Sunday, 26 July 2015

A loch side farce!

Photo 01 - I'm told it's a path!
A loch side farce!

On our customary trip round the lochs prior to fishing we noticed a mini digger on the shore of the loch next to Rodono and assumed some work was being carried out there. Throughout the day snippets of information led us to the true reason for its presence!

It appears that the Regional Council have decided to route the new circular loch walk along Rodono bay with entry next to Rodono and the exit just after the big lay-by . The section looks like it will run along the shoreline going by the digger’s tracks so far!

Quite apart from anything else this area in winter is often flooded and unless it is solidly constructed will be washed away in no time! That however is not the point! We administer the fishing on the loch and after checking round none of the club officials have been contacted regarding these works!

Now common courtesy demands that any groups or individuals be consulted on issues which have the potential to affect them! Our Pike anglers generally sit back from the water’s edge with their rod holders beside them and the lines go over the area where this path is to be situated. Our Trout anglers generally wade out into the water but in the process of casting their flies the line whips back onto the shore.

It is well within the possibilities that a quiet rambler could be struck by an angler’s line, casting deep in concentration. The potential for injury is a real one and I cannot for the life of me fathom out why anyone would seek to place a walkway in this area! The construction of this path has in fact turned out to be a fiasco! At the Village Hall the path crosses the main road on what is probably one of the worst blind bends in the area!

The whole process appears to be nothing short of a joke with a huge potential for injury! How easy it would have been to consult with us on this topic which impinges on our sport! We are miffed to put it mildly and I will be on the phone to the Regional Council first thing tomorrow to seek some answers!

Photo 02 - The secret path!
Some things never change!

A meeting was held last week comprising of a drop in session at the Ormiston Institute in Melrose. The session was scheduled to run from 11.00 until 15.00hrs, in fact it went on until 15.30hrs. The vast majority of those attending were Salmon fishery proprietors, Tweed Commissioners and Salmon anglers.

From the other species standpoint the turnout was abysmal with only Hawick and Kelso managing to attend! Granted it was good to see none of the “dissenters” (calico printer types that have the answer to all things) attended thereby negating the possibility of a complete furore! The mechanics of the meeting was disappointing in that those closest to the panel and those who shouted loudest got an unfair bite at the cherry!

Rather depressingly the same old theme came up from various people with Salmon interests –“The Tweed Commission works why change it?” To them I would say yes it works but what is wrong in trying to make it better! Must we always be shackled by the “It’s aye been “brigade!

It was obvious that questions on the other species would be in the minority but I got my questions in by persevering. It was said that the move towards other species research may be much less than what many people think, but no figures could be placed on funding for this at the moment!

I would rather the Other Species group concentrate on Trout Pike and Eels for the most part excluding coarse fish which are well catered for by English research establishments. I have made this point exactly in my personal submission to the review! Pleasing to some was that the introduction of a rod licence is not currently on the agenda of the Scottish Government! Now this is all very well but if improvements are sought how will they be paid for?

There are two options either levy a fee on anglers (rod Licence) or do not offer any real improvements. Anglers may yet rue this decision and the Scottish Government may well come to regret a golden opportunity to raise funds to better our sport! All other questions related to Salmon and the future of the Tweed Commission. What clearly came out of the answers given was that change will take place the status quo was not an option!

Central to the above was that various directives regarding habitat and conservation were being asked for by the EU and their point of contact would be the Scottish Government and not the Tweed Commission! Therefore the Tweed Commission by whatever name it goes under in the future will be accountable to the Scottish Government which was one of the key points in our submission to the review! I hear also that many of the representatives nominated by the council who sit on the Tweed Commission are about to resign over the councils inability to come down either in favour or against the wild Fisheries Review! They should go ahead as the body will be dissolved and reconstituted with the reorganisation of the fishery boards!

It is now imperative for those angling clubs who have not made a submission to do so now! The window for responses closes on August the seventh! As has been my experience all through my angling life, apathy reigns supreme! Yes you will always get the loudmouths and brags hollering and thumping the shopkeepers counter, but when the chips are down they are nowhere to be seen! Some things never change!

Photo 03 - Les with the best of the day! Thanks Mike.
Brothers of the angle!

One of the most enjoyable parts of a day at the lochs has just got to be our speakeasy session at the end of the day where the high and low spots of our respective days are recollected and everyone has a tale to tell. I look on all those gathered as good friends each and every one of them an angler true to the values of old Izaak!

