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Good for angling!

Photo 01 - St Mary's from below the churchyard
Good for angling!

The election of 56 SNP MPs to Westminster was amazing and something of a relief on Friday morning. Our sport as a leisure/tourist activity does not rate highly on the agenda’s of the posh boys evidenced by them pulling the plug on our Arctic Char project but much more so with the more enlightened Scottish Government! Our sport may continue to receive the attention it badly needs to flourish.

The election of our committed band of MPs means the highly acclaimed Wild Fisheries Review can now be implemented in full without hindrance! Highlighting conservation as a priority issue this is undoubtedly the way forward! As a pressure group these is the opportunity to influence policy and prevent some of the high profile bungles of the last administration! Whilst the Tories are only intent on cutting out all funding to such topics our government promises to invest in our future, there is more to life than raw economics!

Granted we will not get all that we seek but with this government we will get more than we would have from any other party! Any clubs not yet having responded to the paper should seriously consider doing so if you wish your voice to be heard. Apathy is the greatest enemy of angling clubs in the Borders in fact all over the country” it’s aye been “being the standard response

We have in the current Scottish government an avenue in which to channel our views. We have compared to the other duds that were on offer a flexible government that will accommodate if it can! If as has been the way in the past we remain silent, we will be ignored even with a forward thinking government!

Advice sought!

Our work day is coming up in a couple of weeks and we are looking to target our parking bay at the boathouse again! It is currently a quagmire and quite simply the success of the club has created this mess! In the past the area was lush green grass because no one ever visited! We are extremely limited in what we can do since it border the main road and it would be very easy to fall foul of council regulations.

The council did quote us £7,000 a few years back to tar the area but such a sum although we could afford it is prohibitive! The ground is basically 2 feet of soil laid upon the old tarmac road and tamped down. Our original solution to remove the earth and place in aggregate has been forbidden by the council due to the danger of loose aggregate finding its way on to the road. That of course would be in emulation of every track joining the road all along the valley!

We have on 3 occasions dug out numerous trenches and installed soakaways which is basically a pile of stones, and for a short time allows water to trickle down and drain away. In our latest attempt we installed soakaways and laid in drainage tubing which after three months stopped draining water!

The problem seems to be heavy clay soil washing away and occluding the holes between the stones preventing drainage and short of removing all the soil we cannot come up with a solution. So if there are any land engineers out there feel free to give us some tips as how to solve this annoying and perennial problem!


Image 01- Taken today our advisory site still No 1
Countryside Jekyll & Hyde!

Great lumbering hulks gently grazing are a ubiquitous sight when in the countryside. We don’t pay too much attention to cows rather we fear the male of the species the bull and with good reason! Bulls can be very aggressive and let’s face it with some bulls and cows close to one ton in weight there is no possibility of wrestling one and winning! Cows and bulls can run just as fast as a human and can jump wire fences in spite of their bulk. Remember the mood of cows and bulls can change in an instant always be on your guard!

Cows should command the same respect given to bulks as they are equally dangerous if not more so. Yes cows with calves are very protective of their young (good mothers) and there have been many instances of people being injured some fatally who entered into a field where cows with young are present.

Having a dog seems to provoke most attacks as the cows see a greater threat from them. On approaching a field of cows the official advice is to avoid entering that field if it is possible to do so. If you have to enter such a field then skirt the perimeter and keep an eye on the cows and be prepared to jump over the fence or dyke at the first sign of danger.

If you have a dog the advice is of course not to enter the field but if you cannot do this and you see a cow charging let the dog off the lead and get yourself to safety! The dog will normally be much quicker than the cow and significantly more nimble! Below is the advice of the Ramblers association-

Five top tips for staying safe around cows. 

1. If you’re with a dog you should keep it on its lead, particularly during calving season. By law farmers are entitled to destroy any dog that injures or worries their animal.

2. Stay well clear of calves, and resist temptation to pet them.

3.  If you feel threatened by a herd when you are with a dog, let go of its lead so you and it can get to safety separately.

4. Move in a careful, calm way, if you sense a threat, keep moving with your body facing the cow; don’t turn your back to the animal or run.       

5. Tell the landowner and highway authority about any attacks or frightening incidents and contact the Health & Safety Executive and Police if it’s of a serious nature.

The best advice however is if you can avoid entering that field then this is the course of action you should take.


The wider world in my view!

Scotland the brave!

At last the people of Scotland have stood up to be counted, the tsunami that swept across Scotland sent a message to Lord Snooty that the present system of government in unfit for purpose and must end! The force of the takeover was immense leaving the composition of Scotland’s 59 MPs as follows SNP 56 seats Labour 1 seat, Lib-Dem 1 seat and the Tories 1 seat! Lord Snooty now governs all of the UK with the exception of Scotland!

Quite clearly significant change is coming whether Lord Snooty wants it or not! The fact that a message has been sent to the Tories that in Scotland a Tory government has no legitimacy evidenced by their obtaining only one seat in Scotland and Mundell keeping that one by the skin of his teeth! There is now a mountain to climb for the Scottish government!

Lord Snooty thanks to the English, but more so to an inept Labour party and a doomed band of puppets will now press ahead with swingeing cuts to our countries infrastructure putting at risk our public services, health, welfare and economic growth! Of course the top priority for the people of Scotland must be us breaking away from Westminster by whatever means that may present! What must take place immediately however is full devolution giving the Scottish government the autonomy they require in order to govern fairly!

