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The wilder the better!

Photo 01 - Mike with his 1.5lbs trophy safely returned!
The wilder the better!
Mike Wood one of our valued members has been having a tough time of it recently with regard to medical matters. So when he sent a mail today I was delighted to note that the fighting spirit inherent in his like was still there! He had ventured out on a couple of afternoons in pursuit of our wily stock of Trout! Mike is a focussed and determined chap here is his report in his own words -
Tues 24 March 2015 @  1430 to 1830 Hail Storms and Squally turning to a lovely evening.
 Fished Bottom of Lowes first half (Wet flies intermediate line), no offers.
Then to spinning had a Pike attack the toby at the bank up from the café.
Second half of the day on St Mary's: Caught one Brownie 15.5 cm in Lovely condition (guestimate 1.5lbs) on a PTN/Washing line style/dry line at the Boathouse end of the bay (nearest roadside)
Fri 27 March @ 1200 to 1900 Overcast most of the day Gusts causing the occasional white caps.
Photo 02 - Very nice early season pounder!
Fished from the bay above Kirkstead down to half way to the regulator picking up a 13cm  Brownie est 1lb (although a little on the lean side in good fighting form) on a home-made lure pattern.
Then to the roadside of the Lowes down to the St Marys feeder burn mostly with spinner due to winds (a hatch of Small dark olives occurred briefly at the St Marys confluence but no fish seen)
Lastly fished the Megget with spiders down to the loch (noticed the river here has changed to be wider and more canal like down to the first bend by the tree, the last twice where I'd picked up a fish there, the water seems too flat to cover them now).  Into the loaming with the Spinner from Megget mouth down towards Cappercleuch without any offers.
 Photo 03 - After the storm by Mike!
Clearly then the weather was rough but persistence paid off with two nice Brownies which were safely returned. One thought to be on the lean side but the important thing was that it survived the trials of spawning. I believe these are the first Brown Trout of 2015 from the lochs so well done Mike! I will have to shorten his odds for the competition got to be up among the favourites now! As the veterans of St Mary's loch say "The wilder the better"!
Illegal activities!

I heard from one of the residents around the loch this week telling of a group of three individuals who has hiked up the hill to St Mary’s Churchyard where a number of graves are contained within the walled cemetery. On looking closely it became apparent they were treasure seekers and were metal detecting within the churchyard!

It is common knowledge that people using these devices are turning up everywhere chancing their luck and seeing what they can unearth! Given that they have permission from the landowner then this is acceptable as long as they carry out this activity in a responsible fashion in contacting the owner and the relevant authority if a significant find is made!

Many areas of archaeological importance have been pillaged by these people out for self gain and a brake needs to be put on these irresponsible types! Digging in the area of a graveyard however is completely unacceptable, this is sacred ground! What would have happened if they had detected something would they dig up the graves to satisfy their urge for treasure!

People like this give good metal detectorists a bad name and the majority of them fall into the good bracket I am sure! Anyway their visit was short for whatever reason and they soon moved on. The details of their vehicle will be passed on to the police and I will take a trek up next week to see if any damage has been done! Do these people not stop and think before desecrating the property of others and in this case hallowed ground?

Photo 04 - Metal detecting took place here!
New Recommended Dealer!

I knew this was coming but we could not put forward a new recommended dealer until we had three recommendations from our membership! Well the third recommendation came in on Friday and our new recommended dealer is The Borders Gunroom in St Boswells!

This well respected outlets for as the name suggests deal in guns firearms and air weapons as well as fishing tackle taking in all the major specialities in our sport. They hold a massive stock of all things fishing and what they don’t have they will get for you! Best of all however like the late Tom Hardy in Gala you will be speaking to anglers who have gained the respect of the angling community. Check out the link and have a good look around, the website is still under construction but there is still plenty to see.
Photo 05 - Going home!

Wild Trout Competition!

Remember our annual wild trout competition will be held on Saturday the 25th of April on St Mary’s Loch fishing to be between the hours of 10.00 and 16.00hrs. Competitors should meet up at the Glen Cafe from 09.15 hrs for bacon rolls and tea or coffee. As always entry is £16.00 as it has been since its inception and the post mortem and weigh in at the Tibbies includes a barbeque commencing 16.30hrs. The patter is always good so if you fancy a shot do come along you will be most welcome!

The wider world in my view!

According to plan!

Utter panic is obvious all throughout Westminster as scare stories permeate those who govern us about the potential arrival of Alex Salmond and a group of up to 50 MPs to cause havoc! Have a look at this video made by the Tories which is an absolute cracker The interesting thing about this video is that it is true! I would fully expect the SNP to lay out the conditions to be given in return for support to a minority Labour administration!

This situation should have arisen with the Puppets and the Tories but as expected the Puppets were way too weak to hold the Tories to account! Grant Schapps the two job Tory mouthpiece predicts disaster and states the intervention of Salmond in threatening to vote down a Tory queens speech is an outrage!

Of course this is music to the ears of the people of Scotland who are intent on preventing a Tory government at any cost. Nicola Sturgeon gave the strategy the official stamp yesterday which was an absolute boon to Scottish voters! She also reaffirmed an earlier pledge that a strong SNP presence would stop a Tory government from getting off the ground! So far it’s all going according to plan!

A load of tosh!

Many of you will have watched the substitute for the electoral debate on Thursday night and I am sure many of you would have felt like me that this format was a load of tosh compared to the direct debates held prior to the last election. Jeremy Paxman is a ruthless interrogator but even he was stifled by the short time allocated for questions and answers!

Where they got the studio audience baffles me, if it was a radio programme I would have guessed that the audience were selected in terms of advanced bewilderment from an old folk’s home! I mean what is the point of asking Ed Milliband how he is getting on with his brother. Similarly asking Lord Snooty what he considers to be Milliband’s best traits! This was meant to be purely and simply a political grilling!

As political debates go this was a complete and utter flop, a massive let down and it was all brought about by Lord Snooty’s insistence that he would not take part in a one to one debate with Milliband. The average voter would have gleaned nothing from this! In fact this will probably lead to decreased viewing figures for the remaining ones to come! Lord Snooty has never been famed for displaying courage; his intransigence in not agreeing to the one to one debate just further enhances this! The electorate will judge Lord Snooty for his actions on May the seventh!

A bungler to the very end!

Many Tories do not care much for the speaker of the house John Bercow simply because he lambasts everyone who steps out of line. Prominent among this group are Lord Snooty and Bungling Bill Hague! Yes this pair of incompetents left until the last minute their wish to have Bercow removed by seeking to pass a law making the speaker gain election to the post by secret ballot!

That in itself is not an adverse wish but the way it was handled by Bungling Bill rushing it through at the last minute as parliament closes with no consultation whatsoever was described as despicable by many MPs. As it turned out to his eternal shame Bungling Bill lost the debate by twenty six votes and Bercows position was saved! Yet more underhand and ill judged moves by a man who through his many years in parliament excelled only in top flight bungling! He started off as a wealthy bungler and he has ended up as an even bigger and wealthier bungler! Bungling Bill good riddance!

On Clarkson!

I was very pleased to hear of the BBC’s decision to sack the bully that is Jeremy Clarkson! I enjoyed Top Gear like many others but a basic act of gross misconduct was proven to have been committed! The rules of employment apply from the tea boy to the CEO. Those who were responsible for issuing death threats need to be dragged before the courts and given the heaviest of punishments. Justice has been done!

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