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The journey through life!

Photo 01 - Gordon McClurg's pair of fine Brownies from Monday!

The journey through life!

We all every now and then pause and take stock of our lives and ponder if we are on the right track. From early life we all formulate plans of how we would like to end up in later life, and wonder what that life will be like. Some will achieve their aims, some will not. Others will modify that plan constantly in view of what knowledge has been acquired though the journey that is our life. I would guess that most fall into the latter category.

When I commenced my angling career catching fish was everything the more the better, and the heavier that fish the happier I was. I paid scant regard to all which surrounded me, concentrating only on fish and how I could beat my past achievements or indeed my partner in fishing. My fishing expeditions led to many visits to Boots the chemist to get photos developed; there were no digital cameras and readily available PCs back in the early seventies! Yes the early days were peppered with bouts of narcissism, a trait I lost a long time ago!

Over the years I seemed to acquire less photo’s and silently not readily apparent to me, my urge for ever increasing numbers and bigger fish diminished! I still very much enjoy catching fish but on day that I do not there is no discernible lowering of mood!  I got to thinking about this and realised that in spite of the above, a day’s fishing was still a real treat as it always was.

 Photo 02 - Quiet day for the boats on Monday.

After speaking to many other anglers it is clear that this is a familiar pattern experienced by many other mature anglers. It is not caused by a lack of interest the fire still remains in the belly! You could say it’s a maturation process where a day’s angling is about much more than bagging a load of fish but if you get a number then that's great. I find that a tiddler gives me as much joy as a two pounder. Life now encompasses all that Mother Nature has to offer and requires deep contemplation of what has been observed. It’s also about camaraderie, passing the time of day with a brother angler. Oh the focus remains on catching fish that is after all why we have a rod in our hands!

The move from what used to be to now was almost indiscernible but it seems to have happened to many others of course there are always exceptions in the brags we have mentioned previously. I think it’s called growing up! In all facets of our lives we learn not to view things in isolation but to take in the bigger picture. After all in life you soon realise that the more you are exposed to, the more you learn and the wider your repertoire becomes.

This is what happens to anglers later in life they become less circumspect more outward looking prepared always to view the bigger picture! It’s a mellowing process where we become one with nature able to see the wonder in all things and more importantly appreciate them. Catching fish is still of prime importance but to lose the chance of casting to a big old Trout because an Otter has just ploughed through is no longer a disaster as the focus shifts to the beauty and skill of the hunting machine that is the Otter.

They say old age does not come itself and they would be correct. We do indeed collect a number of maladies but we also are able to savour things that in our younger days we would have missed completely! Ageing bring a maturity that subverts the impetuosity of youth and we are the better for it! As Mark twain once said on the journey through life – “Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter”.

 Early morning call!

I consider myself fortunate to live within the territory of a Song Thrush who wakes me each morning around 04.15hrs just as light breaks. He sits atop a fir tree which is the highest structure in the area and sings all day with only brief rest periods during which he feeds often on worms in newly turned over soil. His song is both tuneful and ear piercing and this one has also mastered the art of mimicry being a most excellent wolf whistler! He has obviously not heard of the latest initiative to make wolf whistling illegal! Do I resent this early morning call? Not a bit of it what an absolute joy to hear this bold bird signalling the start of the day.

The Thrush is soon joined by male blackbirds which are the most ntuneful of all the birds’ song. Shortly after the robin chirps in and then the air is alive with all birds having their say so to speak. It is of course the dawn chorus which by me is in full song by 06.00hrs its an absolute treat and puts BBCs breakfast firmly into second place.

Up at the loch the swallows are scouring the water surface for hatching flies making some very acute ariel movements in this endeavour. Pied wagtails are also very good at catching flies and when on solid earth wag their tails relentlessly as their name suggests! Ospreys are now regularly seen fishing on the loch and it is an astute angler that notices the areas in which they choose to fish! The Hooligans are getting down to breeding and their shrill call is stifled for the meantime.

Lambs are appearing in every field ans can be seen gambolling all over the shop. The trees up here are all budding ready to burst out in the next week or so.  During the afternoon sun adders come out to bathe in the heat to liven themselves for the hunt. No matter where you are you will come across some of what has been mentioned. Forget the rigours of everyday life and pause and enjoy what you can see and hear it surely will revitalise your tired spirits. Yes Mother Nature is the ideal medicine for capitalist rat race disease take a dose and see the benefit!


The wider worlds in my view

One plus one equals two!

