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Do you really enjoy angling?

Photo01 - Mariner engine now Muppet proofed!
Do you really enjoy angling!

It’s an activity that once you get hooked you will be an avid participant for the rest of your natural life. Because there is more to being an angler than catching fish we get sucked in to the various branches and spin offs emanating from the hobby. Speak to any real angler and soon you will realise that their interests extend to much more than simply catching fish.

With some it’s about the social gatherings that often go hand in hand with club outings whilst others seek the peace and tranquillity that comes with the companionship of Mother Nature! We all use a mix of the above depending on the occasion. I have said many times that even in times of fish drought there is much to occupy the mind as wherever you are with rod in hand nature unfolds all around, you just have to open your eyes!

Two things which trouble me however are the increase in the number of anglers consuming large amounts of alcohol and possibly drugs, and the increase in social media sites where the local brags spout to all and sundry how good they are at angling because they have caught a few larger specimens.

With the drunks I fail to see how they enjoy their angling when they are unsure as to what day it is or where in fact they are! The amount of alcohol consumed by the “Buckfast” brigade must surely make them unfit anglers oblivious to deep hooking damage being able to laugh it off as if it were a mere triviality! With the consumption of large amounts of alcohol or drugs the “anglers” judgement is impaired and it is the fish unfortunate enough to be caught that pays the price.

These people have no cognisance of their surroundings and as such would be equally at home in an east end pub! These people harm our sport they damage our stocks of fish and quite often our relationship with the indigenous people in the area. The question begs to be asked – do they really enjoy angling when they leave behind them a trail of carnage!

Similarly with the new age social media brags who post photos of themselves on any sites they can gain access to showing the results of their splendid efforts! Can these people really be called anglers or are they just insecure people desperately seeking attention and using angling as their carrier! These people have to the exclusion of everything else a need to catch fish and the bigger the better! Of course these catches are meaningless unless they are posted everywhere.

If they catch nothing or just a few parr their social media sites remain blank. They obviously can take little from such a day! So obsessed are they with catching fish and more importantly to them to receive the odd comment from someone in Colombia praising their prowess in pigeon English! To a youngster starting out on their angling careers it is quite conceivable that they would be discouraged by blank days when they see the brags always posting photos of fish when they catch them.

Most of us have matured into seasoned anglers where the need for glory is a thing of the past if indeed it was ever an important factor. The professional brags have not persona enough to be called real anglers therefore they must bludgeon onlookers to try and convince readers that they are real anglers. Catching small fish is meaningless to these people as I suppose is marvelling at the wonder of their surroundings and that feeling of contentment available to real anglers will permanently evade them!

Two disparate groups of people calling themselves anglers but I really do wonder what it is that these people get out of the sport! The drunks are oblivious to all around them and see nothing of the natural tapestry that is all around them whilst the big fish seekers are so intent on catching their next big fish to display on their social media sites and bask in the resulting glory from albeit irrelevant people whose sole purpose in life is to comment on all manner of posts!

I really do wonder if these people enjoy their angling, or is it just a carrier to their ulterior goals. Most of the anglers I know are delighted just to be out enjoying our wonderful countryside with any fish caught being a bonus irrespective of size! Do you enjoy your angling?

Photo 02 - Himalayan Balsam please let us know if you spot any at the loch! See next weeks post.
Mariner fix!

Have a look at the photos and you will see the flimsy plastic handle has now been replaced by a very sturdy steel handle which will withstand the most brutish punishment meted out by those heavy handed anglers. Whilst the engine was being repaired I noticed a huge gouge on the gear housing near the propeller. The propeller itself has been bashed around and will need to be dressed soon. It seems to be a never ending stream of significant damage and I wonder which part of the engine will require reinforcing next! It makes you wonder whether providing engines is a sensible thing to do!

The wider world in my view!

The process begins!

Lord Snooty seems to be living up to his reputation and bungling on all fronts at the moment, and I wouldn’t be in the least surprised if he was completely unaware that he is on the verge of starting the process of a second referendum on Scotland becoming an independent country! In a meeting between our first Minister and Lord Snooty she told him that unless significant new powers are transferred to our government he would be starting the countdown towards a second referendum!

The chump who has the title of secretary of state for Scotland David Mundell and is Scotland’s only Tory MP seem only to be able to reiterate the words of Lord Snooty! Mundell is rapidly assuming the mantle of a puppet and has no autonomy whatsoever! The First Minister is quite correct to demand extra powers in light of Scotland giving the SNP a historic and unprecedented mandate for government.

Lord Snooty at the time of the election issued many lofty words promising the people of Scotland powers commensurate with the historic election result. We must now wait and see if he spoke truly or as is more likely just opened his mouth and let his belly rumble! Lord Snooty stated that he will not allow a second referendum but the decision does not lie with him, the will of the Scottish people will decide! One thing however is certain and that is the people of Scotland will not be denied, we will either have significant new powers or a second referendum very soon!

A boring procession!

Today see the staging of the British Grand Prix and I won’t be watching! In fact I haven’t watched for the last six years sp boring is the event! I wrote a few weeks back of the dire spectacle of the Formula 1 racing scene. News out today shows that spectators are leaving in droves fed up of watching the lacklustre procession that constitutes F1 racing! Clearly it is wake up time for the organisers to see that the current system is not working! Compared to motorcycle racing it comes across as a complete bore!

Mr Ecclestone should either give himself a good shake or bow out and let someone with new ideas take over! Formula 1 is a great sport with a huge following but unless it is radically reformed quickly it will drop to the rank of a second rate sport watched by a few geeks!

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