Sunday, 26 April 2015

Legs eleven at our competition!

Photo 01 - Alasdair receives the gold cup from last years winner Mike Christie.
Legs eleven!!

On waking up on the day it was very wet cold and dull maybe better for the fishing than the unusually warm and bright conditions but not the type of weather that lures you out of your bed. Anyway the competitors duly met up at the Glen Cafe and its a great time to catch up with old friends gathering for the high spot of the year, our wild Trout competition with the first prize of an autumn day on the Tweed Salmon fishing, and the Major Sir Neil Westbrook Challenge Cup. After a great breakfast we all set off to the points on the loch where we thought it most likely the Trout would oblige!
Photo 02- Fraser receives the second Prize from Stevie Nimmo.

Of course it turned out to be hard going as it always is but in the manner of real anglers the lads ploughed ever onwards! No flies were spotted until mid afternoon when patches of olives were noted but very few rising Trout. In fact three rising Trout were spotted over the whole day! Fraser managed an early fish around 10.30 the others that were caught came later in the day as the weather turned brighter and warmer. I noticed the increase in temperature but it must have hit others harder as both Frank Gillespie and Alan Ramsay decided to cool down by taking a dip in the loch, must be some of those hardy types we hear about!

Pre weigh in whispering told us that Trout had been caught which was great and it became clear those who had caught had one each! I set up the scales and duly weighed the fish the results are below.


Third place - Stevie Nimmo 1 Trout @ 11.125 ounces.

Second place –Fraser Patterson one Trout @ 11.250 ounces.

First place - Alasdair White with one Trout weighing in @ 11.875 ounces.

Photo 03 - Stevie receives the third prize from Alastair of the Tibbie Shiels Inn.
It was legs eleven all round and extremely tight but for the accuracy of our digital scales this could have been a three way tie and if we had used tape measures an absolute shambles! Special mention must be made of Alan Ramsay who had one Trout of eight inches but did not weigh in when it became clear the others had bigger fish. He also lost a big fish in the policeman’s bay which broke him on a supercharged run! Alan’s day was further enriched by having a close up view of the Osprey fishing for his dinner.
Alasdair captured a super photo of a coiled up Adder who had come out late afternoon to bask in the sun (photo next week he couldn't find Bluetooth). It just doesn’t get any better than this! So Alasdair White has won the gold cup and we will make arrangements for his day Salmon fishing on the Tweed later this year. There was also a silver cup floating around and it had Fraser Patterson’s name on it! Yes it was the heavy Pike cup which he has won previously and Lisa at the cafe did the honours. Well done Alasdair and Fraser!

It was another great day out devoid of the angling Muppets and bullies that blight our angling journey’s and was hugely enjoyed by all who took part. Not just a day out angling, rather a day in the lap of Mother Nature where her glories were unveiled for all taking part.  Absolutely priceless!

Photo 04 - Fraser receives the heavy Pike cup and £20 from Lisa of the Glen CafĂ©.
In order for our day to be a success we rely on the services and goodwill of others, we therefore are obliged. indeed delighted to extend our thanks to Cath, Lisa and staff at the Glen Cafe for the excellent breakfast which they serve up every year! Alastair, Sheila and staff at the Tibbie for the tasty barbeque and for donating the prize of a bottle of Malt whisky, it just topped off our day! Last but certainly not least all the competitors who walked in the footsteps of old Izaak and were a credit to the sport of angling, brothers of the angle each and every one of them! Thank you one and all and see you next year!
Oh and something that will light up our treasurer Elliot's face, for the first time since the competition started we have made an operating profit - the sum involved five pence!

Photo 05 - Alastair fires up the first batch of locally produced and very tasty burgers!
Fly tipping into the Megget!

On crossing the bridge yesterday I noticed some signs cable tied to the barriers from the regional council! I! t went on to say that no fly tipping is allowed and that anyone having noticed anything suspicious should contact Police Scotland! This is about the lamest measure that could have been taken. Who on earth crosses this bridge on foot for in a vehicle it is simply a piece of paper which no one could read! Most people who are affected by these events have SEPA and Police Scotland in their friends and family folder so often do we have to phone them!