Up to now that was a phrase that would never sit comfortably with the politicians in our parliament! That was until the arrival of Nicola Sturgeon who has taken the country by storm! Not for her pumping out the huge amount of pre election promises the majority of which will never materialise. Just listen to Lord Snooty pumping out promises of a land of milk and honey with no indication of where the money to fund these laudable intentions!

No, Sturgeon unlike the rest gives only funded promises coupled with a pragmatic explanation of her policies. This is the basis of the explosion in the support for the SNP in Scotland and surprisingly in many parts of England! The SNP stand head and shoulders above the rest! Just look at the opposition, Borg Queen Ruth Davidson who is often seen preaching the tired old Tory dogma of the long term punishment plan to massive crowds of about twenty people made up mainly of Tory workers eager to clap and cheer!

Puppet Rennie the leader of the Scottish puppets who tries to come across as the reasonable face of politics but is rightly perceived as a Tory bedfellow not worthy of a Scots attention! Like Davidson bereft of ideas only barely capable of reiterating the tripe emanating from Westminster! Labour has been on a downward slope in Scotland for a good while now but chose to do nothing to reenergise themselves. Murphy and Dugdale are decent politicians but their appointment was too little too late!

Years of Ian Gray and Johann Lamont did for them; dreary drudgery week after week finally turned the electorate off! It’s not a case of will the SNP win rather how many seats they will take! The range seems to be from 42 to all 59 seats leading in that case to the eradication of all opposition! I think around fifty seats looks more probable leaving about seven or eight Labour MPs and one Puppet! The Tories being completely wiped out which would be great!

There is happening in Scotland a massive change one in which the people are taking charge and rewarding politicians who do seem to have an understanding of what ails our society and these are the SNP! They are politicians who for the most part do what they say they will do, no more of the downright lies and broken promises such as Lord Snooty on cutting immigration and Puppet Clegg on tuition fees which will damn them both!

For the first time in a long time it looks like we Scots are in a win win situation! Supporting a minority Labour government will come at a price and that price should be independence! Coming under a cobbled together Tory administration who like before will implement high buffoonery! Such an administration will be judged illegitimate and independence may be sought that way. The SNP need to be unrelenting in their demands for the new progressive politics the concept of which is an enigma in Westminster! For the first time in a long time it’s looking good for Scotland! Make certain our victory – vote SNP and rid ourselves of Westminster forever!


Make your mind up time!

A huge decision confronts us on Thursday in that we will decide the future direction of the country! On a national basis it’s a two horse race between the vile Tories who wish to continue punishing the poor, bungling on all fronts and deceiving the public over their real intentions! The alternative which is not particularly appealing is to vote for the more equality orientated Labour party who like the Tories just seem to move from one bungled policy to another!

Of the other national party’s the puppets are finished and rightly so. UKIP are losing support as the veil hiding the true face slips and they are unmasked as the BNP in disguise! The Greens seem to be capturing a large portion of younger thinking voters which is very exciting. Given the policies the “watermelons” are coming out with their support will continue to grow. Unfortunately the Greens will not be standing in every area.

The Tory policy of punishing the weak, the poor and the disabled to put more money into the hands of the rich coupled with bumbling through the state of the economy possibly leading to another recession.  It of course goes without saying that there will be more embarrassment on the world stage takes us further down the road of losing our NHS, watching the death of our public services! The “Omnishambles” administration just keeps piling up the failed policies such as the Bed tax, Universal credit, PIP payments. The NHS reorganisation costed us hundreds of millions to make the service worse!

Couple that with the possibility if these goons are re elected there is a real prospect of our leaving the European Community, the consequences do not bear thinking about. No one thought it was possible but they did it! Yes they managed to double the national debt during the lifetime of their tenure! This election should have been a stroll in the park for Labour given the disaster the Tories have heaped upon us, but it will be tough!

Simply because Milliband and Balls are second division politicians unworthy to stand under the Red Flag banner of Labour. If they get there and it will not be by a majority it will be sheer luck! In Scotland the SNP have annihilated them which is a judgement of the Scottish people. Hark at Milliband saying that he will not work with the SNP! Believe me if it means he will get his hands on the reins he will and more! Milliband does not have what it takes to be a premier league politician, luckily Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon will be on hand to pull his strings!


Puppet Moore now has his bags packed trailing the Tory Lamont by 11 points and Calum Kerr SNP by 13 points! It would be an utter disaster for a Tory to be elected here! Imagine living in the only Tory constituency in Scotland! Bewildered puppet voters must now abandon their failed cause and urgently switch their votes to the SNP!

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