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Warped individuals at work !

Photo 01 - approximately one third of what was dumped!
Warped individuals at work!

We had a good run with everything being just as it should be however a number of calls on Friday however put paid to that! Another load of rubbish tipped into the Megget water! Keith who had circled the loch around midnight on Thursday said nothing untoward was apparent so between the hours of twelve and eight and an almighty amount of trash was tipped over the bridge!

This time it appears to have been mostly household type rubbish . There is still rubbish floating around the margins) with one 25kg gas canister, one 25litre liquid container and ten unmarked plastic container of ten to twenty litre capacity. There were also 6 multipack bags of time expired unopened crisps!

We estimate that there were around 200 soft drink tins we have 3 bags full of them. 30-40 milk containers half with rank milk in them, 20-30 containers of various sauces from chilli to soy, five shaving foam aerosols, two ten litre cooking oil containers and a huge heap of various household food containers plus other cabinet drawers, bases and assorted pieces of polystyrene.
Photo 02 - A fraction of the floating trash!l.

Mr Xxxxx spent the most part of Friday afternoon retrieving floating containers from the loch until darkness fell whilst Ian collected a deal of waste from near the dumping point. On Saturday Stevie and me spent the whole morning cleaning up the Megget water. In all 7 black bags full up to fifty plastic containers and other stuff by far the biggest load so far! 
Photo 03 - The fire went all day!

The dumpers could not have used a car even a small van would not accommodate this lot. The vehicle must have been of a Ford Transit type or larger to carry all this waste! There was little if anything traceable in this lot but we have involved the police to see if they can help we will also contact SEPA on Tuesday but we expect them to be of limited help!

Again the rubbish dumped tends to suggest that much of it has come from some sort of fast food burger van type operation but we need to catch them to be sure. Whoever the people are carrying out these irresponsible acts one thing we can be sure of is that they are seriously warped individuals!

Its obvious they do not want to pay for dumping the trash at a conventional disposal facility hence they dump it in the Megget water! Most Neds would just stop in a lay-by and toss the lot out! Then at least the cleanup would be quick these dummies cause many people endless work and we are getting sick of it!

One suggestion is that it could be someone with a grudge against the club but there are only two suspects barred from the club in this scenario and they are minor irritations not capable of this! The same could apply to the villagers we simply do not know! No we have here dummies who think they are beating the system and will go on until they are caught which will happen sooner or later! Naturally anyone having any information should contact the police on 101. Any large van passing through the area should be noted registration numbers would be just great we can then pass this to the police if an incident takes place!

As always we need to thank those who have helped clear up this mess for invariably they are the same people every time! They have no obligation to carry out this work but for their love of the loch and allegiance to the club they choose to do so! Thanks to our loch keeper Mr Xxxxx, former loch keeper Ian Fernyhough and club stalwarts Les Henderson and Stevie Nimmo thanks to you all! We are expecting to hear back from the police re our next move later this week. More photos next week.

Club Competition!

Remember our annual wild trout competition will be held on Saturday the 25th of April on St Mary’s Loch fishing to be between the hours of 10.00 and 16.00hrs. Competitors should meet up at the Glen Cafe from 09.15 hrs for inception and the post mortem and weigh in at the Tibbies includes a barbeque commencing 16.30hrs. The patter is always good so if you fancy a cast do come along you will be most welcome!

The wider world in my view!

More like a debate!

Yes Thursday’s event proved to be much more like a debate than the previous one. What I thought stood out was how well the three female party leaders acquitted themselves in what would have been an intimidating arena. This is how I found the leaders –

Lord Snooty – playing a minimal part in the debate and when he did speak it was the usual tosh like chaos vs. Competence and the now extremely irritating long term economic plan! He as usual gave no answers to questions put instead trying to highlight the achievement of the Tories. Avoided speaking of the future and gave no detail of the massive state crippling cuts he and Gideon Osborn plan to make. He was successful only in devaluing our democracy by hiding away and dodging scrutiny! A woeful performance!

Leanne Wood -  Spoke mostly on Welsh subjects which was to be expected championing an austerity free viewpoint she highlighted the many shortcomings of the Con-Dems. Laid in to Farage when he spoke inappropriately on HIV earning her applause. She outlined a vision for the future whereby Wales would have increased funding because currently anything outside London seems not to exist to the con – Dems.  Open and engaging she stood above the likes of Snooty and Farage. Good performance!

Puppet Clegg – Rather surprisingly he spoke quite well and had he not got into bed with Lord Snooty it would have been well received. However for Puppet Clegg there is no redemption, colluding with the Tories is a capital offence and sentence is about to be passed! Given what they have been a party to this was a completely insignificant performance! Apologies and pleading for a second chance- Pathetic performance from an insignificant political imbecile!

Natalie Bennet – she made up for the earlier blunders where she forgot her statistics and performed with confidence. She outlined some very interesting left wing policies which to me make perfect sense like re nationalising the railways and enforcing policies to even out the distribution of wealth! I fear however the British public are not yet ready for this, the greed legacy of Butcher Thatcher still lingers in middle England! Very good performance!

Nigel Farage – as expected a one trick pony only making the slightest sense when talking of immigration. On other subjects he he faltered and on occasion spouted rubbish! Got very agitated and embarrassed himself clearly the standing of UKIP is on the slide. All their policies however would be easy to implement because they don’t have any! Shown up as the racist he is mind you he might have been drunk! Dire performance!

Ed Milliband - this was the opportunity for dithering Ed to shine and he nearly came up with the goods! He had obviously undergone intense schooling by a Lynton Crosby type as his pronounced stare at the camera was massively overdone! In retort to questions posed he gave reasonable answers but at no time did he shine! By his own past performances this was a good performance this was a good one but in comparison to the other leaders adequate would be a better adjective! Uninspired slightly wooden performance!

Nicola Sturgeon – We were expecting a good show and she did not disappoint! Answers that neutralised questions, savage when required and conciliatory and welcoming! She mashed the notion of the demonic SNP, instead promising to fight for the many that are disadvantaged all over the UK. She made the other bar the two women look like Woodentops!  Got a royal princesses welcome on return to Scotland and it turns out 1,800 people joined the SNP during the two hour debate! Absolutely splendid performance! Bravo!

The memo!

I must admit to feeling somewhat shocked and betrayed by what was leaked from Westminster via the pro Tory Telegraph. Nicola Sturgeon quoted in a memo following her meeting with the French ambassador stating she would prefer Lord Snooty in No 10 over weak Ed Milliband. Now there is no doubt a Tory government would lend great (although inadvertent) weight to the quest for independence!

Her rhetoric to date however has been in the opposite direction promoting Labour whilst stating categorically that there is no way the SNP could work with any form of Tory government! As the day went on however a clearer picture emerged with both Sturgeon and the French ambassador stating that neither their own recollections nor the written records said any such thing.

It’s now obvious mischief is afoot and the question is imitated by whom! An immediate enquiry has been launched to find out who leaked the erroneous memo to the Telegraph. It is well within the realms of possibility that the Tory machine is behind this! There will be much muck slinging between the parties much of which will never come to our attention! In the established political system corruption and underhand dealing is the norm!

As a matter of urgency the person responsible must be detected and dealt with but more importantly those behind the farce exposed and put through the legal system! Dirty tricks – just an everyday occurrence!

Happy Easter to all our readers!

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