Will it have any effect on the imbeciles who carry out these crimes? Of course it will not! The likelihood is that the signs will end up in the Megget along with the next delivery of rubbish! Of course we have to realise that councils are cutting services daily because of Con-Dem cuts. To catch these dummies it would take significant resources which councils do not have so unless we get lucky it will continue unabated!

Lambs now out in numbers!

They have been out for a while now and at the Salmon viewing centre further down the valley they are providing much joy to travellers stopping at the cafe for a break. Up at the loch they are always behind the majority of births because of the possibility of poor weather as happened in 2010. In that year many ewes and lambs were lost being completely engulfed by the heavy and unrelenting snowfall coupled with arctic frosts!

Now that the ewes are giving birth and young lambs with no life experience are gambolling around we once again have to ask anglers to avoid entering into fields where ewes and lambs are present! There is always a way to reach your intended destination avoiding such fields and even though it may take a while longer it prevents a possible disaster with stock!

If you have a dog you must keep clear of these areas and no bivvying is permitted in such fields! This is a crucial time for the farmers in the area and we do not want to see them disadvantaged by thoughtless behaviour. We have very good relations with all the farmers in the area we wish to keep it that way! Enjoy the moment of new life but do so from afar!

The wider world in my view!

The Puppets are packing!

In many areas all over the country forlorn puppets are packing their cases and scanning the jobs on offer at the local jobcentres! The reality of their misdeeds now coming home to haunt them. Locally Puppet Moore has been bombarding the electorate with masses of leaflets alas to no avail! The puppet who was the Scottish secretary before being sacked  is now3 facing up to reality! A crime against the Scottish people was carried out now the sentence will be carried out !

The latest poll in the area confirms Puppet Moore a Tory collaborator is now history trailing the Tories by 2 points and the SNP by 4 points! This is now a huge opportunity for the people of the Borders to send packing the puppets and the Tories but we cannot take it for granted! Lamont is a popular choice among the well heeled and there are many of them in our area!

It will take puppet voters to abandon what now is a lost cause in voting for Puppet Moore, and switch their vote to the sensible and pragmatic choice Calum Kerr of the SNP! The future is in our hands, we must grasp this opportunity and get rid of the puppets (done) and the Tories (work in progress) ditch Westminster (inevitable) and allow the Borders to flourish!

Is it down to Lord Snooty?

Following the press release from Ed Milliband accusing Lord Snooty of gross incompetence regarding the tragic incidents off the coast of Libya the question must be asked! Lord Snooty’s intervention was hailed as a “tremendous success” by Bungling Bill Hague has turned out to be an utter disaster! In fact looking back at all the west’s interventions in conflicts overseas every single one has been an unmitigated disaster! And remember Lord Snooty was straining at the leash to wade into Syria!

The bottom line is that Lord Snooty is responsible, for he and his fellow buffoons waded into Libya knowing they could depose Gaddafi and then sit back and take the plaudits! Tony Blair also did the same and he must take responsibility for the mess that is Iraq! Our politicians do not seem to realise that our culture is so very different from those of the countries we have placed into turmoil!

There is a way to stop the lawlessness in these countries as evidenced by the Bosch and that is by levelling the landscape and that surely is not an option! There is a salutary lesson here and it is that we should stop barging into the affairs of others they must be allowed to conduct their society in the manner they wish even if that manner is distasteful by our standards! Let’s sort out our country and leave other countries to sort out their own affairs because under the rule of the Con-Dems it surely needs sorting!
A stuck record!
Listening over the last few weeks to Lord Snooty and Boris the buffoon we hear the same old negative story that Salmond or Sturgeon will end up controlling Milliband if we don't vote Tory! What a load of tosh and to be frank such a situation does not worry the "working man" at all! A situation of much greater concern is the posh boys dancing to UKIPs tune something they have been doing for the last few years and still they cant get it right!
Lynton Crosby at his best, not having anything positive to say they just attack the opposition relentlessly driving us all crackers! The long term economic plan having been shown to be a sham along with the massive increase in crap jobs that for those unlucky enough to land one (forced into one) have another trip to make every week to get some benefits to allow them to eat!
No wonder Snooty's chin is tripping him, they have fought a desperate campaign against what is possibly the weakest ever showing of the Labour party and have made no inroads whatsoever! its not all doom and gloom for them though they achieved great success with increasing the numbers of poor people using food banks. they have increased the numbers of working poor massively, they have increased the wealth of the richest in the country by huge amounts! I could go on and on! So Lord Snooty please tell us what you have done for the working classes?