Mike Christie and Les Robson had spent the day up at Fruid and managed to tempt some fine Trout. They joined Stevie, Pete, Aaron, Mr Xxxxx, Les and me for a blether,  the photo above shows Les (well his hands anyway) with the best of the day and it is indeed a very fine Brown Trout! Yes you might say anglers of the old school, each prepared to give of their best for their club, happy to carry out the unglamorous tasks essential to keep a club running. Each and every one of them a true gent and in every case I would much rather spend a day with them, than spend a day with any of the all knowing new age types!

Good in character, heart and soul, pre requisites of calling oneself an angler!

The wider world in my view!

Welcome Scottish Secretary!

The Trussell Trust in a rare moment of severe misjudgement invited Scottish Secretary David Mundell to open a new food bank in Dumfries! Yes the town which already has a well utilised food bank is to have another to cope with the ever increasing numbers of poor people forced to use them by the implementation of Tory policy!

As would be expected this did not go down well with the working people of Dumfries who have a social conscience, and a group of protesters were there to greet him! Mundell is rapidly turning into the Tory puppet capable only of reiterating the preaching of Lord Snooty et al! The protesters of course were correct the increase in food bank usage is directly related to the Tory cuts!

The Trussell Trust’s own figures show that following the latest round of Tory cuts usage of food banks has increased by over 400%! I don’t know who made the decision to invite Mundell but whoever it was needs a good shake! A Tory toff opening a food bank for the poor and needy smacks of the maister and the downtrodden worker relationship! Mundell prior to this was wallowing in his glory of being appointed Scottish Secretary! This protest by those who care would have woken up his ideas and brought him back to earth with a bump! Just another clueless Tory automaton, what a pity he squeezed in by a thread!

It’s even worse!

Yes indeed the carry on with the Labour party seeking a new leader seems to get worse by the day. Jeremy Corbyn has a significant lead and it looks like it will be close right up to the line! What must be worrying for Labour is that two distinct camps are emerging, Tory lite and eighties left!

What seems to be emerging is the early stages of Labour breakup into two distinct political parties none of which would be electable in England for that is where the effect will be felt!  By the time this happens we will be independent and free of the buffoonery of Westminster! If Labour cannot remain intact their future as an effective political party is in severe jeopardy!

With all the bickering comes disenchantment and the electorate will not ignore the fragmentation that ensues. The Labour party will remain unelectable for a generation at the very least! The Tories will remain in government not by good governance but as the lesser of two evils!   It is an unthinkable catastrophe but believe me it’s coming. A Tory government in perpetuity for England! The very thought chills me to the bone!

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Booking your fishing!

Photo 01 - An autumn swell in summer!
Booking your fishing!

Difficulties continue with contacting our loch keeper thanks to the poor mobile phone coverage and erratic broadband service. We have in the past provided an alternative number and e mail (mine) which will now be available only for matters not related to booking fishing  and compliments/complaints etc. With immediate effect the alternative contact number for bookings is no longer available and the only point of contact will be our loch keeper!

This will undoubtedly mean that the occasional spur of the moment trip may have to be cancelled due to not being able to contact our loch keeper in time. You should remember however it is acceptable to come down on spec and meet our loch keeper at the loch, invariably establishing contact is easier within the area.

The best plan however is to give yourself plenty time to plan your trip. If you cannot establish contact immediately leave a message or e mail, most messages and mails will be responded to within 24hrs below are the contact details you will need

Mobile – 07724523777

E mail –

Photo 02 - Pre pack French drains to complete regulator work.
You could not make it up!

Last week on our customary trip round the lochs we noticed a speedboat on a trailer at the bottom of the Lowes on the cafe green. The rules imposed by the riparian owners are clear that no boats are allowed on the lochs excepting the ones belonging to the angling club or the sailing club. Riparian owners also have the right to launch a boat if they so desire. The owner of the boat had been told by our loch keeper Mr Xxxxx that the boat was not permitted on either loch! Proprietors of the Glen Café Kath and Ian had also spoken to him.

All was quiet during the day and the party were noted drinking and having a good time. It was assumed they would be off in the morning as they had stopped off on their way to loch Awe. A couple staying at the Tibbie reported that the sound of an outboard engine was heard briefly around 11.30pm on the Lowes.

The following morning there was no sign of the boaters excepting the boat trailer, something however was breaking the surface of the loch. On investigation the white protrusion was found to be the keel of the said powerboat sunk and abandoned complete with engine 20ft underwater! A rescue operation taking over 2 hours had the item out of the water and it was apparent the transom was smashed allowing water to gush in and flood the craft! On examination the transom had been repaired with a piece of wood screwed into rotting wood using one inch woodscrews! A poor repair for a boat powered by a 3hp engine an accident waiting to happen with a powerful 25hp motor!

