

On the fish pass which will now be called the fish way this will be the primary control for natural removal of water the regulator controlled entirely by computer will operate only when the water nears its limit for exit by the fish way. Human intervention will only take place when high water alarms are activated. Some buffering of the flow is still to be carried out and the construction of a "picnic" area just above the existing one still has to be done.

With the Regional Council now taking ownership of this area we will have to lease this area from them instead of Scottish Water. In the recent low water we experienced some difficulty in getting our boats out due to the low level and he has agreed to assist us with correcting this situation. A digger will be coming to carry out work on the sailing club pier and this machine will then come and excavate our boat bay to a suitable depth.

This is a golden opportunity for us to use this machine to drive in the posts that will be required if we are to erect a pier! This mechanical monster would be able to drive suitably treated posts in to a depth which we alone could never achieve! We must carry out a survey of the loch bed at this area to see if and where solid bedrock may be present. We would need to have measurements to ascertain the positions for the posts. We have no firm date for the arrival of this digger so the quicker we can price treated posts and determine the required measurements for erection will need to take place soon.

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The wider world in my view!

Warning Windows 10...........

Its been available for a good few days now and its free, yes the new operating system from Microsoft has arrived. I knew it would take an hour or so and for that reason I left installing it until today. I started at 06.30 this morning and I am still picking up the pieces! Firstly it took over an hour to install itself which would have been ok if that was all the disruption entailed. But as usual there was much much more!

The first thing I noticed was my bookmarks were missing on the Bing browser and the favourites bar was missing which for me is a catastrophe! when your'e down someone usually puts the boot in and thats what happened. You tube was just a blank screen, all my music and videos were without sound and the video playback was pixelated and beyond watching. 

Some word documents would not open when previously they did! The size of the text seems to have changed and for the visually impaired (thats me) is unreadable, The spacing when starting a new paragraph is non existent. only some pictures are available which is why there are none tonight!
So if you are thinking of installing the product give yourself plenty time it could take a looooong time!
I am going to try a system restore later and hopefully that will sort out some of the problems.

Warning Windows 10 could seriously damage your health!

Update- got rid of Bing and installed Google Chrome - big improvement!

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