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Wild Trout Competition tips, rules & timetable!


Photo 01 - Another pair of fine Brownies courtesy of Stevie

Wild Trout competition!

Yes its next Saturday but there is still time to enter. If you fancy trying to outwit the wily Trout resident in the loch now’s your chance. There are great prizes with the first prize being a day’s autumn Salmon fishing on the upper pavilion beat on Tweed during October/November. The winner will also be presented with the Major Sir Neil Westbrook cup to keep for a year.

Included in the £16.00 entry fee is a legendary bacon roll and tea or coffee from the revered Glen Cafe on the banks of the loch o the Lowes. At the weigh in at the Tibbies there will be a post mortem barbeque! It’s a great day out with some admittedly hard going fishing but even on a blank you have had a day out in great company and in spectacular countryside. If you would like to enter, just turn up at the Glen Cafe around 09.15 on Saturday, we are all brothers of the angle and you will be most welcome.

Some hints for our competition next week

I’ve gathered a few tips from our Trout fishing squad to give you a few pointers to try and win in the battle with our formidable head of Brown Trout resident in the loch. At this time of the year start off with a floating or intermediate line with the aim of fishing the first 6 feet from the surface down. Most will choose to fish submerged flies consisting of an attractor (Zulu, Kate McLaren, goldhead) on the point and two traditional flies further up Hares Lug/March Brown or an early season nymph such as the pheasant tail.


The photo above show two fine Brownies caught by Stevie Nimmo (he is now doing two every week!) Very encouraging for next week! Go for a leader length of 9ft or more. Naturally if Trout are seen rising then match the hatch if you can or select an early season fly from your selection such as a March Brown or a spider.


If none of the above stimulates interest then get out the sinking line and try this allowing varying lengths of time before retrieving the line to cover different depths. Fish the margins all around the loch remembering that at some points on the loch you can be in 50ft of water 20 yards from the shore. Have a look at the bathymetrical map on our main website before coming it will give you some early pointers as to where to fish.


Finally immerse yourself in your surroundings and allow the birdsong to relax you and your fly will be presented sweetly. If at the end of the day your tally is nil do not despair, you have spent a day in the most beautiful surroundings that Mother Nature has to offer, trying to outwit our most wily residents and lost, but there will be other days and overall you have won! Happy fishing and tight lines to all!


Oh and remember to have an orange goldhead in your box it has proved to be a game changer in the past!

Photo 02 the loch from the churchyard!
Wild Trout Competition rules.


The flyer above will give you the essential details of the upcoming competition. Competitors should assemble at the Glen Cafe for registration tea coffee and bacon roll. You will be issued with a ticket with two tear off stubs one of which you will give to the cafe and the other to then Tibbie at the post mortem. The timetable is as follows


(1) Registration at Glen Cafe 09.15 -09.55

(2) Fishing 10.00 – 16.00 on St Mary’s loch, weigh in 16.00 – 16.30

(3) Presentation of prizes16.30, barbeque 16.40 onwards.


You may use any legal method by rod and line which will include fly, bait and spinning. Complete rules below.  Fish will be evaluated by weight the highest total weight will be the winner. We would be most grateful if fish being taken could be subject to examination for determination of sex of fish to assist us in research relating to the composition of the Trout population in the lochs. Some scales from every Trout caught will also be beneficial.

Competition Rules

(1) Fishing is to be from bank only but boats will be available for anglers with decreased mobility.

(2) There is to be a bag limit of 4 Trout then catch and release.

(3) No Trout under 8inches may be taken.

(4) Fishing shall be by any legal method using rod (one) and line.

(5) No Trout shall be passed to another angler (Bag sharing).

(6) Pike and Perch to be returned to the loch unharmed.

(7) The organisers may inspect all tackle and fish caught.