Breaking the rules is not good but not irretrievable, the crass insanity of taking a powered craft on to the loch whilst under the influence of alcohol demonstrates a complete disregard for his and the safety of others and could easily have turned into an irreversible situation. The tragedies of drowned anglers on loch Awe comes to mind. How easy it would have been for the craft to have sunk in the deeper water where the outcome could have been catastrophic!

There is no question that this was a case of advanced Muppetry. A care less attitude with the potential for tragedy! Taking a powered boat out whilst under the influence of alcohol in the middle of the night on a strange loch! Our loch keeper Mr Xxxxx has the boat, trailer and engine in storage and if the owner would like to reclaim it then he should get in touch! There of course will be a fee applied for the recovery and storage of the boat! You just could not make this kind of stuff up!

The wider world in my view!

A pleasant surprise!

Who would have thought that the young rookie MP Mhairi Black who ousted respected MP Douglas Alexander in the rout of Scottish Labour would have made such an impact in Westminster giving her maiden speech! Speaking from the heart she told of the effects the previous Con-Dem lot and the current fools on some of her constituents. A true socialist and not a dummy either she has a first class politics degree! The reason she connected with people? Here we have a real person who relayed her direct experiences something that the posh boys could not do because they do not live in the real world!
 According to the Manchester Guardian over 10 million people have read her speech which is a record number for a maiden speech! It is easy to see why Labour was wiped out by the SNP not only did the SNP devour their policies they did so with a fervour which was a hundred miles away from Labours complacency! If this youngster continues in this vein then for sure we will obtain independence in a short time! A credit to the people of Scotland!

Further into chaos!

Almost without a whisper Tim Farron has been elected leader of the puppets in Westminster! You could not be blamed if you missed the transition process between Puppet Clegg and Tim Farron who incidentally will make a very good leader indeed! Now compare that process with the guddle currently ongoing in the Labour party. If you wanted to organise a farce then this would be your model!

Interim leader Harriet Harman firstly blundering in supporting Tory benefit cuts which most of the constituentsy parties reject. Only Liz Kendalagrees with Ms Harman. Ive said it before three of the candidates for the leadership are duds, only Jeremy Corbyn is coming across with anything resembling true Labour values. In fact I like very much his left leaning views giving a refreshing change from the failed Tory capitalist system.

The point is however will Corbyn be an election winner for Labour and the answer unfortunately is a resounding no! In Scotland he would do very well as there is now a clear demarcation line with Scotland embracing equality fairness and a commitment to eradicating poverty and war whilst middle England stands for greed self interest and capitalist goals!

This being the case Corbyn would lead Labour to another defeat and frankly irrespective of who wins the contest defeat is the only outcome. Not because the Tories are doing a good job for they are making a complete hash of things but because Labour is in meltdown with no hope of recovery! The husting’s continue with Corbyn’s odds being cut from 100/1 to 5/1 to seek the leaders position.

These are the end stages of a once proud and trustworthy party as it burns up never to return! England has now embraced the greed ideology favouring self interest rather than the misfortune of others and as such leaving no place for a socialist party! The future for Labour is bleak, thank god we are moving towards independence!

A changing society!

Quick Quid, Sunny and Pounds to pocket to name only a few for there are hundreds out there, couple them with the huge increase in pawnbrokers and you can see the High Street filling up nicely! Ten years ago nobody had heard of these sharks but under the Con-Dems they multiplied like the proverbial rabbits! It was of course inevitable with benefits being slashed companies paying the bare minimum, poverty was bound to increase and following the latest budget it will continue to do so!

For the poor in the country getting hold of emergency cash is easy paying it back however is quite another matter! With absolutely huge interest rates and punishing penalties for missed payments a small debt can soon turn into a very large one indeed! I am very uncomfortable living in a society where the disadvantaged are penalised directly as a result of government policy! It could be argued that England is comfortable with this arrangement since they voted for it! The Tory policies were well known before the election!

Of course this is why we Scots are moving away from the situation. We seek a more equitable society where care and compassion are the guiding principles where we seek to help those who for whatever reason find themselves in hard times! Surely this is the proper way to live, are we not all human beings! We talk much about humanity of how we are different from the animal kingdom but our actions do not support this assertion!