With this situation the Scottish government will be able to create a proper recovery from the banking crash, not the simulated one created by Lord Snooty! The government will also be able to mitigate austerity and halt the cruelest of the Tory benefit changes! The effort must be to neutralise the policies of the Tory government and manage the country in a more equitable way.

As I have already said the driving force behind the SNP must with great vigour push forward towards independence anything less would be a betrayal of the Scottish people. There will be many points over the next few years where moves may be made towards initiating a new referendum. It will be by the will of the Scottish people a huge mandate has been given to the Scottish government and their voices will be heard!

The Westminster system run by public school posh boys are completely out of touch and have no idea of the daily struggle faced by working class Scots! Nicola Sturgeon triumphed because she is a work seasoned person, a woman who has experience of life at the bottom of the ladder! Unlike the others Sturgeon has a modern progressive view of politics taking in the aspirational hopes of the people and forming a proper safety net for those for whatever reason cannot contribute greatly to the country! Just look at the list of promises made by Lord Snooty and stand back and note what actually materialises!

These Tory buffoons are simply for the rich, his battle cry of the Tories being for the working man was utter tosh! These fools care nothing for the weak and the disabled, those being exploited and “hardworking families”! They care nothing for the family on the minimum wage who in order to live need to seek top up benefits which very soon will be slashed again sending thousands to the food banks! Imagine if we got rid of Trident that money being pumped into health and welfare how much better things would be!

A revolution has taken place in Scotland, we have rejected the status quo and we must now form our agenda for the future! The English voted for Lord Snooty therefore it is only right that we leave them to suffer his policies!

Those who went!

I have already said how pleased I was at the humbling of Puppet Clegg but there were a few more duffers that were sent packing! Ed Milliband whose performance improved in the latter stages of the election campaign moving from appalling to dreadful! He and his lieutenant Ed Balls marked the death knell for Labour. The electorate judged Ed Balls and he was found wanting!

The party knew many years ago how poorly this pair was rated by the public yet they persisted in spite of things getting worse. Yes the Labour party hierarchy were responsible; the Tories did not win the election Labour lost it! How on earth did they think they had a chance of winning with this pair is beyond me!

The simple facts were the incumbent administration was one of the most incompetent in political history yet they came out on top of a dire opposition, it was dullards vs. dummy's! Whether or not the Labour party will recover from this is up for debate, many commentators think it is the end for them! It seems to me that the left of centre slot has been largely filled by the SNP! When I put my cross next to Calum Kerr SNP on Thursday I thought I would pause a moment and reflect, but I did not! A firm cross (I broke the pencil) resolutely drawn and it was job done!

Esther Mc Vey (Mc Vile) the failed TV presenter was turfed out of the political scene on Thursday and there was utter joy here! A would be Butcher Thatcher clone she implemented policies specifically to punish the poor and worse appeared to revel in it! Politics, indeed humanity has no need for brutes in the mould of Butcher Thatcher! So a witch without a conscience dispatched, it doesn’t get much better!

Puppet Alexander who seemed to revel in implementing policies to punish the poor was firmly ousted losing by over 10,000 votes on Thursday! Hatchet man of the puppets he state he is proud of his record in government, the voting public have expressed a different opinion and I applaud them for that wise decision! To all the above zealots misguided bewildered fools – you won’t be missed!

Requiem for a Puppet!

To many including myself it was hugely satisfying to see the sentence on the puppets carried out in full! Absolutely annihilated by the voting public they were reduced from 57 MPs to 8 MPs! The only blip was that the chief puppet, Puppet Clegg did not lose his seat. I watched his valedictory speech as chief puppet and he was close to breaking down calling the verdict of the people cruel and unkind! There were always huge risks in collaborating with the Tories and Puppet Clegg was aware of this but nevertheless betrayed his party and the electorate in return for what he perceived as power!

Right to the very end of his time as chief puppet he still does not get it! The broken promise on tuition fees was  much more than simply those words, it said to the people of Britain that the band of puppets were nothing more than liars! Of course implicit in that is the loss of trust by the electorate where anything the puppets said was construed as an almost certain mistruth and they were rightly ignored!

If a politician cannot command the trust of the electorate then he is not a politician rather a charlatan. Puppet Clegg could not grasp this concept! They banged on about how much they had moderated the cruel side of the Tories but in reality they had a minimal beneficial effect and were universally seen as rubber stamping vicious Tory policy! All the controversial extreme moves taken by the Con-Dems were for the most part blamed on the puppets which is what happens when you get into bed with the vile Tories!

Some will mourn the demise of the puppets I however will shed no tears for them. Instead of jumping into bed with the Tories they should have declined. Instead seeking a coalition with Labour and others but their greed for power was too overwhelming! The puppets were tried by the electorate and found guilty by a majority; the judgement was fair and fitting! The sentence is oblivion and quite frankly justice was done!


England has now been saddled with another 5 years of a majority Tory government, mind you it will be very interesting to see how long it survives!  The fact remains they voted for such a government and now they have to live under its oppressive policies! Although we Scots are technically lumbered with these goons we now have ample avenues to break away from this grotesque poor bashing government. More than ever in the past we have our destiny in our own hands, we must in the next 5 years break away from Westminster and go our own way!

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