Boats will be available for disabled anglers and those with limited mobility in the first instance any remaining boats will be given to other anglers as required. If the need for boats is greater than oats available a straw poll will be the arbiter.

(8) Parking in designated areas only, avoid blocking farm gates and entrances.

(9) Any angler found to be in breach of competition rules shall be disqualified.

(10) Fishing shall commence at 10.00am and finish at 16.00hrs with all catches to be weighed by 16.30hrs at the Tibbie Shiels Inn.

(11) Fishing to be confined to St Mary's Loch only.

You are advised to carry a mobile phone with you.


The first prize has been graciously donated by Major Sir Neil Westbrook the owner of the Upper Pavilion on the River Tweed, the beat is immediately below Boleside and contains the famous pool Carey Weil as fished by Sir Walter Scott. The prize will be a full days fishing to be arranged at a mutually convenient time during the months of October/November 2015. This prize is a huge coup for us as a club and the winner will be guaranteed a once in a lifetime event, with the chance of connecting with some very heavy Salmon during the months when the river is at it’s most productive! In the event your day turns out to be unfishable due to the level of the river, you will be offered another day at a mutually convenient time. If you are unsuccessful in catching a fish we will either give you another autumn day (subject to availability) or a day at the Springer’s the following year.

To remind you of your halcyon day you will be presented with the Major Sir Neil Westbrook Challenge Cup which is a high quality trophy standing 12 inches tall and electroplated with pure 24 carat Gold (the photo does not do it justice)! The cup is yours to keep for one year. We will have it engraved with your name as a permanent reminder of what we are sure will be a superb day!!

The second prize is a fly box brimming with a great selection of professionally tied flies specially selected for use on St Mary’s loch. No more cursing because you don’t have a wide enough range of flies.

The third prize is a bottle of your choice at the Tibbie Shiels Inn situated at the head of St Mary's loch.

So there you have it in a nutshell, a super days fishing, good food and the chance of some great prizes!


It happens every year we get a few oddballs who phone up looking for a boat and engine to aid their efforts on the loch then fail to turn up! It’s not really very bright in fact you have to be some kind of weirdo to even contemplate such behaviour! Our loch keeper has a busy life without such distractions so he does not need the extra hassle these calls involve!

If you have made an initial enquiry then please let us know as soon as you can if you for whatever reason cannot make it to the loch. For this reason anglers are reminded that a £10.00 deposit will be required on provisionally booking a boat with engine. Naturally if we find out your identity when engaging in these Muppet like practices you will be barred from fishing on our lochs! Genuine anglers have nothing to fear!


The wider world in my view!

The latest polls!

The latest in the series of polls by Tory pollster Lord Ashcroft has turned up a few gems here in Scotland that will please the SNP depress the puppets and Labour and the Tories since they are predicted to be wiped out a fact to which they resigned themselves to a good while back. There is a slim chance for the Tories to get back to the magnificent total of one seat and unfortunately that is in our area! Yes the Tories lead by one point over the puppets who are two points ahead of the SNP.

 Its good and bad news, it would be utterly dreadful if we were lumbered with the only Scottish Tory MP John Lamont in fact it’s unthinkable! The reality however is that the seat previously held by Puppet Moore is open to any of the three contenders. It now falls on the people of the Borders to place their votes appropriately and see Calum Kerr appointed to the position of MP in our area!

What is clear is that Puppet Moore is leaving! It is essential that the Tories are kept out and Puppet Moore cannot be of any help in this task! People who have the intention of voting for Puppet Moore urgently need to consider voting tactically to keep the Tories out by voting for the SNP! Imagine the shame of having the only Tory MP in Scotland as our representative! It’s akin to alienating ourselves from the rest of Scotland assuming the status of a leper colony.

It won’t take much to clinch it for the SNP and then we could hold our heads high. In summary the reign of Puppet Moore is finished, he like other puppets must be punished for aiding a vile Tory government intent on dismantling our state sector! The race is between the Tories and the SNP.  All SNP voters need to convert one other to vote for a future instead of the mundane dogma of the Tories which is only succeeding in dismantling our public services! Nicola Sturgeon is correct there is no need for harsh austerity there is another more sensible way to right our financial situation caused by Tory bankers! As the Americans and the Japanese have done by investing sensibly carrying out capital projects and growing our economy! For Scotland the future could be brighter but only if we return an SNP landslide!