At the end of the Tories 5 year term our society will be unrecognisable! Our public services will have been decimated, our infrastructure in tatters and workers powerless against big business as the Tories wipe out workers rights! A huge new ultra poor class of people will have emerged to sink or swim by their own devices! I am not particularly religious but the bible did warn against this occurring.

The people of Scotland to their credit sent a stark message to Borg queen Ruth Davidson and got rid of the brutal Tories and their puppet henchmen in favour of a new start. For our corrupt society certainly does need one! The people of Scotland have rejected the selfish capitalist ideology. The quicker we can dispense with Westminster the better. Our current society does not sit well with words such as equity and caring compassion! Our society is changing but under the Tories it is changing for the worse!

Sunday, 12 July 2015

The next generation of anglers!

Photo 01 - The fragrant Dog Rose and an effective pollinator the bumbler!
The next generation of anglers!

It is of course a longstanding problem at least that is how it is being viewed by some in the sport! Yes the lack of youngsters coming forward to enrol as members of the angling brotherhood. But should we be surprised or concerned by this. I think not! In my day there was a fairly limited range of recreational facilities and for me angling was a fairly attractive option as it was for many of my generation.

Nowadays social media vanquishes all before any outside activity is considered and youngsters are content to stay indoors and carry out these activities such as Facebook, Twitter and all that type of trash and couple that with the gaming scene where you can play on a global scale, why would they want to go out in often unpleasant conditions to try and catch a fish!

The world has changed beyond what anyone would have expected, there is now a veritable cacophony of indoor activities that the outdoor ones must contend with. Compared with the options open to the likes of my generation there is now a massive range of activities available to youngsters with regard to recreation. There are attempts on the go to try and stimulate interest such as the “Tweedstart” initiative where schoolchildren are taken to a well stocked “plastic” fishery for a day to show them the intricacies of angling.

As an introduction to angling its a reasonable idea because it gives the children an opportunity to see if angling might be for them. It is however “plastic” fishing and I would imagine if any did decide to take the angling route they would be thoroughly disenchanted with the situation found in wild fisheries! With the advent of the no stocking policy the numbers participating in angling have dropped like a lead balloon! Youngsters have a limited span of concentration and unless there is action fairly early on then it most likely will be ditched in favour of a more pleasing activity indoors.

There is no follow up with these initiatives so we do not know the numbers of children that go on to take up the sport! It is a lets do something as opposed to doing nothing activity and if it has any long term benefit we do not know! It is also worth noting that angling is not given a good press in some areas with the anti angling brigade efficiently getting their point across!

This will rise to the surface again soon with the carry on regarding fox hunting. Could it be that the people who advocate non cruel sports are winning the argument! The never ending mind numbing movement towards increasing political correctness will fuel the cause of the anti fishing lobby! The salient point is that angling now has to compete with many other activities many of which are accessible by staying at home.

It may be the case that angling will experience a downturn indeed I believe it has been on such a curve for many years! How many youngsters have you met lochside or on the riverbank! It could also be the case that with many youngsters once they have traversed the 2.4 kids part of life they will be mature enough to seek out sports such as angling in later years when they can better appreciate the wonders of this outdoor pursuit.

I am in no panic over the diminished interest shown by youngsters as I firmly believe that those in later life who take up the sport will do it for the rest of their lives and so the sport will be sustained! Angling is essentially a sport of middle age and has been throughout my lifetime so the sudden focus on the shortage of youngsters entering the sport somewhat surprises me! Men and women who have settled down and are looking for a challenging pastime that will bring them to the bosom of Mother Nature are in my opinion the group of people who will take up the sport on a lifelong basis. It is these people who will ensure a healthy participation level in angling! We must of course be open and welcoming of any person who shows interest but pumping money into schemes that cannot be shown to be effective is essentially money wasted!

To encourage youngsters it would be of more benefit if the parents of youngsters could be sure their offspring were entering into a sport where the participants doing any induction could demonstrate good character e.g. free of any wayward tendencies and vetted by Disclosure Scotland! This would immediately convey to these parents that their children were as safe as they could be! Would you allow your son on to a water that is frequented by people of questionable character? Without formal and informal vetting how can a parent be sure their children are not being taught by a thug!
The future of angling does not lie with young people alone in fact I believe them to be in a significant minority. Youngsters have many life changing things on their minds I doubt if angling would rate highly. Older people have in effect settled down and will be on the lookout for worthy pastimes it is here that the future of angling lies!

Photo 02 - The fish pass nears completion, the deep centre channel will allow fish passage even in low water conditions!
Feeding fish!

