Sunday, 28 June 2015

A pretty good day!

  • Photo 01- An aid to a pretty good day!
A pretty good day!

We all have our own ideas as to what constitutes a good days fishing and every now and then it all comes together and it was so for me yesterday. The weather for the first time in a long time was ver pleasant with no blue fingers apparent. The odd spells of intense sunshine warming and dazzling in equal measure brings back memories of halcyon days that went before.

Conversations with other anglers stimulate the mind and concentrate the effort into fooling the wily quarry resident in the loch. Conservations interrupted by the squawking of furious gulls as they try and shoo the Osprey on to pastures new away from what they claim as their territory. Pheasants who have evaded the gun, and reared their young potter around looking for food to see them through the day.

Boat anglers bob around on the surface of the loch as the helmsman searches out their quarry with lines landing on the surface like down floating to the ground. Sailors glide around with only the occasional clatter as the wind hits the sails and the accelerator is fully depressed and a destination is selected

Bumble bees buzz around slowly like a Lancaster bomber searching out its target then land on a selected flower to drink of the life giving nectar and unknowingly pollinate all that she touches and sustains our world. In the background mostly unseen a blackbird and a song thrush compete in making the most melodious sounds. The song thrush the loudest, the blackbird the sweetest!

The spool on the reel moves momentarily and then the line shoots forward at a screaming pace, engaging the stop the line goes tight and the surface boils a good bit away. Then its give and take line until the beast is subdued. Then its weigh, photograph and return immediately to the water supporting her until the power of her propulsion is sensed and she is released with a thank you for a splendid battle. The photo of her full splendour immediately replays the battle in my mind and the bold markings on her body will stay with me forever. Another memory committed to my long term bank to be replayed many times in the future!

Time to leave and the customary post mortem in the boat house is in full swing, stories exchanged, triumphs recalled and disasters revisited. The feeling of kinship undisturbed by silver falling into a palm, or uncontrolled aggression towards another because he disagreed with you. Yet another day following in the footsteps of old Izaak. ‘Twas indeed a pretty good day!

Photo 02- At last the landscape is colouring up!
On our Mariner engine!

The engine is still out of commission due to the heavy handling by some anglers but also in part for the poor design by Mariner! Mr Xxxxx had tried to effect an epoxy repair but the resin was not strong enough to withstand the heavy torque applied to this lever.

We had a look again today and we think we can envisage a weld repair to the chrome plated shaft which exudes the plastic shrouding. We think the plastic which was part of the original handle could easily be removed giving plenty of metal to allow a weld. We already have an engine with a bent screwdriver welded to the gear shaft and it can withstand the very heaviest of handling.

I will deliver the engine to a welder mate and hopefully have it back for next weekend fixed once and for all and able to withstand the very worst gorilla like handling our engines are subjected to! Watch this space!


In spite of our pleas for anglers to heed the parking guidelines outlined last week this week saw yet more cars parked inappropriately on the grass verges. The offenders were moved on but what comes to mind and for me it is worrying is that some people just blunder on to the property of others with no thought or research!

Inherent in the process of planning a trip must be finding out the rules of the club and a strict adherence to the countryside code. If this does not take place then problems will occur! It’s not about being officious, its simply common sense and with the parking issue its about road safety and minimising risk! Itt never ceases to amaze me how blasé some people are, indeed completely oblivious to the customs and practices of the area they are visiting!

We will continue to crack down on this dangerous habit and any repeat offenders will be sent packing!

The wider world in my view!       

 Dear Oh dear! 

Of course I am referring to Lord Snooty’s quest to get a “better deal” for the UK in the EU. It doesn’t seem to be going very well in spite of Snooty giving a press statement proclaiming his first success! The reality is that it was not until 11.30pm that he was allowed to speak for five minutes and during those five minutes many delegates left to “stretch their legs”!

Only the Polish and Belgian delegates made a contribution and that was to inform Lord Snooty that the agreement of the 27 other countries would be required before any change could take place. Clearly Lord Snooty is trying to con the public yet again by magnifying the smallest crumb and making out it is a significant achievement!

Lord Snooty has not really endeared himself to the other delegates and his chances of real success are virtually nil! Lord Snooty is an incompetent not capable of convincing the other delegates and the only thing we can expect is more bungling and exaggeration of minor points dressed up as major success!

It looks likely that if Snooty fails as he most certainly will then England will vote to leave the EU giving us our chance to leave them to it and go our own way! England elected Lord Snooty and his posh boy pals it is therefore only right and fitting that they reap the fruits of the seeds he has sown even if they be poisonous weeds!

The lesson of misguided ambition!

Revealed in the Manchester Guardian this week Puppet Clegg knew of the likelihood of being wiped out at the general election and had offered to resign a year before he did! Yes although it was by this time too late to try and save the reputation of the Lib-Dems he at least acknowledged his grave error into getting into bed with the Tories!

In a crazed quest for power and glory he snubbed the electorate who had voted his party into power completely betraying their wishes! He is not a man who bypassed the education system he is apparently a well educated man yet he committed he cardinal sin of politicians in lying to the electorate.

I’m afraid there is no salvation for Puppet Clegg it would probavly have been better if he had lost his seat and was banished from politics altogether! The puppet was guilty of extremely poor judgement and his actions led to many good politicians losing their jobs as well as knocking back the Lib-Dem party to a point where it will take twenty years to recover from!

It really did not matter when the puppet resigned for from the moment he colluded with Lord Snooty his days were numbered. In a tragic turnaround instead of basking in glory at the achievements of the Con-Dems he grubbed around in the mire as the fury of the electorate reigned down upon him and his unfortunate party!

Of course there are always opportunities ahead for glory but the astute firstly weigh up up the situation then decide on an appropriate course of action. This strategy was obviously missing from Puppet Cleggs course of action. His time in office was an unmitigated disaster as his tory masters constantly used and abused the puppet to their own ends and did so particularly well. For the few things that did turn out to be acceptable the Tories took the credit and for the unending blunders the puppets were made the scapegoats!

There is a place in politics for compromise and cooperation but for it to work properly thought must be given to the potential consequences. Puppet Clegg barged in filled with the desire for power, to be the bigshot and spectacularly fell flat on his face! Puppet Clegg destroyed the Lib-Dem party as Milliband did for Labour, now like a recalcitrant schoolboy he must sit on the backbenches and ponder the many mistakes he and his puppets made! Sometimes a lesson needs to be learned the hard way, so it has been for Puppet Clegg!

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