No show Snooty!

Another election debate this week and it was the same old story in that Nicola Sturgeon wiped the floor with all comers! She was the only one that seemed to make any sense and at the same time managed to put across the fact that there is hope for the disadvantaged in the UK. The clear winner in a debate that saw Lord Snooty and Puppet Clegg exposed for the weak fools and failed politicians that they clearly are!

Of course the Tories are saying that Lord Snooty could not attend because of the agreement reached by the media companies. It’s worth remembering that Lord Snooty was the main complainer throughout the procedure to arrive at an acceptable scenario for Lord Snooty! How the bunglers at Tory HQ must be kicking themselves for missing a great opportunity to promote themselves because in their absence Sturgeon and Milliband took the honours! At last the polls have moved showing Labour taking a 2 point lead it’s looking good!

With the puppets being absent also this was a great opportunity to hear real politics and new ideas! The irrelevance of the puppets is now clear to all! Taking a poll of the debates one thing stands out in that Nicola Sturgeon stands head and shoulders above the rest which is just fabulous news! Undoubtedly Milliband has improved his rating upping them from dreadful to poor! Lord Snooty for all his machinations ends up the poorer, having his policies derided by all and more often than not shown up as a fool!

Farage continues the downward slide which from an electoral point of view is disappointing as this means less of a challenge to the Tories! His policies now exposed, UKIP are universally seen as the racial bigots that they are! A good week for anyone not falling into the UKIP Tory or Puppet camps! It’s looking good for the people of Scotland!

A great success!

I remember recording here my astonishment when Lord Snooty marked down his intervention in Libya as a great success! Yes getting rid of Colonel Gadaffi  he pronounced stability and peace would now become the norm! The reality is however vastly different. Hundreds of thousands deposed and made homeless, the system of law displaced by the Kalashnikov. Rowing factions fight all comers on a daily basis and ordinary people comb the streets in search of food so that their children may survive! There are many words that could be used to describe the western intervention in Libya; success I think would not make it on to that list! We cannot withstand any more successes' like Libya! 



Sunday, 12 April 2015

A pair of real troopers!


Photo 01 - Stevie's heaviest fish!

A pair of real troopers!

Following on from Friday’s excellent weather yesterday came as a shock. Heavy biting cold winds, sleet, snow and hailstones served to return us to winter albeit temporarily! When most would be happy to get the feet up in front of a roaring fire, the intrepid duo that are Pete Young and Stevie Nimmo who between the them have over 100 years (yes that's 100yrs) of fishing experience on the loch ventured out to pit their wits against the lochs wily Trout!

There was a fair bit of bobbing around on the boat and clearly the expedition could not be classed as a pleasure cruise! Big swell, strong winds and high waves all happily borne in pursuit of Trout! It wasn’t long before the pair encountered some of the resident Trout as they slashed at the pair’s offerings! Eventually Stevie hooked and landed a very fit pounder followed by another which tipped the scales at 12oz.

Pete managed a few more knocks but most unlike him did not manage to land any. However when the loch gets angry even the most committed must give way and seek the security of dry land. A couple of roller coaster rides atop of the angry swell was enough to convince them this days fishing had come to an end!

We have said it often and invariably it turns out to be the case the rougher the weather the better! Just like Mike Wood a few weeks back the duo persevered and their persistence delivered reward! Respect due!

Photo 02 - View from St Mary's Churchyard!
Losing our heritage!

You will remember we reported here an instance of illegal metal detecting in the St Mary’s Churchyard up on the hill behind the graveyard bay on the loch. Well I took a walk up last Saturday to see if there was any evidence of digging and I am pleased to say that apart from a large number of molehills there was no evidence of illegal digging!

What immediately drew my attention however was the dilapidated state of the graveyard with noble structures falling apart soon to become just a pile of stone! The memorial stones still standing have been subject to extreme weathering which given the location is probably unavoidable. Stones however do remain readable with one going back to a burial in 1718 of a shepherd from Chapelhope!   