Good reports this week from both the Trout and Pike anglers with many specimens being caught and returned to the loch. Club treasurer Elliot Fraser managed 4 very nice Brown Trout in a short session yesterday. One Pike angler had his day made when he landed and returned a very hefty specimen yesterday, looks like its game on!
Not for us!
I read the local rag with a significant degree of disappointment this week. An article where a Tory MSP  (failed MP thankfully) was invited to the loch by the sailing club to commission their new rescue boat. Now the sailing club are free to choose whoever they like to grace their shores but let me make a point here. If we ever had occasion to ask someone to come and christen a new boat or for whatever reason we would not invite a politician. I cannot envisage any circumstances under the sun where we would invite a politician who represents a party whose speciality is bashing the poor, weak and disabled in our society and are thoroughly toxic to the people of Scotland!
Unwanted invaders!

Due to lack of time the series on the unwanted flora and fauna will appear soon and our main website will have a section on this when time permits.

The wider world in my view!

What did you expect!

Minister without a clue Gideon Osborne the architect of the now infamous “pie tax” and "Omnishambles" budget unleashed his first true blue Tory budget this week. As expected he rewarded his well heeled pals and without the slightest tinge of embarrassment hammered the weak, disabled and the poor! There is no question about it, he has heaped on to the poor punishing cuts which will be successful in only massively increasing the numbers having to use food banks! Three million families according to the Institute of Fiscal Studies will lose around £1,000/year thanks to the savage cuts imposed by the butchers!

Showing their true colours and pampering to the wishes of middle England the buffoon tried to sweeten the cuts by trying to con people into believing he was giving them a nine pound living wage enshrined in law in 2020 for over 25s! Firstly it is not a living wage on a par with the one in use at present. Secondly by 2020 nine pounds will not be sufficient to keep poor people above the breadline!

The £9.00 con has no meaning other than it will be slightly less than the minimum wage at present extrapolated to 2020. If the living wage was to be calculated in a proper manner it would work out at £12.40/hr. It is a shocking indictment on the Tories that they cannot envisage a strategy that does not hammer those at the bottom of the pile! A disabled couple stands to lose £4,300/year following these cuts, a single parent will gain £8.40 but will lose exactly that £8.40 with the cut to income support! Furthermore they will lose significantly more if they receive other work related benefits!

For the poor of the country it’s all pain and no gain but for the better off in true Tory tradition its all gain and no pain! The list of sanctions against the weak, poor and disabled is huge and the bottom line is that if you are working class you will be significantly worse off! Those paying the higher rate of tax will see hefty gains and those leaving up to a million will not be subject to inheritance tax. Exactly how this fits in with the definition of being on the side of working people is beyond me perhaps the buffoon will explain this in the coming weeks!
England voted for these so called politicians devoid of empathy and compassion and they got their wish. I personally am sickened by the society the Tories are creating, we are now reverting to the greed culture spawned by Butcher Thatcher, a society where we care not for the unfortunates! It really does not say much about the current way we live! Unfortunately the people of Scotland who sent the Tories packing also have to suffer under their inept bungling! For the majority of Scots it’s not looking good for the immediate future. It will of course be another shell to add to the armoury in the fight for independence to rid ourselves of the incompetent butchers! Who would have thought that the Tories would be one of the main drivers in setting up an independent Scotland! Our day of destiny comes ever nearer, thank

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Do you really enjoy angling?

Photo01 - Mariner engine now Muppet proofed!
Do you really enjoy angling!

It’s an activity that once you get hooked you will be an avid participant for the rest of your natural life. Because there is more to being an angler than catching fish we get sucked in to the various branches and spin offs emanating from the hobby. Speak to any real angler and soon you will realise that their interests extend to much more than simply catching fish.

With some it’s about the social gatherings that often go hand in hand with club outings whilst others seek the peace and tranquillity that comes with the companionship of Mother Nature! We all use a mix of the above depending on the occasion. I have said many times that even in times of fish drought there is much to occupy the mind as wherever you are with rod in hand nature unfolds all around, you just have to open your eyes!

Two things which trouble me however are the increase in the number of anglers consuming large amounts of alcohol and possibly drugs, and the increase in social media sites where the local brags spout to all and sundry how good they are at angling because they have caught a few larger specimens.

