Sunday, 15 March 2015

Opening day!

Photo 01 - Bypass road in preparation for raising the height of road bottom of the loch!
Opening day!

The long days of waiting ended today as the Brown Trout season on the loch opened. Unfortunately I was unable to have a go as I am furtively restoring my three motorcycles to original condition and this is taking up a huge amount of my time! There was a noticeable drop in temperature yesterday which I am sure will keep hatches to a minimum. On a walk yesterday looking in some sheltered bays I saw no fly hatches whatsoever.

However history dictates that submerged flies are the order of the day in the early part of the season. If no rising fish are seen and all depths should be checked out until (hopefully) contact is made. Attractor flies are mandatory as the population attack any likely looking food item. Flies such as Butcher, Zulu and of course the now ubiquitous fly on the loch, the orange gold head!

I will no doubt hear from some of the early season anglers regarding their fortunes today as they try and tempt our very astute population of wild Brownies. To all who have ventured out Tight lines!


Most popular item ever!

Our “Choosing a fishing guide 2” article has surpassed all our top stories with a total of over 4,100 visits since it was published a few months back in September. Overtaking the now infamous Mr Kens, Dangerman and Uranob the article is still drawing in between 30 – 85 visits/week. And the reason, well it’s quite simple. We discovered a shocking situation, a complete embarrassment to all decent anglers where anyone could overnight invent themselves as a fishing guide and rake in loads of money, whilst holding no qualifications!

From the e mails I have received many visitors were unaware of this deplorable situation and some expressed surprise that the authorities were content to let this situation continue. Our article brought to heel those content to fleece anglers and exposed the local situation for all to see! I have no doubt that the bona fide fishing guides cringed when attention was drawn to the unqualified lot who were bringing down the reputation of the good guys! The situation however is now better than it was with some being compelled to obtain qualification and some registering with bodies such as Fish Pal or both.

The onus however lies always with the angler. One cannot rely on another organisation such as Fish Pal to act as a vetting authority. Anglers must fastidiously check the qualification status of any guide they may be thinking of using. If the guide lists APGAI next to their name go to the APGAI site and check their list. If they are not listed they do not hold the qualification! I value my free time too much to sit down and answer mail after mail from anglers seeking recommendations as to if and which guide they should hire so don’t mail me!

With our article we have laid bare the embarrassing situation and the ways anglers may bypass the dross and select a guide worthy of hiring, for there are good decent guys out there. Check out this link sent to me a couple of weeks ago by a fishing guide up north called Duncan and locally Tweed Guide seem to have a good reputuation, but that said the choice is always the anglers!

We are pleased to have exposed the shambolic situation and now have a go Harry’s will think twice before unleashing themselves on an unsuspecting angling public! Certainly looks like our site has become the angler’s bible when looking for a fishing guide!

Screenshot taken today showing our site topping the lot!

Our thanks go to Keith and Aaron who this week took on the job of replacing the pull cord on our Hidea engine. It was good of you to carry out this work and we are most grateful!

The wider world in my view!

Bullies, bullies everywhere!

You will no doubt have come across the suspension of Jeremy Clarkson by the BBC. Yes the long time Top Gear presenter is alleged to have assaulted a producer of the show over some disagreement regarding food! Clarkson who it could be argued is Top Gear, is now hinting that his time with the show may now have come to a natural end.

A petition calling for the suspension to be lifted has now accrued around 900,000 signatures which shows just how much certain factions of society value him as the lead presenter of Top Gear. I must admit to being an avid watcher of the programme not for information on cars as there is very little, but for the stupidity of the pranks many of which backfire spectacularly!

The loss to the BBC if Top Gear went under would be immense in financial terms; the show is sold worldwide and brings in millions in revenue! The BBC however has concerns above that of financial gain and that is the ever increasing incidence of bullying in the workplace! Even in angling we are being infiltrated by these schoolboy bullies! Anglers in the Borders were universally embarrassed on a countrywide stage by the actions of a local idiot who acted like a savage and tried to assault a smaller angler but ended up being knocked out cold by the wee chap who was a boxer! Natural justice, but nevertheless the fact that bullies are in the angling scene is a great cause for concern!

Similarly with Clarkson it has been alleged that he punched the wee fellow because he wasn’t getting his way! If the investigation proves that this was what happened then the BBC has only one option and that is to sack the overgrown bully without hesitation! When disagreement boils over into violence there can only be one outcome

Clarkson may migrate to another broadcaster and take his followers and maybe his fellow presenters with him! Of course there would be no shortage of offers as such a motoring show would bring in millions of viewers. If this was to happen then it will be tough for the BBC. But above all must be the mission statement that all BBC employees must be allowed to work in safety, if the allegations are true then the BBC have failed in this!

We do not tolerate bullies in our club in any form, if any are discovered then they are weeded out and barred from fishing most likely for a lifetime! We need to be able to say to parents of young anglers that our club from committee to ordinary member are right thinking individuals and have no bullying tendencies and their children are as safe as they can be! All angling clubs must be able to say the same; there is no room for bully boys in civilised society or angling!

The election bribe!

Of course it is to be expected the great pre election giveaway on Wednesday. Minister without a clue Gideon Osborne targeting pensioners with pension bribes designed to grab the substantial pensioner vote. I doubt that there are many stupid pensioners out there, most having seen through this bungling administration years ago! Of course its not been described as a bribe simply a part of their "long term economic plan" yawn!

You need to ask the Tory candidate that turns up at your door why they have punished the weak and disabled in society whilst lining the pockets of their well heeled pals! You also need to ask why they have spent millions disrupting the NHS with their aimless reforms when more investment and less interference is the way forward.

You also need to ask about the latest tragedy and their biggest blunder to date the benefit reforms which are currently unfolding and unravelling before our eyes. Even the Tory loving Sunday Post which had a 4 page spread on the hardship their reforms were causing followed up this week (yes I bought a copy) with a further 2 page expose and the start of a campaign to bring the posh boys back into the real world! Yes this policy particularly defines these fools leaving thousands with nothing to live on as they bungle onwards with yet another failed ideological policy! The working classes have not fared well under the Con-Dems, voters would do well to keep this in mind before being taken in by bribes! Judge them not by what they say, judge them by their actions!

The puppets last stand!                                                                    

It’s finally beginning to hit home, the anger of the public over the puppets betrayal prior on the formation of the Con-Dem coalition! Since that time the puppets have been decimated losing over 2,200 councillors, all of their impressive fleet of MEPs bar one and seeing their support plummet losing 60% of their supporters to an all time low of around 5% of the vote. Locally Puppet Moore is issuing newspapers in a hurried fashion trying (in vain methinks) to drum up support to avoid losing his seat!

Still on a local basis they proclaim the fight is between puppet Moore and the Tories, “no one else can win” they shout! The reality however is completely different with the SNP being 3 points ahead in the area heading for a historic win! The puppets moment of glory was a quick event and now one that will be lodged in the annals of time never to be revisited! Treachery comes with a heavy price!

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