I am sure there now exists a resin to coat the stone to limit further weathering but it will cost money as will the rebuilding of the Grieve family enclosure which looks about to degenerate into a heap of rubble! Of course the council have not the resources to step in and halt the decay after crushing Con-Dem cuts to their budgets!

Photo 03 - Rapidly degenerating memorial!
This typifies the effects of the cuts, our cultural heritage is being lost and by the time anyone realises it will be too late! It wouldn’t take a huge amount of money to renovate the churchyard but as we are all too aware money is tight! The Hawick archaeological society has captured all the inscriptions of the monuments together with photographic evidence but this is no substitute for preserving the actual graveyard!

A few men and a mini digger could sort the place out in a couple of days with regard to rebuilding and stabilising the structures but the question is who would do and fund this work? This is taking place all over the country as the hapless Con_Dems cut public services to the bone. This ill thought out policy is destroying our cultural heritage, and let’s face it if we do not have our past we have nothing!

Whilst up at the graveyard I noticed under a flagstone a blue click lock Tupperware container. I opened it and inside I discovered a geocaching site. Yes people visiting the yard leave a trinket or a coin along with their names and date of visit. Interesting idea, I duly left a chrome plated two pence coin and left a card with my details. Wonder how long the items will remain there?

Photo 04 - Very early memorial!
Wild Trout Competition!

It’s not long now so potential competitors should start looking out their gear and get a few practice casts in! The details are as follows - our annual wild trout competition will be held on Saturday the 25th of April on St Mary’s Loch fishing to be between the hours of 10.00 and 16.00hrs. Competitors should meet up at the Glen Cafe from 09.15 hrs for inception and the post mortem and weigh in at the Tibbies includes a barbeque commencing 16.30hrs. The patter is always good so if you fancy a cast do come along you will be most welcome!


Photo 05 - The cache!
The wider world in my view!

Re visiting the Pie Tax!

Well not quite, but you would be right if you are thinking of another blundering policy from the “Omnishambles” government the Con-Dems! Another ill thought out idea fronted by Lord Snooty saying that 3 days paid leave should be given to employees willing to volunteer their services to a charity!

It’s a laudable aim but as usual ill thought out! Who is going to pay for the nurses missing from the wards whilst they carry out this admirable work? Who will pay for the agency staff that would require to be drafted in to cover the missing nurses? Employers will be trembling at the very thought! Like the Pie Tax another useless uttering from the posh boys filling up their days meddling with our lives! Five further years of this lot it doesn’t bear thinking about!

Photo 06 - The lack of maintenance is obvious!
Head and shoulders above the rest!

I am of course referring to the back to back debates that took place this week in particular the second one which included the Greens and UKIP. This lively debate highlighted why Nicola Sturgeon is our country’s First Minister. This was the ideal forum to gang up on her and whilst they attempted to catch her out she defended her position admirably!

The three duds in the debate were Borg Queen Ruth Davidson who although she spoke very well, spouted the usual toxic to Scots Tory dogma and as such was not worth hearing and will be completely ignored! Puppet Rennie, leader of the Scottish puppets desperately tried to justify the stance of the puppets in propping up the joke administration that is the Con-Dems! Of course Scots have no time for colluding puppets and his words fell on deaf ears!

The UKIP representative David Coburn he who likened an SNP MSP to Abu Hamsa continued to make an ass of himself with nonsensical and racially aggravating comments and will rightly be ignored by the Scots! Patrick Harvie from the Greens spoke very well and makes some convincing arguments for reforming the social structure in our society.

 Jim Murphy managed to score some good points but for Labour it’s too little too late! Labour have increased their poll rating in Scotland but not at the expense of the SNP rather the also rans! Nicola Sturgeon let slip that a future referendum could be in the 2016 manifesto which is excellent news and will undoubtedly lead to yet a further increase in SNP membership!

