Sunday, 7 June 2015

Progressing work!

Photo 01 - Alexa with dad Malky and her first ever Pike weighing in at a hefty 7lbs 11oz! see below
Progressing work!

The work on the fish ladder which it appears only worked in higher water levels is now fully underway. Large rectangles have been cut out of each step to allow fish passage in lower loch levels. We don’t know for certain if this was a problem, the Tweed Foundation suspects it may have been. Yay or nay it’s a good move as if it was a problem the work should alleviate it and if it was not then passage for fish becomes easier!

The loch level now looks stable allowing the cut outs to be made and will probably remain at this level until late summer to allow the work to be completed. Work is also progressing with the dam wall which will prevent free flow of water in flood conditions instead channelling it through the constructed outflow.

Photo 02 - Showing one of the cut outs to ease fish passage.

Our type of angler!

Three of our new members came up to the loch yesterday to fish using a boat and engine and were greeted with near gale force winds, persistent heavy rain and temperatures more akin to a poor October day. Undeterred they set off and commenced fishing but alas the weather really worsened and even in our Arran the journey was rocky and they headed in.

Thoroughly soaked and the wee lass cold and wet they revived themselves with hot bacon rolls and pot noodles cooked in the boat house. It was clear there would be no more fishing this day. Malky noticed our two cuddy’s on the floor and asked if we would like him to put the windows in. Of course there was a resounding yes please! These accursed windows have broken many men including myself, they are an absolute nightmare to fit!

With the aid of brother Sam and daughter Alexa they had the first one fitted in minutes. The second proved more troublesome even with 3 pairs of hands, however they were triumphant and the window was solid in its aperture! You have no idea how much your good work has helped us folks. Malky also kindly donated a load of hardware to the club which will be of great benefit to us we are very grateful indeed!

While they were fitting the windows wee Alexa challenged me to a game of Piano Keys a type of game on phones that tests your coordination and reflexes. Now I thought I was ok at this but she beat me 4 times in a row being twice as quick as me and with each attempt she increased the time margin. I called a halt before things got really embarrassing!

Three members of the club who were only too keen to help, they could have went home and left us to it but thought it would be a good idea to chip in. These are exactly the kind of members we enjoy having and it goes without saying they will have another two days on the boat with our engine free of charge as our guests. Malky, Sam and Alexa thank you very much for your help!

Oh and the trio found a rod lost by one of our members two weeks ago and will be delivering it to the owner or into the custody of the club on their next visit. How refreshing to see such diligence and honesty! A bag of sweets is on its way to Alexa by way of thanks!

Photo 03 -A section of the water retaining wall!
The anglers bible!

Our site advising on fishing guides continues to reign supreme as the angler’s bible when searching for a fishing guide! A few changes are now going to have to be made following a tip off that Fish pal are now allowing unqualified “guides” to be listed on their site!

For the uninitiated we see the minimum qualifications as being APGAI or GAIC registered or equivalent, full disclosure by Disclosure Scotland and an emergency first aid qualification. It’s not a lot to ask of people who charge serious money to “guide” you to better fishing! It’s very disappointing as when I phoned Fish Pal I was told that all fishing guides listed on their site were fully qualified and were required to undergo assessment on a yearly basis!

It is clear to see that this is not taking place and the only option open to us is to remove all reference to Fish Pal as being our preferred body for providing a database for these people! I will get around to rejigging the site as soon as possible!


Our site in No1 spot!
The wider world in my view!

Why the SNP vanquished all!

As time goes on the answer to the question becomes clearer. Clearly Scotland and to a certain extent Wales and Northern Ireland are different from the English! How so you may ask, well its clear we Scots care more about the underprivileged in our society thats maybe because we have more poor people as a percentage!

We care passionately about our public services and deplore the way they are being destroyed by the Tories in Westminster! We see these Tories stealthily privatising the NHS in England and we want none of it! We see the weak, the disabled and poor relentlessly punished when they need help clearly as Scots we have no time for this.

We see minister without a clue cocaine snorting Gideon Osborn obsessed with austerity when another more palatable solution is staring him in the face – investment for growth! Other countries have done it but the posh boys seem unable to comprehend the concept! We see jobs appearing everywhere the problem being they are part time or zero hours and pay peanuts!

We don’t agree with spending billions of pounds on a useless Trident nuclear arms system, a weapon we could not use and as the much spouted deterrent- do you really think the Russians would bother about 4 nuclear submarines when they have over 9,000 top notch warheads ready to deploy? Of course all having the deterrent would mean is that we would be near the top marked for destruction!

We are fed up of the inequality in our politically constructed society, we despair of seeing so called sportsmen, bankers reeling in money on a yearly basis that we on the bottom rung could not even imagine! The country is overflowing with money but the majority of people cannot get a share!

We see a bunch of posh boys with no real life experience forming our futures when we did not vote for them! We see our valuable public assets being sold off to well heeled investors at a knock down price diddling the public of our assets! We have to cower in embarrassment as they persistently show us up by means of their incessant bungling! We have to endure promise after promise only to see them fail in spectacular fashion one after another! I could go on for hours and the solution – we have to break away from Westminster at the earliest possible opportunity no ifs no buts! In a nutshell, that is why the SNP is such an attractive option! The SNP were and are the only sensible option!

A great loss!

The death this week of Charles Kennedy at 55 years of age was a tragic loss to the world of politics! A liberal MP who brought the party up to its highest tide mark in its proud history with 67 MPs! Later in his political career he succumbed to the horrific affliction of alcoholism which was to be his executioner!

A year after his noteworthy achievement of gaining 67 MPs he was unseated by a group of right wing puppets led by Puppet Clegg. Unfortunately Puppet Clegg was not at fault as alcoholism was taking over Kennedys life and public gaffes were now commonplace. From then on Charles Kennedy battled this terrible addiction in public and appeared to be gaining the upper hand.

However personal tragedy with his marriage break up, the death of his father and losing his seat in the 2015 election obviously took their toll. He died alone as as a result of a secondary condition relating to alcoholism probably oesophageal varices which causes almost instant death on rupture!

He was a true Liberal, there are none after him! The formation of the Con-Dem coalition was anathema to him he vehemently opposed it but Puppet Clegg and his cronies won the day and as was seen in the election paid a massive price for their collaboration with the vile Tories! We will never see his like again, a man of principle with fairness and equity as his guiding star!

Charles Kennedy brought the Liberals to their highest point from a correct left wing stance; the puppets that came later moved to the right destroyed the Liberal party. Politics and the world in general are the poorer for his passing! R.I.P Charlie!

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