With the drunks I fail to see how they enjoy their angling when they are unsure as to what day it is or where in fact they are! The amount of alcohol consumed by the “Buckfast” brigade must surely make them unfit anglers oblivious to deep hooking damage being able to laugh it off as if it were a mere triviality! With the consumption of large amounts of alcohol or drugs the “anglers” judgement is impaired and it is the fish unfortunate enough to be caught that pays the price.

These people have no cognisance of their surroundings and as such would be equally at home in an east end pub! These people harm our sport they damage our stocks of fish and quite often our relationship with the indigenous people in the area. The question begs to be asked – do they really enjoy angling when they leave behind them a trail of carnage!

Similarly with the new age social media brags who post photos of themselves on any sites they can gain access to showing the results of their splendid efforts! Can these people really be called anglers or are they just insecure people desperately seeking attention and using angling as their carrier! These people have to the exclusion of everything else a need to catch fish and the bigger the better! Of course these catches are meaningless unless they are posted everywhere.

If they catch nothing or just a few parr their social media sites remain blank. They obviously can take little from such a day! So obsessed are they with catching fish and more importantly to them to receive the odd comment from someone in Colombia praising their prowess in pigeon English! To a youngster starting out on their angling careers it is quite conceivable that they would be discouraged by blank days when they see the brags always posting photos of fish when they catch them.

Most of us have matured into seasoned anglers where the need for glory is a thing of the past if indeed it was ever an important factor. The professional brags have not persona enough to be called real anglers therefore they must bludgeon onlookers to try and convince readers that they are real anglers. Catching small fish is meaningless to these people as I suppose is marvelling at the wonder of their surroundings and that feeling of contentment available to real anglers will permanently evade them!

Two disparate groups of people calling themselves anglers but I really do wonder what it is that these people get out of the sport! The drunks are oblivious to all around them and see nothing of the natural tapestry that is all around them whilst the big fish seekers are so intent on catching their next big fish to display on their social media sites and bask in the resulting glory from albeit irrelevant people whose sole purpose in life is to comment on all manner of posts!

I really do wonder if these people enjoy their angling, or is it just a carrier to their ulterior goals. Most of the anglers I know are delighted just to be out enjoying our wonderful countryside with any fish caught being a bonus irrespective of size! Do you enjoy your angling?

Photo 02 - Himalayan Balsam please let us know if you spot any at the loch! See next weeks post.
Mariner fix!

Have a look at the photos and you will see the flimsy plastic handle has now been replaced by a very sturdy steel handle which will withstand the most brutish punishment meted out by those heavy handed anglers. Whilst the engine was being repaired I noticed a huge gouge on the gear housing near the propeller. The propeller itself has been bashed around and will need to be dressed soon. It seems to be a never ending stream of significant damage and I wonder which part of the engine will require reinforcing next! It makes you wonder whether providing engines is a sensible thing to do!

The wider world in my view!

The process begins!

Lord Snooty seems to be living up to his reputation and bungling on all fronts at the moment, and I wouldn’t be in the least surprised if he was completely unaware that he is on the verge of starting the process of a second referendum on Scotland becoming an independent country! In a meeting between our first Minister and Lord Snooty she told him that unless significant new powers are transferred to our government he would be starting the countdown towards a second referendum!

The chump who has the title of secretary of state for Scotland David Mundell and is Scotland’s only Tory MP seem only to be able to reiterate the words of Lord Snooty! Mundell is rapidly assuming the mantle of a puppet and has no autonomy whatsoever! The First Minister is quite correct to demand extra powers in light of Scotland giving the SNP a historic and unprecedented mandate for government.

Lord Snooty at the time of the election issued many lofty words promising the people of Scotland powers commensurate with the historic election result. We must now wait and see if he spoke truly or as is more likely just opened his mouth and let his belly rumble! Lord Snooty stated that he will not allow a second referendum but the decision does not lie with him, the will of the Scottish people will decide! One thing however is certain and that is the people of Scotland will not be denied, we will either have significant new powers or a second referendum very soon!

A boring procession!

Today see the staging of the British Grand Prix and I won’t be watching! In fact I haven’t watched for the last six years sp boring is the event! I wrote a few weeks back of the dire spectacle of the Formula 1 racing scene. News out today shows that spectators are leaving in droves fed up of watching the lacklustre procession that constitutes F1 racing! Clearly it is wake up time for the organisers to see that the current system is not working! Compared to motorcycle racing it comes across as a complete bore!

Mr Ecclestone should either give himself a good shake or bow out and let someone with new ideas take over! Formula 1 is a great sport with a huge following but unless it is radically reformed quickly it will drop to the rank of a second rate sport watched by a few geeks!