The debates have provided a glimpse of the respective party leaders and with a hint of some of their policies and may well sway some people into taking a position. The two that came out on top were the SNP and the Greens but there could be no doubt that Sturgeon was head and shoulders above the rest!
Promises, promises!
Leaning the puppets aside on the basis of their being irrelevant both Labour and Tory party's are spouting forth at an alarming rate promising the earth! Of course this has always been the way in the run up to an election! The most important factors in deciding whether or not to believe such promises are credibility and verifiable funding sources!
The Tories are coming out with some huge spending figures and on the back of as yet unspecified cuts! Labour have put forward more modest spending on more modest cuts and crucially have a solid base explaining where the spending money would be found! On the subject of credibility the Tories have none! Delaying the recovery funding growth by debt no good can come of this false recovery! It's difficult to see Labour's credibility given they are in opposition but seriously could they be any worse!
Yes the pledges are coming thick and fast and probably the safest bet is to ignore them all! Simply consider the way the Con-Dems have looked after their own and harried the poor, weak and disabled and make your decision on that basis!
On Clarkson!
Looks like he has finally seen the light bowing out of hosting "Have I got news for you"! Bullies in any arena are not welcome! Maybe he will at some point return to the human race, Fie Mr Clarkson Fie!

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Warped individuals at work !

Photo 01 - approximately one third of what was dumped!
Warped individuals at work!

We had a good run with everything being just as it should be however a number of calls on Friday however put paid to that! Another load of rubbish tipped into the Megget water! Keith who had circled the loch around midnight on Thursday said nothing untoward was apparent so between the hours of twelve and eight and an almighty amount of trash was tipped over the bridge!

This time it appears to have been mostly household type rubbish . There is still rubbish floating around the margins) with one 25kg gas canister, one 25litre liquid container and ten unmarked plastic container of ten to twenty litre capacity. There were also 6 multipack bags of time expired unopened crisps!

We estimate that there were around 200 soft drink tins we have 3 bags full of them. 30-40 milk containers half with rank milk in them, 20-30 containers of various sauces from chilli to soy, five shaving foam aerosols, two ten litre cooking oil containers and a huge heap of various household food containers plus other cabinet drawers, bases and assorted pieces of polystyrene.
Photo 02 - A fraction of the floating trash!l.

Mr Xxxxx spent the most part of Friday afternoon retrieving floating containers from the loch until darkness fell whilst Ian collected a deal of waste from near the dumping point. On Saturday Stevie and me spent the whole morning cleaning up the Megget water. In all 7 black bags full up to fifty plastic containers and other stuff by far the biggest load so far! 
Photo 03 - The fire went all day!

The dumpers could not have used a car even a small van would not accommodate this lot. The vehicle must have been of a Ford Transit type or larger to carry all this waste! There was little if anything traceable in this lot but we have involved the police to see if they can help we will also contact SEPA on Tuesday but we expect them to be of limited help!

Again the rubbish dumped tends to suggest that much of it has come from some sort of fast food burger van type operation but we need to catch them to be sure. Whoever the people are carrying out these irresponsible acts one thing we can be sure of is that they are seriously warped individuals!

Its obvious they do not want to pay for dumping the trash at a conventional disposal facility hence they dump it in the Megget water! Most Neds would just stop in a lay-by and toss the lot out! Then at least the cleanup would be quick these dummies cause many people endless work and we are getting sick of it!

One suggestion is that it could be someone with a grudge against the club but there are only two suspects barred from the club in this scenario and they are minor irritations not capable of this! The same could apply to the villagers we simply do not know! No we have here dummies who think they are beating the system and will go on until they are caught which will happen sooner or later! Naturally anyone having any information should contact the police on 101. Any large van passing through the area should be noted registration numbers would be just great we can then pass this to the police if an incident takes place!

As always we need to thank those who have helped clear up this mess for invariably they are the same people every time! They have no obligation to carry out this work but for their love of the loch and allegiance to the club they choose to do so! Thanks to our loch keeper Mr Xxxxx, former loch keeper Ian Fernyhough and club stalwarts Les Henderson and Stevie Nimmo thanks to you all! We are expecting to hear back from the police re our next move later this week. More photos next week.

Club Competition!

Remember our annual wild trout competition will be held on Saturday the 25th of April on St Mary’s Loch fishing to be between the hours of 10.00 and 16.00hrs. Competitors should meet up at the Glen Cafe from 09.15 hrs for inception and the post mortem and weigh in at the Tibbies includes a barbeque commencing 16.30hrs. The patter is always good so if you fancy a cast do come along you will be most welcome!

