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Booking your fishing!

Photo 01 - An autumn swell in summer!
Booking your fishing!

Difficulties continue with contacting our loch keeper thanks to the poor mobile phone coverage and erratic broadband service. We have in the past provided an alternative number and e mail (mine) which will now be available only for matters not related to booking fishing  and compliments/complaints etc. With immediate effect the alternative contact number for bookings is no longer available and the only point of contact will be our loch keeper!

This will undoubtedly mean that the occasional spur of the moment trip may have to be cancelled due to not being able to contact our loch keeper in time. You should remember however it is acceptable to come down on spec and meet our loch keeper at the loch, invariably establishing contact is easier within the area.

The best plan however is to give yourself plenty time to plan your trip. If you cannot establish contact immediately leave a message or e mail, most messages and mails will be responded to within 24hrs below are the contact details you will need

Mobile – 07724523777

E mail –

Photo 02 - Pre pack French drains to complete regulator work.
You could not make it up!

Last week on our customary trip round the lochs we noticed a speedboat on a trailer at the bottom of the Lowes on the cafe green. The rules imposed by the riparian owners are clear that no boats are allowed on the lochs excepting the ones belonging to the angling club or the sailing club. Riparian owners also have the right to launch a boat if they so desire. The owner of the boat had been told by our loch keeper Mr Xxxxx that the boat was not permitted on either loch! Proprietors of the Glen Café Kath and Ian had also spoken to him.

All was quiet during the day and the party were noted drinking and having a good time. It was assumed they would be off in the morning as they had stopped off on their way to loch Awe. A couple staying at the Tibbie reported that the sound of an outboard engine was heard briefly around 11.30pm on the Lowes.

The following morning there was no sign of the boaters excepting the boat trailer, something however was breaking the surface of the loch. On investigation the white protrusion was found to be the keel of the said powerboat sunk and abandoned complete with engine 20ft underwater! A rescue operation taking over 2 hours had the item out of the water and it was apparent the transom was smashed allowing water to gush in and flood the craft! On examination the transom had been repaired with a piece of wood screwed into rotting wood using one inch woodscrews! A poor repair for a boat powered by a 3hp engine an accident waiting to happen with a powerful 25hp motor!

Breaking the rules is not good but not irretrievable, the crass insanity of taking a powered craft on to the loch whilst under the influence of alcohol demonstrates a complete disregard for his and the safety of others and could easily have turned into an irreversible situation. The tragedies of drowned anglers on loch Awe comes to mind. How easy it would have been for the craft to have sunk in the deeper water where the outcome could have been catastrophic!

There is no question that this was a case of advanced Muppetry. A care less attitude with the potential for tragedy! Taking a powered boat out whilst under the influence of alcohol in the middle of the night on a strange loch! Our loch keeper Mr Xxxxx has the boat, trailer and engine in storage and if the owner would like to reclaim it then he should get in touch! There of course will be a fee applied for the recovery and storage of the boat! You just could not make this kind of stuff up!

The wider world in my view!

A pleasant surprise!

Who would have thought that the young rookie MP Mhairi Black who ousted respected MP Douglas Alexander in the rout of Scottish Labour would have made such an impact in Westminster giving her maiden speech! Speaking from the heart she told of the effects the previous Con-Dem lot and the current fools on some of her constituents. A true socialist and not a dummy either she has a first class politics degree! The reason she connected with people? Here we have a real person who relayed her direct experiences something that the posh boys could not do because they do not live in the real world!
 According to the Manchester Guardian over 10 million people have read her speech which is a record number for a maiden speech! It is easy to see why Labour was wiped out by the SNP not only did the SNP devour their policies they did so with a fervour which was a hundred miles away from Labours complacency! If this youngster continues in this vein then for sure we will obtain independence in a short time! A credit to the people of Scotland!

Further into chaos!

Almost without a whisper Tim Farron has been elected leader of the puppets in Westminster! You could not be blamed if you missed the transition process between Puppet Clegg and Tim Farron who incidentally will make a very good leader indeed! Now compare that process with the guddle currently ongoing in the Labour party. If you wanted to organise a farce then this would be your model!

Interim leader Harriet Harman firstly blundering in supporting Tory benefit cuts which most of the constituentsy parties reject. Only Liz Kendalagrees with Ms Harman. Ive said it before three of the candidates for the leadership are duds, only Jeremy Corbyn is coming across with anything resembling true Labour values. In fact I like very much his left leaning views giving a refreshing change from the failed Tory capitalist system.

The point is however will Corbyn be an election winner for Labour and the answer unfortunately is a resounding no! In Scotland he would do very well as there is now a clear demarcation line with Scotland embracing equality fairness and a commitment to eradicating poverty and war whilst middle England stands for greed self interest and capitalist goals!

This being the case Corbyn would lead Labour to another defeat and frankly irrespective of who wins the contest defeat is the only outcome. Not because the Tories are doing a good job for they are making a complete hash of things but because Labour is in meltdown with no hope of recovery! The husting’s continue with Corbyn’s odds being cut from 100/1 to 5/1 to seek the leaders position.

These are the end stages of a once proud and trustworthy party as it burns up never to return! England has now embraced the greed ideology favouring self interest rather than the misfortune of others and as such leaving no place for a socialist party! The future for Labour is bleak, thank god we are moving towards independence!

A changing society!

Quick Quid, Sunny and Pounds to pocket to name only a few for there are hundreds out there, couple them with the huge increase in pawnbrokers and you can see the High Street filling up nicely! Ten years ago nobody had heard of these sharks but under the Con-Dems they multiplied like the proverbial rabbits! It was of course inevitable with benefits being slashed companies paying the bare minimum, poverty was bound to increase and following the latest budget it will continue to do so!

For the poor in the country getting hold of emergency cash is easy paying it back however is quite another matter! With absolutely huge interest rates and punishing penalties for missed payments a small debt can soon turn into a very large one indeed! I am very uncomfortable living in a society where the disadvantaged are penalised directly as a result of government policy! It could be argued that England is comfortable with this arrangement since they voted for it! The Tory policies were well known before the election!

Of course this is why we Scots are moving away from the situation. We seek a more equitable society where care and compassion are the guiding principles where we seek to help those who for whatever reason find themselves in hard times! Surely this is the proper way to live, are we not all human beings! We talk much about humanity of how we are different from the animal kingdom but our actions do not support this assertion!

At the end of the Tories 5 year term our society will be unrecognisable! Our public services will have been decimated, our infrastructure in tatters and workers powerless against big business as the Tories wipe out workers rights! A huge new ultra poor class of people will have emerged to sink or swim by their own devices! I am not particularly religious but the bible did warn against this occurring.

The people of Scotland to their credit sent a stark message to Borg queen Ruth Davidson and got rid of the brutal Tories and their puppet henchmen in favour of a new start. For our corrupt society certainly does need one! The people of Scotland have rejected the selfish capitalist ideology. The quicker we can dispense with Westminster the better. Our current society does not sit well with words such as equity and caring compassion! Our society is changing but under the Tories it is changing for the worse!

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