Sunday, 21 June 2015

Happy Birthday!

Photo 01 - Our longest serving member Pete Young 88yrs of age today!
Happy birthday!

We have been trying to find out for years by means of direct questioning, subterfuge and any method in the Dick Dastardly book of dirty tricks but we failed! Yes we were trying to find out just how many years our longest serving member Pete Young has been on the earth. He always kept mum leaving us to ponder and speculate.

Well yesterday Stevie and Pete came up to fish as they usually do and the news they brought with them was that today (Sunday) was Pete’s 88th birthday! From the age of nine he came up to the loch with his dad and learned the gentle art of fly fishing. Indeed in those early days catches of twenty Trout were nothing unusual with one memorable day seeing 45 Trout caught!

In those days eyed ova of the loch Leven variety were bought and reared in the club boathouse until they were a few inches long and then released into the feeder burns running into the loch. Pete was involved in this activity indeed as all members were and according to the club elders enjoyed sport much more than we do today!

All throughout his years with the club Pete was heavily involved in the running of the club always putting in more than the ordinary member and even in the last few years we have to hold him back as he strains at the leash to get stuck in!  A remarkable member for any club we are delighted he continues to fish putting up with conditions akin to the North Sea on occasion. A true angler cast from the mould of old Izaak, a perfect role model for those in the early part of their angling careers.

 Pete, from the club, we wish you a very happy birthday and look forward to seeing you up at the lochs for many years to come! Have a great day!


Photo 02-Found yesterday collapsible fish trap doubtless used to trap Eels!
Will it ever end?

Over the last four or five years we have been finding evidence of illegal fishing activities having taken place, why only 6 weeks ago we found another non selective gill net tangled amongst some wire netting. The photo above shows the latest find found yesterday over at the bay of plenty.

It is clearly a fish trap which would be baited up by putting inside the guts of a rabbit or some other low cost offal. The fish are able to swim in from either end through the guide tunnel forcing the netting apart but will be unable to exit.  The fish thief then comes along 24hrs later and pulls in the trap to see what has been caught.

I have no doubt the trap would have been laid for the purpose of catching Eels which now command a premium price due to the Europe wide ban on catching them. The problem seems to have grown with the increase in immigrants to the area as previously indigenous Scots showed no interest in Eels whatsoever!

Is however very difficult however to detect the people setting these traps since they can be deployed and retrieved in a matter of minutes and be gone! There are no circumstances in which we can survey the whole loch 24/7. It therefore follows that such incidents will have a high chance of succeeding! As always it will be down to our enforcement team who can only do so much. Tweed bailiffs patrol the area but again they are here relatively infrequently.

Photo 03 - One of the two entrances to the trap!
I do wonder who these people are that they are content to wreck our sport and our future by pillaging the fish stocks in our lochs. They could not under any circumstances be described as anglers, for a real angler would not engage in such destructive activities! We can only hope that at some time in the future we catch one of these people red handed and have the authorities deal with them under the law of Scotland! I hope that day comes soon!

A wee star!
Heading back to the boathouse yesterday I ran into Malky, Alexa and family they like me did not catch but weren't overly despondent. Angling is about more than repeatedly catching fish, it is a way of life where to the astute wonders invisible to the must catch people and Muppets become apparent. I could not help but notice the beaming smile on Alexa's face and I thought I should ask her if she caught anything. She replied that she did catch and held out her hand and nestling in her palm were two stones. She was delighted to have caught these two stones and was taking them home to a place of safety! The unbridled optimism of youth - peerless!
Oh and many thanks for the equipment you left Malky it is very much appreciated!

The wider world in my view!

 My Respect!
I watched the news yesterday with much scrutiny in particular with regard to the anti austerity marches in Glasgow and London. In London alone it was estimated 250,000 people attended in protest against the huge and unnecessary cuts to public spending which will see our public services decimated and the many poor in our society brought to their knees! Oblivious to other tried and tested means of defecit reduction where the weak and poor are not subject to punishment they press on with their despicable dogma!

Of course its not all about reducing the defecit, minister without a clue Gideon Osborne is obsessed with paring back the state until nothing is left. He will succeed, because by the time the next election comes around there will be no credible opposition to the vile Tories! Instead of hammering the tax evaders and those in the 40 and 50%bracket they prefer to hobble the poor to maintain their voter base.

That England will go through this is without doubt, but for us here in Scotland we could be rid of these dummys much sooner! e must urge our elected government to move quickly towards complete independence so that we may leave behind the destitution and vindictiveness meted out by the vile Tories! In this scenario my heart would go out to the poor of England and Wales for whom there is no salvation!

The anti austerity marches will continue and doubtless break out into civil disobedience. The Tories however will not budge since thanks to Weak Ed Milliband and diddy Puppet Clegg they have a majority. For Scots the path is clear and we must move rapidly towards independence for the sake of the weak the poor and the disadvantaged in our society! Westminster holds nothing for equality seeking Scots who long for a society based on fairness and equity! To all the people who took part in the protest marches thinking not of themselves but of others who are struggling to survive - RESPECT!

UKIP implosion!

The recent carry on within UKIP makes the many and varied blunders made by Lord Snooty et al look like sound practice! The resignation and re instatement of several of the top brass makes them look like a bunch of duds which is basically what they are. The latest official to be severed and the dramatically reinstated is Suzanne Evans a former right wing Tory.

Infighting is to be expected, just watch out for similar implosions in Lord Snooty’s clan as they tear each other apart in the manner of John Majors failed administration. I don’t suppose anyone will be really concerned with the UKIP bickering as in everyday effects it is meaningless! There will be a few ideological voters who will now be in a quandary as to where to put their cross for at present only a fool would vote for UKIP!

But then again there are many fools in the UK for example the 37% (mainly English) that voted favouring Lord Snooty. At a time just prior to Snooty’s referendum on EU membership when many English voters would seek to punish Snooty by voting to exit the EU they find instead of an aspiring political party all that exists in UKIPs corner is a loose collection of fools, duds and extremists with no cohesive fabric whatsoever!

The bottom line is that this is the end for the restyled BNP for that is what UKIP is! Farage and company are destined for the same place as Milliband and Clegg and that is only right and fitting. Another flash in the pan dies off, good riddance!


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