The wider world in my view!

More like a debate!

Yes Thursday’s event proved to be much more like a debate than the previous one. What I thought stood out was how well the three female party leaders acquitted themselves in what would have been an intimidating arena. This is how I found the leaders –

Lord Snooty – playing a minimal part in the debate and when he did speak it was the usual tosh like chaos vs. Competence and the now extremely irritating long term economic plan! He as usual gave no answers to questions put instead trying to highlight the achievement of the Tories. Avoided speaking of the future and gave no detail of the massive state crippling cuts he and Gideon Osborn plan to make. He was successful only in devaluing our democracy by hiding away and dodging scrutiny! A woeful performance!

Leanne Wood -  Spoke mostly on Welsh subjects which was to be expected championing an austerity free viewpoint she highlighted the many shortcomings of the Con-Dems. Laid in to Farage when he spoke inappropriately on HIV earning her applause. She outlined a vision for the future whereby Wales would have increased funding because currently anything outside London seems not to exist to the con – Dems.  Open and engaging she stood above the likes of Snooty and Farage. Good performance!

Puppet Clegg – Rather surprisingly he spoke quite well and had he not got into bed with Lord Snooty it would have been well received. However for Puppet Clegg there is no redemption, colluding with the Tories is a capital offence and sentence is about to be passed! Given what they have been a party to this was a completely insignificant performance! Apologies and pleading for a second chance- Pathetic performance from an insignificant political imbecile!

Natalie Bennet – she made up for the earlier blunders where she forgot her statistics and performed with confidence. She outlined some very interesting left wing policies which to me make perfect sense like re nationalising the railways and enforcing policies to even out the distribution of wealth! I fear however the British public are not yet ready for this, the greed legacy of Butcher Thatcher still lingers in middle England! Very good performance!

Nigel Farage – as expected a one trick pony only making the slightest sense when talking of immigration. On other subjects he he faltered and on occasion spouted rubbish! Got very agitated and embarrassed himself clearly the standing of UKIP is on the slide. All their policies however would be easy to implement because they don’t have any! Shown up as the racist he is mind you he might have been drunk! Dire performance!

Ed Milliband - this was the opportunity for dithering Ed to shine and he nearly came up with the goods! He had obviously undergone intense schooling by a Lynton Crosby type as his pronounced stare at the camera was massively overdone! In retort to questions posed he gave reasonable answers but at no time did he shine! By his own past performances this was a good performance this was a good one but in comparison to the other leaders adequate would be a better adjective! Uninspired slightly wooden performance!

Nicola Sturgeon – We were expecting a good show and she did not disappoint! Answers that neutralised questions, savage when required and conciliatory and welcoming! She mashed the notion of the demonic SNP, instead promising to fight for the many that are disadvantaged all over the UK. She made the other bar the two women look like Woodentops!  Got a royal princesses welcome on return to Scotland and it turns out 1,800 people joined the SNP during the two hour debate! Absolutely splendid performance! Bravo!

The memo!

I must admit to feeling somewhat shocked and betrayed by what was leaked from Westminster via the pro Tory Telegraph. Nicola Sturgeon quoted in a memo following her meeting with the French ambassador stating she would prefer Lord Snooty in No 10 over weak Ed Milliband. Now there is no doubt a Tory government would lend great (although inadvertent) weight to the quest for independence!

Her rhetoric to date however has been in the opposite direction promoting Labour whilst stating categorically that there is no way the SNP could work with any form of Tory government! As the day went on however a clearer picture emerged with both Sturgeon and the French ambassador stating that neither their own recollections nor the written records said any such thing.

It’s now obvious mischief is afoot and the question is imitated by whom! An immediate enquiry has been launched to find out who leaked the erroneous memo to the Telegraph. It is well within the realms of possibility that the Tory machine is behind this! There will be much muck slinging between the parties much of which will never come to our attention! In the established political system corruption and underhand dealing is the norm!

As a matter of urgency the person responsible must be detected and dealt with but more importantly those behind the farce exposed and put through the legal system! Dirty tricks – just an everyday occurrence!

Happy Easter to all our readers!